WPRichSnippets Black Friday Sale – 50% OFF

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Ever wondered how Google displays such search results in SERP?


and have you ever worried about how Google fetch such data from the sites where you get everything about any recipe in the search results itself?

This is such a great way to get visitor's attention in the search results itself and get more clicks on your site.

Being a search engine user, we all want easy and quick results.

This is what WPRichSnippets WordPress plugin does.

It adds the functionality in your blog where you can define the type of product you are reviewing and get the results in Google as shown above.

From your post editor, you can define the Type of Schema, and write an article targeting that particular product.


Either it's a product recipe, software review, product review, restaurant or an organization review, you can define the setting from the backend and your product will be visible in search engines.

WPRichSnippets is an ultimate plugin which helps you to

  • Add semantic/structural markup
  • Enhanced search experience
  • Gain more web traffic

It has awesome Add-ons which makes it the best review plugin in the market.

  • WooCommerce reviews
  • WPRS-Shortcodes to display it anywhere
  • Shortcode to display the table of entries based on DataTables jQuery
  • Display software specs via a widget
  • The Locations add-on allows you to add markups for locations
  • The Box Shortcode add-on allows you to easily display the Rich Snippets Box anywhere in your posts or pages
  • Allow anonymous user aggregate reviews on your website by making Name and Email
  • The Customizer add-on allows you to easily change colours of ratings and link buttons
  • Allow users to upload an image and attach it to their reviews
  • Display a call to action after each review page on your WordPress website
  • Display sortable table with ranked reviews
  • Display star rating by filtering content and excerpts
  • Display a product comparison table, when reviewing a product compare it to other products

 Here are the normal prices of this plugin.


But on Black Friday, you can grab with 50% discount and an Ultimate version with 30% discount.

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  1. Hi sir…I am looking for this fabulous deals from last month’s but today from ur mail I accidently got but I have a master card when i am going to pay it is not accepting???what to do?

  2. Nice to read this article. Thanks for this information. But due to some plugin my site loading time increase.

    • You can check bad plugin with this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/p3-profiler/

  3. Hey Kulwant,

    The most important thing about WPRichSnippets is the call to action, we can pick from a number of different colors and customize the button text. One of the interesting features that WP Rich Snippets has is the option to allow our audience to leave their own reviews. Really, it is great information regarding above topic and most important thing is, comes in great deal.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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