{33% OFF} WPEngine Review 2016: January Special Offer

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About 25% of all the websites use WordPress as the content management system. I though you used WordPress at least once. It’s the most powerful and search engine friendly CMS you can ever find.

But the first and probably the only thing that repels people from WordPress is the hosting. You need your own space to host your website. Ask any serious blogger or online entrepreneur. Despite being a bit costlier, they will recommend nothing but WordPress.

Here comes another problem if you decided to go with WP.

Which hosting should you use?

As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. How can you recognize the real gold in hosting?

Stop racking your brain. I am here with the review of WP Engine, which is a dedicated hosting provider for WP sites.

What makes WPEngine hosting super special is its security. WP Engine has introduced one of the most secure hosting on the planet which scans all the themes and plugins when you installed them on your WordPress powered blog.

This scanning makes this hosting very special as you are going to install all legit and 100% compatible plugins on your blog. They have listed a list of plugins which they don't recommend to use on your WordPress website as they are not following the coding standards as well as they make your website less secure.

WP Engine Hosting

If you have an interest in finding the history, you will find out WP Engine to be younger than others. It was founded in 2010 and ever since it has been growing exponentially.

WP Engine has the ideal of serving its customers with utmost quality. If you are serious about your online business, I can’t help myself from recommending this hosting to you.

Are you ready to know some brands using WP Engine hosting? You will be amazed to read it.

hTc, SoundCloud, Asana, PagerDuty, Washington State Wire and Balsamiq. All of these are hosted on WP Engine. Reputed brands trust them, then why shouldn't you?

Features of WP Engine I Like

#1. Blasting Speed of Websites

The attention span of online people is very short. They don’t like spending minutes to get a page loaded. That’s why page loading speed of any website is important.

Remember, you are not the only one providing a specific kind of service. There would be many, waiting for visitors. So, the shorter the page loading speed, the better your visitors feel.

They have their own Content Delivery Network to ease the user experience.

Speed is one of the mottos of WP Engine team. That means you will not find your site suffers like a snail from the moment you buy their hosting.

#2. 24/ 7 Support System

Support system is an inevitable part of a hosting provider. There are instances when we find ourselves to be pissed off by hosting.

There you need the help of support system. WP Engine’s customer support team is very vigilant and responsive. They can help you out from any hosting related chaos.

A floating chat box is available on the homepage itself. I personally didn't wait for much to get a reply. That's why I said they are most responsive.

#3. Security like Never Before

I personally had a horrible experience in blogging. Once I lost my blog so badly. I forgot to take backups. And, when I enquired about the same to my host, they replied like ‘your blog got deleted due to malware issues’. I begged them to give me a backup. But they hardly had any.

This will not happen to you if you go with WP Engine. Why because they take backups of your website daily and will provide it whenever necessary.

Your site will be protected by malware remover and firewall to add thickness to the security wall. WP Engine team constantly monitors your website and scan for malware. So you get the best security for what you paid.

Not to forget, you can enable an SSL certificate with a single click.

#4. Various Plans to Choose From

WP Engine has five different plans, ranging from Personal to Enterprise Grade. The features of each vary from plan to plan.

The name of the plan indicates the use too. If you are about to start a small personal website whose visitors will not go more than 25k, don't hesitate to choose the first one. If you want more resources, you should consider the rest.

How to move a site to WPEngine?

Moving a site from one server to another is a big headache. You have to take the backup of whole site, download the database, necessary files and upload everything on the new server.

Making the changes in WordPress config file is so crucial that one small mistake can make your website down.

Further, wrong data upload, missing data upload or anything wrong at the phpMyAdmin site can create a mess for your website.

Keeping all these in mind, WPEngine has introduced a plugin “WP Engine Automated Migration” which allow easy site migration from another server to WPEngine.

So with the quick installation of this plugin, you can move your whole WordPress website in just few clicks.

A Con I Noticed

Yeah, I have noticed a con too. WP Engine may be the best WordPress hosting provider. If purchased, you won’t find it useless.

But the problem remains in cost. Yes! It's not at all cost effective. Even for the low-level plan, you have to pay $29 per month. In order to run a business website with WP Engine hosting, you need to open your wallet to spend $249 per month.

But I am sure that you won't regret what you pay.

Should You Buy WP Engine Hosting??

Why shouldn’t you!! If your wallet is big enough to afford them, I can’t recommend any other host.

As they are designed the plans to suit the best for WP websites, you will not face downtime or such issues. Do you know? Every second in blogging is significant. You can’t guess the moment when a massive purchase happens.

So always purchase those hosting, which provide maximum possible uptime. Obviously, WP Engine is the best among them.

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