Why My First Niche Site Failed? [Case Study]

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Niche blogging is such a great concept which everyone is trying to make money online.

It took me 2-3 months to understand the actual meaning of niche blogging when I was very new in internet marketing.

This is just a concept to blog on very specific topic as compared to very broad ones. Like blogging on “Gold chains for dogs” as compared to “chains for dogs.”

As you can see writing on “chains for dogs” will need much broader research and articles as compared to “gold chains for dogs” because here specifically we are talking about gold chains.

As all other fellow bloggers, I was also very excited to start my own niche blog. So I started looking for high CPC keywords and the very first monetization came in my mind was AdSense (obvious for a newbie).

So I finalized following few keywords.

  1. Raid Recovery (CPC – $100+)
  2. Cloud Hosting (CPC –  $50+)
  3. Dedicated Hosting (CPC – $55+)

So I decided to write on dedicated hosting and it was very easy for me to write on this topic.

I finalized keyword Dedicated Hosting Services (CPC $55+) and finalized my domain www.HQDedicatedHosting.com.

So the next task was to decide the keywords which are easy to rank and have good CPC and I finalized following keywords.

  • Best Dedicated Hosts
  • Cheap Dedicated Hosts
  • Application Hosting Services
  • Dedicated php Hosting
  • Windows Server Host
  • Dedicated Server Solution
  • Web Server Hosting Companies
  • Web Server Providers
  • Data Server Hosting
  • Linux Server Hosting Services
  • Best Dedicated Server Hosts
  • Best Web Hosting Companies
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Services


I made my blueprint to write-down the articles on these topics.

I made my routine to write on one topic each day and my work was just for 15 days at max.

Steps taken to rank this blog.

As I told you that I decide to rank this blog on keyword “Dedicated Hosting Service” just because the CPC of this keyword was very high. But today I am seeing that this keyword is having 210 local searches and 320 global searches (I was not aware about these things at that time).

So ranking for this keyword is not going to give any good money even if people will come at my blog.

1. Blog Commenting

The very first step was to comment on blogs and rank this keyword.

Today I am laughing with that silly mistake, as I used anchor text as “Dedicated Hosting Service” while commenting and the result was; only 3-4 people approved my comment (very silly step and mistake).

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is very good way to take good backlinks from article directories and I selected Fiverr for this work, as I myself could not do this task.

They delivered my work in 4-5 days and all the links they provided were very good.

3. Web 2.0 Submissions and Bookmarking

As few of my articles were indexed on Google so I started doing web 2.0 submissions and bookmarking for this blog.


As I kept tracking my keywords using premium service of SEOMoz and saw up-down of the keywords in Google SERP.

Maximum place I got was 3rd place for keyword “Dedicated php Hosting” and 9th place for “Dedicated Hosting Services.

Soon I lost the interest in this blog and started looking for other projects, as this was not giving any money.

Traffic on this blog.


As you can see, traffic is still coming on this blog but this is not giving any money.

Lessons Learnt

Learning is a process and we should keep learning ad we learn from our own mistakes.

1. Do proper research

I was very lazy when I did research on this keyword (even I spent 3-4 days on it).

I selected the keywords which were very high in CPC but very fewer people were searching for that keywords.

2. Wait for the results

You might be thinking that if I got 3rd and 9th place for 2 of the keywords then I could occupy the first spot also.

Here come the patience.

And I think I failed here too.

I quit this thinking that this is no more going to work for me.

So patience is the key to get success in internet marketing. If you will lose it, you will lose many things.

3. See your competitors

I was not aware about the fact that it is hard to compete high authority, long age high PR sites if you want to rank for any keyword.

So do proper research about your competencies and see everything about them.

Final words

If you are going to start niche blog then do proper research and check each and everything about the main keywords.

I came to know about all accurate things once I started using Long Tail Pro. This tool is such a great tool that you can save tons of your time and do proper research about the keyword competitions, CPC, searches and you can check your competitors also.

This tool cost just $97 as lifetime payment and you will get all latest upgrades at free of cost.

But with my link you can buy this tool in just $77 as they have given special discount for blogging cage readers.

Buy this tool in $77 here.

All the very best for your niche blogging projects.

photo credit: Alex E. Proimos

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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34 thoughts on “Why My First Niche Site Failed? [Case Study]”

  1. Not everyone has guts to share their failure. You’ve just put a step forward and I think the community will appreciate this. SO many people can learn from one failure and save their money and time.

    While doing competitor research in the real estate niche, I found a 4 phrase long-tail keyword having a CPC of $122 and very easy to rank. The EMD for that keyword is expired and pending delete, fingers crossed 🙂 BTW – It has less search volume but the best keyword for that niche+geo.


    • Thanks Krinal. I shared this article because according to me, blogging is all about writing truth and I did that only. This article will help many people who are thinking to start affiliate marketing or any niche blog. Because after reading this article, now they are aware about right and wrong steps.

      Krinal, those high CPC keywords are for advertisers. Means if any advertiser want to rank for that keyword then they will have to pay that amount.

      And when we start AdWords campaign then advertiser have option where he wants to show the ads. And you know very well that if he is paying $100 for single click then he will not go for new blogs or less reputed blogs. So these advertisers always select high authority and quality blogs to show their ads.

      This simply means that new blogs are not going to take benefits of such high CPC.

      Hope you got my point what I wanted to convey here. Please share your views..

  2. Today to succeed in building a niche site which earns, the most important thing is – research.

    As you mentioned in this post, due to lack of research your site could not get the traffic it deserved even though you got some good ranking…

    But I must thank you for sharing your case study here because I got to learn something interesting from all this. Hope this helps me!

  3. This is a very interesting case study Kulwant,
    Niche site marketing is really what many people are diving into today and i also like it. Just as you said, the most important thing that will determine the success or failure of your niche site is Keyword Research and anyone that want to build a successful niche site has to be very careful with this.

    And as you said, patience is all we need in order to get anything in life and that’s why they said that a patient Dog eats the fattest bone.

    I just purchased LTP 2 weeks ago and i love, i will also urge anyone that is serious about building a niche site to go buy it now.

    Thanks for sharing my man :).

  4. Hello Kulwant,
    Niche site marketing is one of my best ways to make money online and it can really make you a lot of money when you do it very well.

    Just like any other business, its not easy at all as it also comes with its up and downs and, where the main work lies is on keyword research because that is the main thing. So, a proper attention has to be given to that if one must make with niche sites.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. when doing keyword research for niche websites then we should keep two things in mind
    1) use the adwords contextual tool for discovering high cpc keywords but also
    2)in another tab open the adwords keyword tool and look for the exact match keywords for local monthly traffic and anything above 3000 searches
    YOU ARE GOOD TO GO as you can fiddle around with other low competition keywords too.

  6. I am already working on my niche blog and documenting the progress on SocialVani. I am using LongTailPro and my god, its just the best in the industry. I used the same tool for a client’s niche site and the site is already ranking on top page of Google 🙂

    So, Kulwant, now that you have learnt from your mistakes, when are you starting the next niche blog?

    • I have already started my next blog 10 days back and noting down every movement I am doing to rank this blog in my notebook.

      Once I will rank for that keyword, I am going to write full case-study again. This time you will read “How I got success in niche blogging.” 🙂

  7. Yeah, Keywords Research matters a lot!!

    Also, I think that one should go for a single product.. Like you can go with HostGator or BlueHost only…

    Thanks for the post.. We people always learn from mistakes 🙂

  8. Seriously the mistakes you’ve made can be done by a newbie only but being a professional you must have followed the blueprint to success after the proper research…. anyways learn from the mistakes

    RIP to Hosting Service Blog 🙁

  9. As I said earlier, Kulwant, YOU are a cut above the rest.
    It is so easy to brag about success stories. But to admit that you have faltered and sharing your mistakes with others is extraordinary!
    Hats off to you, and yes, I will be more careful with something that has been going on in my mind since the last 2 months.

    • Feeling extremely happy to read your comment. 🙂

      I wrote because I have observed that you cannot get success in blogging if you are not revealing anything. To get loyal readers and build great community around you, you will have to share the things, and this was the first step taken by me.

      Soon I will be writing success story of my current niche blog. 🙂

      Glad to hear that your doubts are cleared.

  10. I think we use to learn a lot from our own and other mistakes. So this case study should be really helpful for guys who are planning to start a niche website. If I’m planning to create a niche website, I will look at some factors like:

    – According to Google Adword Keyword Tool, Exact searches (Globally or locally) depending upon my choice should be more than 3000 i.e. 100 searches per day at least

    – The kind of websites that are rankings for that keyword. If most of websites are authority or high pr website, it will be hard to crack that niche. Like for most of web hosting related keywords, we will see major web hosts official websites popping up in top 10.

    – Will not target keywords that created around a particular brand. Suppose I want to create a niche website around Amex credit card, I will see most of pages from Amex official website appearing in top 10 on Google. So won’t make such a selection.

    – I should have some monetization program in mind before starting a niche website

    – Will not choose informative keyword if I’m aiming at making money through affiliate sale.

    and so on………..

    • Yes Anil. In internet marketing there is no physical person to teach you things. All you do is read the article and then apply them to get the results. So in short – we always learn from our own mistakes.

      Selecting a great keyword is a science and I am learning that slowly. 🙂

      There is nothing hard if you are good in selecting buyers keywords.

      I agree that there are many big players ranking for “Amex credit card.” But you can target long tail keywords and see the competition of those keywords. Like I can go for “Best Amex credit card Tips” “Amex credit card buying precautions” and so and so…

      That is true that you much know monetizing methods in your mind before starting a site. Because some niches are good for AdSense and some are good for Amazon etc.

      For making sales in affiliate marketing you will have to understand buyer’s mind. 🙂

  11. I made a similar mistake when I built my first niche website. I was using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and the match types was set to “broad” instead of exact. I later researched my keyword after not getting much traffic and realized that when I set the match type to exact the keyword was barely getting any searches. It was a tough lesson learned for me as a lot of time and effort was wasted on a useless keyword. I have since made a nice checklist to follow for each and every niche website I create to ensure I don’t over look these essential steps. I certainly look to make sure that exact box is checked every time now since I burned myself on this before.

    • William, we learn from mistakes only. You made very common mistake and 70% of the newbies are prone to make this mistake.

      But it’s great that this mistake taught you great lessons and you were able to learn the things more brilliantly. Hope you will not make that mistake again. 🙂

  12. Excellent post.
    This is true that every one will learn from his mistakes. I have seen that most of the big bloggers have learned from their mistakes from their first blog and then start second blog with the real effort and get success.

  13. I can’t thank you enough for writing this article. I’m on the verge of giving up because after a few months I still haven’t seen the results I was expecting. Patience is key indeed; I can’t put it better myself. I’ve been checking out my competitors as well. Now I’m seriously thinking about picking up your Blog Domination guide.

  14. to build a niche site properly takes a considerable amount of time. In order to get established having niche site, you should be quite patient and a regular one. Hard work is the real key to success.

    • Hard work + smart work + patience is the key to get success. Thanks for your views.

  15. Nice post you have made Mr. Kulwant Nagi. I loved your post. Surely, one who learns from his/her mistakes always get the success. I will be looking forward to see you next post about your success story.

  16. Hi there Kulwat, I really enjoy reading your story and it sounds so true to us, bloggers. I find reading your mistakes very interesting since those mistakes can happen with any begginers and surely, they can avoid making the same mistakes, thanks to reading post like this. Thanks for sharing mate.

  17. very nice article bro and I like your framing of post as I think this is a paid post. I like the framing very much. and yes we should do keyword research first so we can open our blog. thanks for this wonderful article.

    • Rohit, this is not a paid post. But yes, I could write paid post in this way also, where readers will be more convinced to buy the recommended product. 🙂

  18. Nice Article, Well Mostly peoples come to confuse while starting a blog with specific niche, A Author must need to know writing Skills and Need to gain Knowledge about his/her Niche..

  19. “Half Knowledge is worse than ignorance”, Your research was not proper thus you were bound to fail. happy to know that now you know how to sustain in this game. Good Luck for your next niche blog Kulwant. Keep in touch.

  20. WooW!! That’s hell lot of valuable information in this blog post. People most often don’t share about their failure stories. Its nice you shared & gave lesson to other Blogger. Cool 🙂

  21. The very first thing that is done by the most of newbie bloggers is keyword research, they don’t concentrate on this, due to which they become unsuccessful and thinks about to leave blogging. Well this article is informative for all those newbies who want to learn from their mistakes.

  22. Thanx bro…. well written… this little knowledge thing is really really dangerous. Thanx for sharing your experience 🙂

  23. Thanks for sharing info about blogging. I think it will help me a lot to improve myself as a blogger

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