Why Indian Bloggers Are Lagging Behind Other Pro-Bloggers?

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Indian blogging has changed tremendously in last two years and I have seen many new bloggers making their online presence. Almost 95% of new bloggers are coming with the intention to make money online.

Everyone has same goal – He/she wants to become top blogger and want to earn huge money.

Why are you still not making any money, while other pro-bloggers do?

Why are you behind the race when you are putting exactly same efforts?

And most importantly why no one knows about you?

The reason is; we all are blogging blindly with almost no interest in building relationship with others and we want to master all the things in very short time.

Here I am trying to put your feet on the right track, the road might see longer to walk, harder to walk, but it's worth it. In the end of this article you’ll know what you did was wrong or right. What are you doing is going to get you where you want to go or you’ll just be another sitting duck.

# We want to cover all niche


This is the top-most BIGGEST mistake in Indian blogging community.

Few days back I organized one Google hangout and wanted to help newbie bloggers by showing them right path. I analyzed some blogs from the bloggers who were claiming no success in last 1-2 years of blogging.

And I found one COMMON mistake in all blogs.

They all are trying to cover too many niche in single blog.

The problem is not with too many niches, but the problem is; you want to cover all niche yourself.

Guys, running a multi-niche blog needs too much efforts and dedicated writers, which you cannot do alone. So as a newbie always try to cover any specific niche and write about that particular niche.

# We are not treating it as business


This is insane that no blogger is treating it as a business. They are blogging just for passing their time and to make money with Google AdSense. If any blogger is making money with AdSense then he is not even daring to think beyond it.

Businesses have everything well-planned and everything written on papers.

So why are we not planning anything for our blogs?

We never use papers to write down our goals and to check them on regular basis.

# We don't appreciate other bloggers


Everyone is blowing their own trumpet in blogging.

No one wants to follow other Indian blogger and no one wants to reward other bloggers in his/her articles. This thinking is stopping everyone to grow and we are not helping each other to grow.

Have you tried analyzing big blogs?

In 99% of the cases you will see that they have built one big community, where everyone is talking about other fellow blogger and they are mentioning their names and their blog's articles. This not only gives them strong relation with other blogger but Google also loves it because by doing this you are adding more quality in your article.

We cannot grow until we will make a strong community where every blogger is helping each other and we are guiding newbies to show right path to get success.

# We want free things


I have seen many bloggers using nulled plugins, nulled theme which at last cost them big money when their blog gets hacked.

We have become so addicted to get free things that we don't want to think beyond it.

Few day back I wrote article on benefits of private forums, where I talked why we are not learning actual things from pro-bloggers. I recommend to go through that article first.

Internet is filled with awesome stuff and many great bloggers are providing world-class stuff at free of cost.

But to reach at such stuff you might take 1-2 years.

So these 1-2 years time can be saved by joining any paid course or joining any paid forum.

# We don't have any vision


We are firing in dark with no vision where we are going to hit.

Ask any blogger – what is your plan with your blog?

In most of the cases you will hear – I want to make it very big blog. A very very big blog from India.

Ask him – do you have any plan to achieve it?

I bet, in 90% of the cases you will see just dumb faces.

Everyone wants to become top blogger, but no one wants to make plans for his/her blog and they cannot even visualize their blog's value in next 5 years.

They are not putting their efforts to raise the voice of their blog and to spread awareness about their blogs in other audience.

Let's take one real life example –

Suppose you have opened a showroom in your own city, and you are very confident that this is going to become top showroom not only in your city but in neighborhood cities also. You are putting your best, you are putting very costly and branded things in your showroom and taking proper care of everything.

In this case how many people will come at your showroom?

I think – only those who are known to you, or your family members.


Let's take another scenario – 

You opened the showroom and now you are promoting it on radio, TV, newspapers, banners, word of mouth and various other promotional methods.

In this case how much buyers you are going to get?

Answer is very OBVIOUS.

So, same principle is also applied on blogging. Have long vision with your blog and promote it as much as you can.

# We want to learn all the things


As a newbie blogger we all are victim of information overload. We want to learn logo design too, theme design too, SEO too, writing too, social media expertise too or almost anything which comes under internet marketing.

And in this race we forget actual purpose of blogging and finally we start complaining about our failure.

We are so mesmerized with shiny things (like fake traffic, fake earning proofs, fake social media presence etc.) that we want to master all the things and want to make quick and easy money.

In this process we are messing everything and finally we are getting lost in whirlpool of too many ideas.

# We compromise our dreams


In Indian society we compromise our dreams.

Our parents, friends, relatives just give one suggestion – Go to school > Get good marks > Go to big college > Get good JOB.

and your life will be settled.

Do they encourage us to start own business or become an entrepreneurs?


We are always afraid of people, we are afraid of our society, we are afraid of our parents.

We suppress our dreams just because of – What will people say?

This one imaginary question is stopping thousands of entrepreneurs to hear the voice of their heart. We all are handcuffed with our society's thinking. We all want to fly, but imaginary shackles are stopping us.

We have big dreams, big plans, big ideas in mind but some imaginary people are stopping us to take any action.

Final Words.

If you really want to see Indian blogging rising and touching new milestones in blogosphere then you can follow my suggestions. In next 6 months we would rise as one of the greatest blogging community in the world.

Some imaginary thoughts and sometime our wrong actions are stopping us to become top bloggers.

We can overcome all of them if someone can guide us and show right path to right things.

Over to you.

Share your valuable thoughts with me and let me know if I missed anything.

Tell me what is stopping you?

and let's win this battle together to grow our community.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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64 thoughts on “Why Indian Bloggers Are Lagging Behind Other Pro-Bloggers?”

  1. Awesome post bro. Read something refreshing after many days. I am also in the process of finding more writers for Inspire2rise. I liked the way you emphasized that everyone needs to treat their blog like a business. And I agree that most of the bloggers are too selfish.
    But I would like to explain one crucial thing that most are blogging in free time, like me.
    And free time my friend, is rare in this age of work overload.

    • Thanks for stopping by Aditya. It’s great that you are finding writers for your blog and looking forward to make it big Indian blog. The biggest secret behind my success is; I treated my blogs as business. I used one principle – Invest more, earn more.

      I covered this on my personal blog – http://www.kulwantnagi.com/blogging-is-a-business-confess-it-or-not-but-yes-it-is/

      Sorry I don’t get you about free time. What you want to convey?

  2. Well this post made me think about what I’m doing!
    and yeah I’m doing it all wrong, as you mentioned Kulwant we are focusing on making money with AdSense, and I’m trapped in this.
    but this post changed my mind about what Blogging exactly is!
    Now my main focus is not earning, my main focus is to kepp my blog alive for as long as possible and to make my readers happy and satisfied with my content.

    • Varun, even I became dependent on Google AdSense from last 3-4 months, but thank god Google destroyed everything with last update and now I am more committed to grow my blog.

      Yes, grow your blog’s presence, soon you will see it growing automatically.

      Best wishes.

  3. Awesome post sir , Yes its true that we dont bother to appreciate other bloggers and 2nd point I liked the most is that we want to learn everything thats the only reason why the Indian Bloggers dont get succeed in a particular category and yea final words vision is very important if u dont have vision u’re a “Car without Tyres” thanks for sharing the valuable post !!

    • Ayush, this happened to us because we want to save more money by doing all work ourself, but the reality is; we are killing our productivity and efficiency to do other things in this process.

      Well said in your quote.

  4. I’m the first one commenting here. Great Article Man. I love the way you write and explain the things understandable for all type of readers either they’re professional or just students looking for blogging as career. Keep writing. 🙂

    • Yogendra, you are little late. 🙂

      But still, thanks for showing interest to read my article and sparing time to share your awesome thoughts.

      Thanks for the love. 😉

  5. I think the main reason for us being unsuccessful is that we are not focused. We are getting into the rat race of blogging and in that situation we are focusing on one thing and that is MONEY. We are so much indulged into the sense of making money that we don’t even focus on the content of our websites. We just want early results !!! and when we don’t get the expected results we QUIT !!

    • Well said Sakhsi.

      Even I started blogging with only one intention, which was obviously ‘Money’ but soon I found, you cannot make money online if you are not delivering quality. So finally I started devoting more time to learn the stuff. Soon things started changing and here I am now today. 🙂

      Patience is the key here.

  6. Hi Kulwant Bro,

    Well written and informative post :). I also thought so many time, why Indians didn’t become a PRO Blogger. Thank you for listing the main limitations of Indian Bloggers. But, In my case. I didn’t do these things except some.

    1) I cover only one niche (Blogging) in my blog, ABCDBlogging.com
    2) I’m treating Blogging as a Business.
    3) I find time to appreciate other bloggers and share their posts on social medias.
    4) I have a vision

    But, I want Free Things. I only invested money for blogging in 3 things. Domain from Bigrock, Hosting from Host Gator and the Genesis Framework. I want other plugins and theme for free. So, I search on Google ‘FREE DOWNLOAD’ with the name of the plugin 😉 or ask my Facebook friends to give away.

    My parents and teachers didn’t encourage me to start own business or become an entrepreneur or Blogger. It is very sad thing for me 🙁 . But, i’m convincing my parents to allow for blogging 🙂

    Thanks Again for this Article. It is really your #Masterpiece 🙂

    • Thanks Abid.

      Indians have big potential but they are not using it in right direction, because the issue is; no one wants to help each other.

      1. It’s great that you are covering one specific niche on your blog, which in long run will give you many rewards.
      2. Business means don’t compromise anything to grow your blog. Either it is time or money, always invest them wisely and track your results.
      3. Awesome man !! Keep sharing useful stuff.
      4. It’s superb, you have vision. I would like to say just one thing – don’t let anyone to steal your dreams.

      Abid, in my starting days of blogging I was not even having money to pay for my hosting, so I used my cousin’s CC for the payment. I tried many free things, but soon I found that people inject malicious codes in such freebies stuff. That’s why I started avoiding them. If you are asking genuine stuff from your friends then it’s very good. Even you can try to search on Google “Giveaway” and you will find many awesome giveaways running on various blogs.

      Don’t listen to anybody if you have strong belief in yourself.

      Soon they will start understating you.

      Best wishes.

  7. WOW!!! You Sir have totally started speaking in my language. That was brilliant. Some people also have the tendency to start feeding Google with all that SEO yanky doodle tough guy keywords instead of taking another road which is to present unique and pristine quality articles. They are so busy learning about SEO that they forget about that it is not about quantity but quality. Also Google has been more keen about promoting articles which have are uniquely written. Thank you for this inspirational piece!

  8. Hi bro, no words to say, you’ve come up with a great post 🙂 . the main point that struck me is the matter of appreciation and you are absolutely true about that. 99% of Indian bloggers get inspiration from other bloggers but always fails to appreciate them. no doubt me too is included in that 99% 😛

  9. Really a good read, which starts my day 🙂 Yes, You have mentioned the right points why indian bloggers are behind! Thanks for the openup. All bloggers should follow this points and avoid such mistakes and achieve their best. Esp. You are right, we never having good relationship with each other. We never give credits mostly. btw great post Kulwant Nagi!

  10. Such a masterpiece brother 🙂
    yes you said right we do only which our parent or society wants. we don’t listen our heart, what we want in life.
    really Google updates hits us.
    we can’t dependent on only Google Adsense, if we really want to do something different in life.
    Thanks for this post brother…..inspiring for me 🙂

    • Rajesh, this is an irony that our society decide our destiny.

      But I was very lucky that I never let them to force me. We are the creator of our destiny, and if we will listen the people then we are simply becoming dumb-ass. Sorry for my words..

  11. hi,
    agree with this post because we want to save our money.. by doing more and more work… we think like this.

  12. Kulwant, you have absolutely nailed it. I am not still into blogging but I have my articles on various article sites. Yes I came here to make money online as I wanted an extra income because the profession of filmmaking in which I am is very unpredictable.
    Very soon I got bored of it as my passion is films and I quickly realized I couldn’t really take the things forward. I am soon planning to have a blog on films as I will never get tired talking about it. I was surprised there are so many Indians into blogging and internet marketing but rarely I have seen any among the big names. You have rightly pointed out the mistakes. I wish you to be the big name..All the Best.

  13. Well said Kulwant. Even I also faces the problem and it is difficult to telling people that i am doing blogging. Rather telling that I have to stop by telling them I create website or writing online. I have found that there so many bloggers in top category but very few are in the top 20 list. The list might start with Amit Agrawal, Harsh Agrawal, Yourself, Bhushan, P Raju and some are gaining still. Your points are thoroughly inspired me I also think same as you. Thank your for encouraging. Happy blogging.

  14. Nice post sir well I want to share my experience apart from this topic sorry for that but it will motivate many bloggers as well.

    I have done RHCSA(Red Hat Certified System Engineer) & RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) who know Linux are known with these courses.

    I did these in my 8th semester and I targeted to take exam after the course completion. but I set one more target for myself. My target was to get 100% result. and I practice hard and I finally got 100% result 300/300 in RHCSA & 300/300 RHCE.

    We all know dumps are there but we need hard practice to crack exam. and one more I set target I need top networks from CPA in month of Sep. and I applied for 7 and got 6 approvals with out earning even one penny. They all need experts and if u did not earn $1000 you will not get approval in some, but I got.

    Networks was NeverBlue, Peerfly and 4 more other. so I want to suggest just set your target and do very hard work to achieve it. best of luck all.also i have earned only 100$ in my first year with adsense but I got many relations like u sir. thanks for this article. sorry for so long long comment. I will follow these tips as well.

    • Rahit, your story and suggestions are truly awesome. You simply proved that we can achieve anything in life if we have strong determination.

      It is said, “we get what we think,” and you did the same. You thought for the best and achieved best.

      Many congrats for approval from such big CPA networks. Best wishes.

  15. While I agree to all of them, I’d like to add few more:

    1. Many Indian bloggers are using non-professional looking theme. Only few use a professional-looking theme.

    2. Not open minded. Most Indian bloggers feel more comfortable creating network and connection among them, without any plan to expand their network to reach more pro bloggers out there. Once some Indian bloggers called them a pro blogger, they are easily satisfied with what they had achieve so far. Too bad.

  16. Hello Kulwant

    This is one of the best article I have read recently. I am in a similar situation too. I will be graduating this year and I feel the same. Although there is no pressure from my home, but expectation is always there. Everyone expects us to get a job and get settled. Even we start doing business and earn 40-50k per month, still then everyone wants us to do job instead of continuing with what we want.

  17. All south Asians must linked to each other not for earning or traffic but to show the world that we are united and we are not less as Americans bloggers or any other..in this way our economy also improved..

  18. Hi Kulwant,

    Awesome post indeed 🙂

    I think you said it ALL in this one post, and this IS the hard truth of the Indian blogging community I’d say, and I wish it would change. As you already know I mostly get readers and comments from International audience, so I see a HUGE difference where sharing each others posts is concerned, or perhaps being more with them, it’s become a habit with me now.

    I guess we lack the ‘large-heartedness’ to go all out and appreciate another fellow bloggers work, visit his/her blog to leave a real, meaningful comment – not just for the sake of dropping links (as most bloggers do nowadays) – but to really add to the post, to share your views or suggestions to the post, and then to share the posts also.

    I see so many bloggers might just visit our blogs to drop their links and leave a 1-2 line comment, and that’s all! There is not even a simple tweet from them, leave alone sharing it further on the other social media networks. This is one major difference as compared to the International bloggers who DO make an effort to spread the good word to others in their circle.

    There is tremendous joy in giving, and you need to try that out to experience it. The more you give, the more you receive, and I’ve seen this working for me (and I am not boasting here!). And even if you don’t receive, you lose nothing by giving others, do you?

    If bloggers move away from the sole aim of making money from their blogs, to try and provide quality content that would help their readers, everything else will be taken care of. And regarding multi-niche blogs….well…mine too falls in that category but I make sure to add the niches that are related in self-improvement in more ways than one, so far it’s working well, but I agree that you shouldn’t over-crowd your blog with more things that you cannot handle, or if you do, then make it a multi-author blog so that experts from those niches write on the related topics.

    I agree about trying to learn and implement all that we learn, which isn’t possible. And in most of the cases, we make a mess of things then! I think gaining knowledge is not bad, but trying to stuff your blog with all that you learn isn’t good because what works for one, might not for another, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. Have a nice week ahead, whatever little is left of it 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for coming back and writing another EPIC comment. 😉

      I was thinking to write on this topic from very long time but I never got enough time to collect my thoughts (although this article took 3 days to collect all ideas). Sharing is caring. You are doing it in totally unique way, that’s why you have emerged as a very reputable identity in just 5-6 months. Everyone is talking about Harleena, and people have declared you as commenting superstar. This is a great achievement itself where you created your identity in any special field. Keep writing your awesome comments mam because such comments not only make author of the article feel happy but add huge value in article too.

      Hope people will break their shackles and start connecting with fellow bloggers after reading this article.

      Harleena, this is very natural that newbie bloggers don’t know about the importance of comments so they always do it with the intention to get backlinks only, where in actual sense commenting has totally different meaning. I covered the solution in this article – https://www.bloggingcage.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-how-to-comment-like-a-pro/

      I loved your whole-heartiness mam, keep sharing stuff and helping people.

      Thanks again for this master piece comment. 🙂

  19. Very good article, If they have passion for blogging(money is important too for us) will wait for few more months before they quit. so the space is clogged with very unstable bloggers.

    Either they quit or learn few tips from pro bloggers and trying to overcome them, which leads to backfire them directly or indirectly from other bloggers.

    Even we communicate and start to make a good relationship with others – the first think comes to their mind is should i do this. There niche is different, still struggle to share the other contents.

    Using many scarp sites to earn in early stage and passion is not there. Just you can earn – you can do other online business !

    Blogging comes not that easily and no one can become overnight obama.

  20. GREAT post Kulwant. I read this post last night but I was quite sleepy to write a comment – so I put this in my today’s to-do list to come back.

    Well I DO agree with all you’ve said here. One of the very MAJOR things that stops Indian bloggers from progressing is the way the society thinks. Many people will jump in and say that we are the society but we have to change. But it is not so straightforward. We have to give up to the “goals” and “conventional thinking” of the others we love – like our family and close relatives. Not everybody gets to say a NO to everything!

    Conventionally, we think that we should go to school, college, get a degree, bribe someone to get a job (in most cases it is bribing – and I don’t understand why people spend so much time and money in getting a degree rather than saving money to bribe that person to get their job at the right age). And for all those who might comment that education is the basis – I am not against education; but I am against the system here. We are wasting so many years and money in some degree that won’t serve the purpose – education is something that should shape a person and educate him/her.

    So convincing our parent to think out of the box and try something “risky” (in their terms) is not always possible – it happened to me; but my parents (and in-laws) kinda agreed – they did not oppose but they did not speak much initially as well. But I kept on doing what I had to and now they are all supportive. But may be because I am a woman – I CAN take risks coz here in India men’s income is considered primary and my income is kinda secondary – so I am not putting my family at risk haha 🙂 Anyway I must say I’m lucky!

    • You know Jane, when I see awesome bloggers like you on my blog then it gives me extreme boost. 🙂

      Thanks for coming back on my blog and loving my efforts.

      Yes Jane, society is the biggest hurdle which is stopping us to grow and make our identity online. Because in last 3-4 years a lot of scams happened on the internet, so our parents are just afraid. They don’t know the power of internet because of generation gap.

      We must have clear idea of our goals and ideas about where we are going to take our life in next 2-3 years. Once we have such clear vision in our mind then no one can stop us.

      Before started blogging I quit my job, and this was the biggest shift happened in my life. My parents started scolding me, my friends were against me, my relatives started calling me on my phone and trying to convince me to get back to my job. But I was like totally deaf those days. I just kept working because everything was clear to me and I was 100% dedicated for the success.

      Soon I started making money and now those friends are coming to take my suggestions for making money online. 😉

      I would say just one thing – If you have strong belief on yourself then be deaf to outer world.

      Show them output and prove yourself.

  21. Well written bro Kulwant Nagi and we all know that blogging is really hard you should spend all of your efforts for blogging to make it success and this could be hard for new bloggers, because mostly new bloggers think about money..and thanks for sharing this inspirational articles bro..

    • Yes Adrian, most bloggers are not understanding the power of blogging till the date. Hope this article will help them to reflect on it.

  22. hii Kulwant,
    i really appreciate your all blogs. But i want to ask you something that you discuss here the point about making relation with other bloggers. So the question is that what we do if the other bloggers doesn’t want to relate us. Even many of them didn’t read what we comment about their blogs whether the comment is needy for them or not.
    By the way thanks a lot for sharing such a necessary information. Really you have a great experience, i wanna be in contact with you.

  23. I should say it is a stimulating blog post for the bloggers to do blogging in the right path Kulwant 🙂

    Yeah, I agree with your point of views related to Indian blogging. Most of the bloggers runs their blog to earn money and they’ve started blogging without any goals. If they fail to earn money with their blog, they quit.

    Blogging is not a one day game to know the result of our work and effort. It takes time to withstand and get reputation. On the whole, it needs a set of qualities to thrive.

    I don’t want to cover all the niche, I chose “tech” as it my fascinating subject and it is related to my graduation. I do appreciate other bloggers, have vision and I don’t want free stuffs. But I compromised my dreams as you told.

    Anyway, I wish to continue blogging with passion. Thanks for sharing the nice post with us Kulwant, keep doing it 🙂

  24. Couple of years ago one of top most blogger said me “Blogging is not a money making machine” you need to work harder on your blog to get success.

    When I enter in the blogging at that time I started one multi niche blog and failed. After that I start one education blog but not getting traffic in one year but after one year I got lots of success and adsense too.

    Now blogging get complicated and competition increases day by day. We need to start blog with coming together to grab more heights.

    • Nikhil, your friend might be an experienced blogger or a newbie because people say this either they have learnt a lot or know nothing about blogging.

      And this is true, you need a lot of dedication and hard work to take your blog to next level. Your story is live example that multi niche blog’s don’t get success if you are a newbie, because handling such niches is a great headache. The biggest fact behind this is; when you are a newbie then you don’t know how to write compelling content, so if in any case people will land on your blog then after seeing your content he/she is not going to come back.

      It’s awesome that you have started seeing results with your education niche blog. Blogging is becoming hard day by day because Google is changing its algorithms very frequently now and wants to combat spams completely.

      Have a great day.

  25. Thanks kulwantji for wonderfull post and i always learn something new everyday from you , you are always helpful but there are not many of them like you sir, everybody don’t give the secret and many of the bloggers are really selfish they just sell their products and not give proper information.I am happy with your domain suggestion i am coming up with bloggingmethods as we had discussed.

    • I am feeling damn awesome to read this encouraging comment. 🙂

      Mukesh, giving real and actual knowledge to people is the real blogging, and I am doing the same. Hope people will understand this very soon and this community will take another shape.

      Best wishes for your domain.

  26. When I had not started the blogging, I was driven into Network Marketing field by some fellow friends and that they were referring a Web package that is, Domain and the Hosting account for it and they used the same line to motivate a person so that he / she may buy their product and get involved with them.

    In the section ” # We compromise our dreams ” you have described the very same seneario that they used to. But It hold true in the society.

    Other points that you have raised in the article are also a matter of facts and gives the actual reason not being successful in blogging. Many of the people comes with the intentions of making money and when they get failed they just quit.

    What such people actual think is that ” Saap Bhi mar Jaaye aur Lathi bhi na Toote “. Means we don’t have to work hard and we get money easily.

    I appreciate you for presenting this topic though the blog post. and by the Way I have left the network marketing now and doing just blogging even I am facing failures 😀
    But I am sure a time will come when I will be standing with success 😉
    cheers !!!

  27. @Kulwant bro, the day when i acted upon your advice given in the last hangout and in this article also, My blog traffic start increasing day by day, now instead of targeting multiple niche for same blog I am only focusing on tech niche. I will recommend this article to all bloggers in blogosphere.

    • woww !! Awesome Aqib.

      Glad to hear that you acted upon my advice. Now keep working with great dedication, soon money will start flowing.

  28. Very Well Written post, You have mentioned the real truth what Almost every Indian Bloggers do,
    i agree with the statement, that “Indian Bloggers always give money the first preference and never think of engaging in the Blogging community, But the International Pro Bloggers always get engage in community with each others to share tough and Ideas.

    However some of Indian Pro Bloggers like Harsh agaral and YOU have always made their readers happy around the globe..:)

    • Aliakbar, this one mentality is stopping us to grow, because according to one world-wide survey, a newbie blogger quits blogging in first 90 days.

      And this is just because people don’t make money in first 3-4 months and finally get frustrated.

  29. Hello Kulwant This is the best post i ever read on blogging niche now i actually got the real meaning of blogging.Thanx for encouraging us to proceed on right path…

    • You made my day with this awesome comment Harmeet. Keep learning the stuff, soon you will reap real fruits of blogging. 🙂

      Have a great day.

  30. Hi Kulwant,
    Nice Article… we recently started a new blog and I can relate with you on many points. Esp the one where you said we do not appreciate other blogger’s work. In present times collaboration is must and making blogger friends will help one understand where we stand and what new people are doing.

  31. That was a master-piece Kulwant 😀
    I completely agree with all the Points you mentioned. Being an Indian Blogger, I’ll try to implement your Tips!
    Thanks a lot for the Article 🙂

  32. Hello Kulwant,

    Yes agree, even i was in this trap to cover all niche under one brand, but found lucky enough that my site got hacked in April, and i never tried to get it up again.

    SO i say i was lucky, Coz site got hacked and i got time to think where i went wrong 4 months after i made a comeback with my present blog.

    You have mention 1 very Good point here, to appreciate other bloggers, i have seen and experienced specially with our bloggers most of them will never tweet or make a like – Here i want to Quote ” either they don’t like the post” or ” they feel jealous of seeing great post”. and thinking you as a competitor.

    As sorry to use some Indian Words ” Agar koi aage badhta hai to uska pair pakag kar neeche khichna humari aadat hai” isn’t it,

    I must convey that sharing is caring – and i really loved to see post like this as you have vision in mind to unite all the bloggers no matter small or big.

    Compromising is one of the biggest Factor I give my Own Example hope people will realized,
    I came to this online word in 2009 and on Nov 2011 got my first site…… with some tricks and black hat yes i earned good money but wants to get myself updated everyday which was not a stable work for me.

    there were Month which was more then a span of quarter where i have not earned anything… but i never loose my hope and am still believing that I’ll get success.

    You know why am telling this because by profession am a Merchant Mariner Guy, whose income is quite stable and Good. But i have compromised that just to be a blogger and i know success will come in future.

    I must appreciate the way you have convey your message Kulwant, as while reading the post, i went to my past and was feeling like am reading my own story… written in your words.

  33. Hey Kuwant. Nice article.

    and yes that covering all niches in one blog is big issue in blogging to take it to the next level. I am personally facing this issue. Now need to concentrate on specific niche.

  34. All of your points are absolutely true . It will take some time but one day we will have a big community .

  35. great article and from this article i learnt so many thinks like we should have to select one niche and we have to assume that blogging is not a time pass it can be a great business for us and we can make good carrier in blogging.
    Thank you for such a great article

  36. Very Nice Article, i think one thing is very common in Pro-Bloggers that is “Persistence” if you are working hard and keep working then i think you are most successful blogger, and also spend part of time on your own learning skills.

  37. Every bit is true and real. You sated the life of most of the Indian blogger. But I thing change will surely come with the passing time.
    With the the passing time I can see people taking blogger seriously and turning his/her blog into a business.

  38. Hi Kulwant

    I totally agree with the points you’ve mentioned here. One thing i’ve seen with Indian blogger & that is common with the whole community. Indian bloggers wants to do everything by their own. They don’t want to outsource anything. They write articles, do SEO, SMO, everything by their own.

    you can never become a pro blogger until you will not learn multi tasking and this is only possible when you outsource the things.

    • Happy to see you around Tauseef.

      Yes, we all want to become master of everything and keep looking to save more money, which actually destroy our time in a big way.

      If people really want to succeed in blogging then they must try finding cheap ways to get their work done quickly..

  39. Hey Kulwant, a great post indeed. I think, all of your views on evaluating Indian Blogosphere are fabulous. Paperworks, I guess, are damn important for a successful blogging career. In this way, we can directly see, what we’re doing and what should we do. Since the first day of my blogging I’m doing paper-works. And I’m getting an awesome response from it. Anyway, thanks for sharing such inspiring words.

    • Hi Niladri.. Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my views.

      I got this habit when I was preparing for GRE exam in 2009.. What I used to was writing down everything in my notebook and stick to that plan only. So with time it became my habit.. Now I cannot assume my blogging without notebook.. In case if I don’t have notebook with me, I use Evernote app installed in my phone.

      Glad to hear that you are also having this good habit and getting good results as well..

      Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  40. Hi Kulwant,

    This is one amazing post.

    Everything you wrote is correct as I’ve myself faced many of these issues in my own life esp. the issue of setting goals in life, viewing them, planning all the steps and see them become a reality.

    However, now I’ve started to change and making my goals and working hard to reach them.


    • Yeah Vikas. I wrote this post after too many observation and then complied few of them in a post.

      I hope after going through this post you are not going to become one of them.

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