Review: Is it The Best Online Website Builder?

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Are you frustrated about the website launch?

You might be.

Because it's never easy to get a website designed for your company. The process takes an untiring effort, from finding the best web design firm, checking up their portfolio, getting the quote to hiring a freelance web designer, negotiating the price, and finalizing the deal.

Headache. Time-consuming. Troublesome.


What your business needs?


No, actually, it's your attention.

You might be like… What are you talking about?

The website is something really important to your business, but you don't have to spend 3 weeks to get your website designed by someone else, and further 2 weeks for proofing and finalization.

Time is money. That's why I say; your business needs your attention.

Because you can get your website designed within 18 to 28 minutes…


I'm not the expert.

I don't know anything about web development.

How would I make my website ready?

These might be the concerns currently popping up in your head.

I didn't say that you need to be an expert to create your website in minutes.

In fact, if you're a business person, blogger, or an entrepreneur who doesn't have time to hire someone to get a website designed — it may cost too much — then you might be considering to use a web design tool to design your website within minutes.

Introduction to the is an incredible tool to get your website designed within minutes. It doesn't require any kind of web development expertise to launch your website. The affordable price, easy to use, and site optimization are the benefits that attract the users to create their websites on

A great website building tool is a solution that helps a user to setup a website without any hassle – and Website Builder exactly does this job — Normally website building tools are either expensive enough or ineffective in many ways, which is why people are a bit conscious on relying on such tools.

Not anymore, because WebsiteBuilder comes with excellent solutions, low-pricing, and user-friendly interface to get started.

Do you want to know why Websitebuilder is amazing?

Keep reading…

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Key Features of

Following are the features of this website building platform:

#1. Free Domain in the Package

No hassle of domain registration from a domain registration company, and then waiting for the domain name servers propagation to start using your domain and hosting. Normally whenever a blogger, a company, or a merchant looks to start a website, they have to take care of lots of things to kick-start their campaign.

domain covers this element perfectly. It gives you a free domain for your website or an online store, so you can completely skip the debate of finding the best domain registration company to register your domain.

How good is that?

No charges of Domain. It sounds great and attracts customers to start thinking about this website building service.

#2. Free High-quality Web hosting

This website builder makes you feel home because it has got so many features under the single umbrella. Not only does it provide a free domain, but it also offers a high-quality web hosting for free.

No one can imagine setting up an official website or an online store without spending a penny on a domain and hosting.

Whenever you look to set up your website, even if you get a simple HTML based website, it might cost your $400 to $1000, plus a web hosting and domain registration cost.

You might have to pay for monthly updates on your website if you hire a web design firm to take care of your website.

Having a complete control on your website would be a good proposition.

You might want to set up your website on WordPress platform, and then you would have to pay for a Premium theme + Web Hosting  + Domain + CDN Service.

As your website grows, your cost of hosting and managing your site increases.

In case, you want to setup an e-commerce store, you might pick Opencart, PrestaShop, or WooCommerce platform to set up your online store, still you have to pay for a Premium theme + Web Hosting + Domain + CDN Service…

It means, roughly you would have to pay at least $400 or more to manage your site or blog.

Would you do that?

Probably, you won't.

#3. Thousands of Web Templates

That is a beauty.

Over 10,000 options to select your favorite template for your site. offers you thousands of premium themes to set up your website, blog, or an online store for free. Choose your favorite one to use for your website and get it done within minutes.

The top-notch web templates collection helps you to take a look at the best web designs and figure out to choose the suitable one for your website.


Whenever you have to increase the readers engagement on your blog or website, the design plays a vital role in making readers convinced to stay there and explore your site.

One of the best things of this service is the vast collection of templates and a wide range of categories. You may not feel any category missed out in the listing as it covers One Pagers, Online Store, Portfolio Themes, Architecture & Real Estate, Beauty & Fashion, Business & Consultant, Computers & Technology, Construction & Trade, Design & Creative, Hotels & Travel, Lifestyle, Music & Entertainment, Night Life, Pets & Animals, Photography, Professional Services, Restaurants & Eateries, Sport & Leisure, and Wedding which means you’d get through easily.

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#4. Easy Customization and Editing

Before taking your business off the ground, you need to have a launchpad. And fortunately, you business website is going to do exactly this thing.

Once you've chosen your site name and favorite template, then the next comes your way is the editing and customization of the theme.

This amazing website building tool has got this covered for you – it gives you 1-click editing to your selected website template, the drag and drop features would help you to shape up the site according to your requirement.


It doesn't matter that whether you need a perfect blog for articles publication or you want to set up your company's website because this website builder scoops up all necessary website building things for you.

An image is worth a thousand words.

Heard of it?

Upload your own images or use the free images library with thousands of free images to support your content.

#5. The Affordable Pricing

One of the perks of using the is that you get affordable packages with comprehensive features to enjoy. There are 4 packages to choose. The Personal package is for beginners, Premium is the most popular one, then a Business Plan, and at last an E-commerce plan to sell the items on your site.

You can start your website at 100% free of cost by selecting a suitable sub-domains for your business.

If you want to enjoy some premium features, here are the plans.


Take a look at the details of the Packages:

#1. Personal

All the packages come with a free domain, free hosting, and free ad credits. The personal package is for beginners who aren't very proficient and don't need a real active business website or personal blog.

This package doesn't have SEO integration and mobile responsiveness feature for the site. Such initial packages are usually designed for the starters who don't want to pay a higher amount just to take a start, but most of them are open upgrading to the higher plans when the requirements increase. It costs you $8.95 per month.

#2. Premium

The Premium package offers pretty much the same package as the personal package does, but it also offers SEO Management and Mobile responsiveness for the site. It has been declared as the most popular package because it's low in price and delivers more value than the personal plan.

It's quite necessary to take a start with this plan as your business needs an SEO Optimized website + you also have to take care of your mobile audience. It costs $7.95 per month.

#3. Business

The Business plan goes one step ahead of the Premium plan. It gives everything that a premium package offers + emailing feature and priority support are additional perks. Emailing is quite essential for professional communication.

Use the contact form to receive the queries from the customers on your mentioned email address. This package costs $9.95 per month.

#4. eCommerce

This plan is best for e-commerce store starters and entrepreneurs who want to sell the products online. The has done something amazing for online merchants. You can quickly start selling your products using the e-commerce feature on the eCommerce plan.

There are plenty of website themes with eCommerce support in the templates area; you can pick the most suitable e-commerce theme. This plan costs $17.95 per month.

#5. SEO Friendly Interface

Search Engine Optimization has become a popular requirement of any website launching procedure. This website building platform helps users to take the necessary measures to optimize their sites to increase the popularity in the search engines. Integrate your site through Google Analytics by adding the code of the Google Analytics to your site.

Every page you create on this website builder would allow you to add a proper name, keywords, and title of the page. Use this feature carefully to put the most relevant information in those areas. It would help your blog or site to rank well in the search engines.

#6. Responsive Themes for all devices

The premium, business, and eCommerce plans come with the responsive themes functionality. It helps you to make your site optimized for mobile devices. Recently, Google announced mobile-friendliness of the sites as one of the site's ranking factors.

Thus, it becomes so important to have a mobile-friendly website in order to get it ranked higher in the search engines. It's a fact that mobile traffic is rapidly increasing day by day.

This website building tool provides mobile friendly websites in the selective packages.

#7. Quick E-commerce Integration

Want to sell online?

The Ecommerce feature makes this platform a complete website solution. Whether you want to set up a small online boutique or looking to start a full-fledged online selling store, the gives you an easy way to get things done.

The eCommerce plan would be an option you should be picking in order to launch an online store. It enables a complete ecommerce solution for your online store. allows you to accept payments via PayPal and Credit & Debit cards.

Turning to an online merchant hasn't been that easier.

#8. Social Media Management

Social Media is an essential part of today's online business strategy.

Who doesn’t know that? makes sure that your website and content get shared a lot. In order to do that you will  get a social media sharing option to allow your website visitors to follow you and share your site with their friends on social media.

All templates are integrated with major social media sites to let you focus on your business rather than manually adding up the social media follow buttons.

Are you ready now?

You've seen that this platform covers a lot of things that join together to make a perfect website – and, interestingly, this platform gives you everything under the same roof.

Your business needs your attention.

Let someone else do the website launching job. helps you to set up, configure, edit, and launch your site within minutes.

So, are you ready?

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  1. Hey Kulwant,
    Thanks for the review. Sounds like a dream product to use.
    I wonder if they have post purchase maintenance service available.

    • Yeah, it’s a very good option for enthusiastic people who are starting their online business.

      They provide good support.

  2. Hi, Kuwant.

    I appreciate you for this wonderful review. The tool sounds like something I would love to try out, it is so easy with its all in one web solution feature.

    But I would like to be very clear of this before I can finally get convinced and go for it.

    Does it have WordPress platform installer, which would allow for a full control of one’s site through WordPress plugins? Because I am planing to setup a website whose functionability is solely depend on a WordPress plugin.



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