WebMeUp Review: An Online Tool to do In-depth Website Study

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We all are seeing many great website rising around us.

Some are authority blogs where some are only event based blogs.

In this fast changing SEO trend it has become very difficult to start a blog and then take it to next level, because many Google updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird are standing out there to filter low and high quality content.

Where thousands of people are making fortune on internet, on the other side millions are still struggling to make their living online.

When we talk about doing extensive keyword research and finding some untapped potential keywords then we start using various tools, because such tools can give you first head-start to make your online presence and target right people with right keywords.

Finding great keywords and then their tracking, both are very important aspects to make a successful website.

Few days back I was struggling hard to find any service which can help me to track my keyword positions as well as positions of my competitors so that I can work more on those particular keywords and outrank them.

After reading so many articles and reviews on some great blogs finally I found one seo software, an online software which was able to do all complex tasks in JUST single dashboard and I was able to manage all my campaigns very easily.

Yeah !! I found WebMeUp.


Some of the best SEO features like link popularity, social media mentions, keywords positions, keywords research, backlink checker, competitor analysis, analytic integration and tons of other features which I am going to discuss in this WebMeUp review article.

How to start?

The very first step you will have to do is create a project for you. Here we are going to put our website (which we want to track), our keywords and decide search engines for which we want to check the positions of our keywords.


Once you will add the project, it will look like.


Once you are done, you can dig more into your website study and explore it more to get awesome results.

Features of WebMeUp

If we talk about features of WebMeUp then they are too many.

Literally too many. 🙂

They have covered almost all SEO factors according to the market demand that you will be able to do complete analysis of your website or your competitor's website.

Let's dive into WebMeUp review.

Note: You will get 15 days FREE trial to use their features.

#1. SEO factors


A huge list of features to do extensive case study about any website.

In SEO factors you can check miscellaneous factors (where you can check domain strength, Google PR, Alexa, visibility, compete rank and compete traffic factors to get overall stats of any website), link popularity (Google popularity, backlink tool, linking domains, dofollow backlinks, linking C-blocks), Domain info, directory listing, Indexing, social media and other great features.

#2. Keyword and ranking

For an internet marketer, doing keyword research is the most important and primary before starting any online project.

In WebMeUp you will get options to do complete analysis about your keywords. After adding your keywords and deciding search engines to track your keywords growth, you will be able to manage them in very advanced manner.

Here you will get complete summary for your keywords (visits, rank, visibility, KEI and traffic).

Screenshot of keyword research window (click on image to enlarge).

WebMeUp Review

An exciting feature which I loved most while doing keyword research is; checking position of all your competitors.

Click on any keyword (I clicked on android rooting) and see your top 100 competitors.

 (click on image to enlarge)

WebMeUp ReviewSo this feature will not only help you to check competition of those keyword but also you can get a complete list of your competitors who are already ranking for those keywords.

#3. Pages (Site audit and landing pages)

SEO companies are charging huge amount to do complete site audit, where they will give you complete report about stats of your pages, errors/warnings on your site, load time and too many other factors to make it a convincing report.

Getting your site audited from such companies might charge a heavy amount from you, but here we have awesome SEO software in hand which can do it very easily and generate a full report about your website.

 (click on image to enlarge)

WebMeUp Review

You can get complete report about following SEO factors.

  • Pages with 4xx status code
  • Pages with 5xx status code
  • Robots.txt file
  • XML sitemap
  • Pages with 301 redirect
  • Pages with 302 redirect'
  • Dynamic URLs
  • Long URLs
  • Broken links

and 10+ more checking factors to make your website more SEO friendly.

#4. Competitors

If you want success in online marketing then the very crucial step is to analyse your competitors.

Spying on competitors is one of the most interesting tasks I love to do. Because this is the easiest way to find exact working methods and steal quality backlinks so that we can replicate exact methods and rank our website in short time.

In WebMeUp you can add your competitors and spy of them to find their working strategies.

Here is screenshot after adding my competitor.


You can do deep study of your competitor by using features like

  • SEO factors
  • Keywords and ranking
  • Backlinks

#5 Backlinks

Personally I was ready to pay atleast $50/month for getting my website recovered.

Some of the big names are offering link penalty removal services where they will analyse your website and come up with a detailed report about your links.


In Summary tab and find the new column in the table — Penalty risk. Click on it to quickly sort all of your site's backlinks by this factor.


So this service alone can help you to save thousands of dollars monthly by finding bad links pointing to your website.

Final words

At last I will say that this is worth more than what we are paying.

Apart from these awesome services, you will get some extra features like

  • Analytic integration
  • Social media stats
  • Reports
  • Add event to track results

So you will be able to see your website growth and analyse it completely.

Try them once and compete with world-class internet marketers.

Try WebMeUp for 15 days

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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  1. It seems all under the one roof kind SEO tools.
    Finding keywords is really a time consuming procedure when we have to digg and analyse from different resources. Awesome feature in WebMeUp, I liked the feature about operation with the keyword.
    And yeah It’s giving 15 days trail version, will love explore more feature from it.

    • Shivkumar, go for it and don’t forget to share your experience.. We would love to hear your reviews..

  2. Hi Kulwant,
    This is a great tool. I knew of it since last year but now I think it’s time to give it a try.
    Thanks for the review. I’m off for a trial account 😉

    • Enstine, glad to hear that you have already heard about them. I have just started using them few days back and I am more than satisfied.

      They have launched such awesome services that you will be forced to upgrade your account very soon. 🙂

  3. Hi Kulwant. Awesome Post here. 🙂 It’s very informative post for getting good knowledge about our site/blog. These are the good tool for getting all information at one place. Webmeup is looking nice tool and easy to use too. You are mentioned it very decently and easily to grab pay attention on it. Thanks kulwant for being published these good article with us 🙂

    • Shailesh, this is one of the best all in one SEO tools I have ever seen. Have you signed up for the trial version?

      • Hi, Yes. I have signed up there. It’s really easy to use and know more about our backlinks. How many backlinks we have created and so on.

        Thanks bro.

  4. Hello Kulwant – Nice Review about the WebmeUp Tool. I have also read your feedback about LongTailPro. If we need to compare two tools and go with one which one would you suggest as better option?

    • Jayashree, it depends on your needs. If you are looking only for keyword research tool then go for LongTailPro, and if you are looking for complete website analysis tool then go for WebMeUp.

  5. I don’t if you heard the news, but Webmeup is closing down. Something thatyour readers might find useful 🙂

    btw. you can check out how our tool compares – positionly.com

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