A Dirty Guide to Create a Viral Blog Post in 6 Steps

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Have you ever dreamed of writing that perfect blog post that will be read and shared by thousands of people?

I did too one day.

I bet there isn't a blogger who hasn't dreamed of it ones.

I'll show you how to make that dream come true a bit further down…

If you're new to blogging, you'll definitely get to learn something new from this post, but here I offer a little bit for everyone, beginners to advanced.


First, what is a viral post

Before we get into creating a viral blog post, let's know what actually a viral blog post is?

The simple definition of a viral blog post for us blogger goes something like, “A viral blog post is one of the post from your blog that gets read and shared more than the other posts on your blog”. It's as simple as that.

How to create a VIRAL blog post?

You spent hours in searching a sexy topic in your niche, pursue the perfect headline, and start creating an epic content.

But, somehow you fail at creating a viral blog post and your post doesn't get that readers, tweets and shares It deserved.

Raise your hand If you did your best and followed every step carefully and have not created a viral blog post.

So what you need to do to REALLY create a viral blog post? Below are the few steps you can use to create a viral blog post today.

1. Find a sexy topic:

The first step to creating a viral blog post is to find a trending topic in your niche to write about.

The best way to find a trending topic that people would love to read is to read other blogs in your niche and take notes of which topics are getting the most reads, comments and shares.

Be open-minded and lookout for new topics in your niche. This will give a good indication of what your audience wants to read and share.

2. Craft an attention grabby headline:

If the headline of your post isn't attention grabby, than there's no chance your post will go viral.

You need to know how important the headline is and spend few minutes in crafting and treating the headline as one of the most important part of a post after writing.

Your headline need to be compact and short, but convey the message like a brief advertisement. That is the stamina readers have when they scan blogs for information.

Try to come up with what you want to say in your title in first FIVE words. If you can't do that, than your post will go nowhere.

3. Get the right people to read your post:

Writing about a trending topic, crafting a perfect headline, and writing an epic shit are of course vital for creating a viral blog post.

But one of thing that you're missing is: Relationship!

Yup, in order to get your post to go viral, It needs to be seen by the right people who are interested in what you write about.

Try to be everywhere, build social proof and trust, make your readers enjoy your post. And finally ask them to tweet, like and comment in your post.

4. Find a top blog in your niche to guest post to:

Ones you've done all the steps above, find a top you're in your niche to guest post to.

For this process to work correctly, time your post and make your post go live around the same time with your guest post. This way you'll get a ton of new visitors to your blog coming from your guest post, and the chances of your post to go viral will increase even more.

5. Make your post as helpful as possible:

No matter how sexy the topic of your post is, you need to make sure that your post is aimed at solving specific problems or producing information that people are interested in reading.

You need to care your readers because in reality your blog is all about them, It's not about you because without your readers, your blog would be a lonely place.

Provide as much detail, tips and advice in your post as possible to really BLOW people away powerful information that the can use themselves.

6. Respond to every comment:

Responding to every comment is one of the best ways to build relationship with your readers, and It's absolutely vital that you treat every person that bothers to leave comment on your blog like a GOLD, because It makes them love your blog.

When you respond to every comment on your blog and answer to the question of your readers, they'll be encouraged to come back to your blog and share the post with their friends which is the main goal here.

Final words:

Those are 7 surefire ways to spice up your blog post, but It's not easy to execute. You need to know deep down that your content deserves to get read on a consistent basis, so don't just fill it away after reading the post.

By following the steps above, you're going to give your next blog post a fighting chance to go viral.

Now post a comment below and tell me how do you create a viral blog post? Or what process do you use to create a viral blog post?

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134 thoughts on “A Dirty Guide to Create a Viral Blog Post in 6 Steps”

  1. What are you doing Ehsan? You will make it hard for others to win πŸ˜‰

    For the post, your post is perfect except that 7th point that you did not mention. Building relationships is really crucial in blogging and there is no alternative to that. A visitors will only talk about your post if they trust you and that is how the post will go viral.

    Good to see you here participating πŸ™‚

    • Haha I won’t, Asif.

      Relationship building is definitely the key to success.

      Have you also participated in the contest? Or are you going to participate? Your entry?

    • hey ASif

      good point! and le’s not forget that for a beginner, it’s not easy to acquire the confidence of writing a viral post. You either have the skills to writing hot content or you could interview someone else who can provide you with the right (meaty, practical and intriguing) answers. You just ask the proper questions, and have content written for you. Then you polish the interview and publish it, or — even better — you could turn it into a guest post for another site that gets 10x times more traffic and exposure than your blog.

      I’ve tried this before, and works quite well, if you know what questions to ask and how to create viral content… creating viral content is easy if you master the basics of copywriting and research the topic better than anyone else.

      Hope it helps?

  2. Oh Crap! πŸ™‚
    Ehsan waving his magical wand to make it tough for me.
    Good luck bro, well put article πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Amal.

      I won’t make it tough for you guys, and I didn’t participate to win the prizes. The reason I participated is that I want to add more weight in my guest blogging skills, and what’s better than competing with other guest bloggers?

      Plus a great opportunity to network with other bloggers and expanding audience reach.

      What’s up in your side?

      • Hey Ehsan
        I just can’t believe it was so simple.Writing great content is an okaydocky for me but making it viral always seemed impossible.But this tips would surely help me in the future blogging venture
        Thnx for keeping it simple and sweet.

  3. Hello Ehsan ,

    Yet another killer entry in the contest . What a post dude .

    One thing that has to be understood is that Viral is temporary , you can’t rule the world forever .

    I still remember your viral post on which Daniel Scocco Commented and you were like – “My luckiest day ever ” πŸ˜‰ .


    • Navneet, get ready to read interview of Daniel Scocco next to next Saturday.

      I am going to ask many questions from him for this interview.

      Wish me all the best for conducting his interview. πŸ™‚

      • I just read some of the interviews you did and its rocking cool!
        I’m pretty sure you will do great with Daniel. Good luck

        • I REALLY loved the Mohammad Mustafa’s interview. He’s the most respected blogger and the one I respect most. Can’t wait to read Daniel’s interview.

          • Muhammad mustafa ahmedzai is now the trending blogger of Pakistan you might contact him for his most valued interview by someone, exactly he is now participating the biggest conferences of Pakistan so you can have a great topic if you can communicate him.

    • Glad to see ya here, Navneet.

      Yup, Viral has to be temporary, the post that consistently gets traffic for a long time (Not forever) called a VIRAL post.

      Ohh, Yup I was flattered to receive a comment from that big blogger, but that wasn’t viral post on my blog. Actually It was, but I’ve many other blog posts on my blog that consistently getting awesome traffic from search engines and from social media.

      And above are the steps I followed to create them.

      Hope you enjoyed the post my friend, what’s new with your blog?

  4. NIce post Ehsan
    This 6 points can lead any blogger to stand up
    Thanks for sharing this with us πŸ™‚

  5. That’s perfect… I am really missing some of the points like a catchy headline here..I will try to implement in my future blogs.. Thanks for sharing.

    • The headline is the most important part of a viral blog post, Sagram.

      What else are you missing?

      thanks for your comment.

  6. Superb post Ehsan bro! I agree with your points.
    And I really like your writing style, its just addicting πŸ˜€

  7. I Think Ehsaan himself is not following rule no. 6).people do so much to win contests..huh

    • I do follow the 6th step to It’s fullest, you can see it on my blog where I treat my every commentator is a GOLD.

      Why you think like that by the way?

    • Hey Abhijit Bro,
      Guess, you are mistaken at this point of yours. I am firm believer that Ehsan has got immense respect for his reader and in my case too, he have been super responsive. And infact helped me a lot whenever I made queries for my good. But yes, here was late here to respond the comments, I do agree but as a blogger, we know how tough it is to take care of everything. I guess Ehsan change your mind on this with his ever-liked alluring approach. What you say Ehsan??

      • Koj, Great to see ya here, and thanks for the side.

        I’ve already responded to all of the comments here too, but YES I was quite late doing it.

        You’re right, It is tough to take care of everything as a blogger, but responding to every comment on m blog is what I love to do, and I’ve also written a post about it on my blog that I’ve linked to above.

        Koj, do you also respond to every comment on your blog?

        • Yes Ehsan Bro, I too love to respond the comments in my blog. For me, comment is strength of my blog. I love receiving comments on my blog and also loves to drop couple when ever I find a use post that deserves that. Anyways, Why you ended up saying “Those are 7 surefire ways to spice up your blog post” in the end words whereas its only 6 points you have given to make one’s blog post go viral?
          Regards though.

          • Nice to know you care your readers, Koj. Responding to the comments on your blog adds a human aspect on your blog.

            Oops, you found it Koj. Will have you let Kulwant to know about it and get it fixed.

            Koj, have you read my comment strategies posts and do you use my strategies like redirecting first time commentators to a thank you page etc?

  8. Excellent and valuable post Ehsan! Well, headline is indeed very important aspect of a post, so it’s better spending sometime to write a perfect headline to get right approach for post success. And agreed, blog commenting is a great way to build relationship with blog readers and responding to readers comments will encourage readers for next visit and to share the post(s). Best of luck for the contest.

    • Thanks for the awesome comment, Nizam.

      I’ve been noticing from last few weeks that you’re giving too much attention to the headlines of your posts, good work.

      Have you written your viral blog post yet? Feel free to share a link in your comment.

      • Well, I have written a post sometime back and I got good response (still getting) from the readers. It’s feels good after getting good response after putting effort to write a good post. So, I can say it has gone viral πŸ˜€ . As you have given permission to post the link and hopefully Kulwant too, here is the link.


        • Wow, I think your post’s topic is something that always goes viral because when you link to other blog’s in your posts, It builds relationship and other bloggers appreciates it by sharing that post.

          Don’t you have a post that gets good traffic from search engines consistently?

  9. Would have been epic if you added “key word stuffing”… as the last one, and pointed out how ridiculously many times you wrote viral blog post in the beginning.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas. Guess I missed it, Yup It’s necessary.

      I’ve written a lot of viral blog posts on my blog, for example the one I linked to in my author bio above.

      What else do you think I could have been added?

  10. Great Post Ehsan,
    I have found headlines to be very important when it comes to creating viral blog post.
    If you can write good headline copies, then you are one step ahead in the blogosphere.

    • Awesome point, Josesh – and as usual glad to have ya here.

      How do you craft a good headline? Tips?

      • Hi Ehsan,
        There are 3 key elements of great headlines, they are:
        Short, compelling and Promising! Mix these three things into your headines and you have a great copy.
        BTW, am writing a post on this and am submiting it as my entry here. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

        • Fourth might be making a promise in your headline, isn’t it Josesph?

          Thanks for sharing your tips here.

          Ohh really? great! Looking forward to it πŸ™‚

          What’s new with BloggingTipsToday blog?

          • Hi Ehsan,
            am working in a new section for BTT called “Expert Chat” where we have a chat with experts in the blogospehre.
            hopefully, you will get featured there soon..

  11. Hi Ehsan,

    Sensational. I wrote a post covering a topic the other day, sharing how one of my Famous Bloggers guest posts reached Page 1 on Google for the search phrase, “make money with Facebook.” I concur that following your advice can create a viral post.

    Practical rocks. Be patient and persistent in learning how to craft a practical, helpful posts. Imagine exactly what you do, or what you have learned about, to succeed. Then paint a clear picture of how to use these strategies to create a viral post, or how to generate leads, or how to do anything that you would like to teach your audience.

    Writing viral posts is possible. Pay strict attention to the titles you choose, for you have a split second to snag the attention of your readers, who then click your link and digest your content. Be willing to think through your blog post titles for at least 10 to 15 minutes before you post and you will be amazed at the increase in clicks you receive.

    Thanks for sharing your keen insight Ehsan.


    • Howdy Ryan, thanks for dropping in – glad to have ya here.

      Wow, how much exact monthly searches does that keyword has on Google? I’m sure that famous blogger used the same strategies to create that perfect blog post.

      Sharing your personal experience on a specific topic, paying strict attention to the headline, and having a catchy first paragraphs are the key of creating a viral blog post.

      Glad you found the post to be a useful one, Ryan. What’s new with your writing?

    • Awesome points Ryan.
      Sharing your personal experience on a specific topic, paying strict attention to the headline, and having a catchy first paragraphs are really important.

      • Thanks for the heads up, Joseph.

        I think these are the steps you’ve shown in your latest entry post, aren’t they?

        Time to fill drop a comment there πŸ˜‰

        • Yes, they are Ehsan.
          I tried to cover it more extensively. make sure you read it and drop your comment.

  12. Great post Ehsan..These six points can make us true bloggers!!
    These points helps us alot to get success in Blogging.

    • Hey Neeraj, following the above steps surely will help in creating a viral blog post which is definitely a way to successful blogging.

      Thanks for the support.

  13. Great to see you here Ehsan.. πŸ™‚ Well amazing post and rightly mentioned Relationship is what just matter.

    Got a new word on my dictionary πŸ˜€ I wish you win this πŸ™‚ killer post

    • Hey Ummeed, Glad you’ve got a new word lol.

      I appreciate you sharing this post on all your social media profiles If you think this is something people will benefit from.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. Hello Ehsan,

    Writing a viral post is quite easy just write what your readers want to read. Fulfill the need of your reader and they will do the same.

    • Serving your readers need is absolutely vital, Romy. But in order to REALLY create a viral post, you need to think out of the box and follow some basic steps to get traffic on that post consistently, like optimizing it for search engines, and crafting a good headline etc.

      Thanks for stopping by, Romy. Hows going FallenWriters these days?

  15. I Just Love 2 read your articles Ehsan, Never miss any πŸ˜€ and this Dirty Guide is Quiet Cool & Impressive to go Viral and as I do always say Making Relationships and Helping others always worth a ton !!

    • Thanks Ayush, I know It is! I used “Dirty” word in headline to grab people’s attention on social media sites to click πŸ™‚

      How do you help others through blogging? I mean what Youngsterzz is all about?

  16. 4th, 5th and 6th point are very effective. Bloggers should run behind the quality and good readers support and reference then the traffics and ranking will run behind the bloggers.

    • Well said Simon, bloggers should really run behind the quality.

      Glad you liked those points. What else do you do to spice up your blog posts?

  17. Great post indeed!
    I believe building relationships can do wonders. It is good to build a network around your blog.

    Looking forward to read more guest post from you.

    • A pleasure to have ya here, Amrik.

      You’re the super star of building relationship with other bloggers, so who knows better than you the importance of it?

      Really? Stay tuned for my upcoming guest post than. πŸ˜‰

  18. Man you rocked it out here & you’re headline definitely got me to click! Great article:)

  19. Hello Ehsan, Your posts always nail it. Interesting as usual. But why didn’t you deliver this post on GuideandNews long time ago?

    • Hey Ben, you found me here.

      Glad you found it interesting. This is my contest entry, and I love guest posting too that is why I submitted it here insead of GAN.

      BTW, head over there now. I’ve published an interesting post today.

  20. Hey Bro,
    Thanks for such an Awesome post, great ways to create viral blog post and definitely i will try these steps for my blog posts to get more traffic…

    • Hey there Akshay,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Follow the steps and create your first viral blog post.

      Keep on commenting πŸ™‚

  21. HI Ehsan,

    I think you have covered all the points which can really help in making the post viral.The topic of the post should be so simple which not only the bloggers but everyone can relate to.

    Thanks for this share.


    • Simple, but also attention grabby to make people click on the link, right Sapna?

      Thanks for the support.

  22. Hey man,
    The post is really a bomb. Gush, i can’t agree more. The one i like most is that of finding a sexy topic, that alone can make a post to go viral because it will draw much attention.

    I’m sure that anyone that follows and applies what you shared here will have lots of success stories to share.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    • Awesome comment, Theodore.

      Nice to see ya here supporting me man.

      I love how you select a sexy topic to write about every time on your blog that makes people love your blog. How many viral blog posts have you created so far Theodore?

      • Thanks for the compliment my man,
        I can’t remember exactly but its many though. I will also like to write for you one of these days if you don’t mind.

        Thanks for replying my comment Ehsan, you’re the man.

        • Wow, You don’t know the number of your viral blog posts? Seems you’ve a lot lol

          Glad you’re interested to write for my blog, Theodore. Looking forward to it.

          Thanks for coming back.

  23. Nice and useful post for the bloggers to create viral posts for their blog.

    I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot here.

    Thanks for writing and sharing the needful information, keep doing!

    My best wishes for you to win a prize in this contest!

  24. Hi Ehsan,

    You’ve said it ALL within these 7 steps that you shared with all of us – there’s just not anything left to add. πŸ™‚

    Everyone wants to get their posts viral, and while some succeed, others struggle with it. I’ve had a few posts go viral too and at first I thought perhaps my social media buttons had gone wonky, but when I saw the stats I realized that they had – it surely does give a good feeling.

    I agree, the first thing that would attract anyone to your blog is the headline or title of your post, which has to be catchy and grab the short-attention span of the reader. If you are able to do that, you have covered the first step to bring them over to your blog. I often keep experimenting with this and take notes of what works and what doesn’t. I liked your advise about covering up the main things within the first 5 words in the title.

    I agree about your point about building relationships, and that IS the thing that really works. I’ve seen it over at my blog and a few others too, and that’s what I feel keeps you safe even when there are Google updates etc, as your loyal readers will always visit your blog and be there for you – no matter what. So, that keeps you worry free. Oh yes…you do need to be everywhere as the social media and your presence on those places cannot be overlooked because not everyone comes to comment on your blog, and that’s one way to make your blog reach them. But yes, some people have problems in being everywhere or don’t really wish to spend time on such things, though I wonder how they manage. I liked your idea of guest posting and posting your own post the same day too – point noted!

    I couldn’t agree more about making your post useful and written for the people. After all your readers are the ones who visit your blog for the content you share, so your posts should help them and that’s how they will keep visiting your blog repeatedly as they start trusting and believing what you share. Responding to every comment is what I also strongly believe in, as that’s what shows you care. More so, the least you can do is reply to the comment a person has taken time to stopped by to read and leave a comment on your blog. Speaking of myself, because of the loooong comments I get on my blog (which often match well with my posts!), it often takes me a few days to get over them, but I ensure each comment is replied to.

    Thanks so much for sharing these nuggets with us, which are going to help every blogger only get better and make attempts to get their post viral. Wishing you all the very best with the contest as well. πŸ™‚

    • Awesome comment Harleena.

      Extremely kind of you, I too hope there’s nothing left to be done in order to create a viral blog post.

      I too always keep myself busy by experimenting the catchy headline, not only for my blog posts, but also for my newsletter emails to increase the open rate (This is something I’m REALLY struggling with). Yeah, the title should be short, but convey the message completely.

      Readership is of course the backbone of a blog, no matter what happens with Google, or any other social media website. If you have loyal readers, you’ll always be happy with what you have. Thanks for pointing that πŸ™‚

      Every comment on your blog posts needs to be responded, no matter how long, short or boring it is. Harleena, I know you’re a commenting superstar and you receive very long comments in your posts, which is of course very hard to respond quickly, so in this case what you need to do is to don’t make your reply to that comment too long. But make sure your words should make your commentator feel It’s worth their time to comment on your blog.

      Thanks so much for coming by and supporting me Harleena. I have one questions to ask from you that I know you’re already doing great work with your blog, so I’m excited to know how many viral blog posts have you created so far?

      • Aha…congrats on the new CommentLuv plugin, which I think wasn’t there earlier, though I wonder what made you install it πŸ™‚

        You would know best about viral blog posts, which I’m sure most of your posts must be becoming. I like your idea of keeping the reply to the comments on my blog short, but I feel if a person spends so much of time to write the comment after reading the post – shouldn’t I reply to him/her at least in the same manner. They have an option to write short comments, but very few of them write small ones, and those who do, are given short replies too. But the long ones need time to reply. Also, if they are sharing their views about various things, I cannot wrap if all up in 1-2 lines – that won’t be me at all! But I get your point, and would start working on it, though gradually πŸ™‚

        Don’t ask me how many viral posts were there as I don’t keep a count, but I do know there were a few as I could make out from the social shares and their increase in numbers. Thanks once again πŸ™‚

        • Hey Harleena, Good to see ya back.

          CommentLuv plugin? I didn’t get your point here?

          The viral post are those ones that gets traffic consistently, and If one of your old post is consistently getting huge traffic from search engine or from any other website, that’s the one which is a VIRAL post.

          I agree with you that when someone takes his/her time to leave a long and quality comment, than we should reply with the same manner, but as I said in my comment earlier that make sure your words should make the commentator feel It’s worth their time.

          For instance, Have you ever noticed that Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe always replies to the long comments on her blog in just two or three lines, but still there’s a big engagement in the comments of her posts?

          Thanks so much for coming back.

  25. Hey Ehsan,
    Awesome Tips Ehsan!
    Well I would say content comes after the headline. So, Headline is the king (Ya, it’s a part of the content). This is what people on the search engine would see and would then decide to click on it. And in the last, headlines can create or destroy a blog post which would go viral.
    Thanks for the post! Have done everything!

    • Good to see you here, Anurag.

      The headline is what gets people’s attention or fails to. Even I always want a good headline If I should read a post or not?

      Have you read the CopyBot’s recent post about urgent headlines?

  26. Ehsan,
    Truth be told, you have covered the subject matter very well. The headline and the picture – both play a major role when it comes to blog post getting viral. Also, the number of helpful resources you share in the article makes a tremendous amount of difference on the popularity.
    Thank you for sharing these and I wish you good luck!

    • Glad to have ya here, Gauraw.

      Awesome point, the headline and picture both are powerful. Now tell me how strong the headline of this post is in your opinion? Did it grab your attention?

      Hope to see ya back.

      • Ehsan,
        Actually it did. But what caught my attention really was the image you used to demonstrate the “secret”. A job well done!

        • Glad the image grabbed your attention, Gauraw.

          That was actually Kulwant’s choice, not mine πŸ˜‰ Thanks Kulwant!

          See ya at my blog.

  27. Hey Ehsan,
    I really liked all points you mentioned but one of them the most, “Get right people to read your post”. This is what most of the bloggers miss. Just writing up a post and bombarding the links everywhere is not that helpful as it would be after sharing the post in relevant groups, communities and forums.

    Another thing which I always recommend to my readers when I write article is to write interesting, mysterious, curious headlines. The headlines grab the attention of the readers and get them to out post.

    This is a helpful article, Ehsan. I have already shared it.

    • Glad you liked all the points Abhi. Yup, crafting a catchy headline and writing an epic shit all would be useless If you don’t find a right people to read your content and If in someway your content is not serving someone’s need.

      Thanks for dropping by, Abhi. What’s new with OddBlogger these days?

  28. Haha.. Just loving the first topic of your article πŸ˜€ The Sexy Viral Post Methods πŸ˜›

    Well, just like everyone! You are killing the newbie chances πŸ˜›

    In past, I also wanted to take a part in this competition but later I decided to sit and watch the fun over here.

    Now coming to your post, these are the amazing methods to make the posts viral. I like your post, because you have not mentioned any social network tactic. Because, I have seen several buddies covering the same topic and ending up on the power users of social media network.

    • Glad to see ya here, Hamza.

      I’m not here to kill newbie’s chance. I just love competing πŸ˜‰ I’ve already got over the reasons of why I participate in guest blogging contests in my latest entry at my own blog πŸ˜‰

      I just wanted to be unique here, and the guest posting method which I mentioned in the post is the best way to make a post go viral, isn’t it?

      Hamza, now a question time: Have you ever written a viral blog post? What steps you follow the most?

  29. This is an amazing post really enjoyed reading it thanks for sharing such an awesome article keep it coming and best of luck !

    • Thanks for the support Anis. I’ll definitely keep it coming, just land on my blog and checkout my work πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah I will defenetly check out your blog You are a great blogger thanks for being there πŸ˜€

        • Thanks for the kind words, and for the support Anis.

          Hope to see ya around back in future. What’s new with your blog?

  30. Hi Ehsan,

    1st of all, let me tell you one thing that I really liked your name (No kidding) seriosuly. Now come to the post, you’ve shared some amazing and interesting tips to write a viral blog post. I agree with Abhi Balani that most of newbie bloggers miss the right peoples!

    Writing the sexy headline is the most important part of viral post. Interesting and catchy headlines always grab the readers attention and force them to read and share your post on all over social media sites!

    Just try to write fresh, unique,useful and helpful post. Then try to share it on social media sites with your friends. Make sure you respond to each and every comment. That’s the way to building a strong relation with your blog readers!

    Thanks for great share Ehsan!

    • Hey Bashir,

      I think you’re the first person saying this, thanks a lot. What do you like in my name by the way?

      Awesome comment. You’ve said everything in your comment except the guest posting method. Finding a top blog in your niche and guest posting to it will also help in making a post go viral.

      Thanks for dropping in Bashir. Hope to see ya back.

  31. Hello Ehsan,

    Good to see you here in Guest Blogging contest. You are very true with your points and these are more appropriate at their place. As usual you collected superb and helpful points.

    All the Best for Guest Blogging Contest.

    Keep it up bro πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Avinash, I’m everywhere! You just need to find me πŸ˜‰

      Seems you’re also going to participate in the contest, are you?

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

      • Hi again,

        No bro, I am not going to participate in this guest blogging competition. I want to see my friends as winner in the competition.

        Hope, you’ll win.

        Good Luck πŸ™‚

        • Ohh thanks so much Avinash. I need your support to win this contest. Have you already shared the post on your network?

  32. Now i know the value of guest blogging
    Hope i too could have experts like u to post in blog

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      • hey bro you could have browse my article from homepage but you are so smart, need link or comment πŸ˜€ and i’m talking about this on-going contest.

        • Haha, I really can’t find it Devagya. Which one is yours? Feel free to add a link in below?

  34. Hi Ehsan,
    Greatly described with simple words.!! Following the tips we can built a killer post .!! i am a regular visitor Guideandnews to know more about personal development and also on our blogging.! Thanks for sharing !!
    All the Best Ehsan. πŸ™‚

    • Nice to see you here, Srikanth.

      Thanks so much bro, stay around GAN. There’s a lot of interesting things coming up there πŸ˜‰

      Have you read the welcome post yet?

  35. wow..nice points Ehsan. You covered almost everything we need to create a viral blog post! Good luck with the contest buddy!

    • Thanks Karthik, glad you enjoyed the post and I’m sure you’ll be using the strategy to create viral blog posts πŸ™‚

  36. Ehsan,

    You are on the right track to getting that post viewed by as many people as possible!

    I think the most important part for the post to pick up steam is to create the best headline you have ever created πŸ™‚

    I hope you do well in the contest.

    Rooting for ya!

    • Nice to see ya here Samuel. Yes crafting the best headline is definitely the key, but targeting a top blog to guest post and send the new readers in a specific post is also a good idea, isn’t it?

      I thought that’s what you’ve done already?

      Thanks for dropping in.

  37. When I first landed here I didn’t expected that the post I’m reading right now on how to make a post viral is already gone viral. 96+ comments. Bro, this is something unexpected!

    The points you mentioned here in your article are quite cool and general. Though there was nothing new to learn from this piece of writing expect viral note.

    Final note, good luck, hope you win the prize! You deserve to win.

    • Nice to have ya here, Ifran.

      The comment count is 100+ and counting now πŸ™‚

      I’ve already made a big learning fun for newbies, tough nothing new to you πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your comment.

  38. Hey Ehsan, great post again as usual…I hope that I could help you a bit. Good luck!

    • Hey Wade, glad you liked the post and as usual glad to have ya here.

      I appreciate your support.

  39. Its true viral posts can make huge difference to your blog growth, if you can create 1 viral post everyone then you will never run out of traffic, you will have visitors new readers and more social share, you told this dirty guide, I will call it perfect guide..
    All the best Ehsan!

    • Hey Nishant, nice interpretation of the title πŸ™‚ Yes, I too found NO Dirt in his tips, those are perfect, I echo back.
      Bro Ehsan, your this post of tips on Viral post is getting Viral. Good luck.

      • Hey there Koj, thanks again for your support.

        Hope to make this dirt go VIRAL, and trying my best to do it.

        What would you suggest me to do?

    • Thanks for the heads up Nishant, good points.

      How many guest posts have you created on Geek Blog Tips so far?

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    In blogging world , i was really inspired from two young bloggers, You and kulwant brother, thas why i am one of the power visitor of your peoples’ blogs, really very helpful and well elaborative post.. really enjoyed the way you write and talked .

    • Wise Mohammad wise!

      Glad I’ve inspired you my friend, and Kulwant is definitely is an inspiring blogger we know it.

      Glad you enjoyed the post.

  41. Great Post Ehsan…..the best tips to create an viral post you mentioned that all and all the best for the contest.

  42. Making a sexy headline, guest posting and finding right people to read your post are great points. Enjoyed reading your article. All what I can say is that we should write for our readers not for search engines. πŸ™‚

    • Finally a comment from Avi,

      Anyways hey bro. I like your point on writing for readers, not for search engines. Even tough readers are the backbone of a blog right?

  43. I use all those 7 steps everytime creatin an article.
    But this article really helps so much. For me a new blogger. Thank for sharing

    • Not only for new bloggers, Rehmat. But for experienced bloggers as well.

      It has some advanced strategies that I’m sure even experienced bloggers didn’t know about.

      Thanks for reading Rehmat.

  44. Hey Ehsan,
    I enjoyed reading your “DIRTY GUIDE”. A “sexy” title can really make the difference.
    I totally agree with your last point – Responding to every comment. I do it on my blog and we must show our readers we value them and their comments.
    Thank you for sharing the post and wish you good luck for the contest.

    • Thanks so much for the heads up Thejas, I also enjoyed the title of your entry post πŸ™‚

      Thanks, I’m doing my best πŸ™‚

  45. Writing viral content has to do with writing contents that people love.

    Once people love your content then they will share it with others and this will help to pull in more people and those who are interested will also share your content.

    But the question is: how to write contents that people love?

    One need to do a poll, ask questions or analyze some of the popular articles on their blog and then write a post and put lots of juicy information in it for their readers.

    That’s what I think make a blog post go viral.

    With the added points in your article then the article will be an epic hit.

    Thanks for the post, Ehsan.

    • Awesome comment Kharim,

      You’ve raised a good point here. I like the way how some of the top bloggers always ask their readers about what they want them to write on their blog, because writing about what people want to read is definitely the best way to make a post go viral.

      Kharim, have you ever used the strategy of asking from readers about what they want you to write on your blog?

      Thanks for your comment BTW.

  46. These tips definitely do help us write killer blog posts. πŸ™‚ And also, we should consider writing on trending topics like you said.

  47. Great intriguing post.
    Useful for bloogers.These tips can increase the traffic manifold.It is a step by step guide to write killer posts.
    Keep it up Ahsan.
    I write an educational blog so perhaps my strategy should be different.
    What you bloggers think.

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  49. That is a viral post on how to make a post viral !
    I THink social sharing can also make your blog post viral and also the headline tip is the best !

  50. The above six tips will grab us to the next blogging level..what an idea Ehsan bro. thanks for sharing this awesome tips with us.

  51. Good Article. I appreciate your all thing above. It’s really true. Viral blog is like your blog where reader can get more useful information at once. Bloggers get pay attention to write some viral post ahead.

  52. Hello Ehsan,

    Wonderful post mate, I must say I’m really surprised to see the number of comments/responses to this post. And you are utterly right about the tips for making a blog post go viral.


  53. Hello Kulwant and Ehsan,

    The points you shared here are all looking like legit and seems to work in any case but finding such topics take lots of time.

    Can you share any cheat to minimize the time required to write and publish such posts? Thanks.

    • Thanks Akritri. Check this article to write quality articles in less time – http://www.copyblogger.com/write-article-fast/

  54. You are totally right when you say everyone dreams of their blog post going viral.

    The tips you shared to help us get our posts to go viral are right on and I want to thank you for sharing.

    My little input:

    I like the idea of writing a guest post on a popular blog and linking to that post. It is a smart way to get more traffic and more shares on that post. And building relationships is a key in getting people to share your post.

    But one problem a lot of bloggers make in writing a blog posts is not going the extra mile in making it a post worth sharing.

    I’m talking about writing a post that gives the reader so much value they can’t help but share.

    Many bloggers just try and get by with a minimum 500 word post and expect people to share it like crazy but this is not the case.

    Sure a 500 word post can be helpful but you can’t really go into much detail about the topics you are trying to get across.

    A lot of posts that go viral I have noticed are fairly longer posts.

    Not every post on your blog has to be long but for a post to go viral it has to have enough value to compel people to share.

    Thanks again for your tips!

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