How to Effectively Use Long Tail Keywords To Get Traffic on Your Blog

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Ever since blogging became a thing, bloggers keep striving to get better at keywords targeting.

If you ask me, have you ever invested in keywords?

I would say YES…

Although, I have never been a ‘keyword guy'…

I like to learn about keywords. I did experiments.

But I'm more focused on creating solutions-oriented content than keywords based content.

Here is the thing, it doesn't mean you can't create valuable content if you're targeting keywords.

You certainly can. In fact, you can tap on the minds to capture what people want.

I like the concept of Long Tail Keywords, though.

If you're familiar with keywords targeting, you would probably know that one or two-word keywords aren't for starters. The big giants have already taken them, meaning, they have been targeting for ages and you won't be able to beat them.

Here comes the solution.

We have to survive.

Always remember this quote:

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception” -Carl Sagan

That means, you got to try, whether you learn about keywords targeting and try to get better while pursuing your passion. Just keep trying…

So, as I was saying, the giants of every industry might have taken all the keywords of that industry, when your small blog or business pops up and you find no results from search engines.

Here comes the Long Tail Keywords.

A long tail keyword is a long-sized keyword that works as an alternative to the mainstream significant keywords and gets you a small but relevant amount of traffic that is more specific and convertible as compared to the generic and popular keywords.

For instance:

If you're targeting the customers who want to buy iPhone cases in Los Angeles, then your main keyword is “iPhone Cases” and in order to create long tail keywords, you would have to be more specific in your targeting and create some long-sized keywords.

(Note: Following long tail keywords aren't generated from any software, neither do they exist. They are created for the explanation purpose)

  • Buy iPhone Cases in Los Angeles
  • Best iPhone Cases in Los Angeles
  • Buy Cheap iPhone Cases in LA
  • LA iPhone Cases Best Prices
  • Best Prices iPhone Cases Los Angeles

Did you see that?

I've changed a two-word keyword “iPhone Cases” into a five-word keyword.

The idea behind a long tail keyword is that it is way easier to target a long tail keyword, “Buy iPhone Cases in Los Angeles”, for example, as compared to “iPhone Cases”…


We will see that how you can use those long tail keywords in your blogging.

The trickiest part is that what keywords to choose!

That being said.

It shouldn't be a problem after reading this blog post.

3 Steps of Boosting your Blogging with Long Tail Keywords

Here are some solutions for bloggers who want to use long tail keywords in order to succeed as a blogger:

#1. Specifying the Audience

This is super cool. Nothing could be better than getting the targeted audience on your blog. Ask any problogger, he would rather choose less traffic that is targeted than much traffic with no interest in the content.

One of the perks of using long tail keywords is that you specify your blog for some specific audience. This doesn't happen with just a couple of articles that you publish. It belongs to your whole blogging strategy for that blog.

When you specify the audience for your blog, it means you know clearly that who to reach out and create content for. It gets way easier to help out the specific kind of people on a blog because if you start creating content for multiple types of audiences, your blog might look like a collage of unclear pictures.

The concept of niche blogs is actually based on targeting a specific audience. If you're in the blogging field, you probably know that a blogger can't satisfy every kind of reader. If you're a health blogger, you can cover sports, if you're in online marketing niche, you can't help the audience that is looking for food recipes.

Did you check the article on 5 Profitable Niche?

If you haven't yet, then you should.

Chitraparna Sinha knows the art of choosing a specific audience, which is why she advised writing for your audience. It means you must know who your audience is.

All this goes towards identifying and specifying your audience.

Happy now?

So, my friends, if you're looking to boost your blogging with long tail keywords and you've finally figured out that specifying the audience is one hell of a job, then let me help you here. Take a look at the few tips that might assist you in specifying your audience:

  • Choose your passion as a niche
  • Improve the level of your expertise
  • Clearly decide who you want to help
  • Create a pathway to help guide readers
  • Always repeat that who your blog is for
  • Keep mentioning the type of audience (you target)
  • Use Relevant Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags

#2. Developing a Parallel Content Strategy

Once you have a clear idea of your audience, meaning, you know who to serve, then comes the content strategy. In other words, WHAT TO SERVE?

That's important too.

When it comes to choosing your long tail keyword and you create a mindset of using them on your blog, this situation that shows up in front of you does require a stable content strategy to serve the specific audience in a better way.

The idea of using the long tail keywords is finding the audience that might be in your niche but trying a different approach.

You know that what they need to know and what they should be served with.

For instance, you find out keywords from Long Tail Pro software with 3000+ monthly searches around the world and it has got low competition in Google.

And supposedly that keyword is “Make New Blog Successful”

What does that keyword tell you?

It shows following things:

  • The searchers have already launched their blogs
  • They want to make their blog successful
  • They don't need a website hosting plan
  • They aren't looking to buy a WordPress theme
  • They want to know the success secrets of blogging
  • They want to know how to get traffic
  • They want to know how to rank articles

So, these are the possibilities that could be pointed out by analyzing that long tail keyword.

(Be advised, that keyword doesn't exist. I just mentioned as an example).

Once you choose the keyword wisely, make sure your content strategy does follow the whole flow.

Let's bring that keyword again, for example, “Make New Blog Successful”

If someone has chosen this keyword for his/her blogging tips niche blog, this means that blog's content strategy should be consistently posting content related to Post-launch strategies rather than pre-launch tips. That blogger must understand that his/her audience would be the bloggers who have launched their blogs and now they want to get tips and ideas to make their blogs successful.

Once you understand this and follow the plan while creating your content, this would be what defines your content strategy.

#3. A Focused Monetization Plan

The monetization part comes at third place.

I placed it at the last because you should be thinking about it later on after you have done other things that help move your blog further.

Another reason is that your first two strategies will be included in this one.

Once you define your audience, then create a content plan for them, then comes the monetization part.

See, keywords are essential for boosting your blogging.

But never blog to target keywords. Use keywords in your blogging.

In order to boost your blogging with long tail keywords, an important step would be keeping your monetization factor in mind. Following are the essentials of blog monetization while using the long tail keywords:

  • Choosing the right audience: If you're talking to the wrong audience, you're just wasting your time and energy which are extremely important in this game.
  • Opting the right products to promote: If you have chosen the wrong products to promote, meaning, either you didn't use it or they are really bad and that results in as a bad user-experience for the audience, it might hurt your credibility. So, always try to look into this.
  • Using the Products Before Promoting: It's highly recommended to just promote the products you have personally tested. It's good to have a first-hand experience of products that you're recommending others to use in order to make money.

Once you take care of this monetization factors of promoting the better products, you'll certainly boost your blogging.

The long tail keyword does have a connection with your monetization plan.

For instance, if you choose a keyword “fresh freelance writing jobs online”

Make sure you have a money making product/program to monetize your blog. The purpose of telling you is that your keyword selection has a direct linkage with your monetization.

As far as that keyword is concerned “fresh freelance writing jobs online”, you may want to promote a freelance writing jobs course or an e-book that teaches the buyers about getting freelance writing jobs.

What's your take?

The long tail keyword targeting isn't that difficult, but it's not something you start doing it and you will succeed.

It takes time.

The point is, you must know before start doing it.

The purpose of this article was to share something useful about long tail keywords and their use in your blogging.

Choose wisely. Use a recommended software like Long Tail Pro to make things easier. I have personally used this. It works great.

What else would you do to boost your blogging?

I'd love to know.

Kulwant Nagi

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