Top Influential Designing Tips that Make Your Work Easier

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As you all might have known that beautifully designed websites are built-in with continuous efforts and proven strategies, which are not surprisingly a new talk. But, what are the things that great designers know than the rest of us?

Here it is!

The key to great website design is simple if you understand the universal rules of making good design and following them, almost all the time!


Following are a few influencing tips that can rock your website out of the sizzle and make your work easier as ever:

# Learning the Fundamentals of Type Design:

Digital designers have said that a good web design is something that is like a bunch of text! Typography design is what all the budding designers have been encouraged with. And the greatest news is that the type designers have spent all the years in improvising the text designs and has brought up with some golden rules which all the websites can stick to:

For headings:

  • Keep them bold and free to scan.
  • Typefaces like “San Serif” will be best suitable for header tags and it is because they can be read easily with larger sizes.

Increase the Readability For Body Text:

  • Nowadays the trend is to go with larger font-size, and a minimal of 16px would be great.
  • Typefaces for texts can opt for Serif.
  • Keeping most of the lines with a length of 50-60 characters would be legible to read.
  • Keep an eye on the kerning (spaces between letters).

# Take a Solid Typeface, May be with some Fancy Touch:

This is very important while choosing font-face, as it is something that is impressive. Picking typefaces looks great with graphic and fancy fonts which gives a yummy feel.

In this case, Helvetica Neue or Proxima nova will work better! Especially in some typeface, Proxima Nova will rock. Also choosing Merriweather Sans or Mantserrat will be a good choice.


Choosing an exact typeface can be little tricky, as there is no easy-to-follow rules, however if your work systematically you have high possibilities of getting victory.

# Pick the most favourite color palette and stick to it

While choosing the color palette, the doubt is whether you pick it or stick it? The key is the consistency that comes by creating a unified color palette that suits your website. So, keep in mind that, being consistent is a key factor to rock your website.

Few prefer choosing palette colors that have a strong accent in a bold way while some loves to choose a white background with text that has not too dark toning accent colors.

For more help you can check out to the Adobe’s Kuler Tool for choosing accent colors and Colour Lovers is another tool for creating a collection of palettes.

# Ensure whether your Photos are in the Right Size

Don’t forget that the web world is always based on pixels. So, if your image is not big enough, then it will look pixilated. While getting images on iStock or Google, make sure to choose the proper size because it is the photo clarity that adds credibility to any website when the rest does not compromise the visitor.

Be sure not to use the images that are too small.

# If You have Doubts, just Give it a Space

The most important cunning design tip for the web designers is to give breathing room for the content. Always make sure to provide enough margins that are legible as well as focused. Don’t overwhelm the visitors with big walls of text.

It gives a daunting effect if you are using too much of text. Though text is necessary, make it simple by providing enough space and break it up with large sub headings and short paragraphs. You can also consider using icons or visually appealing images as an alternative to communicate your message to the audience.

I can also say if you have any golden rule for designing a web page, then it is to pick your own principles and stick to it. Never forget consistency is the key!

Hope you will like this post. Please do share your ideas in the comments box.

Amy Jasmine

Amy Jasmine is in deep passion in writing and sharing tips and tricks to get higher visibility in this web world. Apart from blogging, she teaches web designing course in Chennai to help graduates enrich their career.

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  1. Really useful post post for bloggers. The success of a blog depends on the popularity.

    I think that content and the design of a website/blog is most important factor of website or blog. Using a mild color theme, suitable fonts (at least 14px) with matching colors, visitors will spend more time on blog or website.

  2. Nice Tips Sir and Can you share with us How to Create Info graphics Online as it a Way to Build Backlinks. Thanks in advance.

  3. Thanks Amy for the information you shared in this article. I once ran a split test on one of my websites that involved increasing my font size and discovered that there was reduced bounce rate so what you said here makes perfect sense.

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