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# Product One


You get this valuable bonus premium plugin that allows you to run your own groupon type site. Make offers with a countdown that removes the buy button when the time runs out.


# Product 2


The WP Mail Ads plugin was previously sold for $27 and did fantastically well. You can now make it your own!

See the video for how to re-brand it as your very own product that you can give away or sell!


# Product 3


No doubt you’ve heard of Google + and Google +1, Google’s recent social networking initiative aimed squarely at dethroning Facebook. No one knows at this point whether they’ll succeed, only time will tell.

What’s is known is that Google +1 votes are now a factor in Google’s ranking algorithms, which means, for anyone wanting to get sites ranked highly, it is a very good idea to get familiar with Google +/+1.


# Product 4


Easily convert any word or phrase into an affiliate link

The WP Auto Link plugin was previously sold for $17 and did fantastically well.


# Product 5


With this handy plugin, you can update or add affiliate links across your entire site in seconds!

Search and replace links or any text in post, pages, titles or comments throughout your site. Use it to update stale affiliate links, or to turn any word or phrase you choose into an affiliate link!

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