How To Emulate Successful Blogs for ‘Guaranteed’ Success

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Not all blogs are the same.

Some differ in niche, some in design, some in different elements, and some in content.

The best way for a blogger to learn is to observe what successful blogs have. From what they learn, they can apply these things in their blogs and they may also innovate to make their blogs even better than the once that they used as their references.

To be a successful blogger, you have to develop an interest in reading blogs – at least the most successful ones.

While some bloggers stick to a specific niche even when it comes to the blogs that they read, it is best to expand your horizons. It will teach you things that you will not learn in reading only the blogs in your niche.

Here are other tips on how bloggers can learn from other successful blogs:

  1. Plan ahead. Do not wait for inspiration. Plan your blog’s content. A good example is to setting up a content plan such as a series. Even though a blog has a specific niche, it can cover a lot of related topics. Post specific contents based on the broad general niche. Random posts are big no-no’s/
  2. Look ahead. Think long-term. Set a specific goal and a time-frame. This will help you assess your progress in the future.
  3. First Impression. First impression lasts or so the cliché goes. However, it is indeed important to tell people exactly who you are, what you do, and even why you do it. It means having the best possible “about us” page. It is one of the best ways on how to get traffic to your webpage. It can make or break a blog. A great “about us” page or section has different elements:
    • Stories. Be a great storyteller. Tell the readers how your blog came about, what is its purpose, and any other thing that is informative and fun to read.
    • Photos. A lot of people get bored with just reading. Therefore, it is important to let them see things that will hold their interests such as photographs. You can get free images which are under creative common category.
    • Testimonies. Testimonials are great attention grabbers. This will add a personal touch on your blog and will increase your chance of getting loyal readers who can totally relate to other readers who posted these testimonies.
    • Archives. In some instances, the readers may not be able to relate to your current blog posts. The best solution is to show them your old posts so they will know what the blog is all about. Check Blogging Cage archive page here.
    • Subscribers. Never forget to invite your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. Offer them free goodies or any course to get the in the list. Keep in mind that money is in the list.
  4. Make a list and check it twice. You should remember that the readers need to know exactly what they are getting into. Although the quantity matters, nothing beats quality. The quantity may attract readers but it is the quality that turns them into loyal readers or loyal subscribers.
  5. Own your space. You need to have your own domain. You may be apprehensive in taking this step but with enough determination, sufficient knowledge, and positive attitude, you will learn that it is definitely worth it.
  6. Press hard. Use WordPress features through a WordPress backend such as different plug-ins, themes, and customization features, as you have full control over everything on your blog. In addition, it is very easy to use.
  7. Be seen. Be seen in the right places. There are a lot of different social networking sites nowadays but you have to focus your time and energy on the ones that give you the highest conversion rates.
  8. Reach out. Invest on advertising but invest wisely. Make sure to test your advertisements and tracking your progress regularly.
  9. Go pro. Go pro when it comes to photographs. It will help your blog earn a professional reputation which is important in gaining credibility and earning the trust and respect of your readers.
  10. Brand. Hire a pro for branding and your logo. They are the experts in the field and the right branding and logo can help your blog go a long way.
  11. Voice it out. Have a unique voice. Know what tone you want to have in each of your post and stick to it. Keep your target readers in mind too.
  12. Be different. While everybody sticks to the tried and tested methods of blogging, you have to do something that will make you stand out from the rest. This involves the photographs that you use, your content, your brand, and your voice.
  13. Go mobile. You have to recognize the inevitable growth of mobile device users and mobile device internet surfers. Make sure that your blog looks great even to your mobile readers.
  14. Observe. Consider what Google is saying, hire to have the best possible writings, and observe what the other top blogs are doing.
  15. Have a clean side. It is best to have a neat and organized sidebar. Cluttered sidebars can distract your readers and take their attention somewhere else.
  16. Learn SEO. You have to understand the basics of SEO or search engine optimization. Nowadays, it is the technique that decides whether a blog will be successful or not. Google is the entity to please when it comes to SEO. Therefore, you have to understand what Google wants. A great relationship with Google means a lot when it comes to your blog’s visibility and success.
  17. Think green. Evergreen content is the best way to blogging success. It keeps your readers interested knowing that they will learn something new and important when they visit your blog. No one would be interested to visit your blog to see a post you wrote months or even years ago. This is one of the greatest challenges that bloggers face and one of the reasons why they usually hire content writers.

Think about what you want to have in your blog, what the successful blogs have, and how you can have both.

Keyur Lalani

Keyur gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density to recovering from Panda and Penguin updates. He blogs frequently on RankJane. He’s also a technical SEO fanatic and a WordPress enthusiast. Connect with Keyur on Google+ and Twitter to learn more!

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