My Story of Becoming a Successful Blogger

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We all want success.

Sometimes it comes at the earliest stage where sometimes it takes too many years.

But at the end we are going to succeed.

The definition of success might vary person to person but at the end it is somewhere connected with money.

When I started my blogging career back in 2011, then things were very clear in my mind, and my goals were entirely clear.

Rather than wasting my precious time by sitting in front of an idiot box, I started doing more extensive research to find more working techniques that could help me to generate online revenue.

3-4 days back when I was walking on the road, and my friend asked me, “How did you get such quick success in blogging?”

At that time, I didn't have any convincing answer but this question forced me to go back and see what I did to reach here.

So let’s go back and see. 🙂

1. I was mad for blogging

See people around you.

Are they mad?

Yes!! they are.

When I started blogging, I was jobless. So I didn't have any option to look for the job as the field that I wanted to join was too much competitive, and in India we have very limited jobs in that field.

I wanted to make my career in Chip verification or designing.

So one thing was entirely clear to me – my vision about my blog.

I had seen people getting huge success in blogging, and they all were creating fortunes for themselves.

So one question forced me to move ahead – If they can do, why cannot I?

This simple question kept on pushing me forward, and I learnt new things. First 7 months were very hard for me but still I was confident about getting success in blogging.

2. I tried various things

We all do.

But the point is; whether you quit after failure or try again to learn more?

I tried again.

You can understand the psychology of a newbie blogger who just started his blogging career and don’t know much about blogging, SEO, writing, promotion and other important factors to make a blog popular.

But still I was trying.

I tried Fiverr, Flipping, Paid guest posting, giving online services and few other methods to make my living.

3. I shared what I knew

In blogging, I have seen that people are teaching the things which actually they don’t know.

Few examples:

1. How to get 10,000 visitors on your blog? – While they are still struggling to get 100 visitors on their own blog.

2. How to get high PageRank for your blog? – While they have PR 0 for their own blog.

3. How to boost Alexa? – Their own Alexa is in millions.

4. How to get more Facebook fans? – While they have just a few hundreds fans on their pages.

And you can see tons of other examples on various blogs.

I knew that something was wrong, and this was the biggest reason they were not getting loyal readers.

After reading some of the big blogs, I asked one questions from myself.

The question was – Why do I read them?

After digging deep, I found I read them because of the attachment. They are giving a personal touch in their articles, and I am feeling involved while reading them.

I am feeling their presence while reading their articles.

So the answer was clear.

Share what you know.

4. Do something different

Apple says, “Think different.

See what people are doing around you.

Find what is inspiring people.

See what they want?

Apple didn't do something new… MP3 player was already there in the market, but they gave it a new shape and named it iPod.

So things are present around you, you just need to see them differently.

With this vision, I started interview series on my blog, where I was interviewing people every Saturday.

People were already interviewing other bloggers/entrepreneurs but what I did was something different.

I selected one day and kept on publishing the interviews on that day only.

This gave me an identity in the market and more people started visiting my blog on every Saturday and sharing the inspirational interview with their friends.

5. I used Google hangouts

I think this was the biggest exposure driving channel for me.

On a regular basis, I started doing Google hangouts where we were discussing some fundamental problems in blogging and few SEO techniques.

Once I started doing this, the audience started increasing every Saturday, Sunday (we were doing it on weekends only).

Soon we had to shift it on live streaming option because in Google hangouts only 10 people can attend at a time.

Final words

At the end, I would just like to say that success or failure in your life all depends on you.

If you really want to achieve something, then you will have to decide today.

Once you find that aim in your life, things will start working in that direction automatically.

And soon the day will come when you will become UNSTOPPABLE.

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Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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24 thoughts on “My Story of Becoming a Successful Blogger”

  1. Hi Kulwant, Very nice article. Success is main assets of every blogger. Sometimes they get easier or sometimes it takes more time ever more year as you mentioned above. Every blogger think to get success in their blogging career. It’s not so easy to get right now. But it needs more dedication, Hard work, patience. Thanks for sharing your journey with the help of this article.

  2. Hello Kulwant,

    How are you paaji, I hope you are fine. I have really enjoyed reading the article. The whole experience, you have shared here is truly inspiring.

    Keep it up with your cool writing stuff.
    See you soon,

    Amrik Virdi

  3. Hello Kulwant – Great and inspiring Journey. As you have correctly said Success comes with proper hard work and dedication whether it is in blogging or in any field…Thanks for sharing your tips to become a successful Blogger.

  4. Hi Kulwant,

    Congrats for the journey and success so far. I am sure this is not the ending point of pushing on and giving the best in blogging. It gives power to see that you have already become a blogger and we are also coming there. While I was reading this post I stopped on that point where you said that you wrote what you knew. I think this is where all of us need to stop and think whether we know what we write about and if we are interested in it.
    Happy blogging and keep on, Laura.

    • Yes Laura, this journey will continue and I will keep learning and helping people with my experience.

      This is the greatest feeling in the world when people see you in the meetings and say proudly, “I am reader of your blog, and I am moving ahead in my life.”

      Sharing what you know is one of the best things which you can do to grow your blog.

      Have a great day, Laura. 🙂

  5. Blogging is really fascinating, no one know what’s ahead. But, one is the creator of own’s future. It’s really great in following you up in my blogging as an inspiration. Blogging Cage is among those few blogs which I read probably regularly and yet try to implement those strategies and techniques that I learned. Well, it’s really inspiring to know how one’s inspiration got inspired.

    Thanks a lot for the great write-up, have a wonderful weekend 🙂
    – Bishal Biswas

  6. Hey Kulwant!

    Interesting and I think this is well said. I mean…hey you should sell what you know instead of “ahem”.

    Haha… great tinkle and appreciate the write!

  7. Hi Kulwant,

    Every blogger have this one and only dream to become a successful blogger.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article.Carry on the good job to guide peoples with your awesome guides.



  8. Hi Kulwant,

    You are SO right in all that you wrote 🙂

    One tends to read and see so much online where people talk of things they don’t or haven’t yet done or achieved. But what most relates to people is your own personal experience – they look to read what all you have gone through and learn from you and lessons of your life.

    I know you’ve achieved such a great deal and it’s wonderful to see you greater heights, which happens only with hard work and dedication, and being committed and persistence, all of which you are so good at. Wishing you all the best – always.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Harleena mam.

      I think the main reason newbie bloggers write such things is; the lack of guidance. If we can guide them and show right path then Indian blogging will start growing… and the bloggers like us can do this in better way..

      This was the biggest intention in my mind when I started doing Google hangouts because I wanted to help people to make living online.

      Yes, with hard-work and dedication human can achieve anything.

      Have a nice weekend you too. 🙂

  9. I know you since you started this blog buddy, you struggled a lot and finally reached what you want. That’s because of your dedication and your interest in blogging.. I know you recently joined in Clicks Bazaar, I hope you’ll get good name there too.

  10. Hi Kulwant,

    I had to try many different things before I found what works for me and what doesn’t, I found that there are a lot of things out there that do not work for me and it cost me quite a bit of money to find that out!

    I am a big fan of sharing what you have picked up and that is EXACTLY what I do on my two main blogs, one of them is about making money online and I will try all the money-making methods I can find and then report on my blog what works and what doesn’t, my readers appreciate that as I’m taking some of the fear of being conned from them.

    • Dean, this happens when we are working for our own. Because in job there are pre-defined things which you have to do for the whole day, but here you are the sole person to take the decisions and make them happen.

      Sharing what you know if the KEY to succeed online. So you are doing awesome with your readers.

  11. Hi Kulwant,

    I will support this post by saying think and grow big. There is no limit to what human can achieve as long as s/he can think, reason and have a re-brand idea that is quite different from others. Learning is a continuous activities that doesn’t have have a specific end except a specific end product which is a step ahead of other and to stand the chance of being oneself when there seems to be no way forward. I love being passionate about what I do but at times when destiny is at work, life threat us differently

  12. Hi Kulwant sir!
    I loved this post as you are a great blogger. it is human psychology to read other successful peoples views and techniques to learn something from them. thanx for sharing your views!

    • Thanks for the words, Swaraj. We all have potential to become GREAT, so go and achieve it with your hard work.

  13. I am also newbie , Mad about blogging . Reading your story inspired me a lot . Hope so I will also become like you

  14. Just involved in blogging few days ago and landed on your blog few minutes ago.. :p Your articles are really interesting and inspiring! I would love to dig into bloggingcage to learn more about SEO and blogging stuff.. 😀

  15. It’s a article that can inspire the beginner in blogging like me. Thanks for your blog that help me a lot to improve my knowledge.

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