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StudioPress Genesis

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  • Start Date: 29th November 2021
  • End Date: 2nd December 2021

Having a website is a must for businesses and professionals. And, almost everybody’s got great ideas about what they want on their website. However, you face the real issue when you need to build one yourself. Not anymore!

StudioPress has thousands of pre-built themes that can create mind boggling websites merely with the flick of hands! But wait, that’s not even the best part! The best part is the StudioPress Black Friday 2021 Sale!

studiopress black friday

Yes! You read that right! This year, they’re giving away 20% and 40% discounts to the new and old customers, respectively.

So, we get it if you’re feeling ecstatic already. However, we must insist that you check on this review before making a purchase. After all, we’d never want our beloved readers to waste their money on something that isn’t worth their time or investment!

20-40% Discount on this Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes this Black Friday.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal Review

studiopress black friday sale

StudioPress is a custom SaaS. They blend their knowledge around SEO, performance, design, security, support, and WordPress to help you develop the most beautiful yet highly functional websites!

They’re trusted by over 210,000 clients and are currently powering over 500,000 WordPress sites through their Genesis Framework. They have even managed to create a community of Genesis developers that has over 10,000 active members!

Anyway, these are the most attractive aspects of their service: –

StudioPress Black Friday Deal Features

Here is what you can bag if you grab this deal!

#1 Premium Themes Offered By StudioPress

studiopress themes black friday

StudioPress comes in handy if you’re new to WordPress developing and want to build websites with minimum efforts. It allows you to choose from a pool of 40+ pre-built themes that cater to almost all occasions.

This means that building a business website with StudioPress is just as easy as making a casual blog site.

Moreover, all of their themes are created, keeping utility and performance in mind. This means that the themes are well accustomed to all sorts of on-page SEO integrations.

#2 StudioPress Offers Genesis Framework To Handle All The Heavy Lifting

studiopress black friday discount

StudioPress’ Genesis Framework lays the very basis for the WordPress themes they provide. It is an open-source Framework trusted by thousands of developers worldwide. And there are many reasons for this.

Websites are often built to showcase specific products, services, ideas, and communities. This means that each website competes to rank within its respective industry. And that’s precisely where SEO practices come into play.

Developers these days tend to integrate multiple additional elements within their websites to analyze and optimize the site’s performance. The idea behind doing so is to enable the website to become search engine optimized. Genesis is compatible with most on-page SEO elements, including code.

To top that off, Genesis helps you to create responsive websites with Turnkey Designs. In short, you get cross-browser compatibility, HTML5 integration, and the option to change the overall layout of your website using Child Themes. You get all of this without hampering the functionality or SEO score of your website.

What is StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021?

studiopress pricing

StudioPress currently offers three prime plans and a custom plan for high-end users. Here are the details about their plans: –

#1 STARTUP: This is the basic plan for beginners. This one is billed at $300 annually. In other words, you pay $25 per month for this plan.

It allows your website to fetch 25,000 visits in a month and 10GB overall storage. You also get a monthly bandwidth of 50GB. This is more than enough for hosting 2-3 basic websites. However, this plan allows you to use these perks only for one website. This is still good considering the perks you get at the price.

You also get to save $60 by paying the entire amount upfront. That’s how you only pay $300 instead of $360.

#2 GROWTH: This plan is available for a price of $1380. You’ll be paying $108.33 per month at this rate. However, there is a way to decrease the overall payment. All you need to do is spend an upfront annual fee worth $1150. This way, you only pay $95 a month.

Anyway, this plan lets you up to ten websites at a time. You’re even allowed to fetch traffic worth 100,000 monthly visitors. Moreover, this plan comes with storage worth 20GB and a monthly bandwidth limit worth 200GB. This should be enough to keep all ten websites running without any fuzz.

#3 SCALE: This is the premium plan offered by StudioPress. It comes at an annual price of $3480. However, much like the previous plans, there’s a hack to help you save big on this plan. In this case, you’re required to pay an annual upfront fee of $2900. Doing this lessens your monthly payments by $241 / month. Thus, you get to save $580 on the overall deal.

This plan comes with hosting capability for 30 websites at a time. It even allows you to fetch monthly traffic worth 400,000 visitors along with 500GB worth of monthly bandwidth. And you also get a hosting space worth 50GB in total.

#4 CUSTOM: This plan does not come with a predetermined price tag. It does not come with many predetermined services either! You can choose the number of monthly visitors you want in this plan. That being said, the number must be greater than 1 million. This plan also lets you choose your overall storage space from 100 GB to 1 TB. Plus, you get a bandwidth of more than 400 GB per month.

You can get further details on all plans here.

How Can You Benefit From The StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021?

2021 StudioPress Black Friday Sale will begin on the 29th of November 2021 and will last till 2nd December 2021.

Anyway, the company has planned to give away huge discounts this year. They’ve declared to cut their prices by 20% for all new customers. This is a great deal in itself. However, you benefit even more if you’re a retaining customer or at least an old customer. In this scenario, you get to save up to 45% on their selling price.

PlanRegular PriceStudioPress Black Friday Deal

How To Activate StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021?

You can easily activate the Black Friday 2021 Sale for StudioPress. All we need you to do is follow the instructions we’ve mentioned below: –

#1 The very first step for you to take is to visit their page for details.

#2 Visiting their page will lead you to the plans they have for their up and coming plans. Anyway, we find the StudioPress Pro Plus package to be the most valuable. It also offers the best discount. Availing this package will get you access to all of their up and coming themes. However, it does require you to pay one-time fee upfront!

#3 You can confirm your choice by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Doing this will lead you to their payment page.

#4 Here, you must fill up all the relevant information related to your designation and preferred payment method.

StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 FAQs

Is StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 Worth it?

There are many reasons to consider StudioPress Black Friday 2021 sale. One of them is the discounts you get during this time. It is beyond doubt that StudioPress makes one of the best WordPress themes in the world. Moreover, the Genesis Framework they offer is the icing on the cake. So, you cannot miss out on the offers that come during this time!

StudioPress Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

We are really excited for StudioPress Black Friday 2021 sale to happen. They are offering huge discounts on their premium plans. And this is the best time to grab hold of their famous Genesis Framework as well. So, our excitement is obviously off the charts!

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  1. Genesis Framework is no doubt the best framework. I’m customizing a theme for my blog from a week and it seems i need to finalize the customization very soon. Thanks for informing us about the discounts.


  2. Hello Kulwant,

    I love genesis themes and i’m using the child theme for one of my tech blog and i’m really happy with it. The best part is it’s easy to use and customize and secondly they’ll provide free updates for lifetime.

    I’ll surely look forward to purchase their whole package,


  3. Wow!!!

    Kulwant Sir, You always do work in no time whether it is for benifiting us
    or for sharing knowledge, You always share your knowledge and all the offers
    that can benefit bloggers.

    Thanks for the offer.


    Sameer Sumdarshi

  4. I am not aware of this genesis framework before reading this article…
    thanks for sharing such useful information.
    Sir can you please tell me about child themes???….

  5. HI Kulwant,

    I currently use Woo themes but have seen so many blogs on the Genesis theme. These are some great discounts on the themes.

    I do have a question on the Pro Plus Package, is that a one-time payment forever? Or is there a fee every month? Also when are the sales over?

    Also do you get updates to the new themes whenever updates are released.

    Definitely looks like a great deal and I’ve been thinking about changing the theme on my site. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

    1. Yeah Susan, Genesis is awesome.

      In Pro-Pack you will have to pay just one time fee and you will get all future updates and new themes at free of cost.
      Yes, when they will launch any new theme then you can download it free of cost.

      This offer is till today only, means you have to take action ASAP. 🙂

  6. If I buy the Black Friday special, am I limited to using all of the themes on only ONE web-site? Or, if I have multiple web-sites, do I have to buy the package separately for each website?

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