7 Crucial Steps for Successful Blogging

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Trends and algorithms are changing very rapidly in online battlefield. Blogging has taken a new avatar and everyone is learning new technique for long run survival. Where some webmasters are supporting great content while on other side some are supporting great SEO efforts. Home based business has just turned into a big topic of discussion and many people are trying their luck in this field.

While still we all are missing few basic steps which can make us successful blogger.

Many people still think that starting a blog and making it popular is too much easy. And this is the biggest reason behind such a large number of blogs starting daily.

So what are the crucial steps for successful blogging?

Here we are going to talk about few steps about which you might be aware but still not taking proper action. Think about each step very carefully and then relate it with your blog. Being a novice blogger or a professional blogger keep these things in mind before starting your next blog.

1. Select appropriate domain name

Selecting a domain name is very first and most crucial step for any blog's success and identity. One of my friend has covered this topic on his blog and named it $10 CEO where he talked about the potential of bloggers.

Find a domain which represent your blog's niche, so that it will become very easy for you to raise the voice of your blog with its name only. If you have any proper keyword in your mind and unable to find domain related to it then you can try expired domains. This is the best option to find high authority domain in just few dollars.

Here are few qualities of a domain which you must look.

  1. It should contain your main keyword in it. e.g if you want to start a blog on eyes problem then having keyword eyes in the domain would be a better idea. Note: There are some exceptions too where blogs are very successful without having any keywords in it.
  2. It should not contain alphanumeric characters in it, because when you will tell your domain to any third person orally then you will have to stress every time on numbers. e.g suppose I have domain name well2go.com, in this case every time I will have to tell that it's number 2, not to.
  3. Avoid country specific domains (e.g .in, .au, .it, .io etc.) because Google have algorithms to give priorities to those domains in those specific countries only.

If you want to read in more detail then you can check my article – 5 Things you Must know before Selection of Domain

2. Choose your CMS wisely

Choosing CMS depends on the amount of freedom which you want to run that blog. At present scenario most of the bloggers are using WordPress because of its ease of handling. There are many platforms out there like blogger, xanga, tumblr, typepad, yola etc. So it all depend on your needs and your interest.

I recommend WordPress personally.

WordPress is such a powerful CMS as it gives you freedom to extend its features using plugins. At present WordPress repository is having 26,787 plugins, so you can select them according to your requirements. With awesome themes you can make it look professional and beautify it very easily.

Select theme of your blog very carefully and try to make it unique as well as neat. Theme selection itself is a tedious task so do it very carefully.

3. Knowledge about your niche

Many newbie bloggers are making one common mistake – selecting their blog's niche by seeing their friends.

They don't know about their interest and their passion. They simply start a blog because they just want a blog.

Knowledge in blogging plays most important or I can say crucial role, because you cannot write on topic which you don't know. I agree that you can write 2-3 or 10 articles on such topics which you don't know, but what about going for long run?

Yes !! You cannot write.

So before starting a blog collect appropriate knowledge about your blog's topic and try to make deep study.

ZenHabits is such a great example of knowledge when Leo (author) is writing about his personal experience, and this is one of the best single-author blog in the world.

4. Your engagement

This point might seems weird but I have seen many blogger having envy with each other.

We just want to become king/queen in such a short time where we want to see only our blog shining everywhere.

This is not a strategy my friend.

If you want to grow yourself then start appreciating others work and start linking them in your articles. This will not only increase the reputation of your blog but also your links with other blogger will be strengthened.

We are here to make this world better by writing for them, and we cannot do it alone.

Start making new online friends and try to join hangouts where people are already chatting with each other. For this you can try various internet marketing forums and communities like Reddit, Quora and Inbound.

Interaction in comments

Start interacting with people who are coming on your blog and appreciating your efforts. Visit their blog and appreciate their efforts.

This will create a strong bonding with that person and you can exchange your ideas with each others.

If you are good in exchanging ideas then you will get success very fast. ~ Kulwant Nagi

Here is one example where my online friends Harleena is interacting with her readers in such a graceful manner that it is truly appreciable.

5. Concentrate on quality

People visit your blog because they want something.

They are looking solution of a problem about which you have written on your blog.

If you are not fulfilling their desire then they are not going to come back at your blog again.

Concentrating on writing what you know, because this will make strong connection with your readers and you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly. Here are few ideas which you can use to write interesting content.

  1. Try to write your self-experience article. People love to read such articles a lot.
  2. Write list articles on your blog, because they gives clear idea about the number of points which a reader is going to read in that article. (e.g. 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made In My Blogging Career).
  3. Take interviews of other bloggers. People love to read real life stories of great bloggers. This will strengthen your relation with interviewees as well as he/she will share it with his/her followers, so you will get more exposure.
  4. Add good images in article and use proper points and bullets.

This step will give you many loyal readers and they would love to visit your blog on regular basis.

6. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an awesome way to kill many birds with just single shot.

You cannot get online success if you are not doing guest blogging.

Guest blogging backbone for any blog's success. All big internet marketers have used this and still using it to get many benefits.

Here are few benefits.

  1. We get backlinks (Yeah, I know you are happy to hear this ;))
  2. We get more online exposure by interacting with more people.
  3. We get new subscribers.
  4. We get more sales and more identity of our brand.

and there might be many other benefits too.

Make a schedule to write atleast 2-3 posts in a month (minimum) and stick with it.

7. Promotion

Promotion is having highest priority. If you can understand the perfect ways to promote your blog then you can take your blog at a very big level in very short time.

For any articles success – You must devote 20% of your efforts on writing while 80% on promotion.

So promotion is everything.

With proper promotion plan you can get in touch with more people and you can attract wider audience. Here are few methods of promotion.

  1. Guest blogging (As I said already).
  2. Quality comments on famous blogs.
  3. Forum posting.
  4. Social media promotion.
  5. Link bait.
  6. Relationship with other bloggers.
  7. Giveaways on your blog.
  8. Interviews of great bloggers.

If you will learn the tactics to dram more people on your blog then things will become more easy for you.

Final Words.

So these were few tips which you must consider if you want to raise your voice in blogosphere. Hope you will adopt these successful blogging tips for your current blog or your upcoming blog and going to get great success with these plans.

Over to you.

If you think that there must be few more points which we should consider then don't hesitate to suggest.

I would love to hear your awesome thoughts.

Do share this article with your friends so that they can learn something in better way. 🙂


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41 thoughts on “7 Crucial Steps for Successful Blogging”

  1. Good and a wonderful post, quality content quest blogging and promotion to me seem to be the most important factor in building a successful blog. Every famous blog you see today came to limelight through one form of promotion or the other. Even big names like Google,Facebook etc still depended on a form of promotion before they got their current status, so your blog should not be an exemption…. Submit a guest post today.

  2. This article shows the Writer has got Experience 😀

    Perfect points that I will too suggest to start a successful blog. The main thing here is the social engagement with fellows and create an online presence.

    By the way this new design of the blog is cool than before. You must start giving tutorials on creating genesis Themes 😉

    • ha ha Ravi, finally I also got little experience. 😉

      Creating social engagement is one of the thing which I think we Indian bloggers are missing a lot. This is such a thing which can help you to grow very easily and in short time, but still we are not understanding its importance.

      Thanks about your compliments for new design. I can create themes for myself only, because it has some flaws, where client will ask full perfection which I cannot give.

  3. Hello Kulwant,

    These 7 steps to get successful in blogging are exceptional. If we follow these steps, surely one day success will be with us. Like every color is important in rainbow, every step is vital to get successful here.

    Beginners can learn so much from here and those who are in the game, can know their mistakes from here where they are missing to have a successful carrier. There are lots of things in blogging that we need to do and maximum people fail to do so.

    Petitions and dedication are the most important things here. Everything you have mentioned in your article, I can only say that I have learn something from you… 🙂

  4. Very essential post for the bloggers 🙂

    Hope it is a complete blogging post which starts from selecting the domain name and ended with promotion.

    Am not doing exactly all, but I consider this as a check list to know my missing blogging activities.

    Thanks for sharing this exceptional post for us Nagi 🙂

    • My pleasure that you loved this post.

      We all are not following this exact approach. I tried all these things 3-4 months back and they helped me to get many subscribers in such a short time. Now I am back in action and going to implement them all.

      Hope you will also apply them and see great results in future.

  5. Hi Kulwant,

    Wonderful post indeed, and I did notice a change in your writing style, which makes it all the more interesting 🙂

    Thank you SO much for the link to my post, though I just shared the little I know so far, only with an aim to help those who might need such information.

    I loved your steps in this post, and I agree with ALL of them. Honestly speaking, when I started blogging, I hardly knew any of these, or perhaps I was only a writer and not a blogger earlier, so one is totally unaware of how things work in the Blogosphere. But by visiting informative blogs like yours and many others, I slowly learned the ways, though I know there’s a lot more that needs to be done.

    The domain name was a matter of debate for me and I just chose what I felt was best that time and now of course it is what it is and I’m glad people have started recognizing it too. CMS…ah…I hardly had any idea about that, thus started my blogs on the free Blogger platform, though switched over to WordPress pretty soon.

    Your content is what matters most I’d say, and I agree about the engagement part too. Makes me wonder why the envy or the hesitancy to visit each others blogs to comment, or is it just because the niches are different? But does that really matter nowadays?

    I think blogging is much more than that, isn’t it? To reach out and connect with as many people as possible, read and share their posts, is nothing but sheer joy for me – because each person has something to share, which is a learning in itself. And I remain so grateful to ALL those who visit my blog too, and mind you, they are again from ALL different niches – so concentrating ONLY on your niche blogs or commenting there, isn’t what I think really works. It’s the relationships you build with each other that’s much more valuable 🙂

    Yes indeed, we cannot forget the power of guest blogging, something that I need to get started with – hopefully soon, and promotion – because it DOES matter a great deal.

    Thanks once again for this wonderful post. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Harleena, this time I tried to write with little bit different style and happy to see great response on this article.

      I checked comments on your blog and I was completely amazed. How are you getting so much ideas to write even in comments?

      Harleena, every blogger has almost same story. We didn’t know anything when we started but with time we learnt the things and now contributing in the blogging community very diligently. We all are on the same platform now, but one thing which differentiate us is – our commitment and dedication.

      And commitment in your work can be clearly seen. 🙂

      Domain name is such a step which I do very very carefully now. The very first blog I started was KulwantNagi.com and suddenly shifted all content to this blog. Right now I have some great domains which I am going to sell in very big price. 😉

      Very soon I am going to start guest blogging.

      Thanks for this great conversation..

  6. Helpful tips! As far as promotion is concerned, I am not very aggressive with that part. Guest blogging is something that I haven’t done so far.

    • Renuka, if you want to grow your blog rapidly then start guest blogging. Highly recommended.

  7. you said that Guest Blogging is one of necessary thing for successful blogging but I didn’t write a single guest post yet.
    I prefer Blog commenting for creating backlinks.
    I also like social media promotion like on facebook groups, G Plus, Twitter etc.
    Great and unique article bro

    • Rajesh, Even I myself also do very less guest blogging, so I am going to start one campaign very soon.

      This will bring many benefits for me.

  8. Awesome Article Kulwant…
    You have analysed the things nicely….
    Examples are appropriate and very good specially well2go.com..
    Thank You

    • My pleasure Geetanjali. I took this example because most of the newbies make this mistake. Hope this would help them.

  9. Really important steps you have provided here Kulwant. Successful blogging start from choosing name, decide the niche and know how to promote it.Thanks for this post

  10. A very nice and informative article. In my opinion, the content quality and the promotion of your blog are the two most important factors for the success of any blog.

  11. Hi Kulwant Nagi,

    You have done a great job. Choose the domain is the crucial one for the blogging. WordPress is a perfect suitable CMS now a days as everyone said. can you tell me any other CMS which is equivalent to Word Press

  12. I am totally agree with your point new persons are following the way of their friends do. Everyone has his own talents, we must play with what’s on our head not with the stuffs on others head

  13. hii Kulwant,
    once again your article prove to be most beneficial for me. exactly interaction with other bloggers and guest blogging definitely increases site traffic and make you a most successful blogger. All points should be keep in mind to increase traffic and to be a successful blogger now a days.
    Thanks for sharing among us.

  14. Hello Kulwant sir,
    Thanks a lot for these useful tips. These are really valuable tips for new bloggers like me.
    “You must devote 20% of your efforts on writing while 80% on promotion” this point is 100% true. Without promotion your article will not get real value.

  15. Great post Sir, Every point you have written is perfect but I liked promotion part most. Can you tell me what is link bait, 5th point in Promotion.

    • Happy to hear Sumit. Link bait is such a technique where you attract other bloggers to share your links on their blog and give backlinks in return. Infographics, great content, giveaways are some of the example of link bait.

      Hope you have understood.

  16. Hey Kulwant, I am attracted towards this article after reading this valuable and detailed information. you have very impressively described here about – Steps for Successful Blogging. I personally feel above mentioned points are really very important for all the blogger, who is dreaming to be a Successful Blogger. thanks again bro…!!

  17. Nice Post Sir Basically Promotion is the most important fact in blogging because it helps bloggers to get some good and valuable amount of traffic to their blog.

    I think This is my first comment on your blog actually i use to visit your blog every day but its my mistake or you can say foolishness that i have never commented on your article. Anyways keep it up and hoping more good articles in the future.

    • Thanks Deep. 🙂

      I appreciate your courage to spare time to comment on this article.. ha ha..

      Jokes are a part. Happy to hear that this article forced you to comment and interact with me. Keep visiting Blogging Cage to learn more stuff.

  18. Hello Kulwant Sir
    Thanks for this awesome article
    and i am agree with your points 🙂
    Thanks a lot for this awesome steps

  19. Great post and I am very agree with the point of guest posting. Sir, can you please share some of your guest posts links. It will be inspirational for us and we can learn something good from you.

    • Thanks Sahil. Here you can access all my guest posts – https://www.bloggingcage.com/my-guest-posts/

  20. Hi, The article is an eye opener for me especially when with regards to the necessity of promotion. I never knew before that in the pursuit of making a blog successful, we need to put 80% of our efforts towards promoting it. Thanks again as the post will help me in a great way.

  21. Very nice and informative Article.
    I agree on all the things.
    especially the keyword in the domain thing.

    I have a recipe blog which was running on a domain name which is my own name. Surkhab.net.
    But my husband advised me to move it to another name which is good and easy.
    I don’t know the technical part of blogging at all but I saw increase in the visitors on my blog.
    it now feels happy to know some so many people are reading my blog and I am also getting offers to write in Magazines etc.

  22. The one thing I have learnt in the last 6 months of blogging is write for the reader and not for SEO. SEO is mainly off page. So include your keywords etc but not dont go over the top!!

  23. Thanks for the informational article , these basic steps are very essential and I personally came to know many new things through your article. 🙂

  24. Basic steps are the building blocks for anything. However everyone is going through new methods to get over these updates by google but these basic steps are worth more . One should not ignore these. Thanks for sharing such information.

  25. Writing good quality content and blog promotion is key to success in blogging..
    These are really valuable tips for new bloggers
    Thanks for sharing…

  26. Many writers think that marketing is beneath them. Successful authors
    and bloggers understand that increased awareness and traffic means more
    money and the freedom to create without the fear of unpaid bills and
    eviction.If you just have a bit of an idea don’t agonize over the design or the logo just begin “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now.” – William Murray, Scottish mountaineer and adventure.

  27. Great article Kulwant, thanks for sharing. It’s a nice round up of ways to improve blogging.

    I had to Reweeted to show the love 🙂

      • I enjoyed this so much I gave a little shout out on my latest article “How To Relaunch A Blog: First Week Of Social Marketing”. Nice work Kulwant.

        – Stuart

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