10 Things You Must Do After Starting a New Blog

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I love this.

If you're starting a blog or already started it, and want to know a few things to do right after the launch.

Let me tell you one thing before all of the technical stuff.

Be the craziest as geniuses are everywhere.

Don't worry, I've got a bunch of suggestions that I learned the hard way, but you will be fine. You know, back in the days when I and some of like me STARTED BLOGGING, we haven't had a chance to learn from successful people.

Let's be honest, we had no idea what to do at the beginning.

That's why I always said that we learned the hard way.

You're lucky…

Not because you're reading this, in fact, you're surrounded by well-aware people.

I mean look at your surroundings, your peers, colleagues, and influencers — you learn every day, and that's awesome.

This ARTICLE is very special for me.

Because I'm going to pour down my EXPERIENCE, LESSONS, and SUCCESS SECRETS for FREE.

Before everything gets started, I want everyone from my readership and subscribers to get into the same row. It means if you haven't launched your blog yet and looking to get started with Blogging and Money Making online, then let me guide you a bit.

You should read this guideline on how to start a blog. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and launching a blog.

I love that quote.

“Whether you sell B-to-B or B-to-C, humans buy based on emotion.” – Brian Lewis

You have to put your ENERGY in your work.

You have to show your ENTHUSIASM.

You got to share what you BELIEVE IN.

So, we're good.

Let's begin this.

1. Create a Publishing Schedule

It is something you won't consider it until you get in there and start working. One day, you'll feel that you have to have a schedule to get a little more settled with the readers engagement and communication with them.

No publishing schedule is total chaos.

No one knows when your next blog post comes out.

Over the course of time, one of the important things bloggers and content marketers do is informing their subscribers and readers about when do they expect a blog post or newsletter from you.

There are a few benefits of having a publishing schedule:

  • You get bound to work in time.
  • You know when and what to do next.
  • You feel a little more responsible after that.
  • People expect from you at that time/point.
  • It encourages people to give it try.

If you watch Ellie and Jared's YouTube channel, you will notice that they have written pretty clearly about their video upload schedule which is everyday — it gives a pretty solid message to the video watchers that they can watch something about them every single day.

If you look at Savvy Sexy Social videos on Google+, YouTube, or Facebook, you'll notice that Amy puts three videos out a week on the specific days.

2. Build an Email List

The next most important thing you have to start doing is building an email list. Every successful blogger preaches on email list building because if you're not building one, it means you're wasting the relevant leads.

There might be a number of different readers land on your land, but the most relevant and interested ones will sign up for your email list because they like your blog or they are interested in what you're doing, which is why they would love to hear from you in the future.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income told many times that he did a huge mistake in the beginning of his blogging journey which was not building an email list.

Why would you make that mistake?

Email marketing is one of the best lead generation strategies tested and proven by the online marketing and content marketing experts worldwide.

Use ConvertKit, Mailchimp, or any other email marketing service for list building and sending out newsletters to the subscribers.

3. Use Opt-in forms and popups

You probably notice that almost every blogger uses opt-in and popup forms to get the email subscribers and give the opportunity to the visitors to subscribe for receiving a weekly or monthly update.

Use these opt-in forms in the sidebars, under the post, or above the content, however, it can also be triggered from the left or right bottom of the page upon the scroll — whereas the popups would likely to appear in the central area of the page, depending the behavior settings.

Even though, some marketers oppose the strategy of popups. However, they are highly convertible in nature and works great for all types of niche blogs.

The services like OptinMonster, SumoMe, and Picreel are quite popular among the brands and bloggers who focus on email list building.

4. Turn your Blog into a Brand

The blog could be the starting point of your online business, but you have lot to cover. Make your blog helpful for your audience and try to create the influence using your blog's name on the social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

You probably have seen brands use YouTube Channels, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter to connect with their fans and followers and take their brands to the next level.

They don't just rely on their website or official blog.

You have to do it the same. You can't just write your blog and wait for hundreds of raving fans to come over and discuss their problems with you. Utilize all those platforms especially Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The steps to make your blog a brand could be the turning point of your whole blogging strategy — in fact, those social media networks could play a vital role in developing your following and email subscribers list.

5. Use Engagement Strategies

Every video doesn't go viral, and every article doesn't get ranked higher in the search engines. So, you have to keep on trying to engage your audience through different ways.

The engagement of audience doesn't mean that you have to bring new followers and readers to your list, it means HOW TO DELIVER and WHAT TO DELIVER to the existing ones.

The Facebook retargeting campaign is one of the engagement strategies that brands use these days. You can run a couple of advertising campaigns on the same platform.

You have to try out the different engagement strategies, even though, every brand has its own kind of audience to grab.


And SELECT what you want to GIVE THEM.

Giveaways is one of the top things bloggers prefer to build their email list as well as to increase their social media following. Rafflechopter is a popular giveaway tool to use.

You can start different contents on Facebook or Instagram using tools like Wishpond or Leadpages.

Offer them free Ebooks on the newsletter sign up to start a communication.

Many internet marketers and bloggers offer downloadable ebooks, checklists, tutorials in the PDF form as opt-in bribe for the subscribers.

You can also set up a reader referral campaign using tools like Referral Candy or Invite Referrals.

6. Build Relationships with Readers

The relationship building is a great way to engaging and educating the readers. When you respect your readers and always try to be kind towards them, it always works for you. This is the perfect way to build a loyal audience.

Now it's not just talking to the readers and replying to their comments on your blog.

Connect them through different mediums. Get active on social networks and try to HELP THEM in real.

If your readers are on Twitter or Facebook, it means you can check their blogs too, go and pay occasional visits to your subscribers' blogs and websites and tell them personally that you visited their blog or website, and this needs to be improved.

Chris Nosal says that blogging is about building relationships. He wrote a guest post about connecting with your readers which was a pretty solid piece to read.

This is something you have to start doing it without wasting your time.

7. Bring the Guest Posters

One of the important elements of taking your blog to the next level is getting an edge. You can leverage guest posting to uplift your blog without any problem. Although, there are a certain tips and techniques that you should consider before publishing someone's guest post on your blog.

This is something which connects you with other bloggers socially as well as give your blog popularity. You can't keep your blog isolated and make it popular out of the blue.

This MOZ article tells us that why we should focus on guest posting — you'll notice every top blogs in all niches accept guest posts and world's top marketers and bloggers come across to guest post to develop their authority and following.

Bamidele Onibalusi shared 10 benefits of guest posting in his article, which shows that guest posting is one of the best methods to develop your new blog's identity.

8. A/B Test and Analyze

What bloggers know is that they have to create a high-quality content (after launching their blogs).

That's correct.

But a few of them know that they have to A/B Test their content strategy by figuring out that what type of audience their blogs are attracting with that content or what's working on their blogs.

  • When you create a content strategy, you clearly define that:
  • Who you want to target
  • What type of content you will create
  • Who would be the target audience
  • What to deliver in that content
  • Why to write such a content

The best way to test and analyze your content strategy is by analyzing the stats of your blog. Whether you're using Extreme Tracking or Google Analytics, track the keywords that are bringing the most of the visitors. Also, analyze your favorite posts and keywords using ‘Search Console'.

There is a bunch of website traffic analysis tools out there which bloggers use and recommend. Try out different tools and pick the best ones among them. You don't have to pay for every tool because many of them are free.

9. Choose the Products to Use

You can't grow your blog to the next level without using some high-quality and useful products. From search engine optimization to keywords analysis, grammar checker to email marketing service, opt-in forms to page builders, VPS hosting to premium themes, all these are necessary products that help you develop your blog.

For example, I use Genesis Framework, Grammarly, and ASmallOrange services. There are a few more that I use and share with the readers where it gets necessary to share my personal experience.

Choose your products, use it yourself, and then promote it if they are worth it.

It's the best affiliate marketing lesson that I learned over the course of time.

10. Transfer the Value

The most important thing of all is ‘transferring the value' — Do it.

Your blog's ultimate goal should be helping the readers, and if it's not helping it, you might want to do some serious work on it even if you would have to put the upside down.

The value is that HELP and PROBLEM SOLVING ingredients that you will give to your readers in order to stay connected.

You want them right from the beginning of your blogging journey.

Be the GIVER and see the results.

Being a giver doesn't mean that you have to give expensive products to your readers for free, in fact, it's about giving your TIME, ENERGY, and ATTENTION.

Show how you care about them.

Your Part

That is it.

Starting a blog seems to be an exciting journey and surely it is.

The dark side of this journey is that you have to think like a LEADER and an ENTREPRENEUR at different times. When new bloggers remain unable to think that way, their blogging journey stops right there…

The purpose of sharing these 10 tips was to make you AWARE that it's not going to be easy.

Because you might have to LEARN more than you already know in order to standout from the crowd.

People are doing good, which is why you have to do great to beat them.

Are you up for this challenge?

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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    This is really a fantastic post. As a new newbie in the industry, never have I ever thought about this . Feels like I am so behind!

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    But, whatever it is, thank you very much for the knowledge you’ve shared. I think most people who visit this post benefiting this some way or another.

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    • Thank you very much, Arnab. Do share this blog post with your friends to help them.

  2. Hi Kulwant,

    When I started my blogging career, I too don’t know about these tips, after completing one year, slowly I am correcting my mistakes I done the past, like “list building from day one”.

    You have shared important things which we have to implement in our blogging career to become successful.

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