Why You Should Start Guest Blogging on Your Blog?

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Blogging is all about updating your readers with new and fresh content. However, you might be a part-time blogger or full-time blogger, we all face this situation of not getting next blog post ideas.

Most of the times we cannot get many ideas to reach an average limit of publishing posts, which is 5 posts per week. This is where guest blogging comes to rescue.

In simple words, accepting posts means to accept posts written by other authors on your blog.

Many people consider it useless to accept guest posts without having any idea about its benefits. For some people reading this post, you would consider these points as quite helpful. And for others, if you don't, I would list the benefits of accepting Guest posts which could even prompt you to accept guest posts on your blog.

Why you should Accept Guest Blogging on your Blog?

The above question arises in most people's mind.

What are its benefits?

Is it good?

Is it safe?

Let's read following points and read them to clarify all your doubts.

#1. Get Your Blog Updated for FREE

The most genuine reason I find for accepting guest posts for your blog is you can get your blog updated for free. As more readers will come to know that you are accepting guest posts, most of them will be prompted to write for you. As such, guest blogging reduces a lot of burden on your head. Guest Blogging helps your blog to be updated quite frequently and that too for free.

Most Bloggers quit their Blogging Journey as they do not get more creative ideas or fresh content to give their readers. Guest blogging helps you to avoid this danger (at least). You are most likely to receive more quality guest posts if you are having more voices to speak for your blog.

#2. Have An Active Community

As I said earlier that you can have more voices to speak for your blog, you are building up an active community for your blog. It's a major advantage of guest blogging that it helps to grow your community,

Thereby helping your blog to be a brand and creating an impact over the Internet World.

This can even help you to build an active authority over the Internet with a large number of guest authors who are writing for you. However, the positive point of an active Community is If visitors find that your blog is an active community having large number of author and Guest posts, then why shouldn't they become a part of it.

#3. Get More Targeted Traffic

Every blogger wants traffic to his/her blog. But Accepting Guest posts can even bring you more Targeted Traffic.


Firstly, Guest authors bring up something new and add variety to your content as they have an elegant or different writing Style.

So, this will make your regular visitors more delighted of visiting your blog. Secondly, When A guest author will write for your Blog, he will be wanting more traffic to come to his blog. So, he will promote his post to various social networking sites, etc. This will bring you more unique visits helping you to grow the traffic of your blog.

#4. Build Relationships

Accepting Guest Posts on your blog helps to build relationships with fellow bloggers. Even if you are writing for them or if they are writing for you, it can even be a mutual exchange of information, it can help you to be a friend of them.

So, this will help you to have more blogging friends which is really necessary. After some extents, building relationships can help you to solve your doubts and queries with your blogger friends.

#5. Boost SEO, Promotion, RSS Subscribers, Facebook Fans…..

For most guest authors, they would like to submit guest post only if your site has good traffic and good rankings, So if your site satisfies these conditions. They would even subscribe to your feeds, Give a Like to your Facebook Fan Page and so on.

This helps you to help your site grow and creating an impact over the Internet World.

So, Accepting Guest Posts helps to expand your SEO and Promotion.


Most Guest bloggers will write for self-promotion or any other reason it may be. They will share this thing with all their friends helping you for your Blog Promotion.

Now the question comes – From where to find quality guest authors?

Getting quality authors for a blog is a very tough job.

But here you are going to get the solution of this question too.

Few days I was searching for some websites from where I can get passionate and quality readers. I was looking such a platform from where I can select articles according to my need and then contact authors to submit that particular article on my blog.

Guest Crew is such a platform where you can interact with advertisers and publishers according to your need.

The best thing is – You can earn money from $1 to $500+ just by writing a single article on your blog.

Price will increase according to traffic and quality of blog.

Working with Guest Crew is as simple as that. After signing up (as an advertiser) you will get one dashboard where you will be able to make your campaign and target particular categories for which you want to publish your article. According to your need, you can select appropriate blogs and check their quality.

This platform is free for bloggers as well as advertisers.

Advertisers can run free campaigns where they don't pay anything, but bloggers have options to set coins – so if they set above 0 – they won't get free articles.

As a blogger, you can make money by publishing blog posts on your blog.

One thing which you would love to hear about this platform is; their free credits earning procedure.

You can simply earn points by doing various actions and then redeem them very easily.

Do check Guest Crew if you want quality guest posts for your blog, and along with them wants to monetize your blog too.

Final Words.

Guest blogging is having huge potential to make money online as well as to make your online identity in very short time. Use it very wisely and then see the growth of your blog.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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70 thoughts on “Why You Should Start Guest Blogging on Your Blog?”

  1. You’ve got some real stuff here, Kulwant bro πŸ™‚
    Nice points there. I loved this Post!
    Guest Bloggers are really like some ‘Gods’ for a Blog πŸ˜€
    And that ‘Guest Crew’ point! If you know what I mean πŸ˜›

    • Yeah Vishesh, this is a damn awesome way to make easy money. Yesterday I got one paid post for my tech blog in $550. Even this amount is still unbelievable for me, but the fact is; I got it. πŸ˜‰

      PS: This post was not from guest crew and please don’t ask about blog and that post. πŸ™‚

      • Hello Kulwant and Vishesh,

        I would like to tell one thing that Guest posting is good way to earn but it should be limited if you will do this in bulk then it will harm your blog.

        Kapil Heera

        • Yes Kapil. If you want to do guest blogging these days then you will have to be very selective and careful.

  2. Hi Bro,

    Thanks for sharing some insight tips on Guest Blogging. Yes I’m already a member of Guest Crew and have got some Guest Post. for free. soon once I grow and establish my blog to a level, hope will get some paid post from it.

    I wanted to ask, now a days in guest blogging, many come up with commercial link and they do pay for it. But won’t it tamper our blog growth ??

    • Great question Shathyan. You will have be very selective while selecting guest posts on your blog, and in most of the cases try to get relevant guest posts only.

      If the article and link is relevant to your blog niche then it will not harm.

    • Hey Shathyan,
      Good to see you here,

      Nice to hear that you got some good posts from GuestCrew, am sure your blog will get paid offers soon.

      About the commercial links, as long as it is related to the post and your blog, it should not be an issue. I have seen many blogs with commercial anchors and links without any issues.

      In case you find a link objectionable, you think it might not work out with your audience, you can reject the post and it will be issued to someone else.

      Uttoran Sen,

  3. Brilliant thoughts, I had the same thoughts but just heard from some peoples that Guest Posts Killing Blog but did’t given me reasons why? But accepting guest posts has a lot benefits you’ve mentioned. I’d make a Page for Guest bloggers So they can submit.
    I’d also mention they we should accept only quality and unique posts.

    • Hey Kamran khan,
      thanks for your comments,

      Guest Blogging does not have any harm, and this comes from Matt Cutts – he says if you add valuable content through guest blogging, it won’t have any negative effects.

      Guest blogging adds new voices to your blogs, thus making it a multiple author blogs. Google news prefers sites with multiple authors and I know many blogs have entered Google News only due to Guest Blogging.

      There are plenty of benefits of guest blogging if the content that you are adding are of high quality. Sites like huff post, NY times, independent, Forbes, etc. accepts guest posts.

      Uttoran Sen,

  4. before reading your post I was really confused, whether I should accept Guest post or not.
    But your points clears my mind.
    now My blog is also open for Guest post.
    you said right that we can get free post.

    • Hi Rajesh Jhamb,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad to know that you are now open to guest blogging.

      Accepting guest posts has many benefits, free content being one of many. Along with the free content, most guest bloggers also promote their posts and we have a section dedicated to – free social media push – on the forums. So, we make sure that your guest post get a lot of visibility in the social media.

      Uttoran Sen,

  5. you have cleared all of my doubts regarding guest blogs…….
    thanks for such an Tremendous information about it..guest blogging also help you to build traffic on your site as well as you can updated free stuff…

    • Hey vishu sachdeva,
      thanks for your comments,

      Surely, guest blogging does brings a lot of traffic. If the post you are getting for free as a guest post has value – it will get traffic by search engines. Along with that, the guest bloggers and GuestCrew – promotes your post on the social media which is immediate traffic.

      You gain more subscribers and social followers due to the social push – all of which adds up to futher traffic,

      Uttoran Sen,

  6. Hi Kulwant,

    Oh yes…guest posts are a sure reliever for blog owners and they do add more value to your blog, get you most variety, and perhaps more fans. It’s very rare though that your guest author publicize their guest posts as much as they should, or perhaps I promote it more than them presently πŸ™‚

    Also, you need to be very sure about guest posts and the guest authors because of the recent Google updates and what they like and not like, and the number of links you should be giving them etc.

    Speaking of myself, I prefer to invite guest who have been with my blog for a while, a way to express my gratitude to them. Moreover, because I know those bloggers well, I am not really worried about spam links, or worried whether they will be there to take up the comments etc. It does help if you have 1-2 guest posts per month.

    However, if you have more than that, as you mentioned, which I personally don’t like because your blog doesn’t remain your any more if you have too many guest posts, then you do need places like Guest Crew. I should check it out – thanks for the information about it. You surely have earned quite a bit it seems – great going πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

    • Harleena, glad to see you again with another awesome comment.

      Guest blogging is a great weapon to get online exposure as well as quality articles for our blog. When I was a newbie then I kept accepting guest posts on my blog and most of them were promotional with links of some companies, which was a huge mistake.

      So, our awareness is most important while allowing any guest blogger on our blog. A great guest blogger can give you huge exposure in very short time by sharing your article with his/her audience.

      You are doing great work mam, and happy to hear that you are taking proper care to select them. Your niche is very awesome niche, so to write in such niche one has to become totally perfect to persuade readers.

      There are many big blogs out there which are running on guest blogging only and they are making thousands of dollars every month without caring too much to write. One example is FamousBloggers.net

      Thanks for being so much interactive here. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Harleena Singh,
      thanks for your comment,

      thanks for the in-depth analysis, much appreciated.

      Surely, if you want to retain your voice, you should keep guest bloggers at check. One or Two a month should be enough. Perhaps more, if you add a lot of content yourself – that way, your own voice is not diluted much.

      Some people want more traffic, they want more social spread and most of all – they want to enter Google/Yahoo news. All this is possible with a multi-author setup which you can achieve with the help of guest bloggers.

      With GuestCrew – you can get a lot of free and some paid guest posts. Along with the social sharing etc. you can earn some money too. If your blog is a strong authority over your niche, you can earn quite a lot.

      Do check out Guest Crew – will be looking foreword to welcome you onboard,

      Uttoran Sen,

  7. Guest Blogging is indeed beneficial for both guest posters and blog owners. looking forward to enable guest posting on my blog.

    • Hey Siraj Wahid,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad to know that you are opening up your blog for guest blogging.

      Surely, guest blogging has benefits for both parties. It builds connections, boost traffic and social shares, improves visibility, adds subscribers and much more…

      Uttoran Sen,

  8. Am concentrating on quality posts and still not accepting the guest posts on my blog.

    After reading this post, I feel it is the right time to allow the bloggers to do guest blogging on my blog.

    Yeah, I heard about guest crew, will join in it soon.

    Thanks for sharing the nice guest blogging post Kulwant πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nirmala,

      Will absolutely suggest you to start guest blogging on your blog, that will speed up content posting and bring in fresh content from different authors.

      Good to know that you have heard about Guest Crew, feel free to join in – looking foreword to welcome you onboard.

      Uttoran Sen,

  9. its really helps a lot.
    I also started accepting guest posts on all my blogs
    My first guest post is also published now πŸ™‚

    • Hey Sourya Kharb,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad to know that you have started accepting guest posts on your blog.

      Feel free to share your guest posts on the – social media push – of the guestcrew forum. And will add some social promotions for your guest posts.

      Uttoran Sen,

  10. I agree all your thoughts sir Kulwant Nagi and guest post also will gain you a friendship to other. and be careful of choosing guest post sometimes theres guest post that the author will do the spinning of this..Anyways i’m also accepting guest articles. ,,Thanks..

    • Hi Adrian Lucernas,
      thanks for your comments,

      yes, one should be careful before accepting any posts. On guest crew, we moderate every post before it is sent out for publishing. That way, we maintain top standards for content quality.

      Uttoran Sen,

  11. hii Kulwant,
    i must say that this time you helped me a lot. It is a greatest post for me as it is very useful. I also want to accept guest posts for my site. Can you plz tell me how to add a guest post option in my site ? so that guests will able to write for me.
    by the way the article is awesome with full of many beneficial information.
    thanks a lot for sharing such a great useful information among us

    • Thanks Nitin.

      For enabling guest post on your blog you can do following setting.
      Setting > General
      Now tick anyone can register and assign role which you want to assign to new author.

      If you still have any doubt then you can ask from me.

    • Hey Nitin,
      thanks for your comment,

      If you want to accept guest posts on your blog, the first thing you need is a “submit a guest post” page. Put all your rules etc, on that page – making sure you get good content as guest posts.

      Join Guest Crew, and you will get plenty of guest posts for your blog,
      Uttoran Sen,

  12. Hey Kulwant,
    I am having a question in my mind.
    While writing the blog we are taking care of the copy right matter.
    But when somebody do guest post in our blog then how to make sure that the article is having no copy right problem.

    • Great question.

      Geetanjali, for this you will have to use premium service given by CopyScape.com.

    • Hi Geetanjali Panda,

      As a thumb rule, the copyright of a guest post stays with the blogger. That means, if it is your blog where the guest post is posted – You own the copyright.

      Before accepting the post, you can do copyscape – as kulwant suggested – to make sure the article is unique.

      On Guest Crew – we copyscape every post to make sure they are unique, before we sent them for publishing,

      Uttoran Sen,

  13. Hello,

    Now For quality links this strategy is the best. For Guest blogging this is very nice way to engage people’s and make the traffics. Thanks To you for share this idea for everyone.

    • Hi Oliver Smith,
      thanks for your comment,

      Yes, for quality links – guest blogging absolutely works. You can get published and linked from huff post, nytimes, independent, mashable, techcrunch, lifehacker etc. by guest blogging …

      You can turn a blog into an instant success with the help of guest blogging,

      Uttoran Sen,

  14. Hi Kulwant,

    Will Guestcrew.com help me in finding blogs where i can make post for my specific blogging domain?


    • Yes Piyush, You can signup as an advertisers and then select blogs according to your requirement.

    • Hey Piyush Mathur,
      thanks for your comment,

      Surely, on GuestCrew – you get targeted offers from blogs on your niche. When you start a campaign – you get to choose your niche. You will get offers from blogs on that niche.

      You will have full control on which blog you want to publish your guest post.

      Looking foreword to welcome you onboard,

      Uttoran Sen,

  15. Day by day our market place is changing. In this modern age, guest blogging is getting so popular. Because, everybody gives the highest value to the link guest blogging. So your post is really helpful for all of us.

    • Thanks for stopping by Adam. No doubt guest blogging has changed its way in recent years, and everyone is paying full attention on guest bloggers.

    • Hey Adam Hansen,
      thanks for your comment,

      Agreed, guest blogging is surely the most popular marketing method available today!

      Yes, guest bloggers are giving their very best in terms of value because they want to stand out in this over-crowded field of guest blogging – which is good for the blogosphere, as it improves quality.

      Uttoran Sen,

  16. I certainly have been considering guest posting because I have been doing more of it myself lately. But I am not quite ready for it yet. Soon though I think. But I don’t think I will be using a service for it – I want to know and trust the authors so I would only use people I know I think. But I could be surprised!

    • Hi Ashley,
      thanks for your comments,

      Glad to know that you have been considering to accept guest posts on your blog.

      Trusting people is not an easy job, we have very strong standards for content on guest crew… perhaps that is the reason why huge blogs such as – copyblogger/problogger accepts our content.

      Doing it manually means you have to be ultra-careful with the content quality… if you can do it yourself, excellent! Else, Guest Crew will always be at your service,

      Uttoran Sen,

  17. Really nice Kulwant sir, Guest Blogging is really a good way to increase everything on Blog…

    • Hey Muhammad Hussain,
      thanks for your comment,

      Glad to know you like guest blogging, surely it provides a complete boost to the blog and the guest blogger,

      Uttoran Sen,

  18. The best part to start guest blogging is relationship while the hardest part is to keep the guest blogger actively respond to queries.

    Great post.

    • Hi Okto,
      thanks for your comments,

      Yes, the questions and queries does takes a lot of time – but that way, you communicate more with your guest authors… and build stronger relations….

      Uttoran Sen,

  19. Nice post sir…You are my hero..

    Sir, I have some USDs in my Payza account. In India, Payza doesn’t allow the bank transfer. I want to know how how I can get that cash, I have searched to stranger the Payza money to PayPal, but doesn’t get a desired solution.

    I trust only you sir, please help me..please..

    • Ayushi, even I also don’t have any solution for this, because I never got such issue. Ask from people who have gone through this issue.

    • Hi Ayushi Verma,
      thanks for your comment,

      about your question on Payza, here’s a step by step guide:

      1) If you have already added your bank account – remove it.

      2) Re-add your bank account, and make sure you have added it for bank wire withdrawals. Not Bank transfer.

      Tips – use ICICI bank account, they are usually quick with these transactions.

      3) Transfer your money by – bank wire.

      Note – Your Payza account must be a verified account, only then this withdrawal will work.

      Let us know if this works for you,
      Uttoran Sen,

  20. I published few guest posts on my blog lately. And that helped me provide my readers with a variety of content as you mentioned here.
    What I am concerned about is the latest Penguin update that took place today.
    Is guest post published on my blog safe? This question is what I am seeking an answer for.
    Regarding the link placed by the guest blogger to his/her blog, should it be no-follow? Should the link be toward the same niche?

    • Hey Dima Al Mahsiri,
      thanks for your comment,

      Good to know that you have started accepting guest posts on your blog.

      if you are worried about the penguine etc. updates from Google, would suggest you to use the term – contributor/junior editor etc. instead of Guest Bloggers. most news and media sites, including Google’s own blogs – have guest contributors… so i don’t think guest blogging is bad in anyway!

      just make sure that the content you have is good quality,
      Uttoran Sen,

  21. I was little bit confuse whether to invite guest blogger or not. You article clear my mind. What is best on your blog is I also get huge knowledge by reading comments also. As per your conversation with Harleena mam my thought on guest blogging is so much clear now.

    • Hey Sanket Patil,
      thanks for your comments,

      Glad to know that you have changed your mind on guest blogging.

      Hope you get a lot of guest posts and add a lot of quality articles on your blog,

      Uttoran Sen,

  22. That’s brilliant explanation. Yes, guest blogging really helps blog admin to take a nap from blogging. As known guest posts have a good crawling and indexed to generate backlinks. It was said that backlinks with guest post helps a good page rank when compared to comment backlinks. I also leaned new tips why should I start guest blogging in my blog? and I started it. Thanks

    • Hey Tharun,
      thanks for your comment,

      Good to know that you found guest blogging as a good means to boost PR, traffic, backlinks etc.

      Quality content does improves crawling, and if you do guest blogging on other blogs with high quality content – it will generate a lot of valuable backlinks for you.

      Glad to know that you have started accepting guest posts on your blog,

      Uttoran Sen,

  23. Guest Posting on other blog is a great way to gain a bigger following on your own social media accounts and Blogs.

    • Hey Mukesh,
      thanks for your comments,

      surely, by guest posting on other blogs whose audience is bigger than you – it will help you to gain more visibility and a lot of social following.

      It is especially helpful if you can get your guest posts published on A-list blogs. This month I had already got published on 2 – PR6+ blogs via guestcrew,

      Uttoran Sen,

  24. that was really an informative article. there is always confusion about guest blogging in my mind which you just solved. Thanks for great post. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Pulkit,
      thanks for your comments,

      Glad to know that your doubts about guest blogging are now cleared,

      looking foreword to see you onboard,

      Uttoran Sen,

  25. Kulwant, thank you for sharing,
    Guestcrew.com sounds hot, but their FAQ page is weak,
    i have too many unanswered questions about it,
    what are the points good for if you own a blog ? i’m looking to get paid in $ not in points, and what if you did earn points can you redeem points for $ ?
    what are the minimum requirements of a blog to get accepted ?
    can you price the guest post as you please ??
    Many thanks again for sharing this platform with us, and Best wishes!

  26. Hey Mitch, thanks for your comments,

    Glad to know you found Guest Crew hot.

    A video FAQ is under-process, that will make the faq a lot stronger.

    At this moment, we have a general FAQ here: guestcrew dot com/faq.html

    and a forum dedicated to FAQ here: guestcrew dot com/forums/forum-faq-frequently-asked-questions/

    Here are the answers to your question:

    Q) what are the points good for if you own a blog ? i’m looking to get paid in $ not in points,

    Ans: From the Bloggers FAQ: guestcrew dot com/forums/thread-when-will-i-get-paid/

    1 Coin = 1 $ The credits/coins/points – you earn, by publishing guest posts on GuestCrew.com – you can exchange them for Paypal Dollars from the WithDraw Credits options in your blogger dashboard.

    Q) what are the minimum requirements of a blog to get accepted ?

    Ans) At this moment we do not have any minimum requirement. It should not be a spammy or a dropped domain, but otherwise – all blogs are accepted.

    If your blog is good you will get more offers and more advertisers will choose you over other bloggers.

    Q) can you price the guest post as you please ??

    Ans) Surely – when you add a blog, you get to enter coins. Whatever coins you set, you will get offers around that price.

    Say you set 40 coins for your blog. Then you will get offers around 35 to 50.

    Looking foreword to welcome you onboard,

    thanks, Uttoran Sen,

  27. Thanks for sharing some insight tips on Guest Blogging. Yes I’m already a member of Guest Crew and have got some Guest Post. for free. soon once I grow and establish my blog to a level, hope will get some paid post from it.

  28. Hi Uttoran,

    First of all, thanks for this awesome post, I loved it.

    In my case, it’s bit opposite. I wanted people to write guest post on my website but I didn’t know where to start from. And then I got hands to Guest Crew and rest is history, now I’m flooded with Guest Posts offer so much, that can’t decide which to choose and which not!

    Thanks for the tips,

    • Hey Sid..

      As this article is written by me so I am replying here. πŸ™‚

      I am extremely happy to hear that GuestCrew is working great for you and you are getting people on your website.

      Just one tip: Select articles according to your niche only and select them very carefully.

      Have a great day. πŸ™‚

  29. Hi Kulwant Nagi,

    This is really good post and everybody saying that guest blogging of importance but here from this post I found the real benefits if I do it.

    I would say this is the best post I read about guest blogging and since last 6 months I just following your blog , rest of the articles are very useful in various positions.

    • Wowww.. Your comment just gave me extra motivation to put great stuff in future.

      Thanks for the words. (Y)

  30. Very Nice article Kulwant.
    No matter how great writer we are, we always are in short of new idea to write. Guest posts help a lot in serving good content without much effort for which audiences drool.

    Good Stuff,

    • Yes Mark, this is such a platform where you hit multiple birds with just one shot.

      Thanks for being here.

  31. After the Google’s search algorithm updates, all the people have been condemning guest blogging. They have considered almost equal to black hat seo technique.
    And at such a time, it was certain that your article would catch my attention.
    I am glad you listed the benefits of guest blogs posts.
    “Just because someone asked you to walk carefully on the road doesn’t mean walking on road is a crime.”
    The Google Web spam head Matt Cutts asked people to be careful while accepting guest posts for low quality guest posts are no less than spam but what bloggers heard was – ‘ guest blogging is spam. Let it die.’
    And this is something stupid. I am glad that there is one blogger who is sensible enough to understand this fact and still talk about guest blogging benefits.
    Thanks for mentioning guestcrew. Do they accept blogs with no page rank.. I haven’t still got a page rank.. maybe google doesn’t love my writing as others do… πŸ˜›

    • Yes Manpreet, when 3-4 months back Matt Cutts wrote about guest blogging, everyone started talking about the negative effects and bloggers were too much scared. I could see people talking about this topic in almost all big internet marketing forums.

      Guest blogging will never dies (actually it cannot) because this is such one of the greatest weapons which can be used to get multiple benefits. I read in Corporate Chanakya, “It’s not about the power of machine, it’s all about the person behind that.” So a great machine operator can get too many benefits and further he knows the tactics to get best results. Guest blogging is exactly same.. by doing it in proper way you can enjoy the benefits.

      I always wanted to start a guest blogging campaign but I never got time to implement it. These days I am putting more efforts to write quality guest posts on high authority blogs. The one you readproofed was also for guest blogging. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, you can submit your blog on GuestCrew and wait for potential advertisers. Just on a side note – I got one paid post in $550 when my blog’s PR was zero. So it’s not about the PR of your blog, it’s about your confidence on your blog. πŸ™‚

      As writing is concerned, I personally love your writing style and the way of expressing your thoughts.

      Keep learning new things and help the society.

      Have a great day.

  32. Hi Kulwant,

    Thanks for this superb post! Well, I was in need of guest posters to guest post on my website, but I failed at it numerous times. Sometimes, I was even thinking that I don’t need any guest posts and I would do good without it.

    Didn’t knew about Guest Crew, now I just have what I needed.

    Thanks for the guide,

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