25 Best Social Media Management Tools to Schedule Your Content

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Intoday’s digital world, business depends on social networking and marketing. Itdoesn’t matter whether you are running a side hustle or a large organization.

Socialmedia has become a radical way of marketing your business to the rest of theworld. It helps people recognize what you do, makes it easier for you tocontact your clients, and noticeably increases your leads and revenue.

Toengage with brands and the most popular trends, most people use social mediaaccounts nowadays. There are vast amounts of brands’ pages that people followand also the public figures on Instagram.

In fact, according to Globalwebindex, 54% ofglobal browsers use Social media to research products.

Six Degrees, which is widely considered to be the firstnoticeable social media site, made it possible for clients to create a profileand make other clients their friends. The seed of a massive revolution wasborn.

Whenpeople say today that social media has taken over the world, we can't saythat's incorrect. We live in a world where Facebookalone has over 2.45 billion users worldwide.

SocialMedia creates a medium where clients can reach the maximum number of peoplewithout sacrificing interpersonal communication.

How Businesses Can Use Social Media

Marketing throughsocial media is crucial because frankly, consumers are sitting there, scrollingfor hours through their feed, waiting for you to get their attention.

Connecting with your target audience canbe easy if you are active on the channels that they use frequently.

According to EMarketer, 90.4% of millennials, 77.5% of Gen-X, and 48.29% of baby boomers are highly active on social media. Marketing through social media increases your inbound traffic.

It makes marketing through social media a terrific strategy. Every part of what you post is another chance to bring new visitors to your site. When this happens, it's your chance to convert them into buyers.

To get the most traffic possible,it's essential that you continuously post content that is interesting and addsvalue for your audience.

With social campaigningtools like Facebook ads,you can recognize new possible leads. You can do this by defining your idealcustomer through the ad platform.

Then, Facebook helps youadvertise to those who show the same typesof actions that your target audience does.

Marketing through social media is cost-effective. One of the most significant benefits is that ithelps you reduce advertising expenses without sacrificing outcomes.

Mostof your social media results will come from spending time making qualitycontent as well as having conversations with your followers.

Thatis why 93% of social media advertisers useFacebook Ads regularly.

A lotof social media channels provide amazing targetingpotentials, making you focus your efforts onthe types of consumers who are interested in what you do.

What is Social Media Management?

Socialmedia management is the process of organizing and scheduling your social mediacontent and following marketing campaigns. It’s more than just posting updates to your business’ssocial media profiles.

Italso includes interacting with your audience and looking for new chances toincrease reach and visibility.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Making a social media strategy is an integral part ofmaking sure that each of your campaigns is helping you get closer to meet yourmarketing goals.

After deciding which platforms you intend to use,you’ll need to think about how often and what types of content you will postand then promote.

Consideringhow you plan to make interactions and responses is a consistent part of yoursocial media management.

Doyou want to target potential customers and start a conversation?

Howoften will you respond to your concerns on your page?

Allof this and a lot more should be in your social media strategy.

Creating Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Planningand organizing social media marketing is a significant part of social mediamanagement. It is from here that you start the process of creating a potentialbusiness.

Thoughthere is a lot of work that you can do to contact your leads through well-madesocial content, social media marketing complements this organic activity byallowing you to target specific audiences and improving visibility.

For example, using Facebook can resultin more income for your business as it enables you to find new leads that aresimilar to your best customers.

These are people who may have never tried your brandin the past but are motivated to visit after seeing relevant content from yourFacebook ad.

Creating a Social Media Schedule

Consistencyis a crucial factor in social media management. You see, no two businesses arealike. Therefore, you can’t assume the same outcomes for every company that hastried the same approach in posting on social media.

Ifyou want to keep customers engaged on these channels, you'll need to postquality content consistently.

Youcan do this by making a social media schedule or plan that shows what you'regoing to post on which platform.

Making an editorial calendar for your social media management is a great way toorganize your business when it comes to a social media schedule.

Youcan manage this calendar in a way that benefits your business. Make sure toinclude necessary information like the posting time, content, and any link orimage.

Why is Social Media Management Important?

Themost obvious reason is that your consumers are active on social media. Theywant to see updates from brands like yours, and they often welcome the messagesyou give on social channels.

Moreover,social media management is cost-effective. It allows you to encounter amazingresults when it comes to lead generation and conversion.

Thereare a lot of tools that you can use to organize and plan your social mediaactivities, like content posting, engagement, and marketing. Let's have a lookat some of them.

Here are 25 Best Tools for SocialMedia Management

#1 Buffer

social media management tools

Buffer is a software for the web and mobile, designed to managesocial media accounts, by providing the means to schedule posts to Twitter,Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

These posts are automatically posted at designated times.Users can also analyze their results and interact better with their community.

Buffer's interface is clean and straightforward. Afterlogging in, you find a content creation area where you draft and schedule yourposts.

You can post yourself or can use the scheduling tool tohave Buffer post for you.

Price: It has three plans that can be paid monthly or annually:

  • Pro plan: $15 per month or $144 per year
  • Premium plan: $65 per month or $663 per year
  • Business plan: $99 per month or $1010 per year

#2 HootSuite

best social media management tools

Hootsuite is a fantastic application for managing social mediaprofiles. It allows the user to control multiple streams at the same time andmonitors what customers are saying.

You can post updates, read responses, schedule messages,view statistics, and more. Many universal brands use this timesaving approachfor social media marketing.

Price: It has three monthly paid plans:

  • Professional plan: $29 per month
  • Team plan: $129 per month
  • Enterprise plan: It is customizable, and the price depends on the features you are going to have in your account.

#3 BuzzBundle

social media planning tools

BuzzBundle allows a single person to manage multiple profiles. It ensures that companies will be able to monitor various online platforms using limited resources.

An individual onyour team can post or comment on social media through multiple accounts andreply to different customers. It makes third party social media marketing moregenuine and personal.

BuzzBundle allowsthis by using proxies and hiding your real location. It helps you with youronline reputation, even if you have delegated your social media management to athird party. Moreover, you can easily switch among the proxies for betteroperations.

Ithas cool features like:

  • Analytics for every project
  • Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited number of personas
  • An unlimited number of scheduled twitter posts.

Price: It's a little bit pricey. It has two monthly paid plans:

  • PRO plan: $199 per month
  • Enterprise plan: $399 per month

#4 SocialOomph

social media manager software

SocialOomph contains a groupof exciting features for automating a large variety of tasks on social mediaprofiles.

Additionally, itlets the user grow his or her followers on Twitter through recommendations andanalytics.

A user sendsdirect messages automatically to new followers. A keyword search set up canalso be done to follow influencing Twitter celebrities.

Price: It has three plans

  • Free plan: Yes, you can use social oomph for free but with minimal features.
  • Professional plan: $17.79 a half month.
  • Twitter Unlimited: $6.79 a half month. That’s a plan exclusively for twitter.

 #5 Sendible

social media marketing tools

Sendible helps you manage social media, schedule messages, interact with your audiences and measure ROI right from one dashboard.

It also makes scheduling posts on multiple social networks easy, as you can do everything from a single interface.

This interfacealso provides analytics that measures the effect of these posts on youraudience. Sendible can handle multiple accounts, which makes it the perfecttool if your business handles numerous clients and contributors.

Price: It has four monthly paid plans:

  • Startup: $59 per month
  • Business: $99 per month
  • Corporate: $139 per month
  • Premium: $499 per month

#6 Agorapulse

Agorapulse allows you toput your entire social network on one interface and manages everything fromthere. It is loaded with comprehensive reporting tools that show the exacteffect of your performance as well as social media analytics.

The reports arefully customizable and can be easily directed to PowerPoint laced withmagnificent graphics.

Price: It has four monthly paid plans:

  • Medium: $99 per month
  • Large: $199 per month
  • X-Large: $299 per month
  • Enterprise: $499 per month

#7 Pardot

social media tools for business

Pardot’s outstanding marketing analytics helps you maximize marketing and sales efforts by effectively managing your data. It makes you aware of your marketing performance and quickly takes information-driven actions.

The good thing isthat you can unite marketing and sales information in one place, so you’ll knowyour marketing campaign ROI and effect on sales income quickly.

It's superior inso many different ways, such as Buildingsmart data-driven campaigns, visualizing and understanding your campaignperformance, simplifying lead management, & getting a more intelligent leadgeneration.

Itis an excellent choice for B2B businesses.

Price: It has three plans:

  • Growth: $1250 monthly
  • Plus: $2500 monthly
  • Advanced: $4000 monthly

#8 TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a specialized tool that offers Twitter users acomprehensive and completely free way to organize multiple Twitter accounts.

Businesses that depend on Twitter can handle multipleaccounts of different branches under one single dashboard. This way, they canstreamline their customer engagement and content syndication activities.

Price: Free

#9 MavSocial

social media management tool

MavSocial is a visual content management and publishing platformfor brands and advertising agencies that use visual content in their socialmedia marketing.

The tool enables users to store media files in the cloud, toplan and analyze campaigns and publishing content to all major social mediachannels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Price: It has three monthly paid plans:

  • Advanced: $19 per month
  • Professional: $59 per month
  • Enterprise: $599 per month

#10 Friends+Me

social media scheduling tools

It’s a managementtool concerned with publishing posts according to a premade schedule. It helpsyou reach more people and improve your interaction with them, using its greatdata analysis software.

This tool allowsyou to stay productive anywhere through its Android and iOS apps. Browserextensions are also available. It can also save old content on the web forfuture reference.

Friends+Me can be utilizedon Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. It also offers SEO advantagesand allows you to develop your brand visibility on the internet and attractmore customers to your social media profiles.

Price: It has six plans with five monthly paid and one free plan:

  • Individual plan: $9 per month
  • Small plan: $29 per month
  • Medium plan: $59 per month
  • Large plane: $129 per month
  • X-Large plan: $459 per month

#11 Post Planner

free social media management tools

Post Planner provides information on thetop-performing content for any social account, hashtag, or topic that can beused for planning in your social media marketing campaigns.

All the old postsare ranked by how viral they are so that you can confidently anticipate theengagement of your upcoming content.

Such content canbe managed in one dashboard by adding multiple accounts from Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, and your favorite hashtags, keywords, and blogs.

Post Planner'srating system helps you decide the most interacting content available andpromises to get more engagement than any social media marketing tool.

Price: It has six plans:

  • Starter: $3 per month
  • Love: $11 per month
  • Guru: $24 per month
  • Master: $59 per month
  • Agency: $125 per month
  • You can also build a Custom plan

#12 CrowdFire

social media management platforms

CrowdFire follows thephilosophy of Clean-Engage-Grow, which is a recurring and a fool-proof strategyof growth on social media.

Its ‘Clean'features help to keep away unwanted and spam accounts, which do not add actualvalue to the organization or the individual feeds.

The tool shows numerous features, including notifications about new un-followers or inactive followers.

It elaboratesTwitter analytics to help organizations individuals make more calculated andsmarter decisions.

Its DM Marketingfeatures help users to reach a larger audience and sell through DirectMarketing.

Price: It is a quote-based plan. You have to contact the vendor to determine the price.

#13 Social Report

social media manager app

Social Report is a cloud-based tool for social media management that’ssuitable for marketing agencies and social media managers.

Key features include publishing automatically, brandtracking, team collaboration, social media monitoring and analytics, contentmanagement and customer engagement

Price: It has three monthly paid plans:

  • Standard: $49 per month
  • Advanced: $99 per month
  • PRO: $199 per month

#14 Content Studio

social media publisher tool

Content Studio is also a cloud-based social media management and content marketing application or platform. It helps users manage multiple social media profiles from one location.

It also provides users with a built-in composer thatenables them to customize content for their social media profiles.

Price: It has four monthly paid plans:

  • Pro: $49 per month
  • Small: $99 per month
  • Medium: $199 per month
  • Large: $299 per month

#15 Promo Republic

manage all social media in one place

Promo Republic is the only social media marketing platform with 100,000+ post ideas for businesses, marketers, stores, agencies, and international brands.

It coordinatesyour marketing efforts across all locations. It includes content management,post scheduling, automated publishing, and multi-user collaborations.

Price: It has two plans:

  • Solo: $9 monthly and $108 annually
  • Standard: $49 monthly and $468 annually

#16 Zoho Social Media Publishing

social media management software

Zoho Social is a web-based online office suitecontaining word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases,note-taking, wikis, and web conferencing.

It is a complete social media managementplatform for businesses and agencies. It can manage multiple social mediaprofiles with unlimited posts scheduling capacity.

It can also monitor keywords throughsearch engines and provide you with fresh ideas.

Price: It has four annual plans

  • Standard: $10 monthly
  • Professional: $25 monthly
  • Agency: $200 monthly
  • Agency plus: $300 monthly

#17 Postlyn

top social media management tools

Postlyn is anothersocial media managing tool that can post on nine different platforms at once.

It has someunique tools like “Postlyn’s Caption Manager” that enables you to create,store, organize your posts, and use Captions with them.

You can manageover 100 accounts and handle the right account at the right time using anothertool called “Client Manager.”

Price: It has 3 Plans:

  • Personal: $19 monthly and $60 annually
  • Business: $39 monthly and $120 annually
  • Agency: $89 monthly and $240 annually

#18 Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is a social media management tool that lets users schedule social media posts for automatedposting.

Its other key features include full image formatting, bulkuploading, video post scheduling, and more.

Price: It dependson the number of accounts. However, it starts at $19 monthly.

#19 Later (Instagram Scheduling)

small business social media management

Later isa tool for Planning & Scheduling Instagram Posts. Publishing automaticallywith Later is 100% safe.

This tool is an officialpartner with Instagram and uses the Instagram Graph API for posting, so youraccount is always secure.

Price: It has five plans:

  • Free: for individuals
  • Plus: $9 monthly
  • Premium: $19 monthly
  • Starter: $29 monthly
  • Brand: $49 monthly

#20 Sprout Social

social media tool for businesses

It is a complete social media management tool. It involves the full system of scheduling tools, including the ability to post to multiple networks at once.

One noticeable publishing feature is its capability to tagupdates so that you can recall them easily for analytics. It handles teamengagement very well.

You can see other members interacting with clients inreal-time without delay, thanks to abuilt-in tool called “on-screen indicator.”

Price: It has three plans:

  • Standard: $99 monthly
  • Professional: $149 monthly
  • Advanced: $249 monthly

#21 Viralpep

Viralpep is a tool for social media management used by individualmarketing personnel, small businesses, and enterprises. It allows you topublish, schedule, and analyze the content.

Viralpep also measures the ROI easily on all the socialmedia channels using all but one dashboard. It doesn't have live support likebuffer unless you subscribe to one of the two highest-priced plans

Price: It has four plans:

  • Free: you can only manage three profiles with a 20-posts monthly limit, but you won’t be able to schedule content for posting later.
  • Professional: $10 monthly
  • Business: $35 monthly
  • Enterprise: $75 monthly

#22 Oktopost

Oktopost is used toenhance your online presence. It’s a single, comprehensive monitoring packagethat helps to distribute content excitingly.

Another uniqueadvantage of this system is that you can include a variety of third-partyplatforms and applications, such as e-commerce tools like Magento andSalesforce, in addition to any software dealing with analytics.

Price: It is a quote-based plan. You have to contact the vendor with your requirements and then determine the amount.

#23 Proofer

manage social media platforms

It is a socialmedia managing tool with excellent image editing and scheduling features. Italso features organized calendars. It enables the user to re-use any materiallater on.

Proofer also coordinatesmarketing and analytics for better decision making.

Price: It has four plans:

  • Freelancer: $12 monthly
  • Brands: $29 monthly
  • Agencies: $99 monthly
  • Enterprise: $249 monthly

#24 Automate.io

social media management tools free

With Automate.io you can create simple automated schedules or even complexworkstreams. It leverages cloud applications and related services to empoweryou with such capabilities.

It is an ideal choice for large scale organizationsdealing with huge work volumes.

It can be used for:

  • SalesAutomation
  • MarketingAutomation

Users can use a drag-and-drop interface to integrateapplications.

Users connect to any services they wish to integrate usingtheir credentials. They can add detailed steps into workflows or pause theprocess for a specified length of time before the next step is activated.

You can thus, for example, automatically send outconfirmation emails when a contact form is submitted.

Price: It has four plans:

  • Free: allowing you to have five bots with 250 actions monthly
  • Startup: $19 monthly
  • Growth: $49 monthly
  • Plus: $99 monthly

#25 Nuvi

social media posting tools

NUVI is an intelligent and intuitive platformfor social media management in real-time. With NUVI, you can group and managemonitors easier with this tool.

You do not justfollow keywords, hashtags, URLs, or usernames. It combines data from yourcompany's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube social media accounts tohelp you monitor followers, engagement, and comments.

It is an idealchoice for enterprises that have considerable scale. They need cloud-basedtechnologies and frameworks such as NUVI to integrate social media managementand sale operations.

Price: You only get a quote-based plan. You have to contact the vendor to determine the price.

I hope you’vefound this exhaustive list useful! I am sure some of these tools will fit rightinto your kitty.

Management andscheduling tools are specially made to conserve time and effort for businessowners and give them the desired results. Therefore, start integrating theminto your marketing and management folios and drive better results.

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  1. I’m a HUGE fan of buffer! When I interned at Nordstrom I used it all the time. Now that I’m a small business owner, however, I use sociallift, It’s like buffer but free. Great article though!

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