How To Write Sharable Content And Nail It Completely

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What makes a big difference between your blog and a successful blog?

Ever thought of, why contents you published on your blog doesn't receive the comments that you've expected?

Or is it that you've no potential of doing so?

By far, you might have seen blogs, similar to your niche, getting hundreds of comment in it just right after hitting the publish button, neither they do opt for social media nor  they ask one-by-one to comment in their post. So, what do the big boys do in sake of getting comments?

The answer might seem to be endless perhaps I do have laid few answers on basis of my experience that I'd since years.

You Have Less Potential. Do You?

No you don't.

And being really frank, you have that much potential what others have.

“Never underestimate the power of bloggers”. (Click here to tweet).

In blogging, people do get frustrated when they aren't gaining for what they have been determined to. Might it be, that they have thought of: “I'll be the power blogger”, or “I'll make xxx amount overnight” either. But at the end, they left with nothing and all it led to frustration.

Blogging is like a rollercoaster, it has ups and downs, but it's you who need to be determined to do so. Say, Kulwant Nagi, the man behind this blog, ain't have gained these fame overnight. For he have worked and gave his best and so he's now be called a Pro. Similarly you can be the next professional in this field, just what you do require is patience.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. ~ Aristotle

To Get Comment, Encourage First:

Ever noticed why bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, Jon Morrow, end up article with a short question?

Might you have noticed by far, but haven't gave much importance. But, the hidden secret is over there.

Why won't people comment on your blog if your article have that strength to attract them? That little paragraph, might be of about 10 words, have enough strength of grabbing extra comments.

People nowadays mostly read an article, and finishes. No shares, no comments, just read and go. But, what about the writer who've spent his/her time in writing, proofreading,  revising and more. They do get nothing, at the end.


The worst mistake they do is not encouraging people to comment on their blog post.

Why should you be shy of when you've contributed? Even asked your soul? May be or may not. It's you, who have the authority of either gaining or to repeal the advantage you're getting. And, perhaps if you ask me.

I'd recommend you ending up your article with a question, as because it not just help you driving comments but help in building strong relationship with the readers too. So, go for it.

Tip: You may ask your readers about: What points you've missed, how the article helped the reader, what tactic the reader use apart from the tactic you've laid in the article, etc.

Make Sure, You Use Conclusion Which Lay an Impact:

Might that it be, you forgot adding a conclusion at the end and for so you've not enjoyed the tasty food.

And perhaps, for your kind information let me tell you: Conclusion which have moral, a short story, or a relief either receives 60% more comment than that of others.

Or else, you can do a thing!

Whenever you start writing an article, start with the first paragraph followed by the conclusion. You may know that flow of writing doesn't always be in a flow, isn't it? So, the best idea is to write the conclusion part at the first. And if you've already a vivid idea of what the post you're writing consist of then write related to it.

For instance,

If your article is related to blogging, then at last you may write:

“Blogging isn't just a name, nor to gain fame. Blogging is done for passion, with a desire to learn. Blogging isn't just done in sake of driving traffic, but building audiences. And, blogging is done to lay an impact”. 

See the above example, when you read it, you might have a bit feeling of encouragement, a new motive or desire. And perhaps, such conclusions proves to be the best remedy for gaining high attractiveness to get more than a few comments.

In case, if you aren't able to make a tone out of it then you may opt for writing a short (but brief) about your article. I.e. what the post consist of, what are the things the reader learned by reading the article, etc.

Write Contents, that Worth of:

Contents can be written by anyone, even if you tell a kid of 10 years to write a content he may be able to do so.


In order to get comments, you have to write contents that worth of.

No, you don't require being grammatical flawless nor you've to be a professional writer. But, a content which add value to the reader plays the best when the ball is rolled on.

Ask yourself, “Will the content I'm writing add value to the reader”?, or is it informative enough for the reader for so he will spend his/her time commenting on your blog post?

Now you might ask me: “Which content add value”.

Then I'd straightly say- Contents which isn't just helpful for the reader, but it should be so that the reader be forced sharing with their circle. Nobody knows what sort of a content is perfect. But a piece of content, which is easy to read and understand, is enough for you to get responses from the people.

That's all.

Try building a communication with the reader:

Why would a reader spend time on your site, particularly, when they could have easily read few books either.

I've noticed plenty of sites just ripping of their articles using words which mainly is prescribed in books.

Who rather likes to read book, mainly in internet.

Might you have noticed that I mainly use the words I, you, rather than we, our. It doesn't only makes a person feel confident on his/her writing but helps build a strong communication with the reader.

Compared to articles with formal texts, it's really enjoyable reading informal articles.

Isn't it?

Try making  a communication with the reader while writing. How? Read the samples below:


Blogging is derived from vlog. In 90's the modern blog evolved from the online dairy. In 1999, Google, formed a content marketing system called Blogger which allowed people to host their site with their server and allows publishers and journalists publish their story online with the help of it.


Might have you heard about blogging, right?

Particularly in 90's it evolved from the online diary and followed by it in 1999, Google, introduced a content marketing system (CMS), Blogger, which allows bloggers publishing their stories online.

Isn't it making a great difference with point of view of reading? And that's why I've told you to opt for it.

In conclusion, I'd say:

It's quite addictive when people do start commenting on your blog posts. At the same time, it's shoddy when no on comments on your blog. Of-course, you don't need to shift your entire writing style to something else (do keep whatever it is).


Just change the format how you write. Write for your audiences, not in sake of ranking. Write in such a way that the one who's reading your article enjoys and learn something new which they would keep in mind and try to apply.

And I believe, following the points I've laid above in this article would surely help you in being a better blogger.

What else could have been written in order to make it a strong post? Share your views through comments.


Howdy! I'm Bishal Biswas - a Young Entrepreneur, Writer, and Blogger, based in West Bengal, India. I've been awarded and honored by West Bengal Govt. and Science & Technology, Google and several other organizations. Grab my eBook - Build a Profitable Blog in 30 Days, to know in-depth details and know-how about blogging.

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  1. Hi Bishal,

    Make a strong post? I believe a strong post is the one that provide prove. We should not be afraid to write less if we only publish strong post everytime we got a chance online. This kind of post usually get shared easily too.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing and wish you have a great weekend

    • Yeah, you’ve got a point, Okto.

      There’s no such rules, terms & conditions, in blogging that we’ve to write lengthy content in sake of getting rank in Google. Perhaps, nobody actually knows how Google works, Google apart.

      In regards of writing contents, or I do mean sharable contents we require providing a valid reason for which the reader who is reading it enjoys, rejoice and praise at the end.

      Bloggers like Neil Patel, often do share his site metrics and for so he do receives extra no. of comments which indirectly make it a Solid Content.

      Yet, I’d thank you for sparing your time in writing the comment. Hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

      – Bishal Biswas

  2. Bishal ..!! it was really amazing content.following your tips many bloggers may learn how to write content effectively which is sharable.

  3. Hey Bishal,

    This is an amazing post. Cover almost all the facts to create a shareable content on the blog. Hope these tips will help others… 🙂
    Thank you this great post buddy… 😉

  4. Awesome post bro!
    Gonna use your tactics to improve my user engagement.These tips are really helpful for getting comments.
    Thanks a lot for sharing Bro 🙂

  5. Nice post Bishal Biswas.
    I had downloaded your eBook too which was just awesome.
    I think a blogger should write post for his visitors, not for Google.. 😛

  6. Nice post going to try a few tips you shared and to be frank you nailed it. Will share my results soon 😀

  7. Absolutely you have created strong post here, I would prefer you write in the same way, and also you can add some structural ways such as step by step, numbered headings, methods etc., Hope that’s a good idea.

    What you think about this?

  8. Thanks Bishal ,For Such a Great Post Indeed…
    I Think Asking a Short Question Related To The Post Really Makes The Reader Comment…
    P.S – Question Should Be Attractive
    Just Going To Try These Tactics….Lets See, What Happens 🙂

  9. From my experience I can say if the content is useful and in-depth, people end up sharing it and commenting on it 🙂 Posts that are published to fill the publication slot never make it.

    Thanks for the tips Bishal. And yes, success doesn’t happen overnight!

  10. Hey Bishal first of all you write great content and craft it with beautiful words.

    I do agree with all of your points.

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