SEO Powersuite Review: 65% Discount (December 2018)

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Ask me the best SEO software bundle as of today.

My 100% vote would be for SEO Powersuite.

If you are trying various SEO tools either to boost your own blogs or client's blogs/websites and still not getting the results which you actually want to have… then this tool can be the last destination for you.

2 months back when I got some of the big projects from clients, I was in search of a tool which can help me to do everything and let me manage each and everything professionally.

With the suggestion of one Facebook friend, I headed over, a website which was offering a wide variety of tool to make SEO business much easier. I could either buy all tools individually by paying $179 each or invest $699 in SEO Powersuite to save $500.

I opted for a complete package.

I have been using it for more than 10 days so in this review you are going to read my practical SEO Powersuite review to make your decision right today to make your SEO business growing at more speed.

They have 4 awesome tools in this bundle:

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. WebSite Auditor
  3. SEO SpyGlass
  4. Link Assistant

1. Rank Tracker


I am going to explain this tool first because I use it daily. πŸ™‚

I am running various niche websites, so tracking the ranks of keywords itself is a tedious task. Once you are into core Internet marketing, you cannot check the rank of your keywords manually.

So here comes the requirement of rank tracking tools.

Let's see how it works.

Step 1: Create a new project and enter your URL.


Step 2: Select the search engines where you want to track your keywords.


Step 3: Enter your targeted keywords.


Now it will start scanning for your keyword in the search engines which you have already selected in step 2.

Here is how it looks like.


Rank Tracker will let you track

  1. All keywords in your project.
  2. Progress graph.
  3. History record.
  4. Ranking data.
  5. Visibility graph for better understanding.
  6. Keyword difficulty.

Here is progress graph of one of niche sites.


You will be able to measure your progress each day after analyzing your keywords position. This will not only help you to have the complete report but also take appropriate action to boost your keywords positions.

You can do smart search safety setting which will let you play the game safely.

You will be able to do:

  • Human Emulation: Your tool will emulate human action by doing proper step by step processing.
  • User Agents: You can define various user agents for your rank tracker.
  • Proxy rotation: You can add your private proxies to perform a safe search.
  • Captcha Setting: You must have seen that when we perform more searches on Google, it starts asking for the captcha. SO here you can define your own captcha breaking service and do more safe rank tracking.

In short, rank tracker will let you manage your own keywords ranking as well as your client's keywords positions in much smarter way.

2. WebSite Auditor


A perfect tool for SEO agencies. This tool will perform a deep scan for the given link and calculate on-page SEO factors like links, titles, headings, indexing, redirects, error codes and other important ranking factors.

By doing an analysis of your own blog/website, you can figure out all the problems and make it more SEO friendly.

Here is Blogging Cage's audit.


It will check all the validation errors and encoding related issue.

You can generate a complete report for all the parameters and send it directly to your clients (Enterprise Edition).


You can perform audits like:

  • All pointing links.
  • On-Page factors analysis.
  • Indexing status in various search engines.
  • Social media popularity.
  • Most popular pages on your blog.
  • Broken links
  • Duplication titles.
  • Meta description errors.

And much other deep analysis for the given link.

3. SEO Spyglass


A thousand dollars tool in few hundred bucks.

There are many tools/services out there which are charging hundreds of dollars per month just to help you spy on your competitors.

You have to pay them month after month to continue your services.

I was using one service where I was paying $49.95 every month just to spy on my competitors and to find more link opportunity. I was satisfied with the service but the issue was, I was performing only few spying every month and paying $49.95 every month.

So I found a great tool in SEO powersuite's bundle – SEO Spyglass.

Spying is always fun because you learn a lot of things in the process and come to know about more link building techniques.

The secret of success in Internet marketing is the smartness to spy your competitors ~ Kulwant Nagi

Let's see how can you do it with SEO Spyglass.

Step 1: Either select targeted keyword or competitor's website to spy.


In next step, it will ask you to enter Google Analytics details to do the complete scanning.

Now it will start scanning.


After finishing the process, it will ask to update the ranking factors. I would recommend to select yes and select the factors.

Decide the ranking factors.


It will take time because it's performing a deep scan to find all the links pointing to that site and updating all the related factors.

After completion, it will give you details like

  • Total backlinks pointing to URL.
  • A complete detail about backlinks.
  • Link penalty risks.
  • Backlinks from homepage, blogs, forums, directories, etc.
  • Traffic coming from particular backlinks.

See the screenshot


You can spy your competitors and learn their link building strategy.

You can check:

  • Domain age
  • Anchor text
  • Anchor URL
  • Country of link
  • Domain IP
  • Link's PageRank
  • Social media popularity

These factors will give you clear insight about a number of efforts which you will have put to rank your site and exact technique of link building which your competitors used.

4. Link Assistant


I bet you have never seen such a smart tool in the industry.

When I saw the features of this tool, I was like wowwwwwww.

How a tool can be so smart that you can make your link building life much easier.

This tool will let you manage your link building campaign at one place. You can configure your email directly in the tool and send as well as receive the mails.

How to Start?

Step 1: Enter your website URL.


Now it will start fetching all the stuff from the provided URL.


Step 2: Define your Anchor Text and Description.

This is the very important setting in this tool. Here we are going to define the anchor text for which we want to rank our blog.


Fill the contact name and email information in the next step and click on finish.

Step 3: Click on search button.


Step 4: Select the appropriate steps for fetching the results.


Step 5: Enter your keywords and start fetching.

It will take time to fetch all the link building opportunities. In results, it will give windows showing all the links with webmaster's name and email address.


This is the complete process till fetching. We have fetched all the sites with the same niche and have email addresses of the owners.

Now how can we use them?

Link Assistant has given inbuilt browser as well as an email client to make your work lot more easier. We can send pre-made email templates to any email and track them by sitting in the tool's dashboard.

Here are the steps to send mails:

Step 1: Select any link and Email button.


Step 2: Select any pre-made pitching template and click send.


Note: You can modify the pitching templates and pitch them in your own style.

With this tool you can:

  • Check all the link building opportunities.
  • Complete details about the link building opportunities.
  • Verified status checking if anyone linked back to you.
  • Failed status.
  • Anchor variation options.

With this tool, you can keep complete track of all your link building process and manage it in a professional way. You can keep the track on all the clients and save the reports for analysis.

Note: In enterprise edition, you can create white labeled reports. You can print them, send them directly to your clients, publish them online or schedule them for publishing. The best feature is you can import all the data in spreadsheets and use them for future purpose.

SEO Powersuite
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8 thoughts on “SEO Powersuite Review: 65% Discount (December 2018)”

  1. Yet another good review Buddy..

    Yes, Using this tool efficiently last 3 months now.. But, the free version only.

    Its works great.. Specially the SEO Spyglass rocking on backlink checking for zero dollar.. Though, I think the paid version of this tool not that good enough as Ahrefs when it comes to backlink checker.. Right?

    But, I would say this is one of the best SEO tools which lets to do more things even with the free version. Also better than some crappy paid tools.

    BTW, which Backlink checker you’re personally using to get most out the links analysis buddy ?

    • Yeah, Prabhakaran. I just loved the tools and tons of world-class features. Right now I am using SEOSpyGlass + SEMRush to explore backlinks.

  2. Brother I am Confused between SEO PowerSuite and Ultimate Demon,?
    Whcih will be the best for longer term.

    My niche is of CPA and Blackhat SEO is needed their..
    But still i want to be safe,
    for backlinks and submissions? Which will be the best fr me? UL Demon? or SE Power Suite?

    and also on the post of ultimate demon, you are offering 100$ on purchase via PAypal?
    IS that offer still live?

    • For link building my vote would go for Ultimate Demon. Yes, that offer is still live.

      • Thanks,,
        I will arrange CC from my Bro till tomorrow and will buy Ultimate Demon Lifetime Licence, as debit is not accepted their, I tried today..
        I will get that from your Link and will inform you.

  3. Hello Kulwant,

    I just downloaded the free trial for my linux. It’s is a good tool but I found it little complicated. But.. it gives us the complete authority over the full SEO of our blog. We can research, analyze and manage our links at just one place. No need to find other tools for different purposes.

    Thanks for sharing this ultimate tool with us πŸ™‚

    • Yeah Nikhil.. That’s why I wrote ‘Complete SEO Solution’

      The day I started using it, other tools are waiting for their turn. πŸ™‚

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