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What is SEO?

SEO is a acronym of Search Engine Optimization which simply means to optimize your blog/website in such a smart way that search engine can know about your blog. When we are searching anything on Google and getting some relevant results, this means that the results which we are getting have good SEO.

First of I would like to suggest you to download SEO Guide Below (PDF)

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

SEO include many guidelines which we need to follow to get our articles ranked in Google.

A very first thing to learn in Search Engine Optimization is Keyword Research.

#Keyword Research

keywordsThis is a kind of strategy which will help you to find that what people are searching on the internet and how you can select good keywords for your blog. This practice will tell you which keywords have good chance to get ranked in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Read this Guide ForGoogle Keyword Research

Once you are done with the Keyword Research guide listed above then second thing come after this is On-Page optimization.

#On-Page optimization

on-pageThis practice will let you make the things such stronger that Google will love to visit your blog.

This includes H1, H2, H3 tages in your article. Bold, Italic and underline keywords in your article and internal linking to reduce bounce rate. I am using Easy WP SEO (Premium Plugin) on my blog and this is helping me to do great on-page SEO on my blog.

Do proper Image Optimization so that images used in the articles can also drive traffic on your blog.

You can read this complete guide about 8 Most Recommended Google’s Guidelines for SEO

Note: Never do on-page optimization in access and never try to do keyword stuffing. Access of keyword on your page will invite Negative SEO.

#Off-Page Optimization

off-page-seo1Once you are done with writing your article and it goes live, third task comes here is to do off-page optimization.

Note: if you have written awesome/valuable article and have already done good on-page SEO then don't just sit down and relex.

Off -Page is most important to drive traffic on your blog as this include Social media share, social bookmarking, web 2.0 backlinks and many other promotion techniques.

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You should target good blogs to do commenting and always left valuable comments. if you comment is adding value in the article then there is more probability that people would love to visit your blog. Which will help you to have extra traffic on your blog.

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#Drive Traffic

online_trafficYou have already done 3 most important task before and after writing a good article.

Here come the question, How to drive traffic?

If you are a newbie blogger then don't rush for traffic and money in starting days. because both the things will increase when time will goes on. But here are some of the tested ways to drive traffic on your blog.

  • Write unique content (people love to read unique, so they will visit your blog again for new tips)
  • Use Social Media in effective manner.
  • Leave valuable comments on others articles.
  • Be active in forums.
  • Do guest posting.
  • Submit your website to social bookmaking sites.
  • Submit content in web 2.0 websites (Squidoo, hubpages etc).
  • Be active in Facebook groups

Use the methods listed above and you will see huge improvement in your traffic.

I have done all the methods listed above and enjoying good traffic on my blog.

Implement the things carefully and see the results.

All the very best !!

Cheers !!

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