How to Build a Successful Blog in a Saturated Niche

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So you have decided to start a blog, but the niche that you have chosen is already crowded with a large number of bloggers?

This could be a big problem, let's face it.

You may end up being discouraged, with thousand of doubts and questions like:

  • Will someone notice my blog?
  • Am I going to reach the authority of the best bloggers in my niche?
  • Will I ever build a solid base of fans?

As you can see, there's enough to give up, even before you can start!

Yet, despite the huge competition, I am convinced that with common sense, hard work, patience and perseverance, you can still build a successful blog in a saturated niche.

The important thing is blindly believe in your abilities, and work smarter.

If you're still reading, you're probably really motivated to start a blog and get into the online game.

Very well, this is a winning attitude.

So here are my tips on how to create a blog in a crowded niche.

1. Get Off on the Right Foot

The first step is to start in the right foot, and choosing the best option according to your needs. Here are some options you have:

Use a Blogging Platform

Blogger (by Google) offers you an easy method to create your first website. It's completely free and widely used. Many popular bloggers started this way.

With, you have the opportunity to build your blog using the most popular platform worldwide. But like Blogger, your domain name will not be hosted by yourself.

Use a Publishing Platform

A publishing Platform (can be referred as a microblogging platform) like Medium or Tumblr is essentially a non-branded platform for publishing content and maintaining a blog. A publishing platform is essentially a blogging platform meets a social networking website.

Use a Website Creator

Website Builder and IM Creator are free website creators. They have a simple to use drag and drop platform and many templates to choose from. You can have your content published in a matter of minutes.

If you opt to go with a website builder for your blog, it’s extremely important to conduct some research on all the different ones you can use. Read up on some popular online website creator tools to choose the one you like the most.

Use a CMS

If you want to have complete control on your website, and you feel ready to have your self hosted blog, you can use the most popular CMS and a free hosting platform like Hostt to start.

In any case, I suggest you to read this tutorial recently published on BloggingCage (which will guide you through choosing your niche, domain name, hosting service, CMS, theme, etc) :

Complete Guide On How To Start Blogging

2. Segment Your Audience

Users of a niche have different degrees of knowledge of the subject, with different experiences or resources available.

For example, according to the characteristics of the people, you should consider a basic, an intermediate and an advanced level.

There are those who do not have any experience and there are those who have a lot. Some have financial possibilities equal to zero, while some others can spend a lot.

Also, consider that age influences the way in which users approach to topics within a niche.

Think about building a blog on how to make career decisions. In this case, you can address your writing to university students, recently graduated, professionals in their forties or managers over fifty.

In general, as you can see, within the same niche there are many different types of users to whom you can turn.

Each of these segments is a homogeneous group of readers who are hungry for your quality content.

This action will have another advantage: you will understand precisely who you should address your communication to.

And this will lead you to create a blog that will be much easier to write, since you have a clearer idea of who your audience is and what content they need.

3. Understand Needs and Problems

The audience of a niche has a number of specific problems to solve. This means, they are on the hunt for quality content which help them find the solutions.

For example, you can write tutorials on how to use new tools or resources, or guide on how to solve specific needs.

Consider that people have different psychologies. Not everyone think the same way. And this can also be kept in mind if you want to create a blog in a saturated niche.

Let me explain by examples.

There will be people oriented toward practical solutions. They do not like much the theory. Therefore, an idea would be to write for them quality content such as “how to” tutorials.

Then there are the users who are in love with the latest news (for example, in technology, these people are called early adopters).

For them, you should create quality content which explains the latest innovations affecting their niche.

Basically, the idea is to create a blog to respond to your audience needs.

4. Act on Frequency of Publication

In a crowded niche, probably the popular bloggers publish with a low frequency.

This gives you a good opportunity.

In fact, you can decide to create a blog which is updated with quality content every day.

In this way, you will fill with information the empty space left by other bloggers. And you'll have more chance to give your readers a preview of the most important news in your niche.

On the other side, if there are many bloggers who post every day, but their content is fairly short and hasty, you can do the opposite thing.

You can choose to create a blog that publishes with a lower frequency, but with very long and detailed articles.

5. Choose Your Personal Style

What does it mean?

Let me explain with a few examples.

Is your niche full of formal bloggers? Well, use a style of informal communication.

You can also evaluate, in certain situations, to be a little provocateur, or contrarian.

In short, my advice is to differentiate yourself from the anonymous mass using a fresh, direct and agile communication.

Conversely, you may notice that in your niche most bloggers write in a casual way as to verge on the superficiality.

Maybe between users there is a not yet satisfied need of information provided in a more thoughtful, mature and institutional way.

6. Use Videos or Podcasts

Another way to stand out from other bloggers in your niche is to provide quality content in an original way, that is different from what others are doing.

What does this mean?

Have you ever thought about creating a blog which contents are mainly videos?

Many users love videos, because they hate to struggle to read on the monitor and prefer to watch rather than read.

The same way, you can record your voice, by creating podcasts. People will be able to listen to you while doing other things, like walking, running, or driving.

At the limit, you can create content that integrate information from texts through extensive use of images, videos or podcasts.

Some niches are particularly suited to this “diversification“.

Consider, for example, the blogs that talk about food. Writing a post about a recipe is fine, but the result would be greater if you could provide photos of the dishes cooked. Or even better, a video of the preparation of the recipe. Or else, a podcast explaining everything, so your audience could prepare the dishes while they listen to your podcasts.


Here are some tips to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

I think they key is being original, unique, while providing useful information for your audience, solving their needs and problems.

Also, be sure to read a lot. In this way, you can understand your competition and get to know the latest news in your niche.

What do you think?

Are you blogging in a crowded niche?

According to you, what are the steps needed to build a successful blog in a saturated market?

Please let me have your views in the comments below, thanks!

Erik Emanuelli

Erik is a passionate traveler and serious blogger. He likes to write about online business on his main site NoPassiveIncome. You can check his new blog at Reviewz'n'Tips.

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4 thoughts on “How to Build a Successful Blog in a Saturated Niche”

  1. Hi Erik

    Good to see you here at Kulwant’s blog.

    Topic is really very important because of the following two scenarios:

    1) Either newbie select a saturated niche without knowing what and how they to do something different create a space for them in a crowded industry
    2) Or they drop the idea of selecting a saturated niche and pick the one that’s not their cup of tea and fail to make it ultimately complaing blogging has no more earning potential.

    The right is the one you mentioned in this post. Believing in onself and determine to make it with hard work and consistency.

    You rightly mentioned to create something new and valuable one has to make up his mind to do extensive research and reading to bring new ideas to grab the attention of his audience.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views on the topic and help a lot to all those who have reluctance to dive into a crowded niche.

    • Hello Mi Muba,
      it’s a pleasure to contribute to BloggingCage.

      There is another scenario you missed in your comment.
      A new blogger start a website in a saturated niche like “internet marketing” just for the sake of making money online. 😉

      Aside the tips mentioned in this post,
      hard work, passion and perseverance are needed.

      Thanks for leaving your views, Mi Muba.
      Have a good weekend.

  2. Erik, glad to see you here on Kulwant’s blog.

    Every niche is really becoming saturated, so as the web.
    Its important to standout of other bloggers in your niche.

    Trying something different. Like, if most of the bloggers follow formal writing style, then try informal. It caught my mind.

    Segmenting the audience also helps a lot. We can personalize the content based on this. I would also like to note that, personalizing email lists for specific audience by asking their interests in your niche also helps a lot.

    Theoretical blog posts as fun to write, it gives us a good feelings. But when we think ourselves as readers, as you said, blog posts with practical approach are fun to read. It’s easy to grasp.

    Sharing this.

    • Hi Akshay,
      that’s right.

      Some niche, most of all the most popular ones, as “blogging” or “internet marketing” are really saturated. But they are also the most profitable markets.
      That’s why a lot of people are creating websites in these niche.

      I think there are still many more opportunities in the internet.
      Long tail keywords, for example.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      I really appreciate your share, thanks for your comment!

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