Right Color Selection: Are Your Doing it Carefully?

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Our life has been surrounded by colors so much that we experience many colors in our life and have categorized the things according to their colors. Colors can give better reading and watching experience.

The technology is increasing at fast rate and people are starting various blogs on various Niche.

You must have seen that only some of the blogs have awesome interaction and good number of visitors.


When I analyzed them, I found that those blogs were very good-looking and easy to scan that's why I am going on those blogs again and again. In recent study Pat Flynn has revealed how his traffic dropped to 31% and after doing first alteration of design and then it boosted almost doubled than original after giving them few more changes.

Read case study on Pat's blog here.

Your blog is your online voice and this is going to make your online identity much faster if you are paying attention for your blog's design.

Colors make our life happier and more enjoyable so in the online world Right Color Selection have the same importance.

Why Right Color Selection is Important?

There are so many reason to select best colors combination for your blog but here I am going to talk about few of them only.

  • It makes your Blog Brandable
  • It gives your visitor a cool Sensation
  • It's a Therapy
  • It add more value in your content

1. It makes your Blog Brandable

Everyone wants that his or her blog should have a reputation in online world.

People work damn hard to add quality content, too many ads and different type of theme but they are still lacking behind other because their blog is not making presence as of poor color selection.

For making your blog a brand you will have to work too much hard and spend too much time for the content as well as blog design. And Blog design no doubt include the proper color selection.

Try to think about Mashable, You will see BLUE color as soon as the name will come. Or try to think about any brandable blog you will remember the colors of that blog. Because they have done right color selection and made this color as brand for their blog.

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2. It gives your visitor a Cool Sensation

Why you started a Blog?

Obviously for providing some valuable stuff in online world so that visitors can come to your blog and have some information about what they are looking for.

So it is clear that when a visitor comes to our blog then he/she should have the sensation that he/she is on right blog and should have some inclination with the colors of the blog. So proper selection of colors can make a picture in reader's mind about your blog even when he/she is not accessing it online.

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3. It's a Therapy

In various part of the world colors are used for treating ill people. Our intention here is not to treat the ill people but we can give them some good feeling with the good color selection.

One scientific fact:

When we see any color then we are in the receiving mode of that color's frequency and wavelength.

These frequencies are so much good for our health that they can change our mood and we can have more vibrant feeling. With right color selection you can add some energy in your visitor and he/she will have awesome feeling after visiting your blog.

4. It add more value in your Blog

Once your blog will at a stable state that you are getting good number of visitors then this Right Color Selection will add more value in your blog in every aspect like good bounce rate, good AdSense income etc. You have more loyal and returning visitors because everyone wants to have some good feeling and good content to read.

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Finally I would like to say that Right Color Selection plays a vital role in the online world and you can reap more if you are paying attention toward it.

Kulwant Nagi

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4 thoughts on “Right Color Selection: Are Your Doing it Carefully?”

  1. Hello Kulwant sir,
    It is always and have always happened in my case that once I choose any wordpress theme for my blog I always get bored after watching out the same colour again and again and again.
    Can you provide me with some tip regarding this?

    Loved your post. 🙂

  2. Well, choosing a colour and its importance for a website especially a blog is known by me when I was surfing for a magazine theme for one of the blog. According to me one thing which is very important for choosing a perfect colour for your website and blog is that you need to keep in mind the content you serve and the the type of your audience. I mean if you have got a blog related to some women accessories than “Baby Pink” will be preferable. Another example is that if your audience falls in category of something called geeks or nerds than you need to have some dark colors like black.

    Thank you for posting this thing.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Charmie.

      I am big fan of great looking themes because we all know that first impression is the last impression. I want to please my readers in their first visit so I spend too much time on my blog designs. 🙂

      Colors of any theme depends on niche so always pick them very carefully.

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