Recommended Themes, Plugins, Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Success in affiliate marketing depends on the selection of themes and plugins too.

One wrong theme can destroy your whole site and make you disappointed. One wrong plugin can make your site load heavy which ultimately makes your site perform poor in ranking.

So selection of right themes and plugins is very important while building an affiliate site.

Being in the industry for more than 6 years, I recommend following themes and plugins. I have personally used all of them on my various niche sites and they are a perfect weapons to build a good looking affiliate site.

#1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is the most amazing and perfect theme to run any affiliate website.

Although this theme is available at FREE of cost too, but investing just $39 to buy a premium theme is a good investment to start a professional looking affiliate site.

#2. StudioPress

I have used StudioPress (Genesis theme) for more than 5 years. There was a time when all of my affiliate websites were using Genesis framework.

StudioPress is still one of my topmost choices to run an affiliate website.

All StudioPress themes are well-coded, responsive, Schema Optimized and SEO optimized.

#3. ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus or ConvertPro is an amazing plugin to show popups on your blog which capture the attention of your readers.

This plugin can be used if you are building an email list on your blog.

#4. Shortlinks by Pretty Links

This is a free plugin which I am using on all of my affiliate sites. I cannot imagine any affiliate website without this plugin.

This is an affiliate link cloaking plugin.

First, let me explain what link cloaking is.

In one lesson, I taught you how to grab your affiliate link at Clickbank (I hope you remember that).

ClickBank Promote

In this screenshot, we can say that affiliate link looks very much weird and it cannot be remembered.

Further, if you use this affiliate link directly in your blog posts, Google is going to hate it.

Google doesn't like naked affiliate links.

Yeah, we call them naked affiliate links.

So We are going to cloak this link.

Here comes the role of Pretty Link Lite plugin.

Click on Pretty Links > Add New Link.

Paste your affiliate link in Target URL.

and in Pretty Link option below, give it a good name. (Here this is the affiliate link of Lurn Program, so I am going to name it lurn)

and click on the Create button at the end.

Now I have my cloaked affiliate URL which I can use on my blog anywhere and it's very easy to remember too.

As simple as that. 🙂

#5. Yoast SEO Plugin

Another plugin which I am using on all my affiliate websites.

This plugin will do all the important SEO settings on your blog and make it Google friendly.

A highly recommended plugin to use on affiliate sites.

#6. Broken Link Checker

This is a must have plugin for any affiliate site.

This will automatically check all the broken links on your blog which can create 404 error (which Google doesn't like) and help them to unlink those pages with just one click.

Very helpful plugin.

Final Words.

Although there are many plugins which I can recommend to use but I always recommend to use fewer plugins on WordPress blog.

As more plugins will increase the load on your server and your website will load very slow.

These are the basic plugins and themes which anyone can use to build an affiliate website.