Reasons Why Guest Blogger Fails To Get Their Post Published

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Guest Posting is probably the best way of bringing traffic and building quality backlinks and reputation on the web. Google loves guest posting. Don’t listen to the speculations that your blog may get penalized for accepting guest post.

However, if you sell links through guest posts Google may kick you out of their SERPs. Now don’t start thinking how Google will figure out whether the post is a guest post or a paid post, they are smarter than us I don’t have to tell you how. Anyway let me get back to my topic.

Everyday thousand of ghost writers or guest bloggers are trying their hands on guest posting but they fail drastically because of very simple reasons. Below I have mentioned the two most important reasons why guest blogger fails to get their post publish on top blogs. Don’t forget to check the solutions.

Guest Blogger Failure Reason #1

Guest blogger thinks blog owners will publish any article which they provide them for free. So they spam the owner email with crappy topic ideas and article which are not only full of grammatical errors but also are not unique. They forget that a blog is the most loved asset which the owner cannot harm it no matter what they are offered. It is always recommended to write an article which will be perfect and unique for the blog. For writing such an article it is necessary to choose a topic. Many guest blogger fails here.


Social Media is the best place to look for topic. Popular blogging groups are filled with newbies and professional bloggers from around the world. If you are smart you can choose a topic from their discussions. Actually there is a good benefit of this, which is you can easily pull that traffic which was active on the discussion and get some easy share and like or tweet.

Popular blogs like SEJ or SEW are very good source to get topic ideas again by following the comments that they get on each posts. People often ends up asking “how can I do this”, “why I can’t do this” etc. Do your research and write a great blog post about it. It also has two benefits one of which is, you will end up writing a unique content which is never published on the web before and for the other benefit I will come later. Google trends, internet marketing forums can also prove fruitful while choosing topics. Now when you have understood how to write a good post it’s time to see why you still can’t get it published.

Guest Blogger Failure Reason #2

Pitching the guest post is another section where guest bloggers fail. Tell me will you consider reading the article written by someone who cannot send a properly formatted email. By “properly formatted” I mean free of grammatical errors and lack of pitching sense. Again by “pitching sense” I mean the way of contacting the blog owner about the guest post. I get around 200 guest post request per month but I select only very few of them because the other lacks pitching sense. Many of them send me an email by saying

Dear Blog owner, (Where as my name is clearly mentioned in the about us section)

Are you interested to submit a guest post on your blog. Let me know if you are interested so that I can send you a high quality article asap.

Are you going to read the article sent by this guy who cannot write a 40 words paragraph properly without grammatical errors? No way, right? This is another reason why guest bloggers fail to get their post published. The proper way to pitch a guest post request is mentioned in the solution.


While pitching the guest post it is always recommended to personalise the email. Try to know about the owner(s) of the blog where you are interested to get your post publish. Try to know who is/are the owner of the blog. Try to check their about us section read some of the previous posts (it is highly recommended not only for pitching the guest post but also for choosing topics to write), from the previously published posts you can definitely know who is/are the owners of that blog for the article author bio section.

Many blogs may not have an about us section (it is too bad though) for these blogs afore mentioned tip can be helpful. Also you can do research on Facebook to know about the owner, you can ask your friends. If still you cannot get the details of the owner(s) you can then write Dear blog owner, after that mention your name, your blog/website where you are editor or associate. (optional)

Personalizing the email is not enough for properly pitching a guest post. While pitching you should mention the title of the post and few more posts from the blog. How? Ok, now recall the solution #1. There I mentioned that reading comments on previous posts can be beneficial in two ways. The other way is, it will help you to pitch your post perfectly to the owner.

In the email you can say that from these previous posts (mention the post titles by hyper linking it) it is seem that your readers have some unsolved queries. I am here to help them by featuring my post titled (your post title) where I have done my best to feature their queries and solved them properly. I am sure your readers will love it and of course you will too.

This can be a perfect pitching. Also don’t forget to mention some of your previous posts as check some of my previous posts all of them are loved by the readers. Read the post at your convenience. Trust me (blog owner name) you will never regret your decision of reading the post.

Looking forward to see my post published🙂. Yes you can use a smiley!

So the perfect pitching template will be,

Dear (blog owner name),

It is great to see how you are managing such an informative/beautiful/stunning blog.

Being an avid reader of (blog name) I would like to say that I am missing (your topic not titled). From the comments on these previous posts (the posts which you used for your research) we can conclude that your readers have some query. But in my article titled (title) I have given maximum effort to solve the queries of your readers including mine. I am sure your readers will love it.

Review some of my previous posts:

(Some hyperlinked previous posts by breaking paragraphs) to check the quality of my writings and the reader engagement it gets.

Read the post (title) at your convenience. Trust me (blog owner name) you will really love the article and you will be glad to see the reader engagement it will get after it is published.

Will be looking forward to your reply

Best Regards


This can be termed as a perfect pitching sense.

The above reasons are not the ultimate reasons of why your guest post is rejected. Some other reasons are

  • You are not really a reader of their blog
  • You offered them money, seriously!!!?
  • You hyperlinked your affiliate link in your byline.
  • You didn’t read the guest post guidelines of the blog
  • You didn’t check whether they accept guest post or not. Silly you!
  • Your byline says you are “world famous blogger” or something like that. Many newbies write that, they think blog owners are dumb they have no idea of the field from where they are making a living. I really doubt who is dumber.

There are many other reasons too. I cannot recall any now. I will post in comment if I remember any.


I am a big fan of guest bloggers like Ann Smarty of SeoSmarty, Kristie Himes of KristiHines,  and many more. I love their contribution on blogging and internet marketing niches. Being a web design enthusiast I am also a big fan of Adrian of DesignModo. His contribution on his blog and other blog as guest blogger helps many newbie web designers to build expertise on the field.

As guest blogging is the most effective way of link building so I am sure there are many guest bloggers who would like to share some of their secrets of getting a post published. Feel free to comment with your secrets and other reasons (if any) of getting a guest post rejected.

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+Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar is a freelance writer and blogger with expertise in guest blogging He writes for many blogs including Inspireyourway where he shares freelancing tips and resources.

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    Some people work for companies and they send similar mails to many blog owners (Copy Paste). 😀 I receive a lot of requests daily, but I accept the guest post only if :

    1) It’s unique.
    2) It’s well-written.
    3) Author has a blog.
    4) Author is not guest posting for backlinks.

    You haven’t received any comment on this post. Try to promote this post on Facebook groups, blogging communities and social bookmarking sites to get exposure.

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