40 Real Online Jobs that Can Help you Make Quick Money Online

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Gone are the days when we had a set of jobs to choose from.

Mainstream jobs from STEM‌ and part-time jobs usually involved workingin department stores as a cashier or salesperson.

With the coming of the Internet, there has been a flow of new jobs. Somany jobs that you might not know a good percentage of them.

And the first step to start making money online is to know the emerging micro jobs on the Internet so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

So here is a list of 40 real online jobs that can help you make onlinequickly.

#1. Blogging

online jobs to make money

Gone are the days when blogging was limited to expressing your viewsand connect with people over the Internet. You can get more with your blogging.You can earn handsomely with it.

Many bloggers have made a fortune with it. All big-wig websites likeEngadget, Mashable, TechCrunch, HuffingtonPost started as a simple blog, andnow they are either a part of an online publication empire or the empireitself.

While there is a growing concern that the blogging industry issaturated with millions of blogs and websites competing for attention, peoplewill always value experience, and blogging can act as a great medium to dispelthat.

If you can provide something unique and out of the box, people willflock to your blog. And once you build a community around your blog, you cansell products through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, banner ads and soon.

#2. Proofreading

A lot of people want to get their content out on big websites, maybe for getting exposure to their services or getting backlinks from high authority websites.

The takeaway point here is that these big websites usually have a good flow of content with them, both through in-house writers as well as guest posters.

But all the content has to be up-to-mark to a certain standard, whichmight not be known to the writers. Every writer has his flair and style, butwebsites have to make sure that some standardization is there. That can be interms of grammar, formatting style, etc.

Proofreading is one of the hot emerging jobs out there with the boomof flow of content all over the web right now.

#3. Content Writing

What if you like to write, but don’t want to start your blog?

Content writing can give you room for your preferences. If you want to write and cover different niches and different styles, there is a big market for you to tap.

You can find many ads in ad marketplaces and freelance websites.Starting from big companies to bloggers, everyone requires good content writersas it will be a part of their brand-building process.

Freelance content writing is on such a roller-coaster ride that you can find websites with courses on how to write and churn out good content!

#4. Bookkeeping

Ten years back, book-keeping was something limited to offlinebusiness. It usually involves dealing with numbers through receipts and bills,counting inventory products, classifying the expenses, and so on.

But with the coming of the Internet, more and more people are trying to delegate the work to freelancers. From the company side, they don’t have to get an employee for full-time purposes saving them money.

And from the freelancer side, you are not restricted to a single company, so you can have multiple clients and increase your income.

You can either associate yourself with a company or start your own (incase you have the experience and have a set of clients to work with). Associatingwith a company works well for a newbie who might not have contacts and clientsto work with, as the company itself provides you with work daily.

Although the drawback is that the company will act as a middle-man andtake a cut of your earnings, but once you gain experience you can start yourown company.

#5. Online Tutoring

online money making jobs

Expertise and proficiency always sell. Especially over the internet.

Do you have a love for that certain subject that no one else does? Somuch so that you would love to share your knowledge with others and make moneyout of it?

Online tutoring is just the right job for you then.

If you like teaching but don’t want to take the extra effort ofstarting your offline classes, there is always another option open for you.

Parents usually look for tutors for their kids. And it doesn’t matterwhere the tutor is from as long as the tutor is good at it. This way, you canget students not only from your own country but from abroad as well, furtherhelping you earn a good amount of money.

Plus, it is not only limited to teaching subjects. Some websites alsotake in tutors for helping students completing their assignments as well. So ifyou think you are good at a subject and you can teach and solve assignments,this can be a good job path for you.

There are websites like Tutor and TeacherOn that can get youstarted.

#6. Chat Agent

easy money online jobs

You must wonder what a chat agent does, right?

You can usually find chat agents on websites related to banking andbooking, where users often tend to get confused about where to go to get theirjob done.

To make this easy, websites often employ chat agents. You must have seen this when logging on to certain websites a certain pop-up comes across the screen greeting you:‌ ‘How may I help you?’.

This is almost equivalent to call-center representatives. But insteadof talking over the telephone, you talk over text.

It is one of the easiest jobs out there with minimal knowledge required,the only thing being that you have to abide by the website’s rules andregulations and proficiency over a certain language (mostly English).

#7. Social Media Manager

The task of a social media manager is to manage social media profiles of companies. Companies to stay in touch with consumers often connect through tweets and Facebook posts.

You must have seen twitter handles like McDonalds and Wendys trying topost memes to connect more easily with their customers and also to lure in morepeople.

As a social media manager, you have to ensure that all the pages areworking fine, and the company’s presence is felt over the internet andespecially amongst the people on social media.

This also involves taking care of queries of users through socialmedia, replying to comments, spreading brand awareness through campaigns, andpromotions.

It would be hard to try for the role of SMM in a big company directly,but you can always start with a small to medium-ranged company and move yourway up. These companies usually look for people who can help increase theirsocial reach.

#8. Graphic Designers

making money online jobs

The demand for graphic designers will never die down. As is rightlysaid, a picture is worth a thousand words; companies usually try to sell theircontent along with great-looking visuals.

If you have a thing for designing, multiple avenues are open for you. You can design logos for companies. You can design banners for YouTube channels.

Plus, companies usually look for people who can provide them with beautiful graphics to go on their landing pages of products, as well as for their company blogs.

Graphic designers are specially employed for social media projects, due to platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which runs primarily on images.

Social Media Managers often take the help of Graphic Designers for making meme-content, promotional content and pretty much everything that required the need for images.

#9. Video Editing

make money online jobs

Just like the graphic designer, if you are good at video editing, thescope is vast.

You can edit videos for YouTubers and other video sharing platforms.Even on platforms on Instagram and Facebook, videos are always in fashion,especially 3-5 minute videos.

With video editing and graphic designing, there are lots of content-delivering websites like BuzzFeed and a whole array of news websites that prefer to put out videos.

People usually prefer going through a video than reading content, and they are always in need of video editors to help them create videos.

Product-based companies also require video editors. And as you know, alot of products are sold over the internet; you can easily find gigs and jobsover the online job marketplace.

#10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is purely a 21st-century job. I don’t think peoplewho have lived a fair share of their lives in the previous century can evencomprehend that such a job exists.

But as with bookkeeping, getting a new employee can often incur alongwith recurring costs to companies. To offset this, they usually choose toprefer to go with virtual assistants.

You set the schedule; you do the emailing, you do all the assistanttask but in the comfort of your own house. Plus, you can have multiple clientsas well over the web to increase your income further.

#11. Language Translation

If you know an extra language along with your mother tongue, how aboutusing it for earning?

Language Translators are in demand due to more inter-connectivity among people of different types, speaking different languages. Clients dealing with one another without a common language to converse often end up in a stalemate situation.

To remedy this, they often employ language translators.

Conferences often go through language translators for bettercommunication between the two parties.

Also, companies usually hire them to translate content into a regional level language. Suppose Airbnb is targeting a certain region in India, they would want to appeal to the common people living there through their language.

They usually hire people who can translate their basic content (usually written in English) to the regional language.

#12. SEO‌ Consultation

jobs online to make money

Companies and their websites crave organic traffic through searchengines. Ranking higher up in search engines can bring you more traffic, whichin turn rakes in more money for your business.

SEO‌ Consultants help companies to achieve just that.

SEO‌ stands for Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests theresponsibility involves devising strategies and techniques for the website andits post to rank higher up. This can be done through a mix of on-page andoff-page strategies.

So unless you are quite thorough with how SE‌O works, it wouldn’t makesense to foray into business. On the other hand, if you have the experience,you can work with some of the bigger companies to help them with yourconsultancy.

Especially with so many companies fighting over the attention space,companies are shelling out a good amount of money to get placed higher.

#13. Ad Campaign Manager

So what does a manager of an ad campaign do?

They are responsible for both devising campaigns as well as make surethat campaigns work well. They have to devise measurable objectives and metricsto make sure that the money company is investing for an ad campaign is beingused productively.

Ad Campaigns usually run over social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as through sponsored Google results. The Manager has to make sure that the reach of the product/service is maximum.

One can also employ other additional techniques like sponsored posts, as long as it is getting the company the exposure.

As long as you know your way around with campaigning and have a goodexperience with ad campaigns, you can work at leisure from your house.

#14. Scoping

Not many of you would be aware of scoping.

There are court reporters who cover various court proceedings: casesand hearings, what a scopist’s task is to edit the transcripts from thecourtroom.

Court reporters usually type in the proceedings through a stenomachine. This is then processed through a CAT‌(computer-aided translation),which gets converted to English.

The scopist will then look for missing spaces, misspelled words. It isone of the most significant jobs as you have to make sure the words correspondexactly to what was said in the courtroom.

As a scopist, you need to know how to use CAT‌ software, the properterminology, how to put and format a transcript.

It is a very demanding job and asks a lot of your time to learn allthe tidbits, but once you know the know-how of it, it can be very rewarding.

The best part is that you don’t need to be in court; you need to havean internet connection to be in touch with the reporters.

#15. E-commerce Business

online jobs to earn money

How about selling your products?

E-commerce has taken the world by storm. More and more people arelooking to buy things online, as

a) They are usually economically viable, and

b) More options are exquisite items are available.

If you can provide something new, you will always find a customer basefor your business, be it business-to-business or business-to-consumer. It istargeting a small niche where competition is less and then expand your way out.

Take, for example, Amazon, which started with selling books over theinternet, as there was no internet service doing the same. And now they are ane-commerce mammoth, selling from hair-pins to refrigerators!

#16. Voiceover Artists

internet jobs earn money

If you know how to mimic and produce different sounds, how aboutgiving this a shot?

Voiceover artists are often employed in dubbing purposes. Whenever avideo needs to be made targeting the local audience, let’s say there’s atrailer of a Hollywood movie which the company is thinking to target the localaudience of France.

To appeal to the French, Voiceover artists’ services are used to do adubbing. Video remains the same, but the audio gets morphed over the video.

This is a booming job as more and more content from foreign countriesare being exchanged with home countries, be it anime or french art-housemovies.

#17. Amazon FBA

easy online money making jobs

What if you want to sell products but don’t want to take the hassle ofsetting up a new internet business?

Amazon’s FBA scheme is perfect for you. FBA‌ stands for fulfilled byAmazon. You make use of Amazon’s logistic power network. You store yourproducts in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and they will handle the delivery andstorage part of it.

You will be charged for the storage and delivery part, but it willsave you the mess of doing everything on your own. Plus with Amazon FBA you canalso take advantage of their Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping and freeshipping on eligible orders.

#18. Technical Writers

top paying online jobs

Technical writers are specialized content writers. They deal withcontent which is more complex to write compared to usual content writer.

They usually write instruction manuals, press releases, user manualsand reference guides, almost everything under the domain of technicaldocumentation. This usually requires people whose educational background is intechnical fields such as Engineering.

Technical writer's job is to break down complex information into easy to comprehend content, usually for consumers (as guides) or company’s employees to create new products.

So if you are from a technical background and want to make use of your knowledge, this can be a bright path for you.

#19. Online Course

quick money online jobs

If you have expertise over a certain topic, let’s say how to developamazing android app, how about making a paid course out of it?

Websites like Udemy help you to do the same. From graphic designing tocontent writing to voice acting, there is a lot to teach, and on similar lines,a lot of people wanting to learn the art of that specific skill.

And in this day and age, we all have something that we are proficientat. Be it playing football or singing, and you know something more than therest of us. How about sharing your knowledge, tips, and tricks through acourse?

It almost falls under the domain of online tutoring, except with online tutoring; it usually involves a 1-on-1 approach. With the paid course, there is a one-time investment of a long period to devise the course and getting the course out.

But once you get your course out, multiple students can learn on their own.

You don’t have to put effort into teaching each student from scratch,as they will do that on their own.

#20. Financial Advisor

jobs that make money online

With the coming of‌ the Internet, pretty much everything has shiftedits base to the Internet.

And so happened with financial advising as well.

If you are good at handling money, research market trends, and plan schemes for your clients, you can excel easily.

You need to be in touch with your clients through call and email and advise them on how to reach their financial goals. It can be set up retirement plans, devising ways to cut expenditure and save money and so on.

Plus, an added benefit is that you can work from home with just aninternet connection and a laptop as a basic necessity. You can even take inmultiple clients across the globe, which is something you probably won’t beable with an offline venture of financial advising.

#21. Web Developer

online jobs to make money fast

If you are good at coding, especially if you know front-endprogramming needed in designing and back-end programming needed for buildingdatabases, you can find amazing well-paying jobs online.

With the coming of the Internet, more and more applications are usingthe power of the Internet. And there is a clear reason why; you get a vast userbase to tap into. Applications like Netflix which dethroned Box Office properlydemonstrated that.

The market for web applications is booming, be it application for B2Bdomain or B2C, more and more people prefer doing their job over the Internet.You don’t need to download extra software, type the website URL into thebrowser and you are good to go!

With this shift in application making, you can make the best out of this situation if you have the appropriate coding skills to help design web applications.

You can find gigs on websites like Freelancer, where startups usually look for people to collaborate with a team of other people to build web apps.

#22. App Developer

jobs to make money online

To go along with web applications, companies also launch their ownAndroid, Windows and iOS apps for better reach of their products and penetrationamong the masses.

Web applications like Monday, Flock, and Uber all are webapplications, but they have their respective applications on all the majorplatforms.

Many companies usually look for people who can help them build anAndroid or iOS app equivalent to their web application, and you can earn a goodamount of you know the relevant coding skills to develop for mobile platforms.

Not only that, but you can also create your applications. If you canoffer something new to the people, who knows, you might end up having abest-seller application on your hand.

#23. Bug Tester/Product Tester

Bug Tester usually comes under the general category of producttesters. Bug Testers can be a bit more technically oriented and if you know thetechnical aspects of how the application works, you can use it to your profit.

Big companies usually have bug bounty programs, and if you can find a significant bug, you can get paid handsomely.

There are also companies out there who pay you to review their products. It doesn’t involve many technicalities, but you have to give a general outlook of what you think.

Companies usually send products to a selected product-testers before they officially launch into the markets.

You can read more about those websites here.

Product Tester is one of the easiest jobs there and doesn’t involvemuch effort; you have to be honest about what you think of the product and letthe company know about it.

high paying online jobs

On the lines of a financial advisor, if you are good at law, you canmake good earning on the Internet.

You can make use of your law degree to get gigs online. Small to medium companies usually can’t afford paying high fees of established legal advisors, and hence, they prefer to go with online legal advisors.

Online legal advisors can easily do things like reviewing ownership documents or any legal documents.

Not only that, some websites connect users directly with the lawyers (like this one). Websites likethis will ensure that you have a pool of clients to choose from and get paidfrom time-to-time.

#25. Researcher

get paid online jobs

Now the job of a researcher is quite vague to define. The task of aresearcher is to provide something new to clients which they can use in theirproducts.

Researchers are employed in writing non-fiction books to help the authors find appropriate and relevant facts related to what they are writing — finding out new content ideas to write.

They can also be employed by companies to find out what their competitors are doing and finding new leads.

The job of a researcher is not properly defined, but if you are theone who wants to discover and explore new things over the Internet and assembleit in a relevant manner, this is something you should look out for.

#26. WordPress Plugin Developer

online work to earn money

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. Somuch so that it powers about 30% of the internet.

With so many customers in one place, a marketplace takes shape on itsown to cater to their needs. And a similar thing happened with WordPress aswell.

There are lots of themes, theme frameworks, and plugins available forWordPress users. Most of them usually work on a free and paid version of theplugin. And, you will find almost tens of alternatives to every major pluginout there.

Although SEO Yoast is one of the most popular plugins in the WPmarketplace, you will still find plugins that offer something new and somethingdifferent and carving up their share of users.

So the bottom line is if you know your way on how to build WordPressplugins, there’s real cash to be made here.

#27. Affiliate Marketing

fast money jobs online

People have earned six-figure earnings with affiliate marketing.

How about promoting products from companies and getting a commissionout of every sale?

Although it can be very hard to start, as it would be hard to convincepeople why they should go through the link you are asking them to go. Moreover,why should they choose the product you are asking them to.

If you can build a trust link with your users, you can easily get sales of your promoted products. But to build trust and authority takes some time, so do consider that.

You can do the same by making use of building your blogs or website, social media pages, YouTube videos. You can check some of the best affiliate marketing networks and pick good products to promote.

It is time-consuming, but once you build authority and a user base,you can have a cash cow on your hands.

#28. Transcriptionists

It is one of those jobs which any entry-level person looking foronline jobs can easily do.

All you have to do is listen to audio and video files, and convert itinto text. Although there are certain basic criteria which demand you to have acertain word-per-minute count and good grammar, if you can achieve both ofthem, you are good to start.

There are websites like TranscribeMe, which will findyou transcribing jobs easily. You first need to register on their website andpass their basic grammar test to start accepting small tasks. After you reach asmall threshold amount, you get paid.

As easy as that!

#29. Language Tutor

highest paying online jobs

Usually, people, when they move from one country to another, usuallyfor the sake of their occupation, they might want to know the language inadvance so that they can mix up well with the locals.

People might also want to learn a new language for their own sake, butthere is a good industry for tutoring languages.

Although there are a lot of apps available online, people usually prefer one-on-one sessions with instructors.

Also, most of the grammar taught by these apps is formal and might not be used in day to day life; this is where a native speaker of that language can help you greatly.

So how about teaching your native language to somebody who wants tolearn the same and earn some good money out of it! A website like Preply can help you get students easily.

#30. Life Coach

money making online jobs

Life Coach can be a very serious job. You have to offer counseling and suggestions to your clients on how they can solve their existing problems.

Problems usually don’t come under the domain of technical knowledgesuch as legal or financial, but they usually deal with problems such asdepression, lack of motivation, lack of focus, and so on.

Since you are dealing with problems that happen to the best of us atlarge, you can also start your own YouTube channel with your ideas on how totackle these issues. Once you build a good name for yourself, you can thenstart conducting seminars and workshops both privately and for corporatecompanies.

#31. Dropshipping

free online money making jobs

Dropshipping is one of the interesting business ventures you can dipyour hands in.

In this, you sell products to customers — nothing new on that front.

Except you don’t hold any inventory of products. You contact thesupplier and schedule a delivery to the customer. You take a small cut of thesale that has been done.

It has its own set of pros and cons, but if you want to learn moreabout it, you can findit here.

#32. Travel Agent

online money jobs free

Yes, you have heard that right!

When I say people have shifted their base to the Internet to appeal tomore customers, so have travel agents.

Travel agents work as middle-men who set up plans for their customers and book hotels and restaurants on their behalf.

There is nothing here that limits you to do your work from a brick-and-mortar office. You can very well do the same at home with an active internet connection.

The only thing being, you have to promote your services across theinternet through classified ads, social media ads and so on.

#33. Resume Writers

money making jobs online

Resume writing is a tough job. You have to maintain a certain flairand style.

And there are websites on the Internet which cater to this exact need.How about learning the skill of resume writing and working for these websites?

Students usually employ the services of these websites to get goodresumes on their hands. Learning how to write a resume might take some time,but once you know how it is done, you can effectively use it working forprofessional resume writing websites.

#34. Niche Websites Developer

These types of developers target a specific niche.

best paid online jobs

Not broad niches like Tech, but rather focussed niches, like a websiteon the next Samsung Galaxy Note phone.

These types of websites are usually in trend for a good amount of timeas people look for details about the phone and guides related to the same.

You can have a website on the same lines and self affiliated productsrelated to that (in that case Samsung Galaxy Note) and get paid well.

Niche websites usually have short life-time, but if you can rankhighly and get traffic in good numbers, you can it can do you wonders.

#35. Data Entry

Data Entry is one of the easiest jobs on the list, and you will findan abundance of job-related to Data Entry.

how to make money online jobs

Companies usually need to store their data and records in onlinedatabases. For this, they employ people whose job is just to put the rightinformation into the tables and databases.

Since you usually have to type in your information, a good typingspeed can help you immensely here. You should also know how to use the requiredsoftware properly.

#36. Sell Photos

online jobs to make money

Perhaps you like to snap photos.

How about making money out of it?

You can sell your photos on websites such as Shutterstock and Etsy,services that run entirely on selling images to people all over the Internet.Every image that gets downloaded, you get a share of the revenue.

#37. YouTubers/Vloggers

online money making jobs

Youtube-ing has taken the world by storm. A lot of young people arelooking toward it as a viable path option.

Especially with vlogging, you don’t require fancy equipment. You needa phone to shoot good-enough videos and some small editing here and there, andyou are good to go. If you have the right personality, you will instantly clickwith people and create a fan base for yourself.

Even if you don’t know what’s the harm in giving it a try?

You can also create your own YouTube videos: it can be related tocooking or creating crafts, teaching how to paint, and so on. Everybody isskilled in at least one thing, and you have to get that out and channel itproperly through YouTube videos.

#38. Sell eBooks

easy money online jobs

Do you have a penchant for writing and writing long?

How about writing eBooks? Writing full-fledged books might not bepossible for you with all the publishing issues. You need to pitch your ideasto a publishing company and hope that they like it and then go through furtherrounds of discussion and anticipation.

You can cut the crap simply by putting an eBook. It is rather easy,and you can easily upload it to Amazon. There are programs run by Amazon thatencourage people to write eBooks and the best one gets Amazon’s backing and amonetary prize.

If you had the desire to write but always were afraid about goingthrough publishing woes, this can give you a proper room to get what youwanted. Plus by posting it on Amazon, you can make money out of it as well.

#39. Cake Making

jobs online to make money

Cake Making is probably one of the unique jobs out there in themarketplace.

But it is quite simple as far as you know how to make cakes andaccording to users' demand. You need to advertise your service on the internet,take orders online, make them and ship them to the customers.

Although it has some risks associated with how to deal with theineffective delivery of cakes, as they are delicate, people always likecustomized cakes, and this is a growing market you can tap.

#40. Special Effects Designer

internet jobs earn money

This is a very niche type of job which can’t be done by many. You needto know how to use software After Effects and key concepts to know how to framescenes one after the other.

Special Effects are often required in videos like sound and lightingeffects for horror films and so on. This is almost in accordance with VideoEditing, except Special Effects Designers are a more specialized type of videoeditors.

Often short films require adding of VFX, which requires such SpecialEffects Designers.

So if you are good at visual effects, keep a check on the freelancemarketplace to get yourself a good-paying gig.


So here we come to an end.

This was a massive list of 40 real online jobs that can help you makemoney online quickly. I would suggest, first and foremost, know what you aregood at. Even if you feel you are good at nothing, see what your liking is andbuild relevant skills first.

Investing time in developing is important. The more you develop, themore refined is your skill and the more handsomely you will be paid.

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