We have a very short life and very limited time to enjoy.

And we have only two options.

Either enjoy it in the hands of an entrepreneur or become an entrepreneur.

Thank god, I selected the second one. πŸ™‚

I started blogging on 11th September 2011.

I have seen a big shift in blogging in these years. Many bloggers came, they did blogging for 4-5 months, and then never came back. I think those were the people who entered into blogging by force, i.e., either their friends forced them to do blogging or money forced them to do blogging.

Blogging is the most emerging field in the world right now. More people are moving towards blogging than they moved for any technology. Many are starting just by seeing others and few are starting it with proper plans and blueprint.

No doubt this is the most comfortable and easy way to earn money, and we can work from any part of the world.

I always say one thing.

Money is Raining on the Internet, it's up-to you, either grab it now or regret later.

I wanted to live life in a little different way, or I can say I wanted to live internet-lifestyle, so I started blogging. Things were not that much easy when I started, but soon it began working positively for me.

Here I am going to talk about few driving forces that helped me to decide my destiny. Hope you would love it.

#1. Time Freedom

Before coming to blogging I was working in a multi-national company as ASIC verification engineer, and this was such a job that I always wanted to do (I got my dream job).

My job was from 9:00 to 5:00.


That was written in the company's time schedule only.

I was doing 12+ hours in a day job, and I was not enjoying it.

This one thing forced me to think upon my life.

Everyone in this world wants time freedom, and no one wants to stick with the boring JOB. We want time for ourself, time for family and friends, and JOB is such a thing that will never allow you to enjoy your life.

I hate JOB because it is

JOB = Just Obey Boss

And I could not obey my boss for my whole life.

I quit the job in 2011 and then started blogging as my lifetime career.

So blogging is for those who want to become their own Boss and wants to live life like King.

#2. Money Freedom

Why do we study hard?

Obviously for JOB!

Why do we want JOB?

Obviously for Money!

If you are having such skills that you can make money for others people for whom you are going to do JOB, then why are we not so much confident to work for our own?

I have seen that most of the bloggers are B.Tech, B.E, B.Sc, BCA or other higher technical degree holders.

We all have such big potential that we can do anything.

So money freedom was the most significant factor that helped me to decide my life as a blogger. I knew the potential from day one, so I took quick decision.

#3. Skills

I could not do same work for the rest of my life.

My duty was to verify the codes (It was written in Verilog, and system Verilog language and codes were 15,000+ lines each).

Although this was a very reputed job, but I was not ready to do it for my whole life.

… I selected blogging because

Blogging improves learning skills, as this is the learn and implement the system. You learn from other blogger and then apply them to see the results. I have seen some bloggers who are very good at coding and can design any good theme for WordPress and they continuously honing their skills.

Blogging gives us many fruits in single basket.

We are multi-talented people

  • We are webmasters.
  • We are coders.
  • We are designers.
  • We are social media experts.
  • We are SEO experts.
  • We are marketing experts.
  • We know how to make friends.
  • We know how to deal with clients.
  • We are Entrepreneurs

And there are many other things that as a blogger I developed in just two years.

#4. Social Circle

I could expand my circle by doing the job, but the variety of people with whom I met in these two years was not possible in the job.

There are thousands of people who are visiting my blog every month, and I have grown 2000+ awesome friends on Facebook. Continuously I am contributing in various internet marketing forums and have made many good friends there also.

Blogging has helped me to connect with the whole world.

With just 1 click my articles are going live in this world, anyone can come on my blog and read them.

So blogging is an excellent way to raise your voice and connect with the outer world.

#5. Good Team Skills

Blogging taught me great management lessons.

I have each and everything written either in my notebook or in Evernote application in my android. By reading awesome blogs in the industry, I have grown myself to express the things in a much better way and the ways to deal with people more greatly.

I am handling a team of total four writers now and dealing with them very well.

I keep asking them about their problems and always do my best to provide them solutions.

Final Words.

Now I am a proud blogger and doing my best to contribute in the society and to help more people with my blogging skills.

If you are going through any phase of life where you are confused, then my story and my points might help you.

Over to you.

I would love to hear your awesome thoughts about blogging and your story that how it helped you to change your life.