5 Tested and Proven Productivity Hacks For Bloggers

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“If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there's no way around doing the work it takes to get you there.”

Bloggers have so many tasks to accomplish to achieve their goal. But the only thing that is between them and their goal is those tons of excuses given on daily basis. Many of them are spending a significant portion of their time, in doing nothing.

Ideally, a blogger should update their blog with content on a daily basis to be interactive with their audience, promote, build links, on a daily basis.

Their inner conscience tells them that the thing they are doing isn't right, they know that “if” they work hard, they can build an empire, but still, they're lagged behind.

With a massive count of over 156 million blogger worldwide and rising, it's insanely difficult to cope with the competition day by day. And if you are not focused enough, it would lead to ultimate failure.

5 Productivity Hacks to Apply:

To succeed in your life, you need to be focused on your work, you need to be passionate to it in order to make a big thing happen.

However, the only reason why everyone not succeeds is that they’re not enough focused to their work and goal.

Let's get into the core, and know five insanely productivity hacks tips:

#1. Start your day earlier:

If you’re already familiar with, “Bloggers are night-owls”, they mostly prefer working at night than working at the daylight. But believe me, if you start your day with a hot-cold shower, followed by the warm coffee, your self-esteem would encourage you to pursue your passion and work delicately behind it.

Scheduling never worked for me, neither would suggest you to – cause I know, it doesn't work all the time.

Rather stop your work at 12:00, read some book (like my friend Kulwant buddy does. Check his library here)  and have a good sleep of 7 hours, and see how it goes. When you sleep for less time, your eyes and mindset, won't allow you to work for long.

So better have a good sleep before you start your work.

I personally love reading case studies on different segment be it internet or affiliate marketing or SEO, or anything before going to sleep.

#2. Work one thing at one time, be focused:

It's common to find bloggers having 15-20 tabs opened on their browsers, some even more. When you do too many things at a single time, it messes up with everything. Instead, work one at a time.

If you have 5 blogs to manage, give 1 or 2 hour each, and when you do so – focus only on that, and nothing else would be there to distract while you're doing the task.

In this way, you would prevent your mind to be diverted and not let it think of too many things at a particular time and complete the task without any kind of a mess.

Sometimes, it happens that when you want to do too many things at a single time it ultimately led to a failure which end you up in doing nothing.

For an SEO, it's recommended not to work on more than three sites at a time. In  SEO, you’ve different competitors, different scales and margins to keep track on and too many things.

Build site, rank it, and repeat. In my case, what I personally do is, “Focus on creating micro sites that bring me an additional $1k/mo. Profit”, build one, rank it, and repeat.

By this way, you would be focused and accomplish your task with really less failure rate.

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” – Paulo Coelho.

#3. Don't open social media accounts while you work:

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, when you work – you must close those as it makes you distracted all the times whenever there’s a new notification.

Most bloggers suffer from a disease called “News Feed Checking,” they spend an enormous part of their time in checking what others posted, and this makes them completely distracted from their work.

What I suggest is – “DO NOT,” open any of your social accounts during your working hours. And if you're keen to know, then better log into Messenger from your mobile phone, and it won't distract you much.

#4. Hit a gym or do at home:

Invest time in yourself. Many bloggers within time grow fat, and a lot of health issue because of sitting in front of a laptop/computer all day long.

I start my day with 1-hour workouts in the morning, followed by a hot and cold shower, and then have a warm tea. It does not just make you feel good, but you would be completely prepared to work hard throughout the day without feeling lazy or sleepy.

#5. Sitting on chair, IS must:

“Comfort zone,” this is the many reason why bloggers face such issues of laziness, dizziness, and sleepy all the time while they work. Most of the bloggers lay down in bed and work, and that causes the major problem of productivity.

After you did your workouts, had the shower, and tea, sit on the chair, and work your butts off to achieve your goal. And see how beautiful the work goes being productive.

Remember always, “If you are not focused,” you would never achieve the target. A lavish lifestyle, those expensive cars, hot chicks, and so-on, “never you're going to get IF you're not focused towards your goal. Dream your dream, breadth your dream, and work your butts off to achieve your goal.

These was all about the productivity hacks, apply it, and don't expect a fast result, keep doing it, and see how fast you grow, your self-esteem, your self-conscience, and your mindset would then be prepared to go through the times when you are productive enough towards your work.

Let me know through comments, if there's more productivity hacks you know.

Bishal Biswas

Bishal Biswas, a Professional Blogger who blogs at BishalBiswas.com. He has worked with numerous companies including: CrazyEgg, Ahrefs, Ptengine, Infolinks, MyThemeShop, and several more. He's also a great fan of WPEngine | Netflix ;)

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  1. Such an awesome write. I specifically should work more on “starting the day early” and “avoiding facebook and whatsapp (ofcourse mobo device eating my time) 🙁

    Is there any site/tool to block facebook on desktop?

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