List of Premium WordPress Plugins I am Using On My Blog

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As the blog is growing, the paid plugins on my blog are also growing.

I remember, I did blogging with all free plugins when I started in 2011. But once I started making money, I started investing to expand my blog.

For me this is not just a blog where I write the stuff and spread my voice, this is a complete business for me.

So investing in the business is the very first rule when you are working on a very big vision.

I am buying premium WordPress plugins one after another and putting my best to make it a perfect blog from every perspective. My first vision is to make it a better platform from the design prospective.

My aim is to convert my first time visitor into a reader. Which I cannot do if my blog is not convincing.

So here I am going to reveal all those paid WordPress plugins which are powering this blog and helping me to manage it with better control.

Let's see which are them

#1. Squirrly SEO

Price: $19.99/month


I was using Easy WP SEO for more than 2 years and that plugin worked perfect for me.

All my old article are optimized by that plugin and I am pretty happy with the performance.

But it's human nature, when we find something better, we always try to grab that first. I was already using Squirrly SEO's free version on 2-3 of my blogs and it was working perfect for those blogs.

But on Black Friday 2014 there was a huge discount on this plugin, so I quickly grabbed that plugin and started using on my blog.

Why this plugin?

Because you can do keyword research directly from your WordPress dashboard and find easy to rank keywords.


This one feature was more than enough to convince me to buy this plugin.

There are other tons of features in this plugin which makes it one of the top SEO plugins in the world.

#2. CommentLuv

Price: $87 for lifetime

This one plugin is active on all my sites because of very advanced features.

This plugin is well known for encouraging people to comment on your blog posts. In return they get 2 links from the comment.

Some features of this plugin:

  1. Advanced comment system to encourage more people
  2. Anti-Bot Defense and Tracback validation with premium GASP plugin
  3. Twitter handle in the comment
  4. Keyword in the name in comment section
  5. Auto comment reply notifications to author
  6. First comment redirect

Having so much features in just a single plugin, this is my most favorite plugin.

#3. OptinMonster

Price: $49

Recently Zac Johnson wrote a blog post where he revealed 32 blogger's popup plugin. After going through the post you'll find that more than 50-60% bloggers are using this plugin only.

In short – this is the winner for creating awesome popups on your blog.

This plugins helps you to create nice popups, slidein, sidebar and after the post area optin form without touching any code. With live editor, you can edit the popups and create them as per your blog's requirement.

Here's how my popup looks like:


If you are putting efforts to build your email list, this plugin is highly recommended.

#4. AuthorhReview

Price: $69

Do you love to see such awesome ratings in the search results?


Such ratings not only help you to stand out in the search results but improve your CTR also.

A visitor who is searching for the review of any product is more likely to buy when he/she sees the rating of that product.

This plugin let you create rich snippet for various schema like recipe, software, product, music etc. You can add ratings on the sidebar of your blog (like I have done) to convince your readers.

#5. Ultimate Social

Price: $14


Noticed those awesome looking sharing buttons on my blog?

Yeah, those are created by this plugin.

This plugin helps you to create separate social sharing buttons for posts, pages, homepage, which I think is a very good option because you can use any sharing options of different types of posts.

On my blog I have use only 3 floating buttons on the left and very important sharing buttons before and after the post.

#6. Social Locker

Price: $24


This is a great plugin which helps you to spread your article more on social media.

I got the idea to buy this plugin after going through Matthew Woodward's blog. He is using this plugin on all of his blog posts which is ultimately helping him to get more social media promotion at free of cost.

#7. Pretty Link Pro

Price: $37


Again, all my blogs are powered by with this little plugin.

This helps you to cloak affiliate URLs at much easy and make them more user friendly.

After going through many premium plugins I found that this is the best option. This plugin automatically replace my keywords with my affiliate links and create a full report to track the conversion of each link.

You can create nofollow for all affiliate links and redirect them (301, 302, cloaked, pixel, meta refresh) as per your need.

#8. King Sumo

Price: $198


You might have seen people using RaffleCopter and PunchTab for running giveaways on their blogs.

Giveaways are the best option to drive more traffic on blog and to get more awesome readers.

This plugin let you create stunning giveaway page on your blog which you can use to host unlimited giveaways. This plugin's referral system makes it one of the best plugins in the industry because anyone who is going to enter in this giveaway can earn extra entries by promoting his affiliate link.

Which will ultimately going to get more visitors on your blog.

Wrapping Up

These are the premium WordPress plugins which I am using on my blog right now. As the blog will grow I'll keep adding more advanced plugins to make it a better place from the user and management perspective.

If you are doing bogging, still using free plugins and missing some advanced features, then I would suggest to invest money on your blog.

This is your online business which is going to grow only and only when you'll start investing money on it.

I am not saying to buy the plugin I have suggest or I am using, all I am saying is, invest the money if there is any need of premium plugin for your blog.

Once you'll start putting the money, you'll become more serious to work on it.

Now Your Turn

Let me know which plugin you are using on your blog and how they are helping you to grow your readership and engagement.

Which plugins you have already bought and which you are going to buy soon.

Have a great day and enjoy blogging. 🙂

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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23 thoughts on “List of Premium WordPress Plugins I am Using On My Blog”

  1. Hi Kulwant bro,

    Thanks for revealing your list of premium plugins. I’m thinking to buy some of them.

    Could you please tell me:

    1. Why to use SEO plugin if we can do On-Page SEO manually?
    2. CommentLuv attract low quality comments (people who left comment only to get links). Is it really so important plugin?
    3. AuthorhReview – Why to go with premium plugin if there is free version of same plugin available? Please tell what are the benefits of using premium version?
    4. Same with PrettyLink Plugin. why to go with paid version?

    Looking forward to get the answers of my questions. It will help me to decide better which plugins I should buy for my blog.

    I must say, great post bro.

    Best Regards,
    Ankit Singla

    • Thanks for being here and making this article more valuable by asking questions.

      Here are my replies.

      1. We can do on-page SEO very easily if we know the rules. But I use the plugin because it do some extra works like fetching LSI keywords, providing creative common images directly from the dashboard, keyword research and many more, which ultimately saves my time.
      2. That’s why I have stopped that feature on my blog and using other features only. 🙂
      3. In premium you get more advanced rich snippet options (music, software, recipe) and widget to display latest reviews. There are many free options are also available so we can pick any of them.
      4. It’s replacing all my keywords on blog automatically. By doing setting I can make all the keywords in comment redirecting to my affiliate links as well.

      Hope you got the replies.

      Feel free to ask if you still have any confusion.

  2. This is really great share Kulwant brother.. I am going to buy some plugins. These will be very helpful for bloggers. Keep it up.

  3. Wow,

    After reading this article and checking the List of Premium WordPress Plugins you are using, I would just say – you are a brilliant Blogger and Internet marketer who knows very well that how & where to invest the money.

    Very helpful article Bro 🙂

    • ha ha.. not a brilliant blogger, I would say a blogger with business mindset. I am very choosy in selecting the things and I never make any delay if I want anything. With time I have learnt about all these plugins and bought which were required to enhance the blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Thanx sir for sharing these plugins with review… I am already using many of them and much impressed with it.
    Sir if u can provide guide to setup social locker and how to use it… thanx

    • Good to know that you are already using the on your blog.

      What problem are you getting in Social Locker?

  5. Hi Kulwant,

    I always wonder what other bloggers are using for Plugins. Majority of the plugins I am currently using are base on suggestions from other bloggers. Thank you for sharing your list with us. I will be downloading some of these for my own blog.


    • Happy to see you here, Nancy. 🙂

      Yeah, even I found these plugins after analyzing some of the best blogs and reading their posts about plugin suggestions. These plugins have enhanced my blog at a very good level and made management much easier for me.

      I would love to see some of these plugins on your blog. 🙂

      Have a great day.

  6. Hello Kulwant Sir,

    I am not using any Premium Plugin.. I want to ask that Should I have to Buy a Plugin Or We can do better with free plugins

    thanks for this nice article

    • Ashley, there are tons of free plugins to make things easier. There is no compulsion to buy paid plugins.

  7. Hi, Kulwant Sir

    It is good to know that what plugins you are using here. I am using Yoast Seo plugin on my blog. Can you please suggest me any other plugin better then Yoast seo.
    Thank You Sir.

  8. Hi Kulwant,

    I have some questions:
    1. Did you don’t use SEOPressor5 anymore and EasyWPSEO..??
    2. Why UltimateWp social sharing Plugin..?? Its always loading the counter view!! Why not AddtoAny or EasySocialShare..??

    Another Question:
    Can you please tell us How to make the Big front Email Subscriber form..??


    • 1. Yes, I used to use SEOPressor 5 for my blog and used Easy WP SEO for more than 2 years on Blogging Cage.
      2. This plugins gave me awesome features. 🙂

      That form is a custom coded form which I designed myself.

      Any more questions?

  9. Hello Kulwant,
    Thanks for sharing these plugins. i am using some of them but free versions. really they are working fine for me from 6 months. 🙂

  10. Great post and resource for every blogger out there. Thanks for linking back to my popup case study as well!

  11. Its pretty nice that you reveal these paid plugins !! A new blogger will get rough idea what paid plugins to buy or not. I have one question may I know what are the free plugins you are using now?

    • Hi Tanmoy,

      Here are 2 posts answering your question.

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