Pillar article as the name suggests is an article that will support your blog throughout the journey and increase incredibility of your blog.

Pillar articles are usually very long and detailed articles where you can list many tips and teach people to something great. At most of the great blogs, you will find these pillar article and if you are not aware of this term then you might haven't noticed it.

These articles are well researched tested articles or in short, we can say, these are the output of your all efforts and study. In these articles, you are going to perform at your best so that more people can learn many things from this article which you have learnt in your journey.

2. Why we need them?

This is a million-dollar question. 🙂

Why there is a need to have such long articles on our blog where we are already writing great content on our blog?

Why to invest extra time to do research and then write these articles?

So here comes the answer –

We blog so that we can attract more readers on our blog so that ultimately we can make more money. 🙂

Pillar Article will work as backbone of your blog and this will be one of the top-visited articles on your blog. Because once you will put your 100% efforts to produce a 1500 words article then people are going to love this.

Such articles have more tendency to get linked on other great blogs as compared to simple articles. The reason behind this is the quality and credibility of your article. So by writing such articles on your blog, you are not only going to get more attached audience but links from other great blogs also (which is an awesome thing :)).

3. How to write them effectively?

Writing effectively anything on your blog needs time as well as perfect preparation of your mind.

So take a deep breath and think about the topics about which you can write a great article. Treat this article as the best article of your life and put all your knowledge and tips in this article to create it super awesome.

If you know how to write great headlines then your 30% work is almost done, because great headlines always attract more people.

Here are some of the hints which can help you to write a pillar article.

I am taking an example of writing an article on SEO. So here are some examples which you can choose for your pillar article.

In { } I am sharing the category of the article.

  • 10 Tips for Perfect SEO {List Article}
  • Do SEO more effectively {Killer Tips}
  • SEO failure {Failure Case Study}
  • SEO Success [Case Study] {Success Case Study}
  • SEO Myths {Myths}
  • FREE SEO tools {Free Tools}

and there can be many other variations also. So while writing your article you will have to be very precise.

Precise here means, write the only short headlines.

4. How to promote them?

You have written awesome content, so here comes the task of promotion.

To promote your article you can do the following things.

  • Stick your article on the Homepage.
  • Make special navigation bar for these articles (see nav on my blog).
  • Put them into a widget so that all users will be able to access it.
  • Mention them in your articles.
  • Use the MBP Stripe Ad to promote them.
  • You can ask your friends to mention this article in their posts.
  • Give a link to people who just subscribed to you.
  • Send your first comment on this page (You can do this with CommentLuv Premium Plugin.

So this article can be promoted very easily. Once this article will be little popular then people will mention it automatically in their blog posts.

Final Word

I would like to suggest you write your pillar article as soon as possible if you haven't made it till now. Even if you will write a single article on your blog, it is going to give you many benefits and you can refer this article to many people.

I have purchased the following domains to promote my pillar articles, so when anyone is asking me any related question, I always give them these URLs.

I am not saying you to register separate domains for your pillar articles but if you can afford it then go for it.

All the very best.

Don't forget to share your story to write your first pillar article for your blog. I would love to read it. 🙂