7 Reasons Why You’ll Remain a PERMANENT NEWBIE in Blogging

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Due to the advent of blogging as a business and the glorification of the term “Internet Entrepreneur,” blogging has altered the way it was perceived.

Especially, in tier-2 countries like India, Blogging is certainly paving its way, and hence, the crowd is growing ever since.

This might be the reason why people like me who came to the BLOGOSPHERE by seeing only the glorious side of it struggles to make it a lucrative career and remain a permanent newbie for long.

You might be wondering what the term “Permanent Newbie” means?

Well, let’s break it into chunks for easy understanding.

A newbie is a guy who has just entered the sphere trying to make a place for himself/herself.

“A newbie is an inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity.”

He/She is the one who often looks for shortcuts and tries to lay down hands on almost anything related to the sector for gains.

On the contrary, permanent means “not temporary.”

So, bringing it all together, we can derive that

“A PERMANENT NEWBIE is the one who remains a newbie even after spending a considerable time in a particular sector.”

And guess what, I was one hell of a “Permanent Newbie” until recently when I figured out why?

Just before I tell you those 7 reasons, let me quote a famous saying for a reason which you will come to know by the end of this article.

The quote goes as:

“In this world, you are allowed to make n number of mistakes but make sure that every mistake is a new one.”

The writer has got the point out there. Ain’t he/she?

So, moving forward, the very first reason is:

1. Not Taking Enough Actions.

Permanent Newbie

This one in particular top the charts as I used to read more and more about blogging but never applied them.

I still have my hard drive filled with numerous blogging and SEO courses which I got from different forums and groups but never took actions as mentioned on them.

I guess, at some point, you must have been there because it gives us an illusion as if we are working or gathering knowledge, but in reality, we are not.

We are just accumulating the resources and never bother to implement it out there in reality.

You can name this particular syndrome as “Overwhelmed by the information.” I used to look into the pros and cons even before working on a project.

Moreover, you must have read that “Knowledge is power, ” but I beg to differ as Knowledge is only a potential power. If not applied, it’s not of much use.

You need to understand the distinction between applied knowledge and plain knowledge.

So, are you the one who stands there just like me, not taking actions? If yes, then you got to choose the other way round before it gets too late.

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2. Not Sticking to One Particular Game.

Permanent Newbie

There is one golden rule of success, and that is “All great things takes time to happen.” And this is what a permanent newbie fails to understand.

Hopping from one project to another after failing to see initial success seems to be a common trait among such species.

But always remember that you must try to create legacy and legacies are not built overnight.

So, you’ve got to at least stick up with one worthy thing without losing hope.

As per Gary Vaynerchuk,

You got to maintain “micro speed and macro patience.”

Patience, perseverance, and not giving up are the terms you should look up to when building something.

3. Believing Everything is Hard.

It’s always tough to begin but it ain’t impossible.

Permanent Newbie

Every master was once a beginner.

See, everything in here is like maths, keep practicing, keep experimenting and sooner or later, you will get there.  

It was hard for me to write this post and convincing myself that I was also a “permanent newbie.”

But you got to accept what is true.

“Believing everything is hard” is something a permanent newbie can be found pondering very often.

And this is one of those factors which restrains you from growing and learning as fear is a fear in itself. And somewhere down the line, it also creates a mental barrier.

So, if you are the one who thinks this way then think over it again and if possible, get rid of the thought right away. The sooner, the better.

4. Following Get Rich Quick Schemes.

For sure, money is the greatest motivation for most of us but chasing that blindly is not what is recommended.

Why you will remain a permanent newbie?

You got to believe in one thing that if you provide good value with consistent efforts, then money will follow for sure. There are a plethora of examples regarding the same.

One such is Harsh Agarwal from “Shoutmeloud.” His persistent efforts since 2008 made him what he is today.

Had he left his long-term blog for petty get rich quick schemes then he would not be where he is today, Right?

The “get rich quick” schemes may not work well for many, and this is the reason why they end up saying that earning money through the internet is not real.

So, think for the long term and avoid the “Get Rich Quick” Schemes if you can.

5. Being a Part of the Herd.

Permanent newbie

I still remember starting off with tech niche as almost everyone around me was blogging on the same without even realizing that my potential lies somewhere else.

Without any doubt, very soon my interest died off, and the domain is still dusting off.

This is one of the many reasons why I remained a permanent newbie for this long.

So, the correct way to deal with it is to find out what you are passionate for?

Look around, see yourself what makes you happy and driven. Build something around it, and you will never have to work for a single day as the thing which drives you comes naturally.Permanent Newbie

Just to make you understand this point, see it this way,

Have you ever seen a musician working? On a personal level, no, I haven’t till now.

I haven’t encountered or heard of even a single guy who was forced to pursue music as a career.

A musician is always seen performing. A man who is indulged in music makes music because he/she loves to.

A musician builds things around the same thing that he/she loves, and this is what creates the distinction.

The same case is with artists, painters, writers and anyone who is indulged in creative careers.

So, think of blogging the same way. Don’t just follow the crowd, make a path of your own.

6. Not Evolving.

Do you remember what happened to the mobile giant “Nokia”?

Once on the verge of success it exponentially went down and one day, eventually disappearing from the market.

Other than Nokia there are other examples as well, and one such are Blackberry, Kodak and much more.

These are some of the classic examples of what I am going to talk about at this point.

Since we are in a technology infused era which takes turns in a blink of an eye.

Companies like Nokia, Kodak, and Blackberry, were performing quite well back then, but they were not able to adapt the changes prevailing around them.

In short, they were not able to evolve with the changing times and hence, the result is in front of all of us. 

The point which I am trying to make is that a permanent newbie finds it difficult to evolve with time whereas it is a necessary trait for being successful in this field.Permanent newbie

What works six months ago is not working now, and this is the reason why you got to experiment and make subsequent changes to the strategy when it comes to sustaining in this field.

Failing which, I feel sorry to say but you won’t be able to make it, and the results are very much foreseen. Sorry, for being blunt but this is pretty much it.

I guess you must have got my point.

In a nutshell, Evolve like a caterpillar.

With this, I rest my case over here.

7. Not Investing Money On Yourself

When was the last time you invested money to buy a book, an online course, joined any paid forum or attended an event to become a better marketer?

Investing money on self-education is one of the biggest gifts you can give you yourself.

This keeps you align with the new trends, new technologies, better techniques and motivate you to proceed with better energy.

Kulwant attends a lot of seminars every single year.

  1. London Affiliate Conference 2017: Learning and Experience
  2. Affiliate World Europe 2016: Experience and Highlights
  3. ClickzLive Jakarta 2016: Learning and Highlights
  4. Asia Internet Congress Singapore 2015: Learning and Highlights

He invests a lot of money in books. Here is the link to his library.

Start attending different conferences in your city (or even nearby cities) to enhance your knowledge and meet awesome people.

This will give you an extra edge to do things in a better way.

Final Words

If you are still with me, then you must remember that in the beginning, I quoted something about mistakes for you.

The reason being that if you think that you are a permanent newbie and started hating yourself for it then don’t repeat the mistake from now on.

Now, that you have realized that what are the things that went wrong, it’s time to correct those and not repeat that anymore.

Remember that,

The first best time to sow a seed was 20 years ago, and the second best time is now.

So, go get up for a legacy and hustle.

To your success.

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Shubham Bhatt

Once a permanent newbie, starting his journey all over again with Hustle Story. A learner for life and a thinker by nature.

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  1. As in life, if you want to grow and achieve success then first believe in yourself because you are the one who will take yourself to the path of success and talking about blogger and blogging, nobody wants to be the permanent newbie, everyone wants to learn something new and want to reach to the different stage. But when some mistakes blogger do, they remain permanent newbie as always, could not move towards new step.

  2. Hey Shubham,

    Inspirational post, learned and enjoyed it too much.

    This is the truth which we don’t know “great things takes time to happen”. As a newbie, I can understand all these things happen to me. I always want to get success early. Having patience sometimes, provide you the best which you haven’t even imagined to get.

    Found best thing to learn here which is relevant to me and interesting. I highly inspired by Mr. Kulwant sir such a great personality in blogging world who helps to earn money online.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Have a good day.
    – Ravi.

  3. once more inspirational post …
    as a newbie these things also happen with me.. thanks and keep sharing
    your articles motivate me 🙂

  4. Great post Shubham,

    Mostly always became a newbie to blogging is the best way to learn every day something new from others. Every second a new blog post is published on the internet then if one blogger wants to learn various topic related to blogging and many more other topics then a student blogger is best in my opinion.

  5. Thanks for this great and informative post. Its remind me the days when I started blogging. Making mistakes is a human nature. When we made mistakes, we have learn something from it and help us to get success in our life. Make your mistakes as a ladder of your success. Things will be easy for everyone.

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