How to Create The Perfect Product for Your Blog?

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Does this sound familiar?

You spend hours trying to find out what product to create for your audience and you're worried that you’ll create a product your audience don't want.

Or what about this…

You spend months creating the perfect product and then…

You get no sales or to few for you to make it worthwhile Does that sound familiar?

If yes, then this post is for you.

In the previous post you knew what it really takes to make money online. In this post, I'll dive deep into the HOW of creating products to make sure that you're on the right path to make more money online.

So continue reading.

The idea of the product:

The first and the most important step to create a successful product is to have the right idea for the right audience.

The question now is how to get the perfect idea for your product.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What topics am I always asked about?
  • What is the most common question I get via email?
  • What is the most common question I get on my blog/show/onlineplatform?
  • What is the most common question I get on social media?
  • What are other folks selling in my niche/on the topics I know?

Be detailed on this. Answer each question in a separate page. It's better to use a pen and paper, I know it's old-fashioned but it still works.

Find patterns. Find things you repeat and go for it.

Get into your audience mind:

After you've an idea of a product in your mind, you need to validate that this is what your audience really want, not what you think they may want.

You could do a survey to get more into their minds.

This will actually help you get more and better ideas of what your audience wants from you.

If you could do this part right, your audience will guide you on what to create. Your job after that is to take action and create that product and your audience wants.

This post has really great insights, you may need to check it out: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Knowing What Your Readers Want.

Outline your course:

After you've a clear vision of what your audience wants from you, outline your product so that you make sure you deliver what they want and that you stay on track.

This will make your job easier on the long run.

Outline each module of your product. Try to be as detailed as possible.

This step is easier if you got the previous part right.

Try to anticipate their questions and answer them. This will make you more authoritative and your product more valuable.

Set a deadline:

After your outline is ready, you need to focus on getting the product created and on promoting and  selling the product to your audience.

Having a clear deadline will push you to create your product and not to keep it forever on your computer without anyone knowing about it.

I want you to have a clear answer to these questions:

  • When will you finish your product?
  • When will you create your sales page up be ready to sell the product?
  • When will you start promoting and selling the product  to your audience?

Having this in your mind will push you to finish the product and start earning money.

You don't need the perfect product, get it out there, test it, refine your ideas and then reevaluate what you covered in the course.

Just get it out there.

Create your product:

After you set a deadline and you've a clear outline on what to cover in your product, it's your job now to create your product.

Don't care much about the technology part.

If you're creating an ebook, just write the book and do some formatting to make it look better and that it. You could even outsource the formatting part to someone who is better than you in this job.

If you're creating and audio or video course, you don't need to get the most expensive equipment out there, you just need a decent camera and mic and you're good to go. Don't make this stop you. With some editing, you could get better results and you could outsource this of course.

Whatever you create, don't make the technology part scare you. JUST START.

Create your sales page and deliver your product:

After you get your product done, create the sales page.

The sales page isn't about begging your audience to buy, it's about demonstrating what's included in your course and how they could benefit from it, if they do the hard work.

Show them the benefit they'll get and not the features of your product.

Talk their language, use the same words they used when they responded to your survey. You could even quote them in the page. This will resonate more to your audience.

After that you need to create the buy now button and deliver the product to your audience when they pay you.

This used to be a huge pain. Making sure your buyers got their product and you got paid was difficult to do well.

Luckily, nowadays services like SELZ make it much easier to get your product delivered to your audience and for you to get paid without much hustle.

Set up is very easy even if you're just a newbie and have no technical skills. It's easy as 1,2 and 3.

Something like Selz is great for selling digital products as they take care of the file hosting and automatically deliver the file when it’s been purchased. You can also sell physical products or services.

You don't need to pay anything upfront, its free to sign up and use. You only pay a small fee per sale, or a small monthly fee for one of the paid apps.

Last Words:

Creating a product could seem overwhelming, but when you follow what is covered in this post, you could get it done with the minimum of work and effort.

You'll get 100% of the earning and you'll start making true money from your blog which could make you stop your job and live the life you want.

But you need to start and take action.

So tell me in the comments section what is your product idea?

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  1. This is the perfect guide to create our own product. It happends with me several times besides my best efforts people are not ready to purchse my product. Thanks man for correcting me and like me planning to create their own products.

  2. Nice tips bro Ahmed. I really wanted to know these since am preparing to launch my first product in my blog. Thanks so much for sharing and do have a nice weeks ahead..

  3. Dear Ahmed Safwan,
    Choosing perfect product is very important aspect. I will try to choose good product for my blog. This tips are useful for me. once again Thank you.
    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  4. Of course creating a product is often overwhelming but there is always a way to get around it. Every entrepreneur must put the customer at heart and he/she should creatively provide a product that would meet the needs of the marketer.

    Creating a perfect product for a blog should be based on identifying the needs of the customer and filling in that need.

    Your article is helpful and can inspire many desiring to create their own products to take the necessary steps!

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    • Yes, sunday, you need to identify the needs of your customers, otherwise, your course is really useless.
      I’m glad that it was found on kingged.

  5. Hi Ahmed.

    Much needed post. I think this is one of a few topics on which very little is available online.

    Many bloggers just follow herd-instinct to create a new product. They should do but must add value in it.

    Your tips are really awesome and if one follow them rightly can easily create a product that can be sold like a hot cake.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

    I found this post at and also kingged it there.

  6. Hello Ahmed,

    After going through your article, I must say that is an informative post indeed. Selling you product on your own blog, is a perfect idea to get monetize your blog. But before selling it, We first choose our products which should be suitable for our blog. To select appropriate products, it requires a relevant guides. Thanks to you for providing your valuable tips here. I can say that Bloggers especially the newbies will get help from your article.

    I have found your post from Kingged it too.


  7. Hey Ahmed,
    Your ideas are really tremendous. If you want to create a perfect product must do thorough study of your product relevant features and factors that affects the efficiency. Really inspiring tips for to project your product on your blog.

  8. Just height of awesomeness because I am going to try these tips for my upcoming blogging product 😉

    Ahmed you are doing a great job maintaining this blog

    Keep up the good work, Thanks!

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