The Ultimate Guide to Chose A Perfect Niche for Blogging

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Did you know the #1 secret behind every successful blog that makes a ton of money?

Website traffic?

Blog audience?

Email list?


No, none of them.

Picking the right topic for your blog or website is the KEY to building a profitable business online.

That’s how every profitable website makes money. They pick the right topic to focus on, they serve the right audience and they create or promote the RIGHT products to make money. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re struggling to choose a perfect niche for blogging, this detailed post is for you where you will discover some of the incredible tips to find a profitable niche.

Are you ready to find it out? Let’s dig in.

The simplest guide to choosing a perfect niche for blogging in 2017

#1. Research is the Key

The #1 reason I put research in the first place in the list is because I know how important it is when choosing a niche for your website.

You need to know which niche is right for you based on your interests and the demand in the market.

  • Don’t pick a niche just because you’re passionate about it – you’ll find it hard to make money from it.
  • Don’t pick a niche without finding its profitability. There’s no way you can build a profitable business if there’s no market for it, right?

So if you’re wondering about how to do it right, here are the three steps you need to follow while doing research for your blogging niche:

#1. Get ideas:

Make a list of possible ideas for your business. While brainstorming for ideas, ask these 4 questions to yourself.

  • What are your biggest passions and interests in life?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have any previous work experience that could potentially turn into a business?
  • What kind of business you want to do? What is your dream business?

Take a notepad or memo function on your smartphone and write down anything that comes to mind. So that we can narrow down the list in just a moment.

#2. Pick up your top 3 to 5 niches:

Focus on the ideas that you would enjoy it as a business. Remember that you are going to spend a pretty good amount of time into this new venture.

So pick a topic that you are really passionate about. If you don’t enjoy the topic, you will lose motivation to work hard to make it a success. So, write down top 3 to 5 niches on the paper that really interests you.

#3. Determine its profit:

Now, it’s time to look at them closely and determine if there is profit potential. Most of your research can be done online.

You can do competitor research or you can also read top blogs (in your industry) to find out whether there are any income reports shared by bloggers. That’s the simplest way to determine the profitability of any niche.

Now, for each niche topic you chose, make sure you follow these steps to narrow down your niche.

Step 1: Search for keywords related to your niche: Search for the broad topic, as well as more specific aspects of that niche.

For example, let’s take fashion blog, you could search for “men’s fashion,” “women’s fashion,” “clothing and accessories,” and “silk thread bangles.”

Here, you are looking for a robust search results page. You need to look at the websites dedicated to the topic, articles written about the topic, blogs and other online businesses in that niche. If you find competition, then it is really good news.

It means there is a market interested and ready to buy.

If you don’t find many results for your topic, there probably aren’t many potential customers online.

Step 2: Perform extensive keyword research: Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It is completely free just you need to sign up for AdWords. Again here search for those same keywords.

If you see above 10,000 searches per month for your “main” keyword and 50,000 total for the other related but more specific keywords then that’s usually a good indicator of a winning online business niche.

#1. Put your main keyword in the search box

#2. In the next window, it will show you the number of searches of that keyword

#3. See related keywords to get more idea about your keyword

Step 3: Check out Amazon. It is a great research tool, too. Here again, search for those same keywords as well as others related to your niche.

When I searched for cooking related terms, there were a ton of results, thousands of cooking products. It is another great indicator that a cooking business will work well.

Step 4: Check affiliate marketing sites:  Go to affiliate marketing sites like Clickbank. This particular site specializes in information products like ebooks. However, there are plenty of other affiliate sites out there.

Do a search for your niche.

If there are many products available, that means a ready market.

So, now you have a source for some of the first products you can sell to your online venture. As an affiliate, you will promote the products and get a commission on each sale. It’s a great way to start up your Internet business because you don’t have to take the time to create your own products.

There is always a plenty of competition. But, having so many other companies means there is a large market of customers ready to buy products in that niche.

#2. Does this Niche Generate Money?

Having passion about the niche you select is very important.

But at the same time, choosing a niche that generates money is even more important. You need to ask yourself whether you are passionate about the niche that you are blogging or not as passion is a key factor for success.

To be honest, most of the bloggers don’t blog it as a hobby. A lot of them are in it to make a living, put food on the table, pay the bills and look after their families.

So, you need to question yourself that whether the chosen niche is profitable or not. Analyze, what is the purpose of your blog?  To make money or just a hobby?

To create a profitable blog, check out these factors:

  • What are your resources?
  • Is it possible to attract advertisers easily in this market?
  • Are there any affiliate programs and CPA offers available?
  • Are other bloggers who are in this niche making money?
  • How good is the competition like?

Say, you love a topic and can write all day every day about it, but there is no money in it, then guess where you will be in a few months.

So, if it is the case like “Profitable niche, but don’t love writing about it” and “Love the topic, but no money in it”, then here is how you can check to determine whether your chosen niche is going to be profitable or not.

#3. Are There any Affiliate Products/services for Your Niche?

You need to check if any affiliate schemes exist for your niche. With the help of plugins, you can check that.  If you had a specific plugin in mind you could check the vendor’s website,  you will see a menu option labelled ‘Affiliates’ or ‘Partners’.

  • Thrive themes—At the bottom of the page you can see the link for the affiliates program: There is also an affiliate page
  • BlueHost Hosting—At the bottom of the page you can see the link for the affiliates program: There is also an affiliate page.

For a general search why not go to the Affiliate Marketplace websites where plugins might be sold, like Clickbank, JVZoo, or ShareASale, etc.

If people are making money in your niche then it is highly likely that there is a profitable market out there.

  • Check Alltop and find the top blogs in your chosen niche.
  • Check each blog to see if and how they are monetizing it.

Remember; whatever you will be writing in your blog, it represents your own writing style and perspective. Some people will prefer to read your article more than another blogger writing on the same article. So, you only have to do a Google search on a topic to see many articles exist with a different slant.

If you establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche then there is the possibility to start selling your services or products. It’s another way to make money from your niche.

#4. Tools that help you in Niche Research

To help you in choosing your niche, here are the four tools that will help you in niche research.

  1. SEMrush: Apart from niche research, you can use it a lot to come up with blog post ideas too. It allows you to learn more about your competitors, find out what they’re ranking for and which keywords are being searched for.
  2. Long Tail Pro: You can add in as many seed keywords you like and set filters to pull out the best keywords. You can also see how popular search terms are with data pulled from Google and using the Moz API you can size up the competition for target keywords.
  3. Google Keyword Planner: It comes for absolutely free. This is part of Google Adwords which allows you to do keyword research.
  4. Google Trends: In order to get an idea of whether or not your niche is on the decline, or increasing in popularity, seeing historic trends for particular keywords is important. And you can check that with Google Trends for free.

Make a note of which topics you are passionate about, have an expertise and which could be profitable. While choosing your niche, put a good amount of your thoughts into it. After all, it’s the one that you will be writing about for the next few years at least or maybe a lot longer.

#5. Do Competitor Analysis

If you run an online business you probably spend a lot of time researching your potential customers. But, If you want to be #1 in your niche, then you should spend at least as much time researching your competitors as you do your customers.


Because your competitors can be a goldmine of information where you can know every aspect of your marketing and rocket your site to the top of Google.

You need to check for authoritative blogs and websites in your niche and also research what content competitors are publishing and where they are finding the most engagement. One of the simplest is to simply do some searches on Google to look at how many sites exist for keywords on your topic.

It will give you some indication on the ‘size’ of competition and it will identify some sites that you will want to be monitoring.

However, it takes too much of time. But here is the good thing.

With the right tools, you can perform an in-depth competitive analysis of your niche very easily. You have already picked up 5 niche tools. Identify competitors in each niche to know which is more profitable, how they are earning money, what type of content they are producing, what marketing strategies they are using and much more..

  • Buzzsumo: Enter your competitor’s domain name and the tool instantly analyzes your competitor’s blog content. It displays the number of social shares for each of that website’s posts. The posts with the highest number of social shares are at the top of the list.
  • SEMrush: It is an excellent tool that lets you enter your competitor's’ names and get a list of the top 10 keywords driving traffic to them. You can also see the average monthly volume of searches for a given keyword combination.
  • Moz: It ranks millions of websites and web pages using their proprietary ranking algorithm. Every website ranked has a number from 0 to 100.The higher the domain authority a site has, the more influential that website is online. It also ranks individual website pages and assigns page authority again using a rating from 0 to 100.
  • Ahref: To get an idea about your competitors, pull some stats and metrics for each of our competitor’s domains. You can also use Ahrefs Domain Comparison tool to analyse 5 domains at once. You can know overall competitiveness of a niche.

You need to spend a good amount of time to find and analyze competitor performance metrics. However, by using the right tools, you can make the process easier. Researching your competitors is extremely important. When you know what is working for them, you can create your own content around similar topics.

#6. Check forums in your niche

Reading forums is one of the best ways to know more about your niche.

A forum is a place where people interact with each other and they ask many questions related to that niche.

So how to find those forums?

Just got to Google and type “your niche name + forum” e.g we will type “cooking + forum.

So we will join these forums and see what people are discussing. let's have a look at one of these search results.

If you enter any of these forum threads, you will see what people are discussing right now.

This practice will give you more terminology about your niche and more topic ideas to write on your blog.

Conclusion about picking the profitable niche for blogging

If you’re new to blogging, I can imagine your situation. Picking the right niche for blogging seems like a lot of work but when you follow the right advice, you can pick a niche within a day or two.

That’s why I wrote a detailed guide on it so it can help you in deciding the right niche for your website. So what are your thoughts?

Did you like this post?

Do you have any questions related to picking the right niche for blogging?

Share your views in the comments.

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