Getting penny clicks is easy.

And many big marketers are already getting even less than $0.01 per click.

I tried to study the science behind it and finally I was able to promote my Facebook page with $0.02 per like. I started one page around 20 days back and today we have 4,422 total likes on that page.

Here we are going to talk about few basic things which will help you to get penny likes (as low as possible) to promote your page.

Note: These clicks will vary according to countries. Getting $0.01 per click would not be possible when you are targeting USA at start, but with time you will learn everything and start getting cheap likes from USA too.

Let's start

Before starting I would like to show my campaign which helped me to get $0.04 per like overall where today same page is getting per like in $0.02.


Special Note: When you will start campaign it might suggest you high CPC bidding but as you will continue your campaign it will start decreasing day by day automatically.

Here is what I am getting today.


If I will run this campaign for few more days then I will start getting likes in $0.01 too. πŸ™‚

How Am I Getting This?

For getting cheap likes you will have to study audience of your targeted niche. If you want to promote any online game them most obviously you will target youngsters as compared to old people. So finding target audience is very first step before any page promotion.

Let's take an example of Grand Theft Auto V Game.

If you want to promote any page related to this game then you will have to study behavior of people who will be interested to like your page.

Check audience with Alexa

YES !! We will have to check audience of that particular niche using Alexa.

Here I am going to talk about Grand Theft Auto, so I am going to study their official page.

After opening RockStar Games, you can clearly see following graph in Alexa.


This graph concludes:

  1. They have more male users.
  2. Who are not into college or into some colleges.
  3. Most of the people play this games while staying in school and few from home.

So according to these stats we can make a Facebook campaign where we will target following few things.

  1. Age: People who are not into colleges or are into some college might fit into age group 15-23. So from here we got our age target.
  2. Gender: Males
  3. Interested in: Obviously men will be interested in women. πŸ™‚
  4. Relationship status: These people will not be married or engaged. πŸ˜‰ So we will have to select Single or In a relationship and see which category has more audience. So always go with more audience or do split testing.
  5. Education: Selecting everyone would here be a good option because it will target wide category.

Then click on Optimize for clicks > Manually bid for clicks.

After doing all above setting here is what FB is suggesting me.


As you can see they have suggested me $0.06 bidding per click with suggested bid range $0.04-$0.08.

I will start my campaign with either $0.05 or $0.06 (little bit above than minimum bid) and my ads will start running.

When you will continue these ads for 2-3 days then you can edit your campaign and reduce CPC to even more lesser price, and ultimately you will start getting penny clicks on your Facebook pages.

There is one website QuantCast which can help you to do more advanced study related to your audience and you can target people with more smartness.

Note: I have tried this on Facebook pages only. These days I am running few more campaign and will show you few more interesting things about Facebook ads in future.

If you have any question related to Facebook ads then feel free to ask me and I would love to solve your queries.

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  1. Hey Kulwant,

    It’s great to see that you are getting clicks in such cheap price. I haven’t started any campaign on Facebook yet but it seems i can get good clicks with spending less money. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Siraj, even I was in dilemma before starting, but once you will start, things will start happening automatically. It’s all about taking first step. πŸ˜‰

      1. Yes, taking the first step is akin to taking a first dive in water to learn swimming. I am getting confidence that it is possible for me to run a sucessful campaign.

        Getting high CTR and testing with different images and tracking which one converts best.

        The real key is getting high CTR to get low CPC.

  2. Yeah, using an Alexa for audience targeting is good. But better to use more than one sources or tools to get an accurate and targeted audience informations.

  3. Perfect Kulwant.Were you using any Photoshop things to images? Like Border/saturation, hue adjustment?

    I always found that red or green boarders make big difference in FB images.

    1. Tushar, to be precise – this was a game niche (people are more passionate for games ;)) and I was using news feed ads. πŸ™‚

      For dating red border is working awesome.. he he

  4. Nice Post Kulwant and really $0.01 is worth money or I must say too worth money when you are getting likes by paying so much less money and I knew that Alexa shows all these stats but I didnt knew about to check in Alexa and target users to get more likes by spending less money πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Kulwant, thanks for this Nice fb trick, I will practicality try it asap, though, this trick work for your FB Page, I doubt it if its gonna work for an external url.

  6. Nice article Kulwant,

    When i run ads on my facebook page, I mostly target USA and so far I haven’t been able to get cheap clicks. If i select cheaper, i get almost no clicks…

    will use this tip of yours and see if it helps,
    Uttoran Sen,

  7. I knew about Facebook ads and it has great potential to reach out to your targeted audience. I had used it once, just for testing and getting likes on my Facebook page. Rather than paying per click, I have used fixed budget per day for the ad. You have presented it much more elaborately.

  8. Hi,

    Nice Tips Kulwant, checking the audience through alexa was a new one.
    Can you show me the ad designs you have used or some samples because you are getting a very good CTR according to me. πŸ™‚

  9. Good article sir but as far as I concern I know fb show ads prize in INR. so how you manage to pay in $ in India. can you tell me how you do that.

  10. Awesome post! Well I was wondering from a long time that how people a getting such cheap penny clicks. Now all my doubts regarding the cheap Facebook likes are cleared.

    Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  11. Interesting case study.
    I recently ran a campaign for one of my blogs and was able to bring down to $0.01 per Like.
    I will be doing the post on my blog soon.
    Thanks for showing us your reports.

  12. Great Post Kulwant. Few days back, I was trying facebook ads but no success. Definitely use your advice next time. These ads are just for facebook page or we can create for our website too.

  13. Great read Kulwant and very useful information. Would love to know how you do with the FB ads and getting them at a low price. I don’t actually want to build up a page, but I do want to drive traffic.

  14. This post made me to subscribe you and thanks Amal Rafeeq for recommending this post to me. As i was searching for something like this and Amal Rafeeq headed me over this post.
    Thanks a lot

  15. Hello Kulwant,

    Its really good brother, You have explained very well about this hidden trick. I want to ask can we change bid price after starting the campaign?

  16. Hello Kulwant,
    its really very beneficial information for me as well as for others too. As it contains all required data that a blogger wants to know. Everyone wants to know the facts that you discuss here. No Doubt that you are a successful blogger. Moreover, you have a brilliant sense of blogging and knowledge related to it.
    Really appreciable article and very helpful for us.
    Thanks for posting such a nice information.
    Keep posting like this always.

  17. Hello Kulwant,

    I saw many people posting that they are getting thousand of facebook like from facebook ads just spending 10-20 dollar, Is above process can be implemented to get thousand facebook likes.

  18. A few things like taking Alexa into consideration when things are to be narrowed down for best results and optimizing CPC on a daily basis for saving huge bucks (Great Indian Thought!) were some notable points which I know that every other newbie campaigner would leave this thing unravelled.

  19. Great post with knowledgeable information….
    I thing people do not mind $0.01 for per click…It’s very much reasonable…..
    thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea….

  20. Wonderful post, I wasn’t aware of awesome hidden tips for getting such cheap rates on facebook ads. I’ll surely try your tips for my new campaign.

    Thanks kulwant,

  21. Great post Sir. I want to ask you a question about bloggingcage. How many pageviews do you get per month on bloggingcage ? Your answers means a lot to me. Thanks

  22. This is one of the best blog post I ever read.Seems you can make money with FB too. One question if I may, can you choose to get likes only from users based on US/CA for example?

  23. Really thanks to you. You know I am also want to increase Facebook page like and now I know whole the procedure in very easy words. I regular reader of your blog and I like it very much.

  24. Hello,

    I am also trying this right now. I want to know what are you using in the countries field to make it much more cheaper?


    1. Akshay, you can get cheap clicks from any country but after running your campaign for few days.. Once it will start getting few clicks and if your CTR will be good then they will reduce the suggested CPC..

      Got my point or need more clarification?

      1. Oh Okay, I see. Meaning to say that CTR really affects the CPC of the Ads.

        Thanks for the information πŸ™‚ Awesome Article.

  25. Hi Kulwant,

    Nice post written over here. It’s interesting things we know today. It is very cheap to advertise on Facebook. Thanks for bringing to our notice about the wonderful PPC technique with us.

    Keep it up πŸ™‚

  26. I’ve wasted some money with one of my fb post promotion πŸ™

    The cpc that you are talking is quite interesting. Is it also work for other domain?

    Thanx for the idea.

  27. thanks for this article, I’ve been looking for a way to get “likes” for pennies. I have a question that has been haunting me for a while. Maybe you can help me. I know that if somebody likes my fan page, then they will get my posted. (of course not everybody cause Facebook wants you to pay to reach the people that liked your page. But my question is this: if somebody didn’t like my fan page, but likes a post I made…does it count as liking my page?

    In other words is liking a post made by a page the same as liking the page itself?

    If not, as a facebook fan page owner, what is the benefit for me to have somebody like a post?

    Thank you for your Time,


  28. It can optimize your CPA graph too if you have successful strategy. I have also tried with affiliate marketing and on CPA, I got success in CPA.

  29. This is nice πŸ™‚ You must have selected a wide audience target with minimum age restrictions and muted other demographics options πŸ˜‰ From my personal experience I have seen the more wide(broad) your overall target is the better Cost Per Action you will get. Good Case Study Bro!

  30. Thanks for sharing, I have tried Facebook Ads but I did not get that cheaper rate. That found amazing, and useful for because I am going to start the online store soon. The tips may help for marketing way

  31. Sure, brother..! I have plan to write about how to set up facebook Campaign. I am going to wrote about how I lost the money with Facebook. LOL

  32. Even before seeing this page, I was targeting random countries in a campaign for my travel blog, with the ad related to that, no gimmicks. I was surprised when I saw the reports showing that I was paying Facebook US$0.003 (yes, less than a cent!) for Afghanistan likes. As it was directed towards people who really enjoy travel, I think it wasn’t such a bad idea.

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