They see you making money online, travelling the world and speaking at big conferences.

They appreciate you, appreciate your blog and finally ask for “that secret make money online formula.

For them, make money online is just about starting a blog, getting traffic, using AdSense on the blog and finally making money with it.

I get a lot of phone calls, WhatsApp messages (I don't use WhatsApp too much), Facebook messages, and a lot of emails.

They all looking for that secret make money online formula.

They feel that it's a system which can make them rich overnight.

They feel that it's a system which can help them to travel the world and enjoy the life.

and the worst, they feel that blogging can help them make financially independent without putting required efforts.

Formula.. Formula.. Formula..

They all are looking for that magical formula to change their life.

Let's say, I am making $20,000 a month with niche websites. I am enjoying my life, travelling the world and buying all expensive gadgets.

Let's say I have found that hidden formula to make money online.

So here is my question..

Why am I not teaching that formula to my sister, brother, mom and dad?

I know that my formula is making $20,000 a month now. Why am I not teaching the same formula to my family members so that I can hit $100,000 a month very easily.

Think about it.

Good if you got the answer yourself.. If not, let me give you the reason.

Because there is no formula.

It's all about your learning, dedication, commitment, willpower to grow, a power to motivate yourself, big vision and a desire to live life better than others.

I see people saying, “I want to make my blog as one of the best blogs in the world. I want to add the stuff on my blog which no one have ever written on their blogs.”

When I ask, “What efforts are you putting to do this practically?”

In most of the cases I see dumb faces only.

They don't have any plan.

After getting this questions again and again, finally I decided to write this article. So that next time, when anyone asks for the formula, I can send him this article.

Let's see what it takes to become an outstanding blogger.

#1. Your Willingness to Learn

I have a friend of mine, who just started blogging.

He is putting a lot of efforts to learn the things from the internet. He is spending sleepless nights to watch the videos on YouTube, he is spending a lot of time to read other blogs, and finally seeing some success in blogging.

He has the willingness to learn and explore.

When I started blogging in 2011, I didn't have good internet connection in my city. So I blogged 18 months with 2G mobile internet. I couldn't afford the broadband connection.

But I explored the things with 100% enthusiasm.

You must be ready to learn the basics before exploring the advance things.

Being a blogger, your first focus must be on improving your writing skills.

When I started blogging in 2011, I used to write SHIT.

I didn't know how to write perfect sentences, I used to make hell lots of spelling mistakes, I didn't know what copywriting was, and how to write compelling titles for blog posts.

So I started with basic.

I remember the days when I used to stumble “writing section” on StumbleUpon to understand how best writers in the world were delivering the content and what type of headlines they were using to attract the readers.

#2. Consider Blogging as a Business

It's no more a hobby if you are thinking about money.

It's pure business.

Blogging is a profession which needs time, dedication and commitment.

Have you ever seen any good shop in the market with inferior stuff, bad interior of the shop and a misbehaving salesman?

No.. I haven't seen any.

Consider your blogging a business and invest the money where it is required.

Buy a professional logo, a good looking theme, required plugins and all those things which will strengthen your business.

Take an example of Jitendra Vaswani who is doing killer branding with his blog.


He has placed himself in the blogging industry in such a way that we see him as a brand.

Another example is Ankit Singla.


His blog is clean, logo is professional, elements on the blog are placed very carefully and the content on his blog is top-notch.

You cannot become an outstanding blogger if your mind is always running to save few bucks. Invest the money where it is required and see the big picture.

#3. Invest Money on Yourself

Which was the last seminar you attended to boost your confidence?

Which was the last book you read to improve your content marketing skills?


Yes, I can see your dumb face.

You are not investing money to educate yourself, because money is always running in your mind, and you don't want to distract your mind by wasting your precious time by reading books or attending seminars.

You think that why to waste the money by attending seminars when I can watch many of them on YouTube?

Why waste money on buying books when I can download PDF of any book just by searching on Google.

My friend.. that's the area where you are lacking.

You think that this is a waste of money.

What will I get by buying the book when I can get it free, why to invest my hard-earned money on a seminar when I can watch at FREE of cost.

So here is the human psychology.

We always value the things when we spend money from our pocket.

We always appreciate our Samsung Galaxy S5 over iPhone 6S, because we have invested our money to buy this.

Got it?

When we spend money on something, we spend more time to get most out of it and we become serious to utilize every single penny.

In last 5 years, I have read more than 100 books, join 4-5 online courses to increase my knowledge, attended 6 international seminars, attended 6-7 seminars in India and I keep on investing money on myself every single month.

Here are few of them.

Because this is the knowledge which no one can steal from you.

It's yours.

#4. Stop Blaming Others

I have seen many cases when newbies say, “I pinged XYZ blogger, and he didn't reply.”

He is such an arrogant blogger. He is not respecting newbies and not helping them.

..and a lot of other blames to prove that all the successful bloggers are mean and cheap.

My friend, they all started like you. They all were newbies one day. They all started from scratch.

Rather than blaming other bloggers and crying by saying that no one is helping me, make Google your best friend.

Learn how to use it effectively.

Learn how to ask questions from Google.

There are tons of articles on the internet about every single topic. You just ask the right questions, and you will get your answers.

I did the same.

I never annoyed any blogger by pinging him again and again, and asking silly questions.

I never asked for the secret tips to help me make money online.

I never begged to help me.

Stop this cheap mentality and move ahead by reading the appropriate blogs.

I am saying it again – there is no secret formula.

This is a field where many things work in parallel to produce big results.

#5. Make Your Identity

Branding speaks.

Once you are a brand, people want to be like you. They want to speak like you, walk like you, start the day like you and taste the success like you.

We all have 24 hours in a day.

How well you utilize them, depends on you.

How you craft your day. How to prioritize everything and how you manage the things, all depends on you.

To make your identity, you have to work extra hard.

You have to show your face in the different meeting, join podcasts, get interviewed on good blogs and do video blogging for your readers.

You have to put efforts more than a normal human being.

#6. Sleepless Nights

When was the last time you got so much involved in something that you ended up spending whole night to learn it?


Try to recall.

If you can recall that night, you understand that how crazy you were to learn that thing.

How crazy and passionate you were to understand the core of that particular thing.

The success you see today is not a result of 2-3 weeks or months. It's the outcome of many sleepless nights for many years.

I remember the days when we had only one room. In winters, my whole family used to sleep in that one room and I used to work late night to find that magic wand.

I was trying hell lots of things.

But no results.

Empty pockets and family looking at my face having some hope to see my bright future.

I was not paying attention to my health, I was not taking proper sleep, I was not hanging out with my friends.

Just working, working and working.

So be ready to spend sleepless nights if you really want to become an outstanding blogger.

Why just night only?

Because at night, there is calmness everywhere, no one to call you, and no one to distract you. Just your computer and YOU.

If you are ready to sacrifice your nights, welcome to the world of real blogging.

#7. Multi-Tasking

Being a blogger, we not only take care of our content, but we master many things in parallel too.

Take my example.

I create my images using Photoshop myself, I write my article, I do the copywriting of my articles, I create backlinks for my blog posts, coordinate with my writers, work on the design on my blog, decide the color of my popups, decide the sidebar elements on my blog, and too many other things.

If you think that just by writing articles, you can become a good blogger, you are in a big confusion.

Here we have to master so many things to become a blogger.

Note: I am not writing this to make you afraid of this industry. I am just telling the truth here.

If you are willing to write blog posts, make the layout of your blog perfect, do the link building for your blog posts, do the outreach to spread your content and willingness to learn new things every single day, you can choose this profession.

Otherwise, this is not for you.

Final Words.

If you are into blogging just with the intention to make money without learning the basics, go home.

This profession is not for you.

This is just like another profession.

We work from home, so people find it very easy to do. But in reality, it's much tougher than a normal job.

Here is a powerful quote.


An outstanding blogger gives his blood and sweat.

Are you ready?