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This is something which is happening first time in India, where all experts are under one roof and you can ask your questions directly to them.

This idea was running in mind from last few days but due to busyness in my work I was not getting time to contact experts.

Getting experts at one place was little hard job because I was little skeptical about the reply of them.

I have seen people struggling hard to learn tips to survive in blogging and after too much efforts they are still not getting results. The problem is not with their efforts and mind-set, the problem is with the guidance. They don't have anyone in their surrounding who can guide them and show them right path to achieve success.

I took the initiative to contribute little in everyone's life by starting an “open blogging discussion” where I have invited 6 top-class experts who have already achieved great success in their fields and helping people all across the world to fulfill their dreams.

They are continuously putting efforts to teach people as much as they can, and we all know them very well.

While contacting them I realize that relations are very important in this online battle-field, and all these experts were so kind that they didn't deny my proposal to be part of this revolution.

I don't have any words to say thanks to them.

All I can say is; You people are really awesome and keep contributing in this world to bring change.

Who are the experts on board?

  1. Zac Johnson – Affiliate Marketing Expert
  2. Spencer Haws – Niche Blogging Expert
  3. Soumya Pratihari – Make Money Online Tips Expert
  4. Sandip Dedhia – CPA Expert
  5. Ravi Chopra – Entrepreneurship and Business Startup Expert
  6. Karan Labra – SEO Expert

Let's know about them first

1. Zac Johnson

Some people don't need any introduction and Zac Johnson is such a kind of person. He is well-established authority in affiliate marketing and has helped their students to achieve one million dollars with NeverBlue. So getting him on the board is really an honor for me. Zac will help you to solve your affiliate marketing query and you people are free to ask anything regarding affiliate marketing.

2. Spencer Haws

He is the man who has helped thousands of webmasters to make millions of dollars by giving them tool to find potential keywords. He is the man who got the idea to make LongTailPro and in such a short time this tool has become first choice of every blogger/webmaster. At his blog Niche Pursuits, he is writing public niche site projects case studies, where he is covering in-depth tutorials to build niche sites.

You can ask your questions about building niche blog and approach to rank it higher in search engines.

Spencer is here to answer you niche blogging questions.

3. Soumya Pratihari

Soumya is an Indian entrepreneur who is expert in teaching make money online methods. He has such hidden methods to make money online that you cannot even think about them. In his book “Smart Income” he has revealed some of the awesome methods to make money online and people has started fetching real money after reading it.

4. Sandip Dedhia

Sandip is a well-known blogger from India who own BlogsDNA (a very reputed Indian blog), but recently he turned into CPA ninja and generating awesome income from CPA.

CPA is a big marketing and it's all about understanding human psychology. After doing extensive searching, Sandip has reached at a stage where he is fetching good money from CPA offers and now he going to help you with his CPA tactics.

He is here to solve your CPA related queries and you can ask any question.

5. Ravi Chopra

Ravi is a business setup consultant. He is just 23 but his marketing strategies and entrepreneurial skills have made him one of the top Indian entrepreneurs. His vision is to make ClicksBazaar top internet marketing company in the world. His clients like Apple, Motorola are more than enough names to know the reputation of his company.

He is here to help you solve your business startup queries. If you are facing any issue in starting business and not getting right direction to move ahead then you can put your queries and discuss with him in this open discussion…

6. Karan Labra

All Indian bloggers are very well aware about this little gun. 🙂

Karan is into internet marketing from last 4 years and has earned big fame with his marketing and SEO strategies. He is expert in niche YouTube videos and niche sites.

Karan has already launched few WSO and taught his SEO strategies to people all across the globe.

If you are struggling to learn SEO and your website is not ranking higher in search engines then his tips and suggestion can help you to do this with less efforts.

Ask any SEO related query and he is here to help you.

Final Words

My idea was to start something where I can help many people, so this idea just hit in my mind. Hope you will love this discussion.

Share this article with your friends so that you can also help people by inviting them in this discussion.

So what are your questions?


Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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59 thoughts on “Open Blogging Discussion – Ask Directly to Experts”

  1. Hi Kulwant,

    First of all Congrats and thanks for this initiative. These experts are so busy, a newbie can’t contact them and ask questions directly. It is very great step to help them.

    Hi to all experts on board:-

    I would like to ask question to Spencer Haws and Karan Labra.

    Sir, there are lot of content is being delivered on internet each seconds. In this competitive environment how a starter can survive? When newbie start a blog he start posting content about what he know. But with time he realize that posting content what he know is not enough. He must have to post content according to searches. He has to do SEO and make links to rank his post on Google.

    My question is How a newbie post content and rank what he know about without worrying about SEO and keyword?

    • Thanks a lot for appreciating my initiative Vipin. These experts will solve your query soon, so stay tuned.

    • When anyone starts a blog, you have to considered how people will find it. You can either do keyword research and SEO; or you can buy traffic, or you can interact in other communities where people might be interested in your content (blogs, forums, social media, etc).

      So, yes, a “newbie” does have to think about promotion; otherwise no one will find his or her content.

  2. what are the top PR blogs and websites where we can submit our URL after each article for better link building??

    • Keshav, You can check this list

  3. Hi,
    I would like to hear from the experts about these two questions:
    If someone were to start today, what would be the fastest method to reach a profit of $1000 per month if:
    (i) the person had no money to invest
    (ii) the person had money to invest?

    • Not sure any can answer your question with 100% confidence, definitely the person having money to invest will have bit of upper hand to gain profit quickly, provided he knows where and when to invest that money.

      The paid marketing can turn out fruitful and can definitely make more than $1000 if he has necessary skills. So obviously my vote would go for the person who can invest money will make fastest $1000 but it comes with * (condition applied) here ! 😛

    • If the person had NO money to invest, that would be quite tough… but not impossible. A few ideas on how to start making money from nothing is to offer your time and skills for others to hire you. This can be done through sites like eLance, Fiverr and other job sites. As a test I actually wanted to see if I could make $1000 in a month from just writing lower end articles on sites like TextBroker and iWriter. Needless to say, I did it! This was with a brand new account and no association to my real name. So there are really no excuses when it comes to making money online.

      If you HAVE money, the fastest way to make money is through paid advertising. I would use Facebook Ads, but you can also focus on media buying and pay per click marketing. Facebook Ads is best because you won’t need to have a site or landing page. You can send the traffic right to the affiliate offer.

  4. I got rejected for ADSENSE while I had 41 post with reason “Does not comply with Google Policies”

    Can you check my site and tell me that what is really wrong? I am thinking of applying on reaching 50 post.

    Click on my name to go to my blog. Thanks.

    • AMaan, Google has too many policies, so reading all would be better idea to stay in safe side. These days Google has become very selective to approve blogs, so be careful while writing article on your blog and don’t include restricted keywords.

      • Hi,
        May I ask: what do you mean by restricted keywords?
        I am a newbie in beauty niche, and I was thinking of applying to Google Adsense, too. Is there any main guidelines to follow so as to know if it is the right time to apply for it , or not?

        Thanks a lot!

  5. I’m fully unaware about the new generation SEO , I mean optimization strategies after last Google update. My question is on which things I will focus on while starting a new blog?

    • I would advise you to focus on great content that is sharable – for a blog. In addition, if you perform keyword research to discover what people are already searching for, you can implement those keywords into your great sharable content.

  6. To Zac Johnson,
    I don’t have any experience in Affiliate Marketing still my income source is showing CPC based ads on my blogs, can you advice me about Affiliate marketing, which is the best platform to make some money by for a newbie?

    How should I Start if my blog doesn’t have any specific Niche blog even I have some but I am confused.

  7. At first, I would like to give you a thanks to bring all professionals under one roof. I don’t remember the article where I have read that “blog cannot make money but business can make.”. From that date, I always tried to create plan for my blog or create blueprint for my blog so that I can follow that blueprint and improve my blog but this my bad luck that I didn’t make such a business structure.
    Can you please help me to create a perfect plan for my blog? I have read tons of articles but didn’t understand where/how to start creating a plan for me. I just want to know which things should be in any business plan and etc. Thanks.

  8. thanks for the invitations sir…
    I have a query regarding backlinks…
    I want to know the methods which helps to create backlinks of your blog…
    also suggest some high PR sites if you can…

  9. Thats a great initiative Kulwant.
    I just want to ask all these guys about their monthly income reports.. Thanks in advance

    • Thanks Ansh.

      Thanks for asking this question Ansh, but this is such a question which no one would love to reply openly. 🙂 You can ask any other question related to their field.

  10. Hi, sir thanks for your effort to bring all big guns of internet market in one place.
    I have few questions to all my panel experts including Kulwant sir.
    My first question is that, I have started blogging from the past one year and made a blog with 70K views in total and 300 to 400 views per day, but I am not making any income. It is very hard for me to cross even 10$ a month. Tell me some few tips to reach at least a 100$ mark per month.
    2) My second and the last question is that I have started a new blog but unable to select a profitable niche. I don’t want to go with Tech and Health related topics. Please suggest a unique , I must say a very unique idea to run my blog in a profitable fashion.

    • Nitendra, tech and health niches are very difficult to compete if you are a newbie. People believe more on authority blogs as compared to new blogs when we are talking about health niche, and in tech niche you are just copying gadget’s specifications form other blogs and pasting it on your blog, so this will not help you to create quality content.

      Here are few suggestions:
      1. Select you niche very carefully (Don’t try to copy other people’s niche).
      2. Do proper keyword research (You can use LongTailPro for this).
      3. Write quality stuff on your blog and use keywords very properly.
      4. Put more efforts on promoting your content.
      5. Make relations with other bloggers and learn from them.

  11. Hi Kulwant,
    That’s a pretty cool idea to bring these experts together so we can get some questions across.
    My first goes to Spencer…

    Now, Hummingbird is said to be just the first move towards a considerable shift from keyword based processing to a more complex conversational query processing algorithm. What is the future of LongTailPro?

  12. First of all, Thanks Kulwant for conducting an awesome open discussion forum. Here comes my question:

    In my early stages of Blogging, not only I all would have posted low quality content. And then as the time passes we would have improved our writing and SEO stuffs and thereby produce best content. Now, what should I do with my low quality old content? Should I delete them? Deleting posts is not recommended by many sites. I feel that only those posts are the cause for the updates which affect my site. Now tell me the best thing to do with the posts. There might be around 20-30 posts.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Anirudh, here is what I am doing on Blogging Cage.

      1. Select low quality content on your blog (In my case I select articles with less than 5 comments).
      2. Login in your Google Webmaster > Select your blog > Select Google Index from left side > Click on remove URLS.
      3. Submit that article in removal request and it will be removed within 48 hours.
      4. Check your article in Google by searching URL of that article.
      5. Now add more quality in that article and make it live again. 🙂

      Hope this will help. 🙂

      Let me know if you still have any issue.

  13. I have the following questions:

    1. How to get contents indexed faster in search engines? Even I am doing proper keyword research still unable to gain traffic.

    2. Does ads or banner links need to be SEO optimized? Then how to do it?

  14. I have found this splendid initiative very helpful for my blogging career….Kulwant I would ask you one question. Does buysellads the biggest earning source on the internet. Is this only the biggest earning method for successful bloggers. Are there are more except BSA for bloggers and webmasters.

    • No Hafeez. BSA is just one of the methods to make money online with your blog traffic, there are thousands other ways too.

  15. This is very good idea sir of open blogging discussion so that one can get his problem solved.
    I have few questions which I would like to ask :
    1. I am using WordPress SEO by Yoast but I think this is not enough. So what more can I do for better SEO and get some organic traffic.
    2. I also would like to know about income from Affiliate marketing as I am new I don’t know anything about it. I searched and try to find about it but was not able to find anything exact.

    • Thanks Pulkit.

      1. Any plugin will not help you learn the SEO or do SEO if you don’t know the basics to do it in right way. So learn basics of SEO and then use them practically. For getting more organic traffic you can do keyword research using LongTailPro.
      2. For affiliate marketing Zac would help you.

  16. It’s the great idea !!
    I’ve one major question regarding my blog.

    That is: the response time of my blog is a little slower when you visit it for the first time !! I contacted HostGator support to solve that matter. They told me that it’s WP SEO YOAST causing the problem at on-page loading and W3 Total cache at server side (only on the first visit)

    So what can I do ? any idea ? being a web designer, I’ve tried a lot to figure out the problem but failed 🙁

  17. I would like to know the best affiliate marketings that could be employed by a blogger in Nigeria, West Africa.

  18. I would like to ask question to Spencer Haws and Karan Labra.

    I’ve been running a blog on technology for past few months..and I haven’t noticed fruitful results yet. Can you experts please suggest me the things on which I should concentrate to improve my blog rankings and also to make my blog appear in search results…so that I could earn some revenue.

    And also give some tips on SEO and blogging, to all the blogging starters so that they could have a great future ahead in blogging and SEO.

  19. Okay! That’s an amazing initiative taken by you 😀 This is something that is really needful in the internet world today.
    SO my question is that what can be done to have a steady income of min $200-$300 if one has $100 to start with?

    • No income on internet can be steady income these days.. but creating niche blog with proper keyword research can be helpful for you. Mind it, it takes quite a good efforts to find a keyword/s which can be easily ranked and at the same time will fetch you $100 or $200 per month.

      And not to forget continues Google algo updates which can take way rankings at any moment. So choose your income source wisely and put good efforts to reach the goals.

  20. Another question is for the SEO guys. Can you please share/suggest some good methodologies you adopt to rank your keywords and then keeping them ranked.

  21. I’m running a small company of web designing, but I dont have knowladge of SEO, so when customers ask me why there website are not showing on the 1st page of the google then what shuld I do….I also use use google tools then too 🙁 please help

  22. Thanks Kulwant for providing us this great opportunity. I just want to know how can we find right Keywords which will help us to get higher rank in SERP….

    • There are plenty of free and paid tools that you can use for this. Google Analytics is good for looking at search traffic that you already have going through your site, but this is now changing with the “not provided” stats.

      I would also look into using services like that looks are your current traffic, rankings and content and gives you alternative keywords to write content around.

  23. My question is to Spencer,

    According to you when is the best time to create a seasonal Niche site (time sensitive) and what time you do so, like I want to create a site about christmas then when do you recommend I should build the site. Like 2 months or 15 days before Christmas so that I can build enough links to rank the site higher?

  24. Nice concept, my question from SEO Expert.

    How to quickly rank Google+ business page. (I know traditional techniques like +ones, reviews, backlinks and 100% complete profile), Is there any thing else I can do.

  25. I’m all about helping other people learn how to make money online and grow their own business. I’m excited to see what this turns into!

    • Thanks a lot for your time Zac. Can you please invite people from your circle so that we can help more? 🙂

  26. Hello Guys,

    My question is what is the best way to find keywords. Like what type of keywords should we use long tail keywords or any other type of keywords. Is there any tool which helps us to find the keywords. Now a days I am not able to understand how to make use of Google Keyword Planner to find the right keyword. Few say to go with Long tail pro and a few say to go with a Google Keyword planner but I am really confused and due to which totally I stopped blogging . But I really love to do blogging and learn blogging from scratch.

    My niche is technology, and now a days I am bit confused on what topic to choose as there are hundreds of news daily related to technology, should I target on how to like content.

  27. If Zac Johnson is in the List, then it is a must attend seminar. How do people outside India get all content to be shared at the discussion with the experts?

  28. Thanks for the initiative Kulwant. I leant a lot about this field but I am tensed abit about a new issue know. I submitted my new site to Google webmaster tools and whenever I search for it, it pumps up it with many url parameters. The strange part is home page. If I search for it, the title appears neat but the description says “click here to proceed” which is ridiculous. I have the site performing better with bing search engine. Any experts opinion about the issue would be extremely helpful

  29. Thanks Zac for your quick reply,,you helped me a lot by answering my question .your are doing very good job by helping other people,.. Thanks again.

  30. Hi

    My question is related to SEO. I want to do link building via commenting and guest posting how much time and no. of guest post it will take to improve my ranking.

  31. To Zac Johnson, Dear Zac, My question is “How to use make money from YouTube by using various sources?” I have just started in affiliate marketing. One more question is; which is easiest in making money either CPA or affiliate marketing?

  32. Good at writing articles, but really bad at SEO. Does that mean I shoud leave Blogging?

    How much impact does Alexa rank, DA, PA and PR on your BLOG?

    • @Payal
      Well I am not an expert 😛 but i would like to answer your interesting question. I have read few of your articles and all of them are amazing, you shouldn’t need to leave blogging instead you can learn Advanced SEO easily from QuickSprout University Launched by Neil Patel.

      When we talk about Alexa rank, it only matters when we want to get attention of advertisers towards our blog. Instead of focusing on increase page rank of our blog, we should need to concentrate on improving domain and page authority of blogs.

  33. Zac I want to ennter into affiliate marketing.. what are the things I should look for selecting an affiliate product and how to derive traffic and convert them into sales

  34. To Karan,

    I’d like to know about some SEO Tricks and tips that would benefit wordpress websites. also how does one increase alexa rank of his website?

    Thanks in advance

  35. I appreciate this initiative for the bloggers Nagi,

    My question is related to KWs.

    I know, we should select long tail KW with low competition to get high SERP. I use SEO by yoast and it used to tell that your kw density is low which is found 6 or 7 times. What does it mean? If I add the same KW more than 6-7 times, it would be like KW stuffing and i don’t want to do that.

    Please explain, how many times a KW should be repeated in a post and how many long tail KWs should be selected.

    Eventhough am good in writing, am bit lazy in doing the KW research. I know, this is the reason for my low traffic 🙁

  36. Thanks For Providing Such Great Opportunity to Get Solved by Experts.
    My Question is
    I have a 1.5 Year old Domain, But Due to a Wrong Post My Blog Got Disabled for Ad Serving (Adsense). My Domain is Working Fine with Indexing and all other But Only Ad Serving is Disable,
    I started a New Domain just because of it
    but I Want Ads on My Old Domain

    Can you Please Tell me How Can I Recover From this error.

    • Sahil, a better way would be; keep adding quality content and make it a good blog. Then after some time you can try to apply again.

  37. Thanks for such an initiative. I would love to get clarified on this question which may sound weird for someone out there,

    We all know how important is to pick up a niche. I have seen stuff being rewritten or stuff that gets rephrased. For example, I have seen a person writing about “android apps for pc”. That went good and soon I have seen a bump. It certainly neutralizes things. Please do note that, I am not against competition which is healthy. I just pointed a similar posture.

    I have a few niche topics in my mind. They are certainly good. I do not want to promote my sources through competition which is present in facebook and other medium where it gets into eyeballs from others (You may consider me to be possessive). But I am as I have been working on it for 2 years. I have asked Pankaj Guptha who is very experienced enough and came up with a point to start writing quality content, internal linking and that is enough. I have tried it out on blogger and it did work.

    What is your point of view (experts) as many propagate those sharing, tweeting and many other mechanisms. I believe that if content is of top nothc and if it serves purpose and unique nature, Google ranks it. I am not sure about it and I will be glad to know about the way though which I can proceed in a better way. Thank you for your time.

    One more, I started a few blogs and I have some url parameters like domain(dot)com?fp== and blah blah. How to avoid. Solution to the second one can be a life saver as I am worried about this. Thank you,

  38. Hi Kulwant,

    Great approach. Anyway, jumping right in to the question.

    What is the best resource or site, where a newbie can learn about CPA and affiliate marketing. Not just in vague terms, but with examples regarding landing page design, keyword examples e.t.c.

  39. Best efforts ever!

    Jumping to question mind

    How can I build affiliate marketing website in the sense of keeping Adsense and Affiliate marketing at same way to monetize ?

  40. thanks for sharing such useful tips…
    question wasn’t mine..but answer surely gonna help me…
    i also think about to start a new blog..
    thanks again…

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