8 Reasons Why Do Most of the Newbie Bloggers Fail

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You must be agree with my point that during last 2 years blogging has been flooded.

Starting a new blog is child's play these days and most of the teens are stating many blogs daily.

Starting is very easy but taking it to a new level is very tough job. Most of the newbies are starting blogs daily to earn money online without having any big ideas and plans in their mind.

Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, TypePad, Tumblr have made so much easy to start a blog on any niche. I think the only reason behind the number of blogs are increasing day by day is because it's in the reach of common man now.

Here I am going to discuss few basic points why people quit blogging. What are the things which are compelling them to take this decision and what are the factors?

Lack of Knowledge

If you are thinking to start blogging then very first thing to do is the market study. Most of the bloggers start their blogging career without any real knowledge of market and then they end up doing nothing. They didn't even know what their interests are.

So little knowledge is a big Disaster.

Always do research before starting blogging which will be long-lasting for your success.

Find you interest and start a blog around it.

Lack of Time

Every Blogger have the same interesting story.

When you will ask any failed blogger why he left blogging ?

You are going to get almost same answer.

And the answer is – I didn't have enough time to work for my blog.

We start blogging with lots of passion and enthusiasm and then quit it because of lack of time.

Manage your time in a manner that you can spare atleast 1-2 hour in a day for blogging.

Giving up Quickly

The Formula of success is – Never ever quit.

Most of the bloggers are too much fed up in the first 1 one month that they finally come to point that I am not going to continue blogging.

Quitting is easy as compared to continue your journey. So they always choose an easy path.

In a recent study it has been found that most of the newbies quit their blogging career in first 90 days.

Lack of Writing Skills

Blogging is about learning the things and cast it into your own words. The only thing we do in blogging is to write the articles daily but never pay attention of our writing skills. So lack of writing skill is one of the big obstacles.

When I started blogging I was not a good writer (even today I am not), but I kept learning the things and now I am making fewer mistakes as compared to those days.

So this is one of the reason people quit blogging, because they think that it's the game of writers only and the only people who can get success in online world are writers.

Don't have Proper Plan

Why all big companies have Team Leaders, Project Leaders, Project Managers in their big projects?

The reason behind this is, they have big action plan in mind and they follow their steps according to that plan only.

The why don't we make plans in blogging?

Newbies don't know about the plans and how to execute them with proper time and resource management.

Lack of Promotion

Promotion is the continuous process till the date you get some good loyal readers. Newbie bloggers don't know which are the better and easy ways to promote the blog.

Finding the best promotional way for any niche is a tough job. So newbies bloggers always fail to find those ways to promote their blogs and then end up quitting blogging.

Lack of Persistence and Consistency

Every big task in life need persistence and consistence because they are the prime factors. Doing things continuously is called consistency and doing the same things again is called persistence.

I have seen that in the starting days of blogging people keep writing full enthusiasm and atleast 5 articles a week ( I did this :)). Soon they feel that they are not getting enough traffic and earning for their blog and then think about quitting.

They don't make money

This is the biggest reason people quit blogging after some time. They start blogging thinking that they are going to make huge money with this.

Making money in online world is really a very tough job and it is the only motivation to continue blogging journey.

When people don't make money for first 3-4 months then they think about quitting blogging.

Final Words

At the end I would like to say, if you are facing any of the issue listed above then it's the time to refine them. Start doing some activities to take your blog at a very big level, soon you will start reaping the fruits.

Don't feel like quitting blogging and give your best on your blog.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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42 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Do Most of the Newbie Bloggers Fail”

  1. Hi Kulwant,

    I couldn’t agree more with all that you’ve written 🙂

    Yes, these are the exact reasons why new bloggers tend to fail, or shall we say they simply give up without holding on. I think most of them tend to start too fast, it’s like posting daily, just as you mentioned, or else they put up many posts in a day, which is good if they can manage it, but once they exhaust their resources, their consistency takes a back seat.

    Blogging is no easy work, and just the simple fact that you need to sit and write is a huge task, provided you are providing quality content to your readers. I think if you take blogging as a profession, and are able to chalk out a certain time daily for it, you can do well for yourself. Just write is what I’d suggest to the new blogger – get familiar with the ways of blogging before you start expecting results, which is something I did – and that was because I never knew there was anything more than writing that time…lol…of course, now the young bloggers are making waves, though they tend to lose patience too soon.

    Making money from blogging is another fever newbies tend to get, and when they realize that it’s not happening, without really waiting for the results, which take a few months to a year to show, they give up. I wish they’d realize that nothing is built overnight – not even ROME!! For any business to take shape, it takes time – and if you are a dedicated blogger and work smart – you CAN achieve success – and I think you are one such blogger for sure 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Welcome back Harleena. 🙂

      When I was a newbie I used to write one article daily because I knew this was the only working method for me. I kept writing and visitors were increasing continuously, but soon I found that writing daily is not the challenge, challenge is to write quality content. So all newbie must make a routine and stick with that.

      Blogging is really a very tough job because no one is here to give you orders and you are not bound to deliver any work in limited time, and this thing always make us so lazy. Getting connected with like minded people in another task which really need a lot of time. You will have to reply them, appreciate them and mention them in your articles. Harleena, I always say, you work is awesome.

      Making money in blogging is very hard. It took me 7 months to make my first dollar online from this blog. So you will have to keep patience and put more efforts in making your online presence. Just keep working hard, things will start happening.

      Thanks for this awesome comment. 🙂

  2. I am also a new blogger and blog using this blogging product of Revenue Times so I need to build this qualities to great succeeded as a good blogger.

  3. I would like to add the writing style, and the emotional state the writer is in. If you are in a negative emotional state, then it will reflect in your words. This will take readers away from your blog, and most will not come back. You have to do unbiased kind of writing to be successful.

    Else, its a dead end!

    • Well said Piyush. I agree with your point. Our writing style is output of our emotions, so you can write an EPIC piece if you are in good mood while writing.

  4. Hi sir i like your post

    You have explained every problem in a excellent way
    now do a favaour on Newbie bloggers by writing post on below topic and mention each post below every point.

    SO your next post should be
    #1.How to manage time while being a blogger.
    #2.How to improve Writing skill.
    #3.How to plan strategies and execute it For successful Blogging.

    #4.How to promote your blog in a better way for successful results

    and a post on

    #5.How to compete with Lack of Persistence and Consistency.

    • Thanks Ratnesh. For sure I will cover these topics.

      Here are few of them which we have already covered. Here I am giving them numbers according to your list.

      2. 7 Little Known Ways to Boost your Writing Skills
      3. 7 Crucial Steps for Successful Blogging

      I will cover other articles very soon.

  5. This is a great blog and this post really amazed me. I was a blogger newbie and I know how it feels. The genius thing I did is that I didn’t give up and now I’m slowly building my Blogging Empire!

    Kulwant, I will add your post in the next weekly link roundup of all epic posts next Friday.

    I will let you know on Twitter when I publish it!

    Thanks for this post by the way!

    • Vukasin, Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my efforts. I would love see this article reaching at more people. 🙂

  6. Hey Kulwant,

    Nice post. Like your all points.

    I think most of the bloggers fail because they cannot make money from their blog. It doesn’t matter how passionate they are, they will lose motivation about blogging if they could not make any money.

    When it comes to make money from blog, most of the bloggers think about Adsense or other advertiser networks. But the truth is Adsense requires a lot of traffic to generate revenue and it is tough for every new bloggers to generate a lot of traffic to their blog.

    That’s why I always suggest new bloggers to give more attention to the Affiliate Marketing. And it should be started from the day one of blogging. It’s very easy. Just telling readers which products or services you are using and their pros and cons. If you are using Hostgator hosting, then you may consider adding an affiliate link of hostgator on blogroll. Actually it depends on several niche. Sometimes One affiliate sale can boost your motivation.

    And my final suggestion is KEEP LEARNING.

    Thanks Kulwant for sharing this nice post. I’ve learnt many things from this post.

    • Thanks Istiak.

      Even I think that money is the biggest factor behind quitting blogging. People don’t make money for first few months and soon they feel like quitting.

      True point, AdSense really needs hell lots of traffic to make good money from blog, or I can say atleast 5000+ daily Pageviews to make a decent survival.

      Istiak, about affiliate marketing I have written one article, hope you would love to read that. Here it is – Why You Shouldn’t Start Affiliate Marketing Today

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this awesome comment.

      Have a nice day.

  7. Lack of knowledge is one of the common factor why newbies quitting to their blog.
    once again, I found something new to learn.
    thanks for sharing such useful information….
    keep sharing sir…:)

  8. Kulwant; You make some very good points here. These rules also apply to business and life generally. The biggest issue for many is the time commitment factor. As a tax, estates attorney, it is really hard to carve out enough time each day to devote to blogging. Some days I cannot spend any time. Anyway, your points are well taken and should be followed to the letter if someone wants to have any chance to succeed in blogging. Great post and thanks.

    • Thanks for sharing your views STEVEN. Time is obviously a biggest factor which we always fail to manage. Hope this article will help many newbies to find those stopping factors.

  9. Great post man!
    All the reasons are hundred percent true. When a new blogger fails there is always one of the reason behind his/her failure. This is very helpful for all the new comers.

  10. Hii Sir

    A very helpful post for newbies like me.

    I learn lots of from these post. All the points are very true. I will never give up. and work hard with my blog.

    Thank you very much.

  11. Also, newbies write article having length similar to your article’s length….
    Everyone want to write more article = More visitor = More Money = 500$

  12. Great points Sir, lack of time and low earnings are the major reasons behind newbie bloggers quitting blogging. But they need to understand that persistence always pays. Every blogger need to understand that they just need to work hard and everything will fall into its place automatically.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

  13. really awesome article. And i really wonder how I was doing mistakes regarding my website. But here I got my target back. Like others my mind also confusing about quit or to continue, but now I finalized to continue my job.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice information.
    Really appreciable.

  14. Hello Kulwant,

    Amazing post, Well to be honest here when I was new to blogging I just can’t maintain the time or post consistency. Later after working on various blog’s I’ve learned how to manage time and other things. It’s is also important to have patience and we should not give up quickly to achieve good results.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. We could not learnt if we should not gain failure so..i suggest to all the newbies don’t feel sad or feel hopeless if you could not earn extra money for blog..the most important is keep learning motivate your self to make it success….anyways thanks for writing such a inspirational articles..

  16. The worst thing ever is to give up in the first days of blogging because of lack of money that’s not a good thing 🙂

    We should be patient and work very hard without giving up and believe on what we do and don’t let the first statictics let you down, you won’t make money in the first day but one day the hard work will pay off! 🙂

    thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Very true Anis. Most people quit because of money only. Patience is the key to succeed in any field, so it applies here too. 😉

  17. Being successful as a blogger cannot be achieved over night. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and hard work to be able to really say that you are really a successful one. It may be hard, but everything will be all worth it in the end.

  18. True Points Kulwant Sir
    I am also facing some problems like Time, Money and Promotion
    But I am trying to solved it…
    Your articles help me a lot..:D

  19. Many bloggers who failed today are those who enter for the money in mind. there is money in blogging but you need not to put the money part on your head as beginner.
    Remember that passion is greater then all. Thanks for the lovely post Kulwant Nagi and do have your self a lovely week ahead…

  20. Hello sir ji,
    Really very true… when i had made my blog at first time thinking just for casual blogging but now i’m serious with my blog also.. cause of money problem. and need help on getting more visitors. hope you will answer to my comment..
    thanks in advanced.

    • Soumya, just keep helping people with your blogging tips. Soon money will start flowing.. 🙂

      Best wishes..

  21. sir I think lack of knowledge and lack of good training is one of big cause for failure in blogging. I think a person loyal to his work should not have thinking of result i.e. Money. If we work loyally, results will come automatically and we don’t have to worry.

  22. I believe in readership.. Rather than building and writing so many articles, one should promote their blog content. You have pointed right that a blogger either newbie or old, still needs promotion.

  23. Hi Kulwant, the points you have mentioned in the article are definitely plays powerful role in making a blogger fail. But there is a very important point, I think you forgot to mention.

    According to me, why most new bloggers fail and give up is that they start comparing themselves with other successful bloggers who are in the field for years. This comparison makes themselves feel bad as a blogger and it demotivates them and they give up after a certain time.

    In more than 60% of cases, bloggers fail just for this reason.

    • woww Tamal.

      The point you mentioned is also 100% valid in the case of newbies. They always compare themselves with the big player who are in this industry for 5-7 years and doing great.

      I strongly agree with your point.

      Thanks for adding value in the article. 🙂

  24. Yes Kulwant thats true .. More than 90% of bloggers quit it just because they lack time and do not have sufficient knowledge about blogging. We should only start blogging if we consider it as a full time job at least in the initial stages.

    • Ovais, blogging can be started a part-time as well, but the things is you will have devote time while doing it part-time also.

  25. Great post kulwant, you have really pointed out all the possible reasons why newbie bloggers fail and yes it’s be demotivating when we put so much of hard ward on our blogs and don’t get the desired results then it’s natural to get the feeling of quitting blogging but as you said that the formula for success is never ever quit

    Cheers mate keep posting such good post

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