5 Naked Truths of My Life Which Tried Their Best To Slaughter Me

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Isn't this a bold title?

Yes, it is.

We all have stories.

Some are open to the world where few are buried under our heart only.

You dream to do something better in your life, you start feeling better, but sometimes these stories popped up in your mind from somewhere.

And we again start feeling little bit low.

This is how life goes. This is how we encounter many events in our life.

… so this is not only my story, it's story of everyone.

In today's article we are going to talk about 5 things which tried their best to stop me in my blogging career, but with my vision and dedication, I overcame all of them.

Those could be excuses of my life to not move forward, but this is not how life goes.

These were very basic problems in my life because of which I could end up doing a job in any private firm, but I preferred my dreams.

Let's read about those naked truths.

Note: I got the idea to write this article as one good friend of mine started a thread on his Facebook Profile yesterday.

You can either make money or make excuses!! I have poor Internet… Oh my parents don't like me earning money.. I don'…

Posted by Gaurav Jaggi on Thursday, April 16, 2015

I commented on his status and BOOM.

I was overwhelmed with the responses from his audience, so here I am going to tell you things in little more details.

#1. I Started with 2G internet

50 kbit/s.

This was the internet speed I used to get when I started in 2011.

Although we had good internet speed (512kbps) in my city, but I couldn't afford that.

I built my blog for 14 months with this internet speed.

14 months is long duration, but when you know your targets and have a big vision to do something better in your life, this is a very short duration.

Speed was so damn poor that it used to take too much time even for loading an article for me.

I was reading blogs after blogs but I couldn't watch any video to understand things in more detail.

I cried.

But no one was there to listen to me, my parents didn't know what I was doing, they didn't know why I was spending sleepless nights with my laptop.

This could a big excuse of my life to not continue my journey in blogging because I didn't have the right platform to learn things.

But when you have a burning desire to do something then such things don't matter.

#2. I Sold My Bike to Survive in Blogging

As I told I didn't have money to afford internet.

So how could I afford my hosting and domains?

I requested one of my cousin brothers to give me his credit card to make the domain and hosting payments.

I booked my first domain KulwantNagi.com on July 22, 2011, and started with free hosting which Ankur Agarwal Sir suggested in one of his emails. I was following him since 2010 so I could trust him.

I spent almost 1 and a half month to understand what this hosting was, basics of blogging, and finally launched my blog on 9th September 2011.

This time I was on shared hosting provided by HostGator.

First month was in $0.01 but from the second month onwards I had to pay $9.97 every month.

I paid for first 2-3 months (with my cousin's credit card).

Soon he stopped helping me and I was on my own, so I had to pay him all the amount which I had used form his card.

As I didn't have money so I told a big lie to myself.

I said to me, “I am not using my bike to travel anymore, this is just an unused vehicle for me, so I can sell it and make little money.”

So I sold my bike next week.

Outside I was happy but my heart was crying.

How could I sell something which was one of my favourites?

But I knew one thing, “You'll have to make many compromises TODAY, to make your future better TOMORROW.”

I returned the money to my brother and selected 6 months hosting from HostGator. Soon I started making money and things were never same again.

#3. We Had Only One Room

Can you concentrate on your work if you have TV running in the loud voice just at a distance of 2 feet from you?

For my parents, I was wasting my time with the laptop, so they never cared what I was doing.

Where one side I was using 50kbs internet to learn the things, on the second side my TV was putting its better efforts to distract me and stop me what I was doing.

Although I started making money after 7 months, but that money was not good enough to build a new room or to get a good room on rent.

I used to sit there all the days and built my blog from that single room.

#4. I Am Not a Coder

I am a B.Tech degree holder in Electronics and Communication.

.. and we code near to nothing in ECE.

So I am not from a programming background.

After 1 year in blogging, I realized that all big blogs had very good and compelling designs. They were very neat and clean and reading on such blog always gives an awesome experience to me.

So I decided to learn to code on my own.

I started with HTML, then a little bit of CSS and then tried PHP as well.

Soon I was good enough to make small changes on my blog.

I spent little more time with WordPress and designed this theme myself which you are seeing on BloggingCage now. 🙂

Every single element on this blog (sidebar, opt-in form, footer, navigation menu, colours, fonts) has been designed and selected by me.

So coding is not an excuse. Many people call me and ask this question, “Can I succeed in blogging if I don't know coding?”

I always say, “YES, you can.”

Because this is a skill which can be learnt.

#5. My English is Not Good

Much better than as it used to be.

As I have improved with time.

I am not a native English speaker, so I don't know how to use those hi-fi compelling words in blog posts.

My posts are written in very very simple to understand language.

When I started blogging, this was the biggest obstacle for me.

But I knew that it can be improved with time.

I started reading some good blogs related to Grammar, sentences, basics of English and even joined one local English class in 2013 (after 2 years of starting blogging) to improve my skills.

This was a genuine problem because everything on the internet is in English language and we can express our thoughts in English only.

PS: Although you can write in any language on the internet, but English has more audience as compared to any language.

With time I have learnt the tactics to make my articles more compelling and still learning from one of the top blogs.

Final Words

You can easily relate my story with any of the guys around you (or with yourself) who keep making excuses because he doesn't have right resources to make money on the internet.

If you are feeling low, ask yourself a question.

“Is my dream bigger or my excuse?”

Once you'll find the right answer, no damn power in this universe can stop you.

Decide what actually you want to do in your life.

Take the right decision and put your best efforts to get best results.

Kulwant Nagi

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44 thoughts on “5 Naked Truths of My Life Which Tried Their Best To Slaughter Me”

  1. Hi Kulwant,

    To be honest, I never visited your posts because I never came across any shares of your posts on social media. The possible reason could be – My reach was not enough as I am a newbie.

    I regret staying away from your blog for so long (roughly it has been 4 months since I entered into blogging). I am glad that I finally landed on your blog and will hopefully follow it very closely hereafter.

    I am inspired by you because even after having a better situation I complain a lot and I do make excuses. (I am probably the first commentator at least till now who didn’t said I share the same story as you rather I accept that I do make excuses even after being favored so much. I am not at all proud about it but I am being honest).

    I can understand how tiring it would have been for you with a slow internet connection. You seem to be a daring guy who chose to quit job and sell away your assets behind blogging and that is what made you successful, I guess. I am sure you have many more milestones to reach, I wish you all the best for that. 🙂

    Talking about the language – “English”, Yes we are Indians and on top of it being a non-native English speaker makes communication really hard as people might not take us seriously reading all the grammatically mistakes and errors.

    I read your post very sincerely and found out this:

    With time I have learnt the tactics to make my articles more compelling and still learning from one of the tops blogs.

    Did you purposely wrote “Tops Blogs” or it was just a typo?

    I am inspired reading this. Thanks for sharing your blogging story. I am sure many more will be able to relate to your story and will get some inspiration from you!

    This is for you: “To be inspired is great, To inspire is incredible.” 🙂

    ~ Rohan Chaubey (Be #Rohanlicious).

    P.S. The twitter share button is not working at my end. Kindly check and let me know.

    • Welcome on my blog, Rohan.

      Happy to see a new enthusiastic visitor on my blog.

      Things were not in my favor when I started, but my vision always helped me do better every single day.

      Thanks for pointing out that typo. Just corrected.

      Keep visiting Blogging Cage. 🙂

  2. Hey Kulwant sir, i have read the full article . my condition is something same like your early days. I would like to know the internet speed that you currently use.

  3. Great Post and dedication you have, I strongly believe that most of go away from the blogging within 3 or 5 months if coming in non-technical field.

    Anyway, where you sold that bike? You have to buy again from them :):)

    Which are your favorite blogs that you are reading daily ?

    Keep Continue your efforts and passions.

    • Anil, you are 100% right on that part.

      According to one study, most bloggers quit their blogging journey within first 90 days.

      I sold that bike to a local friend.. I have 2 bikes better than that at my home now. 🙂

      My favorites blogs are here.

      Thanks a lot for being here.

      • Thanks Kulwant for sharing.

        You have done only one mistake. You have to sold that TV instead of the Bike 🙂

        Happy Weekend

  4. Inspiring post Nagi, enjoyed reading it but I feel hard that you’ve sold your bike to blog.

    Yeah, internet speed has improved a lot and we’re gonna use 4G very soon. I totally agree with you that we can’t focus in writing without a dedicated area to work. But if we have good passion and enthusiasm, we will touch the success for sure!

    English is the main problem for most of the Indians but I’d say that the simple English would grab more eyeballs. I really like the way you write in non-complexing blog posts and this might be one of the reason for my regular visit. I’d like to visit Anil’s blog (bloggerspassion) too as he write the neat post in a simple manner.

    I too struggled a lot in my initial phase of blogging as it was very difficult to explain its meaning to my family memebers. As you told, everyone has an interesting story behind their blogging profession and even I too.

    Thanks for sharing your blogging journey with us, it really encouraging me to blog in a precise way. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Nirmala mam.

      Life is unpredictable. So you never know what decision you’ll have to take tomorrow.

      Selling my bike was one of them. Now I am at a stage where I can buy such 5-6 bikes every single month. 🙂

      Internet was a big problem as I am from a very backward area. I got 1Mbps line just 3 months back, before that I was using 512kbps only. This time money was not the problem, the problem was, the maximum speed till that time my city had was 512kbps only.

      English was one of the problems which luckily I have improved little bit. Now I am getting mails from my readers saying, “we love your blog because your language is very simple to understand.”

      Yeah, we all have stories… I would love to read your story on your blog very soon.

      Thanks for being here, and happy weekend to you as well.

  5. Woww.. Really Awesome..I think,you will stand like an inspiration to many people who are struggling to make money from their blogs.. I made absolutely 0 Rs in first 11 months of my blogging career and after that I made another blog and applied all the learnt technologies on that and with in a month I made all the money which I spent for previous 11 months.. So,Keep on learning and apply your techniques to your blog..

  6. Inspiring Post Sir, Hats off..

    It was great feeling after reading this post ..i am also facing a situation like you. We also live in a single room and My tv also distract me. I can feel your pain a little bit . Your this kind of post keep me inspiring.

  7. well, im not a professional blogger but its the platform i use to share things which i find interesting on web.

    Whatever you written above was like 80% exactly related to my life except that bicycle thing and i didn’t even had an laptop those days…. Only a dual core pc and 2g net which i used by connecting my nokia phone. 🙂 but if we don’t go through hard times in our life, we won’t be able to enjoy the time when we get success in our life… Like many people who get lots of money but confused on where to spend that 😛 ..

    Nice post + a hug for u 🙂 😛

  8. Awesome article sir, Today i was feeling very low, and going in a very tough situations due to many failures, And so needed some motivation and seriously its my luck because of which i came across this article in social media, and after reading this i am really feeling much better,…

    Thank you sir !!!!! 🙂 you are a hero,

    • Happy to hear that this article was able to inspire you. Keep visiting BloggingCage for more awesome stuff.

  9. Inspirational & very heartfelt post. You’re doing very well & your English IS much better! You handle challenges very well. The next one? Keeping the same level of motivation & dedication when you are successful as when you’re on that floor with the laptop struggling. Struggle can be a powerful motivator. I hope to see you continue your growth and change even as you do well.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Matt.

      Matt, I always try my best to help more and more people. They call me almost daily discussing their blogging problems and I always try to show them right path.

      Thanks for such an encouraging comment.

  10. So Inspirational it is, I think I am also on the same place where you were in 2011. the same money problem and same house and family issue. but your stroy motivated me and I am ready to do it right now. Blogging is my passion and There would be no excuses for it.

  11. Hi @kulwantnagi:disqus Bro,
    Feels like my story! Only thing I don’t still know coding and I can’t sell my bike because it’s a shared one (Not exclusively for me, my brother and I share it).:)

    I still blog from that 2G network and unfortunately my speed never crosses 14-16 KBPS. lol I loaded your this post twice because disqus wouldn’t load with my slow network.

    But as you said life must go on and you should be persistent in your efforts. I love your patience and it is this patience that gives me strength when I am disturbed completely with the loud sounds of daily soaps while blogging.

    Thanks for writing this one as it will give many others a strength to stay positive. 🙂

    • Aw… Swadhin yeah you once said about that poor connection long back. But I don’t see anything affecting your blogging. You manage to do everything so well and I admire you for that. I am sure you are a person with lots of patience, skills and determination. You are amazing! 🙂

  12. I want to describe this article…..
    Most inspirational article that I have read on blog

  13. Hi Kulwant Nagi Bro,

    Very inspiring post! There are lots of people In India who are facing slow internet connect and can’t do the things at right time.

    Some times, I think If all things become available in villages how much it is good. There are lots of people in villages who want to achieve some great things in their life but due to lack of opportunity, they have to disappoint.

    You are great inspire all of them.

    Thanks for sharing your journey, it is very inspiring for every blogger.

    Kulwant Nagi
    Kulwant NagiKulwant Nagi

    • Yeah Jyoti, this is a big issue in India.

      We cannot grow at as much speed as other countries are growing just because of our low internet speed.

      Hope things will be good soon.

      Thanks for being here. 🙂

  14. Just keep going! I just can say that when I started I was at the age of 14 and internet was 2-3kb/sec Dial-Up. Imagine how the work was going with such a low speed, hehe. Though at that time, I wasn’t doing any blogging, but generating affiliate websites.

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