5 Outstanding Ways to Attract More Comments on Your Blog Post

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The most discouraging thing for bloggers is to see that nobody comments on their blog post.

If you've been writing several high quality posts and you see that many people are reading your post but nobody is leaving their comments on your post, it means that there's still something lacking in your post.

Yes, what's lacking from your post is that you don't encourage people to leave their comment.

You don't ask them to join the discussion.

You might think that your readers' comments are not necessary. But, think about the positive impact for your blog.

If you get many comments on each post that you write, it will give your blog a more positive reputation because it means that your readers like your blog.

So, it's important for you to motivate your readers to leave their comments on your post.

Here are genius ways to attract more comments on your blog post:

1. Start with the First Commenter

7552109Make this your blogging ritual: always be grateful toward the first commenter on your blog post.

Why should you be grateful to the first commenter on your blog post? That's because they will either make people want to leave more comments or not.

Make it a rule for you to always respond positively to the first commenter on your blog post. This will encourage more people to leave their comments as well if they know that you are treating them right. Don't respond to their comments with criticism or other negative remarks.

Stay positive, and more importantly, reward your first commenter with your gratitude.

2. Write an Insightful Post That Leaves Many Questions

Next, we will talk about the content of your post. Most people don't want to leave comments on your post because they don't have any question to ask to you.

Your post already has all the answers. You don't ask them any question. So, they are not leaving their comments.

But, if you are writing a blog post full of insights that leave many questions for your readers, you will be able to attract many people to leave their comments on your blog.

Sometimes, it is necessary to ask many questions in your post, or at the end of your post, that will make your readers to think about the topic further.

If you give a lot of questions in your post, you will give your readers some kind of brain stimulation that will encourage them to share their ideas in the comment section.

3. Be Friendly With Your Readers

The way you communicate with your readers is also necessary to motivate them to start the discussion with you.

Remember, if you are not friendly with your readers, they will not be willing to communicate with you.

But, if you are friendly with your readers, you will be able to build better relationship with them.

Don't speak too much like an authority. But, become a knowledgeable friend that gives valuable tips to your readers in the spirit of friendship. Try to be more communicative with your readers, and be more personal.

In this way, you will be able to appeal to their emotion easily, and this is the best for you to keep them talking.

4. Ask For Their Ideas

At the end of your post, you should ask your readers about their ideas related to the post that you write.

Position yourself as someone who shares your own ideas to your readers, but make it apparent that you are also willing to accept other ideas, especially the different ones.

Most bloggers just write their post and then step into writing the next post, without trying to initiate good contact with their readers.

By simply asking your readers' ideas about your post, you will be able to open the channel of communication between you and them. You will make them feel welcomed in your blog, and as a result, they will not hesitant to share their ideas with you. Moreover, you can use their ideas as your inspiration for the next post that you write.

5. Make It Easy For Them to Comment on Your Blog

Just make it easily for your readers to comment. You shouldn't make your commenting system too complicated, such as by asking your readers to sign up before posting their comments.

This can discourage many people from leaving their comments.

You just need to use standard commenting platform that will let anyone to place their comments on your blog, whether they are frequent visitors or new visitors.

Just make it easy for them to comment on your blog, and don't forget to moderate your comments as quickly as possible. Most people want to see their comments go live as soon as they post it.

Do you want to have more comments on your blog and build better reputation for your blog?

Follow those tips to boost the activity in your comment section. If I have missed any thing or If you have new thoughts then please share in comment.

Anil Valvi

Anil Valvi is a Digital Marketing Consultant. He is help customer to improve their online business, traffic, sales and ranking position. Reach @anilbvalvi to discuss more about all my marketing stuffs.

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22 thoughts on “5 Outstanding Ways to Attract More Comments on Your Blog Post”

  1. Blog comments are the reflection of the blog readers, the more relevant comments the more popular is blog…. the points discussed by you are admirable. I think by displaying the top commentators widget and give them some gift will also encourage new comments.

    • Hi Rafaqat,
      People do not love to comment on those post whose writer love to reinvent the wheel again and again i.e they just rewrite the popular post or try to teach too much common topic or start preaching for the first day of their blogging. The points anil discussed in this article is quite valid and every blogger must follow them.

    • Rafaqat, glad you found the article helpful. Please let me know if you need help with anything else.

  2. Establishing a good relationship with your readers can be time consuming, but Yes it can can get you more and more comments on the blog.

    Anil, How we can make it more easier for our readers to comment using social networking profile. Please suggest some WordPress widget for social commenting on Blogs. I personally believe i can get us more comments and reviews.

    • It is about long term relationships… to many people are looking for short term benefits.

      You can try https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook/

      Let me know if you need any kind of help

  3. Sage advice and some great tips Anil, Kudos on the post buddy!

    I love getting comments all the time and I respond to every one of them not always in a timely manner though. This takes me to my first point.

    #1. Always try and respond in a timely manner to your commenters. Twenty Four hours maximum is the norm I would say. But this is sometimes my downfall especially being as busy as I am.

    #2. Blogging outreach. It’s all about building relationships with fellow bloggers. We should try and comment on as many other blogs as possible every day. People like Adrienne Smith and Ryan Biddulph get it as they get hundreds of comments on each of their posts. All because they have built relationships and commented on hundreds of blogs. I like to set aside a daily time limit, usually 2 hours to read and comment on as many posts as I can.

    #3. Aggressively promote other bloggers posts on social media, tweet them, like the posts, share and +1 this is what I try and do on a daily basis. The authors will be thankful that you did! I have a ratio on 9:1 1 being my posts that I promote.

    #4. Leave long and insightful comments. These get the attention of the posts author and will become curious about you and then seek out your blog. I try and add my 2 pennies worth whenever I leave comments like I am here. Kinda like an extension of the authors post!

    There is a lot more we can prob do to get more blog comments but I think the tips I have left above are good ones also that readers of this post should also consider!

    Kudos once again Anil and I will be sharing this out buddy!
    – PD

  4. Heyy Anil,

    Great tips indeed!

    Being friendly with readers is the best way to attract more comments. The more we engage with them, the more comments as well as traffic we’ll drive.

    Thanks for sharing! Appreciate your efforts 🙂

  5. hi Anil Valvi

    I learnt many new things after reading your article. I want to ask you a question. Can comments play a role to boost a blog’s SERP rankings ? What do you say?

    • Thank you so much. Yes, Its helpful to SERP rankings. Google is really good at figuring out which comments are spammy and which comments are real. So don’t try to game the system. Try to produce content that’s going to be awesome so that people want to comment on it. So, people who come and say, ask a question, respond back.

  6. You should always put a quality content on your blog. Also you can use some high quality hd images with your blog post. Categorized your blog post in a relevant category so that relevant users will read your post.
    Rest of the mention are already mentioned by Anil.
    So, thank you and have a great day!

  7. Comments are a proof of engagement bro. without comments, your blog looks like a graveyard.

    Though some big blogs are turning off comments, I still think it’s worth the time 😉

    One great way to encourage and get more comments on your blog is to comment on other blogs too. So many bloggers reciprocate commenting so it’s clear they will be on your blog to comments back.

    Nice tips and have a wonderful weekend

  8. Comments mean interaction and engagement with your readers.

    It’s also a way to communicate with them, understanding their problems, or needs.
    This will help give you ideas on the topics you can cover on your blog.

    You listed some great points, Anil.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

  9. Hey Anil!

    Very insightful post… Yes I totally agree with you that nothing makes bloggers more happy than comments on their blogs. We must really engage with people commenting on our blog if we want to get more comments on a blog post.

    Thanks for sharing such great tips!!!

  10. Hi! Anil.

    You have mention each and every point very clearly. I want to add one more tips to Attract More Comments on Blog.. Social Media is also one of the powerful tools through social engagement you can also get more comment.


    • Pulkit, great points and I like how you tied it to Facebook. People always tie engagement and campaign success to comments on Facebook. I wish they would hold the same standards for blogs.

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