How to Actually Make Money Blogging (Hint: It isn’t What You Think)

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So you want to make more money?

You're blogging hard and trying to find other ways to make money online.

At the end of the day, that's why you're doing what you do.

Yes, you enjoy it. But you want more money.

Does it sound familiar?

I'm sure it's, because that was me when I first started, actually, I still want to make more money online πŸ™‚

If that's the case, this post is for you. You'll discover where the real profit from blogging is and how you could make use of it. So continue reading.

Ads is not the key to real profit

I'm sure you're disappointed, but let me be honest with you, ads isn't what you're looking for to make real profit from your blog.

Yes, Mashable is making money with ads, but are you Mashable? How long will it take you to have that huge audience?

It'll take you years and years to get that audience in this crowded internet.

And ads don't build a sustainable lucrative business.

There are blogs with much lower audience and they're making huge money online, but they don't use ads.

If you think that ads is what you need to make money online, you're losing a lot of money without you know.

And this is all beside your audience are annoyed with the ads and you sound less of an expert in their eyes.

Ads is a bad solution to make money. But what works?

Affiliate marketing is a better solution

Affiliate marketing is better than using ads. Instead of getting a cent per click for every 300 visitors or something like this, when you promote a product that solves the problem of your audience, you'll get more money and you won't need all that traffic.

You'll get much more money than what you'll get with ads.

If you're starting and you've a good traffic, find a problem that your audience have and find the perfect solution and do an honest review. It'll take more time, but the benefits are huge.

And this is only one problem, of course, your audience has many more, so think about how much you'll earn.

The best way to make money online is to…

Create a product.

Instead of getting 50% of the money when you sent the visitors to others products, why don't you get 100% of your business and double your profit.

If your audience bought the product that you recommend that solve the same problem, then they trust you and they'll be much happier to buy YOUR product and you'll get 100% of the money.

Many people are afraid about how difficult it is to implement a buy now button or shopping cart so you can sell your products from your own website or blog. Traditionally this involved using a web developer or required some technical skill.

With the new solutions like Selz, you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to sell from an existing blog or website. Services like Selz mean you only need to copy and pasting a few lines of code and they handle the rest.

It’s as simple as that to sell securely from your site. The hosting of your digital products like ebooks and video tutorials is taken care of for you, as is the automated download of the digital product to the customer. Selz handles the credit card or PayPal payments and then sends the money to you.

It is worth checking out simple solutions like Selz as its free to open an account, and you only pay a small fee when you make a sale.

Last Words:

Creating a product is the best way to make money, you'll create the product once and get money from it forever.

So you need to create a product, in the next post, I'll dive deep into how to create your first product, so wait for it.

Ahmed Safwan

Ahmed Safwan is trying to achieve level 10 in every aspect of his life… Not Just Business. He is building his business, while studying to be a dentist... and he got GPA 3.92 ;) Check out the 4 principles that helped me to do so.

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28 thoughts on “How to Actually Make Money Blogging (Hint: It isn’t What You Think)”

  1. Thanks Kulwant for publishing the post.

    I’ll be available to respond to the questions of Blogging Cage readers. I’ll be happy to help.

    • Welcome on Blogging Cage, Ahmed. Would love to see your interaction with my awesome readers. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for suggesting that tool -Selz
    Being able to sell securely from my website without making technical changes was all I needed. This tool would be great. πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure it’ll. Wait for the next post to make sure that you create the right product for your audience πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow,

    It’s really a great update. I think the Hint “It isn’t What You Think” added in this post title is really appropriate and interesting. I got something really extra-informative and useful stuff here.

    Thank you so much Ahmed for sharing this amazing article with us. Keep sharing articles like this πŸ™‚

    • Wait for the next post, I’ll dive deep into how to create the perfect product for your audience.

      I’m glad you got something from this post.

  4. Hi Ahmed,

    Frankly speaking, I just loved the way you said “Yes, Mashable is making money with ads, but are you Mashable? How long will it take you to have that huge audience?”. And perhaps, you’ve told the on to the point as because people do have a really bad habit of comparing themselves with other successful blogger which ultimately led to frustration- That’s Insane.

    Perhaps, thanks a lot for the share.
    – Bishal Biswas

    • Not me, nor you are mashable. That’s why we should stop comparing ourselves with them.
      When you reach that stage, do so. But don’t do it now.

      Thanks for this encouraging words Bishal

  5. Affiliate marketing is really a fantastic and genuine way to make money with the blog though it requires time to gain the trust of the visitors and customers.

    But once we have a genuine visitors on our site then it helps us to generate the huge amount from the customer for the product recommended on the sites.

    Can you tell me what is the minimum no. of visitors required on daily basis to start the affiliate marketing?

    Thanks for the share πŸ™‚

    >SK Lohar

    • I don’t love to talk about visitors. I’d prefer if you say active subscriber or loyal audience.
      I think there is no minimum. If you’ve the trust of 1 person, you could start doing affiliate marketing.
      But if you want me to put a mimimum point, I think 1000 subscribers is the best.
      Because after that, you’ll start to get traffic automatically.

  6. Hi Kulwant bro and hello Ahmed I really like the points for earning you have given here. The title shared on facebook actually drew me here and lucky I did. I agree to your suggestion on Selz but have you tried selling anything there?
    The fact is it is not available in India and If you create an account there from India they suspend or freeze the account because they know that You are from India.

    I got this Idea because I recently was on a spree to sell my eBook there.
    Anyways Thankks for this wonderful Post. πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t hear about that before. I’m from Egypt not india, so I didn’t face these problems before.
      Did you ask the support about this problem?
      I’m glad you liked the post.

  7. I was thinking that using, we can make huge money but I think that only some from the huge audience will buy our product.
    And in average, how many peoples will buy from 1000?

    • If you’ve the trust of the 1000 and you do the right offering, you could get 50% conversion rate, maybe more, but that if you’ve the trust of all of them and you attracted the right audience.
      I can’t actually have a number, but educate your readers more and make them have more AHA moments while reading your posts. This will help you increase the trust factor.
      Hope that helps and thanks for reading the post.

  8. Yes, this is the great information. Instead of being affiliate create affiliate that’s the right word to describe this post.

    But, creating product is not that so easy and it takes takes more valuable time before create a personal brand of you and promote your product after you crafted well.

    • But you’ll do it once and you’ll be paid for it forever. And you’ll get 100% of the earnings and be positioned as an authority.

  9. Hey Ahmed,

    well explained felt really scared when read the headline but is it that difficult to earn I have earned some what good cash from it

    Anyways thanks
    Great post

  10. However, Building a strong relationship and Authority is very important factor until we cannot say surely and chance is less

  11. Hi Ahmed!
    Thanks for the great ideas to make money blogging. A long time ago I used ads on a couple of websites – it brought in a some income but not much! I moved on to affiliate marketing which was very lucrative for me.
    You made a good point about creating your own product. Create once and earn over and over! I love that!
    Thanks again

  12. Ahmed. Nice post. Ideas on Make Money Blogging. Affiliate marketing is the good one option to make money online. I’m also doing it. But Create your own product, is not so easy to do it. It takes more time manage but good information you shared here.

    Thanks a lot!!

  13. Really great vision, we just struggle lots of time to have traffic on our blog to earn few dollars from ads. I agree product creation is better alternative, obviously we are not mashable

  14. Hi Ahmed,

    Best Way of Earning from blog is Sponsored Reviews and if we have thousands of visitors than we can also earn from affiliate marketing.

  15. Hello Ahmed,
    I have heard about the affiliate marketing. As a newbie I don’t have the thorough knowledge about this. Will you please post a brief post regarding affiliate marketing?

  16. Hi Ahmed,
    Couldn’t agree more on this. Ads too are a profitable business but only if you are blessed with real high traffic from search engines and other sources. For blog with moderate traffic or low traffic, affiliate marketing is the way to go.
    I remember when I used to make a couple of sales with affiliate marketing even with traffic as low as 20-30 visits/day. Hence to really start making money online, one should try and expertise in affiliate product promotion.
    Thanks for sharing this. Its truly an eye-opener.
    Vineet Saxena

  17. Thanks Ahmed for pointing out best ways to make money, It’s said don’t put all your eggs in one basket. so we must diversify our income source So thanks one again as there are many newbie bloggers who are simply unaware of these methods

    Cheers and keep posting such great posts in future

  18. Developing a product is surely a steady process of income, but seriously developing the product is not an easy task.
    Am I correct?
    Whole lot of time and energy is required for the development. The step required to produce the product is really hair greying. But Yes the outcome is worth the effort. Thanks for sharing the same.

  19. Creating a product is the first step while marketing the product is the second and the most important step according to me. Without proper marketing, you can’t make money with your product.

  20. Hi Ahmed Safwan,
    This post is really informative for those who are lacking behind in making money with their blog. Although affiliate marketing is not so easy for everyone, but trying hands on something is never bad.
    Currently I am using to display ads on my blog, after reading this post I am going to replace those ad spaces with some products with my affiliate link.
    Thanks for an awesome and informative post.

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