MailGet Review: A Cheapest Email Marketing Solution

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Money is in the list.

I used to read this line on almost every big blog.. But realized the actual meaning when I started building email list for my blog itself.

This is the biggest asset for an online marketer… So it's highly recommended to build your subscribers list from the day one of your blogging career.

You might have seen that SEO is becoming too much frightening day by day, so ranking your articles on Google, getting people on your website, and finally converting them into buyer is becoming tough day by day.

Techniques which are working today might not work tomorrow. Click here to tweet

Banner advertisement, which is one of the biggest online weapon to generate sales is going to die in upcoming years because the number of Ad blocker extension users are growing exponentially.

Which ultimately means – your ads are not reaching to your targeted customers.

So what is the solution?

Surprisingly it's email marketing.

The email list which you'll build with your blog will be always with you. You can contact your readers anytime you want and ultimately sell products anytime when you want.

That's why big marketers always suggest to build a list on your blog.

Some of the most important reasons to build a list:

  • You have the power of leverage which you can use anytime in the future.
  • They are your loyal readers (that's why they subscribed you), so you can sell your products easily.
  • If in case Google will hit your blog with upcoming updates, you'll still survive in your field, because you have the list of subscribers and you can always get the traffic.
  • As I said, “this is your biggest online asset.”
  • You create personal bonding with your readers by sending personalized mails.
  • You can announce anything by sending a mail to all your subscribers.

and many other benefits which you'll realize when you'll start building email list for your blog.

When I started blogging in 2011, no one was there who could suggest me to start building the list of my readers… so sadly I didn't build it for one and half year.

But after reading many big blogs and discussing with some of my online friends I decided to try Aweber as my email marketing solution.

I started using Aweber from 12th January 2013.

Which ultimately means that I have been using it for almost 2 years.

Things were good until the number of subscriber were less on my blog, but as my blog started growing the number of subscriber also started growing.

Where I was paying $29/month for 2500 subscribers, soon I had to pay $49/month as my subscribers were more than 2500 now.

See the screenshot.


So I am paying $49/month just because I have 2500+ subscribers in my list.

But monthly price was about to go even much higher, as for the 5000+ subscriber I'll have to pay $69/month.

I have a very simple philosophy:

Why to pay more when you can get exactly same service at very less price.

So this was the time when I started finding another good solution for the email marketing, which must be cheap, reliable and must have all the necessary options.

Luckily I found MailGet.

So today I am going to review MailGet and explain the reasons why it is best and why I decided to make the move.

What is MailGet?

This is an email marketing solution which sends your mail by integrating Amazon SES as a SMTP.

Amazon SES is the cheapest and most reliable email marketing solution in the world where you can send 2,000 messages per day for free if you use Amazon SES from Amazon EC2 (or via AWS Elastic Beanstalk). After 2,000 messages, you will be charged the current Amazon SES rate of $0.10 per thousand messages.

Yes.. $0.10 for 1000 messages.

Isn't this a dirt cheap price?


Let's check more about MailGet.

This is a best optin for all email marketing experts because I have seen a lot of frustrated guys because their autoresponder companies don't allow to add too many subscribers.

But with such a great solution in hand, you can add as many subscribers as you want.

Best things about MailGet

  • You get best delivery rate because it's using Amazon SES as SMTP.
  • You pay must less than other big email marketing companies.
  • You can add multiple emails without any 2 step verification
  • Delivery rate it much faster than any auto responder
  • Beautifully designed templates
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Multiple SMTP (Amazon, Mandrill) options

Here is how your dashboard looks like


#1. Create Email

This is the first step to send email to your subscribers.

Here you can create email for broadcast or sequence (drip).

MailGet gives you 3 options to create your email.

  1. Drag and drop email builder
  2. Basic text editor
  3. Custom code (HTML) editor

So you can send any type of mails as per your business requirements.

Here is the screenshot of drag and drop email builder.


You can add various elements in email template to make it more converting.

They have given 9 drag and drop elements which you can use to place them anywhere in the template.

#2. Add Contacts

Once you'll click on the save and continue button in the email template editor, it'll redirect to second windows where you'll have to add your contacts.

Either you can send this mail to already created email lists or new email list by pasting them in the box.


Enter the name, from email, subject line for the mail and click on SEND MAIL.

Note: You'll be eble to send mail directly if you have already configured Amazon SES on your account.

#3. Connect SES

As I told, Amazon SES is working as your SMTP here, so you won't be able to send the mail without configuring it properly.

Like I have configured it.


As configuring Amazon SES is a long process and it's going to take at least 24-48 hours for the complete configuration as Amazon team will approve it manually.

You can check this complete guide to configure it properly.

After the complete configuration you'll be able to send mails to your subscribers very easily.

How to add optin form on website?

If you are using Aweber, GetResponse or any auto responder as of now, then you might have seen that they have given too many email templates to create optin forms on your blog.

So MailGet has also given a basic form which you can embed on your blog.

Go to Setting > Embed Form > Select your list and click on Generate Code.


Although this is a very basic looking form but with little CSS knowledge or with the help of optin form plugin you can create as many designs as you want.

I have embedded the forms on my blog's sidebar, welcome optin, and all the popups.

You can see how beautiful they are looking with the CSS modifications.


MailGet is much cheaper as compared to other email solutions.

See the comparison.


You can have 5-10 times more subscribers as compared to other big players.


I have personally started with $29/month plan as I have less than 10000 subscribers as of now.

As soon as I'll have more subscribers I'll shift to $49/month plan.

You can see the beauty that I am getting 10 times more subscribers as compared to Aweber in the same price.

Check MailGet Feature Here

Final Words

If you are serious about cutting the cost of your email autoresponder and looking forward to have better delivery rate, then this is the right option for you.

I have stopped using Aweber after using 2 years, and going to use MailGet for the upcoming years.

Hope you have got the idea about reading this MailGet review and looking forward to try this service at least once.

If you have any doubt related to MailGet or email marketing, feel free to ask in the comment sections.

Let's enjoy email marketing at 100x cheaper price. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree with you that Mailget is very cheap but don’t you that sometimes we have to invest some money and buy high-quality email marketing software? For example- GetResponse has drag-n-drop email editor with more than 500 templates and about thousand free iStock photos for their users. In Mailget we don’t have these facilities am I right?

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