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  • Start Date: 23rd November
  • End Date: 30th November

SEO is the best way to enhance the quantity of organic traffic for any website. And, enriching your content with valuable long-tail keywords is critical for having a good SEO in place. However, it’s easier said than done.

People spend hours (even days) trying to figure out the perfect set of long-tail keywords for their websites. Alas! They still end up disappointed most of the time! Moreover, the free tools available to use do not generate as many profitable results.

Having said that, there’s no more reason for you to worry! That’s because Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2021 Sale is about to be live in a matter of weeks. And, this time, they’re offering massive discounts on their monthly as well as annual plans!

Nonetheless, we’d like to share the details about the platform without any bias. At the end of the day, we would never want our readers to invest in something that isn’t worth their time and money!

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2021 Review

long tail pro black friday

Long Tail Pro is known to help establish custom long-tail keywords for websites. These keywords are generated in a couple of minutes, making the entire process hassle-free. Moreover, these keywords are generated in a manner that they present meager (if not negligible) competition.

That being said, the keywords certainly have the potential to help any website achieve great SERP ranks!

These are some features of this sophisticated platform that appeal to us the most:

#1 Long Tail Pro Is Easy To Operate

long tail pro discount

Long Tail Pro makes keyword research seem like a child’s play. All you need to do is fill in the seed keyword within the search console, and let the tool do its job. In a couple of minutes, you’ll have a handful of usable long-tail keywords.

In fact, Long Tail Pro can give you up to 400 long-tail keywords based on your seed keyword in seconds. Plus, you get to search for the long tail keywords based on more than one seed keywords at a time. It saves a lot of time, and at the same time, grants you results that can be used for profitability in real-time!

#2 Long Tail Pro Makes Spying On Your Competition Easy

longtailpro lifetime deals

You might feel clueless about your strategies and tactics at times. These are the times you seek inspiration. And, what better way to be inspired than knowing what exactly your competitors are up to, right?

Fortunately, you can use Long Tail Pro to get notified about the tactics of your competitors. All you need to do is switch over to the ‘Competitor Keywords’ mode in the search panel. You’ll then be asked to put in the URL of your competitors’ website. And voila! You’ll have their entire strategy laid right in front of you in a dissected form.

What is the Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2021?

longtailpro pricing

Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2021 Sale comes with promising offers! Nevertheless, we’d like to discuss the usual plans and their respective prices before moving on to that. This should give you a clear picture of the significance of their offers.

You can usually choose from any of the three plans laid down by Long Tail Pro: –

#1 Monthly Starter: This is the base plan they offer to all of their new customers. This plan allows you to look up for up to 800 keywords in a day. It also enables you to check the SERP performance of all the 800 keywords in a day.

Moreover, you may even lookup for the keyword competition of all the 800 researched keywords within a time frame of 24 hours.

You can fetch this plan for a price of $37.

#2 Monthly Pro: This plan is available for $67 a month. It comes with the possibility to check up to 2500 keywords in a day along with 2500 Keyword Competition checks.

Plus, you also get to check the SERP performance of all the 2500 keywords within 24 hours. You can always check out new keywords or check the KC or SERP ranks as soon as the 24 hours frame runs out.

On top of that, this plan allows you to track the rank of unlimited domains and up to 300 keywords simultaneously. Plus, it’s an upgrade from the basic plan, so you can even add two accounts within this one plan!

#3 Monthly Agency: This is the most premium plan Long Tail Pro has to offer. It comes for $147 a month. You can use this plan to look up for up to 6000 keywords in 24 hours. Plus, you can even check the Keyword Competition and SERP performances of all the 600 keywords within 24 hours.

And, that’s not all you get! This plan allows you to fetch the ranks of up to 1000 keywords along with unlimited domains simultaneously! In addition to all of that, you get to access this plan through 5 different accounts!

The annual versions of these plans need you to pay the fee upfront. However, this is justified by the price at which they’re available.

For instance, the Annual Starter plan is available at $297. This allows you to save a total of $147 in one year. This is also equivalent to paying only $24.75 a month!

Annual Pro and Annual Agency plans are available at $537 and $1177, respectively. So, you save $267 and $ 587 on each plan, respectively! Plus, buying the annual version of these two plans gets you complete template suites to help scale your SEO! You can get further details on all plans here.

What Does the Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2021 Deal Have To Offer?

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Sale in 2021 comes with a promise of a 30% discount on all plans. And considering that the Black Friday 2021 Sale for Long Tail Pro will be held between 29th November and 2nd December 2021, you’ll get an ample amount of time to make your purchase.

Here’s a glimpse of how the plan prices will drop during the Black Friday sale: –

Monthly Starter$37.00/month$25.90/month
Monthly Pro$67.00/month$46.90/month
Monthly Agency$147.00/month$102.90/month
Annual Starter$24.75/month$17.32/month
Annual Pro$44.75/month$31.32/month
Annual Agency$98.08/month$68.65/month

How To Activate Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2021 Deal?

Getting your hands on the 2021 Long Tail Pro Black Friday sale is very easy. You just need to follow all the steps in the correct order as mentioned below: –

#1 Step one is to visit their offer page.

#2 Once inside the page, you’ll see a button marked as ‘Get 30% Off Now’. You must click on that button! It’ll take you to the plan selection segment.

#3 Step three is to select the monthly or annual plan you want and click on the ‘Save 30% Now’ button. This takes you to the payment page.

#4 In the fourth step, you’re required to fill in some of your personal and payment details to proceed.

#5 Once you are done doing that, click on the ‘Buy’ button and get started!

FAQs About Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2021 Sale

Is Long Tail Pro Black Friday 2021 Sale Really Worth Spending On?

Well, of course! They are one of the best long-tail keyword research tools available in the market. Plus, they even teach you not only to use the platform but also to conduct the basic keyword research at your end without the tool. And, most importantly, they give productive results that can be used for commercialization of your websites!

Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

We’re rooting for the platform! In fact, their decision to give away a flat discount of 30% on all of their plans gets us even more excited!

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  4. I use Long Tail Pro for almost two years now. It is one of the best tools for searching long-tail keywords. I recommend to everyone that writes copy for a website or just want to write a better blog post.

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