Is Your Blog Compatible With Latest SEO Changes?

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Few years back there were three animals adored by the people, but now those animals have become one of the most frightening beasts for bloggers.

And Google is behind their training.

Yes, I am talking about Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

In blogger's dictionary they are no more good animals because they have scared everyone with their harsh nature.

A big shift is going to happen very soon because Google is cooking something big to control the number of spammer. This might be first time in Page Rank history when they added around 8 months gap in two PR updates, where in the past they used to update PR after every 3-4 months.


Google Webmaster Central Blog offers guidelines to bloggers/webmasters that will help them markup their best content in ways that will help Google to identify it as possibly qualifying to be shown in an in-depth article result.

Following are the points which they want everyone to implement on their blog.

So Google is on the verge to change SEO completely.

You might be thinking that what is this

Let's know more about schema and try to understand why this is important factor for any blog's SEO now.

As per Wikipedia: is an initiative launched on 2 June 2011 by Bing, Google and Yahoo! (the operators of the then world's largest search engines)to “create and support a common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages.” is a joint effort, in the spirit of, to improve the web by creating a structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. This helps search engines understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results.

In recent Hummingbird update you must have noticed that Google has changed the way they used to show search results completely.

Check these search results.

Example 1: I searched “compare coffee and tea.”


Example 2: I searched “songs of Taylor swift.”


Example 3: I searched “Samsung Note 3 price.”


You can see that Google is showing very decent and to the point results now.

So with you can add more information in your articles so Google will show them on search results.

  1. A list of albums
  2. A price for each album
  3. A list of songs for each album, along with a link to hear samples of each song
  4. A list of upcoming shows
  5. Bios of the band members

You can check some schema examples here on

Apart from having schema implemented on your blog, you have another freedom to add micro-data on your articles to show more precise and accurate results in Google SERP.

What is microdata?


Microdata is kind of new structure for search engines which will help them to filter data according to their value. It will assign specific labels to specific types of content, such as people, reviews, events, sidebar, footer or recipes. Basically, it makes information really very easy for search engines to figure our and index. In this process search engine will have to make less stress on finding accurate content on your blog which in short give you higher priority. To see some examples in action, check out Google’s microdata page.

So we will have to make our blogs and business websites compatible with this new change and make Google to love our blog/website more deeply.

So we will have to take action now…

I would recommend to add schema on your blog so that you can join hands with latest SEO shift and be more precise when Google will show your blog in search results.

If you are using non-genesis themes on your blog then you can check this plugin to add on your blog.

But if you are a genesis user then no need to worry. 🙂

Because Genesis 2.0 already has this schema implemented on its latest framework and upcoming child themes.


What is in Genesis 2.0 Microdata?

Genesis 2.0 have added very awesome features which are compatible with They are: WebPage, WPHeader, Blog, BlogPosting, Person, UserComments, WPSideBar, and WPFooter.

Below is a description of each markup in Genesis 2.0. You can click the link to visit the page for more info on each one.

WebPage –
Hierarchy –  Thing > CreativeWork > WebPage

Tells Google that it is indexing a webpage so that other properties can be included. Here are just a few that can be used:

Blog –

Hierarchy –  Thing > CreativeWork > Blog

This tells Google that it is indexing a blog post by using the blogPosting property. Now, all blog posts are also WebPages, but they have a few extra SEO perks. It can also include all of the properties from Thing and CreativeWork.

BlogPosting –
Hierarchy –  Thing > CreativeWork > Article > BlogPosting

WPHeader –
Hierarchy –  Thing > CreativeWork > WebPageElement > WPHeader

This is a WebPageElement that can include markup from Thing and CreativeWork. Tells Google that it is indexing a header, which has important info about your site, like the site title and tagline.

Person –
Hierarchy –  Thing > Person

This will help Google index more about you and is super for you to include on your About page.

WPSideBar –
Hierarchy –  Thing > CreativeWork > WebPageElement > WPSideBar

WPFooter –
Thing > CreativeWork > WebPageElement > WPSideFooter

You must have noticed that few days back I changed my blog's theme and shifted it on Genesis 2.0.

You can check this link and search in my source code.

Read this articleAdding Custom Schema In Genesis For Your Specific Niche

I fell in love with Genesis almost 1.5 years back as their child themes are so easy to edit that even a newbie can learn very easily. I became such a big fan of genesis that almost 95% of my sites are running on genesis (including niche sites).

Genesis 2.0 have added all industry required standards in their child themes and changing their all themes to make them compatible with HTML 5 and micro data.

Final Words.

We have started seeing the shift which is happening in Google's algorithms. So we should make our blogs compatible with these changes to get more SEO benefits.

Here is screenshot of Google with inspect elements.


They themself are using schema on their website.

So take action now and move your blog either on Genesis 2.0 or install recommended plugin to make your blog schema friendly.

Note: I have launched one free theme which is HTML 5 and micro-data compatible. You can check my free theme at !! So, after buying genesis 2.0 framework you can install this premium looking and clean theme on your blog and make it schema friendly.

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    • ha ha Kamlesh. Now you got something new. 😉

      I keep reading many blogs daily, so idea to write are automatically coming. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello Kulwant Sir,

    It’s really important to make our blog or site SEO friendly according to Google’s updates.

    I was not aware with Schema and Micro data and this guide is really helpful for me.

    I have downloaded BloggingCage theme and will use it to make my blog compatible with SEO changes.

    Thanks for this wonderful guide. 🙂

    • Ankit, I am happy that you are already using genesis for your blog.

      Now make changes in my free theme according to your need, and enjoy my gift. 😉

  4. hii Kulwant,
    i don’t know so much about these animals. But i must say that adding google authorship to your blog can increase your traffic as well as keep you away from all these bad animals.
    by the way your article is nice and quite interesting.
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    • Yes, Nitin. Google authorship is a great way to get more clicks from SERP.

      Thanks for appreciation. 🙂

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    I never heard about this, but I knew that Google has something bigger to surprise us. The SERP example that you have used here was came when Google had updates the Google Images .

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    • Glad to hear that your learnt something new today. 🙂

      Google is making search engine a better place for human beings, so keep adding value in people’s life.

  6. Great and needful post for the bloggers to stay updated with latest SEO trends 🙂

    Yeah, I heard and read the importance of Schema few days back, just thinking to implement and gain knowledge about it.

    Google is becoming smart to throw out the spammers these days, but I guess that the passionate bloggers who are expert in producing the quality posts no need to worry about the Google animals.

    My blog stays safe from these animals and there is no traffic drop after the updates.

    Thanks for sharing the very useful post for us Nagi, will try to stick to the latest SEO trends as you told. Keep writing the useful SEO stuffs 🙂

    • Thanks Nirmala.

      I think we will have to take action to come up with latest SEO changes. Google just want quality content from everyone.

      Well said that quality bloggers need not to worry about such updates because we are writing for humans.
      Nirmala, you are doing great work on your blog, which is the biggest reason behind the love of Google.

      Keep writing awesome stuff and helping people with your experience.

      • Thanks for appreciating me Nagi 🙂

        Yeah, absolutely, am writing for my readers and glad in getting the love of Google with it 🙂

  7. I started using Genesis framework last week and building theme’s is quite easy on it. I think Genesis 2.0 is the only one who has properly implemented markup till now.

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    • Yes Anmol, playing with genesis child themes is very simple and easy. I am not using breadcrumbs for any of my site.

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    • wow !! You are already ahead of many bloggers if you are using genesis for your blog. Arpan, I am having little issue with my free theme in footer. I am looking on it, and after finding it I will update download link very soon.

  9. Not all Google’s changes are scary. In fact Google is doing everything to help its users and also to improve the search results. Now we are getting more and more improved and relevant results. Of course, during this change some of the genuine sites get hit too!

    Having our sites with schema markup is highly important. Thanks for sharing this Kulwant.

    • Yeah Jane, they are making us very insecure. I was surprise to see that you have also started using Genesis for ProBloggingSuccess. When did you make the change? I think you were using thesis for this blog.

      Can you please share your experience after changing the theme?

      And thanks a lot for coming back. 🙂

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  20. I am really very tensed after Humming Bird update as each and everyday my websites are losing their rank in Search Engine.

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    • Kingsley, for this you will have to install genesis 2.0 compatible child theme on your blog. I have removed my theme because people were copying my original design.

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    What is actual changes in my traffic, after implementing this schema, will let you know very soon.

    • wowww !! It’s great that you have skills to play with WordPress themes. I think at present most of the themes don’t have implemented Schema in their structure, but with your skills you can implement them. 😉

      Do share your result with us after implementing.

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  25. So how do I Implement this on my Genesis theme?? I use genesis framework 2.0.1 but the mark ups are not there in my source code

    • Either you will have to install 2.0 (HTML 5 and Schema enabled) theme or make changes in your theme to make it 2.0 compatible.

      Check this –

      You will have to add following code…

      // Enable HTML5 markup
      add_theme_support( 'html5' );

      Note: You will have to make changes in function.php too.

      • Well I now have a Genesis 2.0 theme, genesis news theme pro. Which is using the default mark ups. Any idea how to implement custom mark ups

        • Kingsley, what kind of custom markups do you want to make? Read this article –

          Have a great day.

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    Firstly, its a great blog…Just landed here from google and regret why i could not find earlier

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    • Thanks a lot Nitin.

      As per your query chances are more that you are not using Genesis 2.0 compatible theme, as they haven’t made all theme 2.0 compatible till now.

      See – only starting 8-10 themes are Genesis 2.0 compatible.

      I have never used Disqus commenting system on my blog so I don’t have any idea about. I would love to answer if you still have any query.

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