6 Wonderful Tips For Late Night Bloggers To Have Peaceful Life

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I can see a lot of students and professionals who try to manage their life, and still get time for blogging.

But this time is often late nights. Then there are some people, who are enjoying their life in the day with their friends, act cool at day time, and work hard at nights.

You may belong to one of these categories as well, and if you don't, then let me tell you that when the wheel of fate rolls, even schedules are change. So, this article might help you at time.

Late Night Blogging is also coming up as a trend these days. Although I won't recommend it to you guys to blog late nights, but if you are having a busy schedule, and blogging late nights, then these tips might help you.

1. Take a Short Nap

A Research done by scientists revealed that taking a short nap during day time can increase the working efficiency by almost 30 percent.

The duration of this short nap can be from 15 to 40 mins. In case you guys are not feeling energetic while working late nights, try having a short nap the next day, and you may find yourself brimming of energy.

2. Have some Coffee or Food, but not both

According to a group of researchers, Coffee can benefit the body as much as a power nap, and thus help in improving the work efficiency.

Efficiency of person drops, when he or she feels sleepy. When a person is not completely conscious, chances of making blunder increases.

Coffee tends to make the person conscious again by boosting their attention, reasoning and memory. Yet I won't recommend too much of it, as I want you to be a blogging addict and not a coffee addict.

You can even try having some snacks, prefer food like oatmeal. Try to avoid junk food, as there are already a lot of fat bloggers out there, I don't want you to join their category. I would also like to say that Health is wealth. There is no point in becoming a successful blogger, if you destroy your precious body.

3. Entertain Yourself

Entertaining yourself is a must while working late nights. A half conscious person, can be made conscious again in two ways, one is drug. Caffeine is the drug, we have already used while drinking coffee.

If that didn't work, try the second way. And that is, finding something so entertaining, that it blows your mind.

You can:

    1. [sociallocker]

      • Watch your favorite TV show or a movie.
      • Listen your favorite music.
      • Read your favorite book.
      • Watch funny videos on YouTube.
      • Play online games.
      • Call your close friends.


In my case, I watch Animated cartoons.

4. Do Target Based Working

If you have just changed your schedule and working late nights is becoming tough for you. Then you must try this. Make a plan of things that you will achieve in a night.

Try to make a reasonable plan, which you could achieve. Don't over rate yourself and Don't underestimate yourself. Make a plan consisting of achievable targets, try to achieve the target in the shortest time possible, and go to sleep.

5. Do one thing at a Time

While planning, some of you might list a lot of things as your target. You might try to do SEO for your page, do social media marketing, or write an article for your blog.

But the biggest mistake one can do while doing this, is attempting all these things at the same time. I don't want you to stop writing an article, if you get stuck, or stop doing SEO and switch to social media marketing just because you feel like switching. Focus on one target a time and move to the next target only when you have completed your previous target.

So please give it a thought while making targets in the planning stage.

6. Have Peace of Mind: Don't Get Stuck into a conversation with your Loved Ones

Having our Peace of mind is the primary requirement of working efficiently, be it a day or a night. Most you guys and girls might have your social media account like Facebook or twitter logged in while working.

This may lead to a disastrous situation of  having a long conversation with your loved ones. He or She might be the love of your life, but please tell him to talk in morning, or better log out all you social-media account. I know this can be difficult for some guys, but this is needed.

Working late nights may affect your health, so I would suggest you to exercise regularly and stay fit as Health is of prime importance. I hope these tips help you to work efficiency.

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Kunal Ganglani

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66 thoughts on “6 Wonderful Tips For Late Night Bloggers To Have Peaceful Life”

  1. Hi Kunal,

    Interesting post..

    Most of the Bloggers are night time blogger. These tips are surely going to help to have better output. What I follow is, taking break after every 40-50 mins. This help to keep our mind fresh and concentrate much better.

    Thanks for sharing the interesting post!!!

    • You have a nice approach Dev. The only thing that matters is we do our work efficiently, whether its a day or a night 😀

  2. Hi!
    This was helpful as I mostly get time in the nights. Drinking water regularly is also what I find much helpful in this case.
    Anyways, Nicely written article and helpful. 🙂

    • thank you Mridul. I am glad that it helped you. I would also like to suggest the readers to drink as much water as they can. Water makes us feel our stomach is full and stops hunger :D.. Drink Water if you are a Health Conscious blogger 😀

  3. H! Ganglani,
    Another awesome article, I’m also a late night blogger because I have to manage my college life as well. So these tips are very handy for every late night blogger. Keep sharing such articles.

    • Thanks you Waqas. Your comments keep me inspired to write such articles.. Keep reading. keep commenting. 🙂

  4. Hi Kunal
    Very brilliant idea of the topic and you well covered all the main points which a late night blogger needs to learn.
    I also sometime work late night and do know how several distractions divert our attention towards some meaningless activity. The urge for searching amazing stuff intensifies in late night when you think you are alone in this world.
    Your last point is really very interesting because youngster do want to talk to their loved one and instead of blogging start doing something else.
    Anyways a big greeting to write on a unique topic that I think was not covered near and around by any other blogger. Thank you indeed.

    • thanks Mi Muba,
      Yes indeed, Working late nights has its own advantages, in increases our thirst for new interesting ideas. Even I write most of my articles late nights, I think in the day time and blog late nights.
      Anyways, Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  5. Nice tips Kunal,

    I usually prefer blogging in the morning or at night, both the time I get more peace to concentrate on my work.

    • Hi Rizwan,
      There are very less people who devote both day and night blogging. Nice to know you. Best of luck for your blog. Keep reading, keep commenting and keep Blogging!! 😀

  6. Hello Kunal,

    Nice Topic,

    From last three year I noticed that blogging has changed a lot and many students and working guys start blogging so they cannot give time in morning that’s most peoples start blogging at night even I noticed that Harsh Agrawal who is one of the leading bloggers in India also like to blog at night and you can also see that he post after 9 PM according to India timing.

    • Thank you kapil,
      I wrote this post with the intention to all my fellow bloggers who blog late nights, just like me 😀

  7. Hi Kunal,

    Awesome guest post, indeed. Loved it, truly.

    In a hefty lifestyle, most of us don’t get time to blog due to studies or work. Still, the passion of blogging doesn’t let the spirit die.

    Like most of the bloggers, even I don’t get much time. And get around half an hour or one for blogging at the night. I liked your last point very much. One should keep in touch of loved-ones, but work-while-you-work and love-while-you-love :p


    • I agree with you Sayantan, focusing on one thing at a time makes you more effective at it, be it blogging or love <3 😀

  8. Hello,

    Well you’ve shared food for the thought, I’m also a late night person who spends most of the time in night working on something daily and in day time other offline works. I guess your tips are really helpful and I’m gonna be bookmarking the post now.


    • I am glad that you liked my tips Dave. I have been doing late night blogging since a lot of time now, so thought to shared the things which worked for me.

  9. Hey Kunal,

    Its another excellent post from you. Yeah, I used to work on late nights and take power nap daily to feel refreshed. Your tips are nice and will follow them to work efficiently.

    Really, I like your last tip and yes, talking with loves ones would definitely distract the mind and wouldn’t let to do the job.

    Keep sharing your amazing tips with us.

    • Thanks Nirmala, Working efficiently does requires peace of mind, same is the case while talking to your loved ones else you may start a fight with them on a insignificant thing. Either way, Peace of mind is a must. 😀

  10. Awesome post on Late Night Bloggers. Yes. It’s really true. Lots of bloggers didn’t get much time in the morning.
    So, they prefer to work at night after doing their 9-5 job. Nowadays blogging has changed and also changed its working hours. Your article is really helpful to those who are really working on their blogs in the night time.

    Thanks for share this good stuff with us. 🙂

    • Yes Pritam, I agree with you, the trend of blogging is changing, now even home makers are starting their blogs to express themselves. A lot of people do get time at nights, and these tips really word wonders :D. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  11. Late night blogging is the best, mostly I don’t get time in the morning so mostly do blogging at night.

    • Same is the case with me and a lot of day workers. Nilkanth.. That’s the reason i shared the tips which worked for me 😀

  12. Great post! I am definitely in the late night blogging category. Caffeine and protein bars keep me going. Can’t do the naps though, once I hit the sack I am gone for hours lol.

  13. Hi brian, I would recommend you to take a short nap in day time, so that even if you sleep for hours, it won’t effect your work at night 😀

  14. Hey Kunal,

    Once again you published a mind-blowing article Bro. I really applaud your endeavour for creating such awesome post. I am noticing one thing that you have very carefully observed all the habit, like, dislike and routine of Bloggers. All the points you mentioned in your article are very touchable and impressive.

    I learnt a lot of things from this article and going to follow while working online late night. I was missing two things in my routine and i am going to add soon: “Take a Short Nap” and “Do Target Based Working”.

    Thanks again Bro. keep updating.

    • thank you amit. I have been blogging for past 4 years now. These are some tips which really helped me in my late night blogging journey. Felt like sharing them. I hope these tips help you in your blogging journey.

  15. Really Just Awesome Tips for Bloggers, Actually Maximum Bloggers love to enjoy Blogging in Night apart from Extra day to day Busy Schedules.

    Once again thanks for such Articles.

  16. I maximum time blog on late night. And sometimes it becomes too boring and feel tired. Hope these tips will help me next time.

    • In the absolute silence of the dark night.. u might feel bored.. 😀 but think about all the money you could make from blogging.. I hope this takes your boredom away 😀

  17. Hey kunal

    Amazing tips you collected and shared with us to keep yourself energetic at night time too.
    i’m a student so, my blogging time is dark night. That time when everyone is sleeping near you. And you’re working late it’s difficult to work.
    Hopefully, with your tips i’m gonna feel energetic late night too.

    Thanks for post.
    Anubhav Gupta

    • Even I started blogging as a student. Its good to know that more and more students are blogging these days. And yes, these tips will definitely fill you with a lot of energy. 🙂

  18. I tried doing this for a long time, and after that when I found out that I could not bear the pressure of working late nights, I switched to being a morning person. Now I wake up everyday at 5, I sleep at 11:00 pm at max and make the most of the morning time when people are still asleep.
    This makes me get ahead of the schedule, and by doing so I am always early and on time everywhere.
    But still when I blogged late in the night, I could do a lot of work in a single sitting and I miss that these days!

    • Blogging late nights give you silent environment..
      blogging early mornings give you the same. along with health benefits. Good to know that you switched for the better 🙂

  19. Nice post! I am a late night person too. I am trying to schedule my time neatly because I have to deal with my study at university, social life, and blogging at the same time.

    Most of the time due to a lot of things to do I have to isolate myself with other people who don’t have goals but merely wasting time to chill with friends daily at coffee shops.

    To increase my productivity I try morning rituals recently and it works so well for me. It’s important to deal with your moods too. Sometimes I’m struggling to focus on my work. You know that blogging has a lot to do, not to mention you need to balance with your study, social life, connection with loved one, etc etc.

    I tried timeboxing to put on focus on one thing at a time, it works. Ultimately, you need to be persistent in doing everything until you achieve the result that you want.

  20. I’m also working late night now a days and think you have written a great copy to help me and my fellow bloggers who are working late night, thanks for your efforts in collecting these helpful information and posting here.

    • hi Robnish. A lot of blogger like you and me work late night for the love of blogging. I want you to up the good work 🙂 . And thanks for the comment

  21. Wonderful post Kunal.

    Although I am not a night time blogger much but at one point I used to be.

    I used to keep myself awake by chewing something constantly (not a chewing gum) like roasted gram. It used to help keep me awake and alert by activating my facial muscles.

    I also used to consume aerated drinks like thumbs-up ( super unhealthy, I know). The processed sugar and caffeine in it helped me stay awake for long 🙂

    • Hi, thanks Preety. Eating chewing might help. Readers who read your comment, might use this tip. I thank you from their behalf. Although I wont suggest aerated drinks to the readers 😀

  22. What an awesome post! This can help me clear my mind and get rid of headache while writing a post at night.


    • Hi David, thank you. Headaches even happened to me when i started to blog late nights. It will surely go away if you use all the tips i mentioned above, specially the last one.

  23. Personally i don’t prefer late night blogging as it has many adverse health effect. Better to use most of your time in the early morning.

    Thanks for posting these wonderful tips. Surely going to help the late night bloggers.

    • Even I won’t suggest doing it to people who are already having health issues. But for some, its the only way to keep blogging.
      Thank you Arun.

  24. Nice tips for awaking me up well I usually like writing at the mid of the night. I got tired sometimes thanks for these helpful but nice tips.

    • Thanks Anoush
      I am glad that I am able to fetch some sleep from you guys 😀

  25. I am a night person in every sense of the term. I hate mornings! lol good tips, thanks dude.

    First time poster, long time reader.

    I have followed your blog for a while and I must say that the value I have received has been tremendous. I really appreciate the tons of valuable content you are giving out.

    • Hi Sid, I would like say that i and many more bloggers are like you. The time range in which i feel the most energetic is 2pm to 2am. Keep reading, keep blogging 🙂

  26. taking a short nap is very useful. Nowadays , many companies have started to allot some time and place for their employees to have a short nap during after noon so that they will be working efficiently after the nap and like u know, after-noon’s are so hard for work .

  27. Just Awesome Post. it;s Really Helpful and Valuable Post for Every Blogger. I Think Most of logger is Last Night Blogger, Every Blogger want to Blogging Full 24 hours !! because Every Blogger Love This Blogging Very Much. Thanks for Sharing with us.

    • In my case, I want to write something that should me read all accross the world and praised. Thank you for your kind words Nabanowcom

  28. Hi Kunal,
    Great post you have shared, it’s like you have read my mind. I am part-time blogger thus I blog more in night. At the beginning it is very hard to do so, until I realize that I need to learn to finish one task at a time so that I can finish everything faster now than before.

    Thanks for the tips. Wish you have a great week

    • Yes, may be I do have the power to read minds. Or its because i realize the pain people go through to manage their time and blog late nights. Time management is a very important aspect while blogging. Even its late night, it still your time and its worth is high, because you are sacrificing your precious sleep for it. 🙂

    • Yes, may be I do have the power to read minds. Or its because i realize the pain people go through to manage their time and blog late nights. Time management is a very important aspect while blogging. Even its late night, it still your time and its worth is high, because you are sacrificing your precious sleep for it.

  29. Nice post Kunal. I am also finding some tips to make me a hard rocker late night blogger. Thanks for your essential tips.

  30. I am a night person in every sense of the term. I have followed your blog for a while and I must say that the value I have received has been tremendous. I really appreciate the tons of valuable content you are giving out.

    • A lot of blogger like you are late night kings. Thank you for being a regular reader of our blog.

  31. I cant tell how much I relate to the last point. I mean its takes all of the time and in the end m sleeping.

    • Hi Lynnea, It happens with a lot of us. We love chatting up with our loved ones, but that should be avoiding during our blogging time.

  32. Thanks for the great tips bro. I too enjoy animated cartoon for entertainment. Also, coffee is my favorite method of relaxing my mind.

    Thanks bro!

    • Hi Adid, This is the reply i was waiting for. I love animated cartoons. They keep the kid in me alive.
      I hope these tips help you.

  33. Hi Kunal,
    Thanks for sharings this great tips.I am also a late night blogger. I am doing all my work in night time. But my main problem is sleeping? I am trying to get rid from this problems. Any tips to get rid from this problems?

    • Hi Taposh. You need to sleep a minimum of 6 hours. Although I would recommend to sleep 8 hours and have some long entertaining dreams. Sleeping help our body relax, so it is much needed. You need to manage your time well and stop wasting your time. You will definitely get some time to sleep. You just don’t get time, you have to make it. 🙂

  34. Thanks Kunal for this great post! I think “Do one thing at a Time” is really important. I feel that my productivity suffers when I try to do several stuffs. It’s also important to think on one thing at a time 🙂

  35. Another awesome article from you. I am a student too so, I can get time at night for spending time with my blog. I will surely follow these tips. Thanks.

  36. Hmm interesting knowledge.. Will try some for some quality sleep..blogging ..peace of mind is important and concentration on work ,will help me improve my living ..thanks for sharing

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