KONTENT MACHINE (40% OFF 24 Hours Sale)


1. How Is KM Any Different From Any Other Spinner Or Content Generation Software Out There?
KM has been designed with backlinking in mind – it scrapes, mixes, spins, produces all sorts of content and puts your links with your keywords in it. KM automates the whole content generation process so you are left with just copying the output to your favorite backlinking tool.

2. Is The Content KM Produces Human-Readable?
This strongly depends on the settings you choose.

3. Why Is Kontent Machine On A Subscription Basis?
We are not here just to sell you a piece of software. We have been around for quite some time and we have seen the support of some pretty famous products slowly die out once the hype and the money-back-guarantee is over. The subscription plan is your guarantee that we will be providing you with outstanding support constantly… or we don’t get paid. Simple as that!

4. For How Long Will The Price Stay $27?
This is our special launch price and it will last until we fully implement, test and release our affiliate program. Then the price will increase to $47. But if you sign up now you are locking your price at $27 forever and that includes all future add-on’s and updates.

5. What Tools Can I Use The KM Generated Content With?
We have tested it with Senuke, Article Marketing Robot & Sick Submitter but there shouldn’t be a problem with any backlinking tool.

6. Can I Use KM For Manual Backlinking
Absolutely (though we do not understand that urge!), KM generates non-spintax output too.

7. What Are The System Requirements?
KM requires a Windows OS and .Net Framework 4

8. Are You Going To Include An Add-on For Posting The Generated Content?
Backlinking software is a whole different game. We are thinking of an add-on for posting to your own blogs but generally we prefer focusing on content generation.

9. Is there any money-back guarantee?
No. Kontent Machine Comes With a Free 7-Day Trial Period. If after that you don't want to use it any more just cancel your subscription.

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