5 Secret Tools for Advanced Keyword Research

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Keyword research is the first step in SEO of a new website. While there are many tools available (link to Adwords), these are not sufficient; especially when it comes to less popular or trending keywords.

Keyword research need very extensive and thorough research so that we can find less competitive and high-ranking keywords.

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List of Advanced Keyword Research Tools

1. Google Insights for Search

Google Insights
There are multiple tools that give you search volume. But some keywords may have low search volume but high growth rate. These keywords may become very popular and worth targeting in future even if they are not very popular today. The good part is that you can start building links for them and rank before they become popular. This keyword gives the trend of search volume for a keyword. You can limit it to a particular country or a state in that country. Also you can view for a particular category. It also allows you to compare the trends of various keywords. Top searches and rising searches at the bottom of this page offer more information about related searches.

2. Google Trends Keyword Demand Prediction

Google Trends
This tool is similar to Google Insights, but it is very good to find search trends for websites. Further it gives other websites that users generally visit and keywords that they use. This information can be used to further refine the keyword list. Another important way to use this website to find out currently trending searches if you want to write an article based on news which may not have been picked by media yet.

3. Ubersuggest

When you start typing a search, google makes suggestions related to the keyword already typed. Ubersuggest takes these keywords and shows them to you in list format. This saves a lot of efforts.

4. Similar Search on Google

When you make any search google shows searches similar to your current search at the bottom of the page. This is of immense use if you want to target long tail keywords. No other google tool generally shows long tail searches that this tool shows.

5. Meta keywords

meta keywords

While meta keywords has lost relevance in ranking long time back, many websites still keep it in the hope that it might help. The good part is that this list is visible to everybody and now you can use hours of research the SEO team of competitor's website might have put in. Do it across 3 to 4 websites and you are pretty close to a comprehensive list of popular keywords.

Hope this technique will rarely help you for long tail keyword research and better Google SERP Ranking.


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14 thoughts on “5 Secret Tools for Advanced Keyword Research”

  1. Lots of good tips here! Normally I just use Google’s Keyword Tool and look at keyword variations, searches and competition and choose my keywords from the list. Gonna check out Insights and Trends. Another approach is Amazon and Ebay and look for hot topics there. A service like serpfox.com will also let you monitor 10 serp’s for free.

    • Thanks Rick. There are definitely many other places to look for. Do check out SEMRush also.

  2. Now we should stop discussing about meta-keywords. Shouldn’t we? For how long will we keep including this in “SEO tactics”?

    • meta-keyword tag does not really help for SEO. But it can be a great resource to understand what the webmaster is trying to optimize the webpage for.

  3. I do not use any tools for keyword research rather I manually do it by the help of Google. But using these resources sound more useful to me though and easier as well.

  4. @it can be a great resource to understand what the webmaster is trying to optimize the webpage for.
    =>and who would be interested in knowing that?

  5. Really very useful tools listed here.
    Google trends is very imp tool.
    Still I miss Google Wonder wheel when doing keyword research.


    • Wonder wheel is a great tool too. It helps in visualizing the keywords in a hierarchy. This can be great for your website architecture planning.

  6. Great post! I do not use any resources for market analysis rather I personally do it by the help of Search engines. But using these sources audio more useful to me though and simpler as well…Thank you.

  7. Good post buddy. Infact I had heard about Ubersuggest a while back and have been using it to get ideas on blog posting keywords.

  8. I just use google keyword tool for see keyword variation and competition. Google ad words is a great tool for keyword. meta tag are not important for ranking in google. for google meta description is very important and tags important for others search engine.

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