5 Important Reasons Why Joining Private Forums is a Best Investment

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Do you know why do people join paid forums?

Why some of the best forums are charging huge money to join them?

and Which are the best forums to join?

If you have any of the above question in your mind then be with me for few minutes and the things will start revealing.

I started blogging 2 years back and the journey all over was awesome, but I missed one thing badly that there was no one to teach me. I kept reading many forums/blogs and then connecting with the bloggers.

But the problem was still there.

No one was helping me to choose right path and literally no one was there to teach me money making methods.

It took me more than one year to understand that why people don't help us at free of cost.

The reason was –

They have invested too much time and efforts to learn the things.

They have given everything to master the things, and they have experimented the things to get the best results.

They have invested too much money on experiments and failed many times.

In short words –  they have sacrified many things to reach at this stage.

Try to read about successful internet marketers, either he is Neil Patel, Zac Johnson, Daniel ScoccoMohammad Mustafa or anyone, they all are in internet marketing from last 5-10 years.

Then why we want so quick success?

Our very first motto must be to learn the things and then do maximum experiments.

“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.”
― Joel Osteen

So keep doing experiments and don't worry about failure.

So the thing is –

They have invested time and efforts then why are they going to teach us everything at free of cost?

This was one of the things which forced me to reflect on it.

There must be any way with the help of which we can learn from these experts.

Then how can we learn from experts?

Obviously, by buying their paid courses or by joining paid forums.

Here I am going to talk about few benefits which you will get when you will join private forums.

1. World-class case studies.

Almost all paid forums are running on one big thing.

And these are case studies.

People love to share their case studies in paid forums because they have invested money as well as they can connect with more like-minded people here. There are a lot of master-mind groups which will help you get such case studies, but the quality which you are going to get in paid forums in not possible in free forums.

What is the reason?

Reason is very much obvious.

If we will release our case study (which actually take too much time to get results) in free forums then very soon it will obsolete and everyone will start using that technique to make money. There are tons of black hat forums now which provide unethical stuff and you can download almost everything at free of cost.

My question is – Can we make money by just reading books and downloading free stuff?

and answer is – NO !!

Because we download such books, softwares, plugins, use them for few days and then never check them.

But what if we have invested money in any product?

For sure we are going to use it and going to learn the methods to use it effectively.

So here come the importance of private forums.

In such forums you can ask anyone if you have any query and people will be always there to assist you.

2. Interaction with other bloggers.

Relationship in blogging is the biggest thing to get fast success.

Suppose you are going to build a blog on android niche so what will be steps which you will make to get success?

They might be –

  1. You will write quality content on your blog.
  2. You will optimize them perfectly from SEO point of view.
  3. You will start commenting on other blogs to get more visibility.
  4. You will share it on top social media sites.
  5. You will start guest blogging to get even more exposure.
  6. And then little traffic will start coming on your blog

So these are few methods almost everyone use to promote his/her blog.

But what if you have an online friend who is having an Android blog and attracting 50,000 visitors in a day?

He will just share your link on his blog (either in any blog post or on blogroll of blog), and your blog will go like sky-rocket.

In short – You will make relation on such forums and reap the real fruits of blogging. 😉

3. You get premium stuff at free of cost.

I love it. 🙂

In many private forums people share their premium stuff with members so that they can enjoy them at free of cost and then write positive reviews about their products.

Here is one screenshot of WarriorForum.


You can see almost everyone is giving some free stuff for members.

You can interact with people who are providing free stuff and ask your queries.

4. You find JV partners

Almost all digital products today are getting launched in JV (Joint Venture) only.


Because you cannot handle everything alone.

You might be good in coding, you might be good in writing, but you cannot be good in everything.

So launching a product with an expert can give you much better revenue rather than launching alone. Such internet marketers have very good experience and they know very well how to sell products and how to attract other affiliate marketers to promote your product.

A true internet marketer always love to join private forums rather than free.

So in such forums you can share your idea with people and request them to become your JV partner. If they will love the idea then they will say you YES instantly.

5. You become more dedicated

“To become a master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your: heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem.”
― Maurice Young

This is a very crucial point.

We become more dedicated for the things which are paid rather than free.

You might have downloaded tons of free WSO, tons of eBooks, tons of softwares, then why are you not getting success? We download such thing with great excitement on our face like we are going to become millionaire in just few days.

And we treat them like magic wands.

Do such magic wands really works?

In my case they didn't work.

I used to download too much stuff (like all other newbies), but things never worked positive for me.

Information overload is one of the prime factor behind our failure. We consume so much things online that we become unable to take right decision.

So when we pay for anything then we become more dedicated to get most from them and to achieve maximum value for money. We spend more time to learn the things and then do experiments with more confidence.

So, which are the forums which we can join?

Till now you have understood the importance of private forums.

You next questions might be – which are the best forums to join?

Here I am going to list few forums which I have joined and few which I am going to join soon.

Note: I have included free as well as paid forums in the list.

Internet marketing forums

  1. Warrior Forum
  2. Site Point
  3. Quick Sprout Forum
  4. Niche Site Dual
  5. IMPho
  6. Fizzle.co
  7. IM Grind

These are few forums which I have joined and learning a lot of things from experts.

Join them now and see quick results by learning from experts.

Final Words

Now you know the benefits of private forums and I am confident that you are going to join few of them very soon. I can guarantee that this money as well as time will be one of the best investment you will make to grow your business.

Over to you.

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It’s very important to realize that influential people share content because it increases their influence with their audience.

So share it with open heart.

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42 thoughts on “5 Important Reasons Why Joining Private Forums is a Best Investment”

  1. I’m blogging from past three years and many times used forums only for my blog SEO.
    Never think that joining paid forums have lots of potential. This is a real investment of time and money both. Great informative post Kulwant Sir 🙂

    • Yes Ankit, it’s a great investment to grow your business. Hope you will join some great forums very soon and become active there.

  2. Hello Kulwant,

    Till the date I am not active on Private Forums but after reading this post seems it will be valuable for me in many terms. Learned the one more thing from here..

    • Sugam, try joining any forums and soon you will learn many good things from experts. You can try IMPho(Free) from the links which I mentioned in the article.

  3. There is always some extra benefit in premium downloads or paid things on internet…
    You have share quite important information about forum.These paid information always have extra benefit.You also have provided some reasons or benefits so that we should go for these paid forums.
    Keep sharing Sir..:)

  4. very well said sir. yes when we download any free software we are doing this at fun. i have tried many paid software trails. recently i have purchased on of then for my youtube. so i am very dedicated to that. because i have spent money. if it was free i will not look at them for sure. so when we are investing our money then we will be dedicated to our work for sure. final words very good article and one advice for others never hesitate to spend some money. may be your 1$ will give you 50 to 100$ so keep trying always

    • It’s great that you have invested money on YouTube marketing software. I know soon you will master it with your hard work and then money will start flowing.

      Best wishes.

      Invest hard, earn hard. 🙂

  5. Kulwant Nagi
    I read your article and this is very helpful for me. I really learned from this article now I am feeling glad that people like you never get down because you know what is hard work what is efforts. I am also struggling from past 2 year in blogging, but I got nothing from here. Sometimes I feel that I am biggest loser in the world but when I read these types of articles then I get existed, and now I am just learning to develop my self.
    Thanks for sharing this bro.

    • Rizwan, 2 years passed and you are still in blogging, this simply means that you are working hard to achieve the success.

      Keep learning from experts and soon you will master the things.

      I will suggest you to read some inspirational books. They will boost you up.

      • Yes dear i really agree with your words thanks for giving me such a nice Appreciations.

  6. yes, you are right bro that no one will teach you free of cost.
    Your Theory also motivate me “invest more earn more” 🙂
    Soon I will join these forums.
    Thanks for nice information bro 🙂

    • Rajesh, I was seriously very confused and annoyed why people didn’t share their secrets, but after connecting with some great people I came to know about this.

      Thanks for loving my theory. 🙂

      Keep visiting us.

  7. Hello Kulwant,
    Ya I agree with you.
    Joining private forums is a good idea and a best place to invest and earn some good knowledge.
    I am a regular member of warrior forum and I must say it helped me a lot to gain some good knowledge on internet marketing.

    • Yeah Ankit, The very first paid forum I joined was Warrior Forum and it helped me too. I gained good knowledge and met with great internet marketers there.

  8. I am agreed with you forums are the these kind of platform from where you can stay in touch with experts.

  9. I can’t agree with you more.
    I think join in a forum not only help you to get valuable information for free but also can increase your reputation and get more relationship.
    In addition, some time i try to go to some offline bloggers conference. It’s very important for me to. you can talk directly with your friend and share your knowledge with mane people,
    Thanks for your sharing.

    Stephan Wu

    • Stephan, I am not against free forums, because I am also member of many free forums and I started my career by joining free forums only. No doubt this is a great place to connect with like-minded people and exchange our ideas. Here I wanted to convey the importance of paid forums over free ones.

      I have seen huge difference in quality of free and paid forums.

      What do you say?

  10. Honestly this is what I am worry about joining free forums. I guess you have explained all the fact in this post. The hard fact about paid forums is to find the best one. Learning from your case that you have joined on several (more than one). Would that be effective?

    Thanks for this post. Paid forum recommendation is valuable to me

    • Okto, Joining only one paid forum would be a best move at start. After exploring it for few months, you can head over to another forum.

  11. You said the right thing that experienced bloggers have faced a “lot” to learn innovative things. Since, they have invested their time, money and energy and hence it is quite a natural thing that they should get a return out of the same. Novice bloggers should try to work to their optimum without shying away from learning new things as this will help them gain much needed exposure and they will polish their skills in the process as well.

  12. I keep asking myself this question as well but the answer was what I couldn’t provide early before this time, I observed that most paid Forum are limited in number but it worth join if one can afford it.

  13. Hey Kulwant,
    I couldn’t agree more that the forums are key in learning one’s way around,
    and the best thing about forums is Technical support, you post your own detailed case and you get answers, there’s must be someone online in there that can help you, when you can’t find what you are looking for on Google.
    I always find what i am looking for and very pleased with the v7 network forum.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

  14. Couple of things Kulwant…
    Definitely analyzing case studies will build our confidence level and will make us more practical.
    Of Course paid version will make us more dedicated.
    I have not joined any paid forum till now.
    But your article inspired me to do so.
    Very nice informational Article … 😀

  15. Hello Kulwant,
    Private Forums are the one of the best ways to learn something new and to get premium stuff also. Such kind of forums can help us to brand our business in online world easily. Once again informative Guide on Blogging Cage.

    • Aqib, Forums give many benefits and we can get in touch with all latest news happening everywhere. So I always prefer to read news from forums. Thanks for your appreciation.

  16. Thank you very much for posting this very important information regarding forums. I appreciate efforts of those bloggers who have dedicated themselves to find right ways of successful blogging. I am a big fan of Neil Patel and I always follow him. I agree with all of your points which you have mentioned above. Now you have make me your fan also…..Thanks….

  17. Well Said
    Private Forums are good for building relationship with other bloggers also
    I am using warriorforum from last 4 months and its a great experience for me

  18. another great experience Kulwant…i appreciate it..
    i am blogging since past 3 months and was unaware to all these forums..but i think regularly keep in touch with other experienced bloggers like you help me a lot..
    by the way thanks a lot for sharing such a beneficial information among us…

  19. As a forum owner myself, I think that this is a great idea. I can say that I focus on making forum topics and content that will help those in my niche. That content is free, too! While I love blogging, I will always have a special place in my heart for forums. One word of advice though… If and when you do plan to join a forum to benefit yourself as a blogger or a website developer, be sure to post quality content on the forum because you will be noticed a lot sooner than if you were to just post one-line generic responses.

    • First of all Sorry for late reply.

      Shawn, I have also started on forum (http://www.androidrootingforum.com/) few days back, but I am getting too much spams. 🙁
      Can you please guide me to get rid of these spams?

      Running a forum is really a headache and I salute your efforts to run your forum.

  20. It is true, professional bloggers that have excelled in the field wont help you at no cost. If you want to succeed in anything you must first invest, and in most cases your investment has to do with time and money. Paid products are great but it is good to choose them wisely.

  21. In this business, we do need to invest time and money in order to learn and to be successful Success does not take overnight, nor just by buying different stuffs and plugins and joining programs. It takes more than that; taking the time to learn and analyze things properly.

  22. I do agree with your point. Until now I have downloaded many freebies But never gave attention towards using them because some of them which I used were failed. You helped me a lot with the list of private forums. I really would like to thank you for the great information.

    • Mansoor, we all do this when we start our blogging journey. I have tons of eBooks in my laptop but I never got time to read them.

      Thanks for being here and sharing your thoughts with us.

  23. Would be great to see Kevin Muldoon’s “Rise Forums” added to this list. I am very active on there.

    • I was also very active. I recently tried to login and got the message that they have banned me. I don’t know why. :/

      • I am a moderator on there now. I will will find out why you were banned. I’ll PM you on FB. Thanks

      • Hi Kulwant.

        You may recall that you emailed me every day asking for a free membership; which I said repeatedly I did not do as it was unfair to paying members. Eventually, you got a premium membership through a competition and I honoured it and upgraded your account.

        Once you were upgraded, you did not participate in the forum. All you did was attempt to promote this blog. You were warned multiple times not to spam the forum with your affiliate links. I recall deleting landing pages you linked many times.

        Despite these warnings, you continued to do it, despite the fact posting affiliate links on the forum was banned.

        I never enjoy banning members, however I take the integrity of the forum seriously and do not want it to go downhill and become a forum like Warrior Forum. That is why I cannot have members who break the rules continuously.


        • I appreciate your decision, Kevin.

          All I can remember is, I was not promoting direct affiliate links in the forum. Either I was giving links of my reviews or direct link of my blog to read the content. Does it come under affiliate link promotion?

          I know you disabled my account once and I requested you to reinstate that. I thank you for favoring me and reactivating my account.

          I agree that I was not very active in the forum as well. But you might have noticed that few of my threads became top talking threads and I put my best to add the value in the forum.

          My bad that I made some wrong moves. I am totally with you as such things are not tolerable when you are the owner of a forum. I think I’ll have learn more to become good member in the forums.

          Thanks for the clarification and coming on my blog. 🙂

          Happy new year.. Have a great day.

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