Is “Blogging” Really Dying?

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Is it?

We are still doing blogging and putting our efforts to make our blog as one of the best blogs in the world.

We are reading too many blogs to get the ideas and then write it in our own words to spread information in more advanced and easy ways.

But is “blogging” dying?

I don't think so.

I was going through one internet marketing forum ( and found very interesting conversation. The conversation which forced me to write this article.. The conversation which forced me to think again about my blogging career.

The conversation which we are going to continue here.

Before proceeding further let's have a look on this Google trend graph.


This might be a frightening graph for you…. but this is true.

You can see the peak of blogging in 2005 when most of the big blogs emerged. It continued till 2007-08 and then started declining.

I was lucky enough that I started my blogging career in Q4 of 2011. 🙂

Here we are going to talk about facts and figures about blogging and then have a discussion about its future.

What actually is blogging?

You must be aware about the origin of this word.. if not then here is what it means.


Means blog is a medium on WEB which can help you to make your LOGS.

In my words, “Blog is just a tool to market your services and skills.”

You cannot use blog just to write, because at the end you are going to monetize it with display ads, affiliate marketing, your coaching, services, books, tools, plugins, themes or anything.

So blog is an online publishing medium to spread your voice, communicate with people and then get some rewards in return.

Why is it dying?

I was also shocked when I saw the graph.

One question came in my mind, “If not blogging then what?”

What are the other things people are doing rather than blogging and how are they monetizing?

If blogging is really dying then why are we still putting efforts to write on our blog and make it popular?

What if this will actually die?

I have my personal views on it so let's continue…

1. People are inclined towards content marketing

More and more people are searching for content marketingbecause this is the GIST of internet. We cannot assume the presence of internet without content.

Companies are putting more efforts on content marketing to grab more business.

Let's see some figures.

  • Companies with blogs have 97% more inbound links.
  • B2B marketers are using blogs to generate 67% more leads.
  • Brand websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages.
  • 61% of the customers in US made a purchase through a blog.
  • 37% marketers believe on blogs.

and the figures continue supporting the content marketing.

See the graph


2. Companies are putting more efforts to make infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words.

At quick sprout Neil Patel explained about creating a popular infographics.

Having a great infographic can help you to get more inbound links, more shares, more visibility, more clients, more mentions and too many other benefits.

A quality infograph will not cost more than $1000 if you really want to make it in professional way other wise you can use to create free infographics.

See the growth


3. Videos are trending

Google bought YouTube in 2006.

They knew its potential and paid a big sum of $1.65 billion.

Seeing the trend, companies are putting more efforts to make videos to lure more customers and convey their message to broader audience.


Having a strong presence on YouTube can help you to build an authority and help people with your videos.

Start making tutorial videos, interview videos, informational videos and start helping people by hitting their subconscious mind.

Note: Videos directly hit our subconscious mind.

So what can we do?

As I explained about, you will have to put more efforts on

  1. Content marketing
  2. Creating infographics and
  3. Creating videos

There might be few other methods also which will help you to build your online business….. but if you are still thinking about doing “blogging” only then it's the time to take action.

Wrapping up

At the end I would just like to say that blogging is taking new shape and people are trying new methods to take it to new level.

Infographics, Videos, ebooks are just a new way to do blogging.

Even the searches of WORD “blogging” are decreasing day by day but it is also emerging as a new method to promote your business.

So start doing something which you have never done before.

Kulwant Nagi

Hi! I am Kulwant Nagi. I created this blog in 2011 with the vision to help new bloggers. I am running more than 10 blogs on various categories and running a digital marketing company in India now.

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38 thoughts on “Is “Blogging” Really Dying?”

  1. Hey Mr Kulwant, I also Notice the decline in the Trend, but I have a believe that in as much as the internet exists, bloging will always exist

  2. In a nutshell, it is evolving.
    Even when I started in 2007, after 2-3 years I felt saturation in blogsosphere which was actually an outburst.
    Blogging is changing every day and I believe it is still in ripe age and dying simply isn’t possible for what Internet consists of.

    • Glad to see you here, Rohit. 🙂

      Yeah, blogging is changing in a big way and people are trying different methods to have less chances of failure. So Pat Flynn’s strategy be everywhere is proving right.

      On a side note, whatever we do on internet is “blogging”.

  3. Blogging is not dead and never will be! You just have to focus on quality and people will love to read it. There is a new trend everyday In blogging! 😉

    • Very true, Abdulsalam. Even I am seeing very long articles these days.. So in future only quality is going to survive.

  4. I think I did write a similar post entitled where are all the bloggers? There seem to be a general decline in blogging activities off late and this raises a course for concern.

    As for me, I think blogging is really dying!

  5. Hey,

    Really nice article. According to my views blogging is not dying, but the competition is going weird. Make a new blog “Hit” is kinda difficult in this current blog-o-sphere. Anyways lets see how it works.

    Have a Great Day

    • Yeah Krishna. Blogging is not dying but new ways to do it in a better way are emerging… and we will have to follow them if we really want to succeed in blogging.

  6. Well this is a masterpiece Kulwant Bro! ‘One’ of the best article you’ve ever written in my views. 🙂
    and talking about whether Blogging is dead or not, majority of us will agree to this as the So called Big Blogs have captured so many readers and business on-line that for newbies there is very little or no space.
    and by the way what are you recommendation if one wants to switch from Blogging to any other field ?

    • Thanks for appreciation, Varun. If not blogging, then I would go for video tutorials. 🙂

  7. As long internet is alive. Blogging also will be alive. Just concentrate on new topics with new way of presenting content to user.

  8. Hi Kulwant,

    It is like when one opportunity dwindles, there are many more opening up! Not saying that blogging is gonna get ruined or all that. But when blogging’s popularity and queries is getting declined, queries and interest regarding Infographics and videos (YouTube) is rising! So, new opportunities are not hard to find!

    At the end of the day, I guess it is all about innovating and experimenting. Being static won’t be of much use. We should evolve and branch out! At the end of the day, I’d say that blogging is here to stay. The game may change though and may get more exciting. But it is here to stay!

    An interesting and thought provoking article!


    • Yeah Arun. Blogging is changing such rapidly with the change in technology that we can guess its next 3-4 years future very easily.

      6-7 years back YouTube was not a very popular website so people had only one option, which was BLOGGING only. But as YouTube has become 2nd most populated site in the world so people have started looking for the way to monetize it.

      Blogging is all about doing experiments, so we will have to continue our efforts. In the journey we can learn very awesome ways to make money online, so your efforts and targets are going to decide your destiny.

      and blogging is never going to die. 😉

      I am very happy to see you here and read your awesome comment.

      Have a great day. 🙂

  9. Hi Kulwant,
    Informative post.

    I don’t think that blogging is dying. It’s just there exists a monopoly and cracking into the big league would more tough for the newbies compared to the past. May be Blogging requires a refined definition as we need to include content marketers, vloggers, etc to blogosphere.


  10. People are becoming less interested in the term “blogging” and becoming more interested in the activity – content marketing. Blogging is about content creation – text, images or video. That explains the trend 😉 You can’t blog without creating content

    Beautiful reflection Kulwant!

  11. Google will be responsible if blogging die, because Google has left nothing for a newbie in blogging. As newbie can’t create that much quality as other authority doing, it will take years to get on top in Google, hence a beginner will left.
    Only those who are creating exceptionally well content and are authority since years will be called as bloggers.

  12. it quite hard to rank now a days because Google is imposing new challenges day by day to blogger. Hope they will change trends of Google search Algorithm that will be helpful for small blogger.

  13. Blogging can never die . If blogging dies then how will world get updated knowledge on a regular basis . Blogging is just changing its form by the time . Nowdays blogging is not just writing and then puttiing ads to earn money , as u already mentioned … its more than that .

  14. Hi Kulwant,

    I stopped by after seeing your post on FB.

    As a graphic artist, video editor, musician and such, I’ve been getting a stream of clients mainly for graphics work for their blogs.

    I read somewhere a while ago of people starting blogs…. working to cultivate them, and eventually the Internet has thousands of abandoned blogs.

    People really try hard at blogging, and many simply loose momentum.

    I just came off an online webinar yesterday, and all the participants were encouraged to start a blog, which they are.

    Thanks for the post and it was really informative 🙂

  15. Thank you very much for sharing this fact…!!!

    I am planning to come to blogosphere, I’ve purchased domain and hosting and want to create a blog related to IT(tech updates,tutorials,tricks,etc.).

    should I start it or not ?
    my aim is to help my classmates, I have seen many examples of earning from blog, and researched for it about 6-7months.
    read alot about blogging.

    I shared my idea with my classmates, they agreed to do it , and want to earn money from blogging.

    so should we start ???
    I warned them that you will not earn a pent for some time, It may be 5-6 months or even a year or less depending on our dedication.

    but after reading your article, I am little bit scared, I don’t want to become bad in front of my friends.

    what is you advice my friend ???

    kulwant, please guide me….

    • Faizan, happy to hear that you have taken a good step to help the world.

      Go and start it as soon as possible. I would just like to suggest – add quality content if you want to play for the long run.

      If you need any help then you can connect with me at

  16. I think blogging will never die…. and you have done very limited research which is based only on blogging niche but blogging doesn’t include only writing about blogging.
    After reading this post I searched for some other terms like technology, health, sports, education and a few more and I found that some of the topics has still high search volume.
    It means that only niche blogging is loosing interest and that could be due to over saturation of the niche. But still we can blog about other topics such as health and education etc to earn decent income from blogging.

    • Hamza, at the end I have mentioned that the searches for the word “blogging” are dying. We know the truth that it is never going to die.

  17. Blogging as such will never die. But the Blogs that produce low quality content will die and the Blogs which are rich in high quality content will evolve to serve the needs of users. Thanks Kulwant for sharing where we need to focus to be on top.

    • Yeah Jayashree, only quality blogs are going to survive with the rich content (video, infographics, audio, ebooks).

  18. Hello,

    Well said Kulwant, Yeah I too believe blogging is ever green business and it’s not gonna die for sure. You’ve shared really wonderful insights about it.


  19. I was pretty much sure about blogging when I made my mind to enter in this world of blogging. May be these charts are showing that blogging is declining day by day. I totally agree with your thoughts as may be blogging chart is going down but with the new era there are many blogging methods we can follow. For every determined thing we don’t need to check whether it’s at the peak or at the bottom, we should just go for it. I am not good in blogging but trying. May be one day I will. It doesn’t matter for a blogger whether blogging business is going down or up, if we do hard work then I don’t think anybody can stop us. Thanks for the post. It will help me a lot.

    • Ravi, you have already taken a big decision in your life so this journey would be very enjoyable for you..

      Hope this article will help you more –

  20. Blogging is not dying, bad bloggers are dying

    Bad practices are dying.

    Sine the Hummingbird update, I have seen plagiarizing bloggers are having a tough time ranking through conventional methods.

    • We said, Wali. I loved the quote – Blogging is not dying, bad bloggers are dying. (Y)

  21. blogging can never die because the information which bloggers can share over net no one else can do the same. blogging is just changing it’s route and it’s not mean that it’s going to die.


  22. Thanks for opening my mind!

    I was planning to leave blogging because i too…thought that it was actually dying. Most of my friends have already left blogging, but i won’t.

    Once again, thanks!

  23. I don’t think Blogging can die, at lease at the moment when social media have a wonderful improvement day by day.
    thanks for your sharing.


  24. I’m a writer by profession and it’s totally clear to me that since I started blogging, the amount I write has increased exponentially, my daily interactions with the views of others have never been so frequent, the diversity of voices I engage with is far higher than in the pre-Internet age—and all this has helped me become more modest as a thinker, more open to error, less fixated on what I do know, and more respectful of what I don’t. If this is a deterioration in my brain, then more, please.

    The problem is finding the space and time when this engagement stops, and calm, quiet, thinking and reading of longer-form arguments, novels, essays can begin. Worse, this also needs time for the mind to transition out of an instant gratification mode to me a more long-term, thoughtful calm. I find this takes at least a day of detox. Getting weekends back has helped. But if there were a way to channel the amazing insights of blogging into the longer, calmer modes of thinking … we’d be getting somewhere.

    • Yes Abdul, blogging has taken a new shape in recent years and has become one of the great way to make money as well.

      Engagement with has become one of the must to do activity for the long term survival. So we will have to manage our time in such a way that we can get most out of it and make it a better medium along the way.

      I am happy to have you on my blog and this insightful comment. 🙂

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