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Today we have Tung Tran on Blogging Cage.

Tung is a good friend of mine and we are in touch with each other since 2013.

I got to know about him when I was building some niche sites and I was stuck to find niche blogging ideas. Soon I found him via Spencer Haws's blog and started interacting with him.

He is a very friendly guy and always share things from his heart.

I have seen him growing from nothing to a 5 figure earner.

Tung decided to go in a straight path without any distraction which became his one of the primary income sources.

He was building Amazon affiliate sites and started sharing a public case study to generate income from an Amazon affiliate website.

Very soon his website started generating $1000 a month, so he decided to flip his website on Flippa, which ultimately gave him $10,000.

Today he's with us.

Let's hear more from him and learn some precious lessons.

Tung, I am following you since 2013. It was pretty nice experience to learn from your blog and discuss many things with you on Facebook, so welcome on my blog. 🙂

Tung: Thanks for having me Kulwant.

#1. Tell us about you, your education and your interests.

Hey guys, I’m Tung Tran and I’m on a mission to turn my blog into the #1 community for niche website builders.

I’ve been building and selling affiliate websites for a couple of years now. I’m a college dropout and now working on my businesses full time.

I have to confess that I don’t have many interests. But I do exercise a lot. Like twice a day. I do heavy weight lifting, yoga and zumba dance.

#2. When the idea to became an online marketer came in your mind and how did you nurture it?

It just came naturally to me. I got access to computer and internet pretty early. At 13 I built my first website with Wordpress.

It wasn't about the money at all.

I was just curious about how the internet works and things started to pick up. I made some money so I decided to pursuit this full time.

#3. You are pretty good in building Amazon niche websites, so tell us what are the most important things anyone should keep in mind before getting into Amazon affiliate marketing?

Niche Research. If you can pick a profitable niche at a level of competition that you feel comfortable to get into, then you're very likely to succeed.

#4. Selecting the niche is one of the biggest headache in affiliate marketing. Tell us what procedure do you follow and how do you make mindmap to make it a successful website? and further how much time an average a website takes to generate revenue?

I usually go to places like Amazon, Consumer Search, Bestcovery to find ideas. The simplest way is to put these sites into Semrush and see what they are ranking for.

Add some filters to narrow down the list (1000+ LMS, keywords contain “best” or “reviews”) and manually go through each of them to check the competition.

It takes a bit longer now to rank in Google so I’d say 6 months at least.

#5. In 2013 you sold one of your Amazon affiliate site in $10,000. Tell us what was the niche, what efforts did you put and why that was a successful idea?

The site was targeting “best adjustable dumbbells” as the main keyword. I go into detail on this post but here are couple of things that make the site a success:

  • Choosing the right keyword
  • Good Onsite Optimization
  • Powerful PBN Backlink

After all, there’s no secret at all when it comes to building a successful site.

#6. You are very good in outsourcing. Tell us what are some of the good websites you are using to outsource and what suggestions would you like to give anyone who is interested to hire some freelancers?

My favorite and the only place to go to outsource is (formerly Odesk)

My best tips for outsourcing are:

  • Know what you’re trying to outsource
  • Set clear expectation & deadline
  • Spend time explaining to them about the task and exactly how you want it to be done.
  • Don’t interview, just give them a trial task.
  • Shortlist 5, hire 2, fire 1 keep 1.

#7. Keyword research plays very important role in your online success. Which is your most favorite keyword research tool till now and why do you prefer it?

Semrush. Hand down. Why? Just give it a try and you will know. What’s better than knowing exactly what keywords your competitors are ranking for?

#8. All successful marketers have very strict daily routine, they follow some guidelines to make it a perfect day to get more results. What is that routine in Tung’s life?

I put my health over anything. So working out always come first. Here’s my routine

  • 7:30am – Wake up and do bathroom stuff.
  • Mediate for 20 minutes
  • 8am – 10am – Work
  • 10:30 – 1h: Gym and Lunch
  • 1PM – 5PM – Work
  • 6PM – Zumba Dance or Yoga

The rest of the day I either go out with my girl friend or surfing web.

#9. You recently launched an Amazon affiliate theme in the market. How the idea to develop this theme came in your mind, what efforts did you put, how it is different from other Amazon affiliate themes and how are you promoting it?

Yeah.. I have named it AuthorityAzon.

I made it for myself. And several readers came to me and asked to buy it. So I launched it and it’ve been making profit since. I haven't done any real promotion. Just sent an email to my list once and put a link in couple of blog posts. People seem to like it!

#9. How many affiliate sites you are managing right now, and if you want to reveal, tell us how much money are you making every month?

I’m focusing my effort on 3 sites. 2 of them are making good money every month and one was just started.

#10. How internet marketing has changed your life and what are your future plans?

It provides me with good income and the freedom to do anything i want. Life is good here in Hanoi.

My main focus now is to turn Cloud Living into the #1 community place for niche website builders. They can come and learn anything about building and growing profitable websites.

Final Words

I hope you have learnt some of the precious lessons from this interview and going to practically implement them to become as successful as Tung.

Feel free to ask any Amazon affiliate related questions as Tung is on the board and he is going to reply your questions.

Do share this interview with your friends to inspire them and to make their life better.


  1. Hiii nice interview …and thanks for sharing this it is a great source of motivation..but I want to ask 1 qstn frankly that what is amazon affiliate site ?? I am not getting it..
    Thanks in advance

  2. OWa..Good to hear about him …I am just 16th and i started my jounrey when i was only 11th ..But i was doing Freelance works for others But Now i am looking to build my own Business here with my name as well TonmoyParves(dot)com ..And Again i can say that i am going with the right way..My Family Members, My society people always tell me that i am going to wrong way as well they don’t know what i am doing with my Computer/Laptop. they always think that i am doing fun here with only video Games and Movies , Songs ..But i can not share with them that i am learning Internet Marketing and i want to become the TOP IM in the world …Caz, They want to see me as a Engineer but i don;t want to like that.. I want to do like what i like. I want to become what i want..

  3. Sometimes I think, do having a good English even matter while blogging? The owner of this blog has such a poor English and I don’t know how is he making money despite after that. I mean, you can’t even write basic English correctly, let alone talking about complex sentences. Same is the case with Tung Tran. You should have a look at your English or you better stop writing in English. It’s like insulting a language.

  4. Ohh… The afraid guy doesn’t even have guts to publish the comment. I can understand, but seriously.. Have a look at your English.. Naah, don’t do that because you won’t be able to see the errors in your English. Even if I avoid the bad grammar which is kinda impossible for me to do, but still you don’t even know where to capitalize the alphabet. You’re talking about Amazon affiliates and you have written it as “amazon” everywhere. Common man, It is Amazon… It is the biggest e-commerce website in the world and not like your damn crap blog. Correct it before someone else sees it, Although I’m expecting that your audience is also as dumb as you because they also can’t see the errors in your English. Btw.. I would suggest either improve or stop using English. It will better for the language.

  5. Hello Tung,

    That’s very informative to read your interview at Kulwant’s place. I bet you sure are an inspiration to many in the affiliate world!

    I have couple of questions for the affiliate and which might seem awkward because I don’t hold any affiliate knowledge and experience; it is that your domain name should be based on the keyword to the affiliate product you’re selling?

    Another one is, you have to have the website running for just one product and nothing else, I assume it correct?

    Thank you and I gotta be learning lots from you! 🙂

    Strike the successes!

    ~ Adeel Sami

    1. No the domain should be brandable.

      No you can target many products if you like.

  6. Again you share very nice and informative interview with us… Thanks for it..
    Sir I want to ask you some question. I have a shopping website and want to promote in India. Can you teach me some of the best way to promote it. Please give me detail with schedule. What can i do from start to last. Please give me detail ASAP. Thanks.

  7. Hi Tung,

    You said “I’m focusing my effort on 3 sites.”

    Can you please share website names?

  8. Hey Kulwant,
    This is a very resourceful Interview. Its no surprise that you have interviewed some of the big name in the blogging industry.

    Tung Tran’s take on the important things to keep in mind before going into Amazon niche marketing is revealing.

    This response “Niche Research. If you can pick a profitable niche at a level of competition that you feel comfortable to get into, then you’re very likely to succeed.” sums up an important consideration for online success.

    One of the things that was stated as being the reasons for the success of the selling of the Amazon niche site in 2013 was a “Powerful PBN network”. I want to know if PBN still works for niche sites today.

    I left this comment in where this interview was posted.

    1. Glad to see your comment Mr. Sunday.

      Tung is an expert in his industry and he is getting awesome results by putting calculated efforts.

      He was such frank in this interview that he shared some of the awesome ideas to become a successful blogger that anyone with the keen observation (like you) can understand what he is trying to say.

      I really loved to have you here.

  9. Hi Kulwant and Tung,
    Good to see you on the pages of Kingged. com, I found this information there!
    This is really an amazing interview!
    The affiliate things are still a hard subject to me! I am still on the bottom line!!!
    Of course this interview provided some more information on this line.
    Tung’s activities shows he is an expert in affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for bringing out some of the useful information on this niche.
    I appreciate you for sharing those views suggestion etc from Tung
    here for the benefit of your readers here as well as elsewhere.
    Keep sharing
    Have a great week ahead
    ~ Philip

  10. Hi ,

    Great interview, Thanks Kulwant Nagi for making this, please keep sharing more.

    Tung Tran mentioned in point 9 “I’m focusing my effort on 3 sites”.Can you share those websites details.

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