Interview – S.Pradeep Kumar the Founder of HellBound Bloggers

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Today I am back with another successful Blogger from India. He is the source of inspiration for all young Bloggers, he is one the right line at right time and going to make his blogging a Miraculous thing in coming Future. He is the CEO, Founder and Editor of HellBoundBloggers a very successful blog with 400+ guest Bloggers and still increasing this community.

He is Young and energetic Mr. S. Pradeep Kumar who has been interview almost 15 times before giving interview for my blog. Once you will have a look at his blog you will surprised with its design and look. He at his own maintaining this Wonderful blog. Here is the question and answer series with him.

1. When and how you started Blogging?

My addiction to Orkut is one of the reasons probably, I was really addicted to it and I was very curious about this term “Blogging” since it was viral when Orkut was popular. Later I gained some experience, and started a small blog on Google’s Blogger platform. I learned many things from that small blog, things for which I should care and for which I should not.

After gaining some experience there, I started a blog on WordPress around late 2009, and now it is grown into HellBound Bloggers (HBB).

2. What is your Educational Background?

After few months, I’ll be a graduate in Computer Science Engineering, hopefully.

3. What was the biggest obstacle when you started blogging?

Interest. I don’t know really know whether I had interest or not, so it was the biggest obstacle. Things changed later.

4. The best thing you did for building your Blog?

Enabled Guest Blogging, which would be the best thing I did for building my blog, or more precisely building a community around my blog. When you read a blog which has lots of different writers, you’ll feel the community spirit.

5. What are the topics u are covering in your blog?

We focus on Technology, Social Media and Blogging related posts. In one way or another, every post fits these categories. We rarely write off-topic posts, except for some personal or social reasons.

6. How you are making money from blog?

Mainly through Premium Reviews (also called Paid/Sponsored reviews) and Direct Ads. We have also monetized our blog with Technorati Media advertisements.

7. From where you got the inspiration?

I got inspired by many people, I admired their steps, but I would like to mention Arun Basil Lal and Harsh Agarwal., they triggered something out of me.

8. How people behave with you when they know you are a successful blogger?

Not really different, they respect me and some thank me. I always remind myself that a successful blogger should have satisfied readers. I’ll try to help them, with my best level.

9. Do you have any experience of Coding?

That’s really a challenging question. I don’t code much, or I don’t know much. I’m familiar with the power and usage of web related languages, but not an expert.

10. How you invited the Guest Bloggers at your Blog and how many guest blogger you have?

I didn’t invite anyone actually; I made it clear about Guest Blogging on HBB. The community around our blog started to publish the posts and it expanded, as simple as that. We have almost 400+ guest authors.

11. Which blog do you open daily (Favorite Websites).

Normally I used to read some list of blogs, but now I’m using two sites for getting latest news – Google News and Alltop.

12. Your favorite Books and Movies?

My favorite book is Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon and favorite movies would be Se7en and Fight Club. I don’t watch or read anything in particular, but these are my favorites.

13. Favorite Quote

“Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed” – All time favorite.

14. How Much time do you spend daily for Blogging?

It depends on the load I may get. I thank HBB’s guest authors and commentators for reducing my time. Love you!

15. Apart from Blogging what other things you Do?

Concentrate on my academics? 😀 I dedicate the remaining time for my education, though I rarely get any. 

16. What is your future Planning?

Will be adding more functionality to HBB, for making it more comfortable. Lots of new stuffs, hopefully, we’ll implement it ASAP.

17. How many page views the blog generates daily?

On average, 7000-10,000 page views per day.

18. Your message for the new bloggers.

You’ll always forget that being satisfied is near to successful. Target to become a satisfied blogger, and then people around you pick you as a successful blogger.

19. Are you going to start any new project on Blogging?

Yes, not yet, but ‘yes’ for your question. 🙂

20. Will you sell your blog?

HBB is an inspiration for me. Won’t lose it. 🙂

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  1. Pradeep dude is really an emerging blogger of India…i have learnt a lot of things from his blog.

  2. I have been a regular visitor of HBB! I liked the knowledge share above and a really nice interview!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments, love them as always. Your support is our strength! 🙂

    Thanks Kulwant for the interview. 🙂

  4. Its an awesome interview and as usual Pradeep is a great guy in the industry but the best thing I noticed in the whole interview was that the guy doesn’t use Adsense 🙂

  5. It’s really nice to see a talkies bw HBB founder and kulwant. I just love HBB. I have been reading the blog for a year. But I wonder you only get 10k pageviews per day. Did you misspell it?

  6. HBB is my one my favorite blog and pradeep is an inspiration to me . Thanks kulwant nagi for bringing this great interview 🙂

  7. HBB has carved a niche for itself and a big credit goes to Pradeep. Nice and informative post.

  8. I have been following HellBound Bloggers since 3 months. I really love the content on the blog. Blogging Tips have helped me a lot start my own blog and drive the traffic that my blog deserves. Pradeep Sir hats off to you that you are able to manage so many guest bloggers and even then maintain the quality of your blog 🙂

  9. I have been following Pradeep Sir and his blog from 2 years. He himself is a great source of inspiration for bloggers like me, he is very helpful which makes him the best. HBB is full of articles that would help you start your first blog. I would too love to contribute to this blog is form of guest post

  10. Pradeep is the person who has inspired many young minds to be passionate about blogging !! thanks to him for being an inspiration for newbies

  11. Nice interview.

    I think you should update some questions in this interview. Question 2 and 17

  12. Well Done! Kulwant Nagi and pradeep-kumar we are learn lots of things both of them..

  13. Hi Kulwant,

    First of all thanks for one more interview of Pradeep kumar.I liked his words the most “being satisfied is near to successful”.I think if your are not satisfied with anything that mean you want to achieve more and when you think so you go far and become successfull.Your last question is something funny :p HBB is a blog like Bloggingcage Bloggerspassion and shoutmeloud which are inspiration of every newbie.

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