BCIS 1: Interview Encounter with Soumya Pratihari from TechCular

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Blogging World is filled with lots of exciting stories and people are doing amazing work with blogging. They have not only changed their own lifestyle with blogging but they are contributing for the society with up-to the date news publications.

My favorite time pass is to read entrepreneurial stories and learn something from their life. This encouraged me to start interview series on my blog itself where I will be asking the questions which I always wanted to ask from successful bloggers ;). And at the end my readers are going to take benefits from the real life stories.

I am blessed that in my Interview series I am going to interview one of the top Indian Blogger Soumya Pratihari. He is very active person in almost all social networking sites and people love him because of his jolly nature.

He is a well known name with his blog TechCular. This is a blog where you can check the latest news about tech surroundings.

So Lets start the Interview.

Soumya, first of all I would like to say warm welcome on Blogging Cage.

Kulwant, Its my pleasure to get interviewed on Blogging Cage.

Tell us that how you stumble across internet and found blogging?

Way back in 2006, I met this guy Ganesh Laalam in an online forum. We became friends very fast as we were having same views on almost everything. In 2007 he messaged me to tell that he is planning to come down to my place for a few days after his semester. And my life got changed completely the day he landed here at my home.


During his stay at my home, he introduced blogging to me. That time I had no idea that I can also earn money out of it, but the whole blogging process sounded like fun to me. I started my blogging journey with a free blog on Blogspot platform – http://orkut-guide.blogspot.com

Ganesh Laalam is responsible for making me a blogger. Sadly he got a job in a MNC soon after and left blogging.

These days many newbie are starting blogging and using wrong SEO practices for their blogs. And after frustration most of them are quitting blogging. What you would like to suggest them?

Blogging and SEO are two separate things. Please don’t mix it. Blogging is all about creating useful content that people would love to read and share. SEO is a practice to influence Google to rank your contents higher than others.

One Googler has said – “If you want to please Google with your SEO skills, forget SEO completely.” And I loved this statement.

If you have just started a new blog, it will take some time for Google to develop trust on your contents and rank them higher. You have to be patient during this course. Creating tons of backlinks during this period will get your web properties sandboxed anyway.

Apart from submitting your blog to a few popular directories, social networking & bookmarking sites (remember the word “few”), I just use a SEO plugin (AIO SEO or Yoast SEO) to add SEO values like title, description, and keywords, each time I publish a new article. I make sure to have social sharing buttons to give wings to my contents. That’s enough to get your contents ranked in SERP, in my opinion and as per my experience.

Every Blogger got inspired from someone. Who is the person behind your inspiration?

No one. I started blogging in 2007 and I hardly knew any blogger that time.  I never followed anyone or got inspired by anyone.

Even today when somebody asks me, I advise them one thing – “Learn from everyone, but don’t follow anyone”.

I can’t even call Ganesh as my inspirartion as he is the one who taught me blogging basics and like Guru to me.

Blogging is not an easy job and it needs too much hard work. What were the difficulties you got when you started blogging?

I have faced many issues actually. I will talk about two issues here.

English – I am from Odisha where we start to learn English at the age of 9, from 4th standard. It’s still the secondary language here. This approach to English in our syllabus keeps most students poor in English vocabulary.

When I started reading blogs by foreign authors, or from metro cities of India, I found their English to be very ornamental, fair and distinct. This difference between them and me encouraged me to work on my depth in English.

Niche – Choosing the right niche to blog about decides the success of your blog and you as a blogger. I have a site, www.bapun.com, a picture message site. I remember of downloading images, adding watermarks, uploading them, and then publishing as a blog post kept me totally busy for about 3-4 months. I could not work on any other project as it was taking 14+ hours a day.

But after the unnatural death of Orkut, the site now gets around 100 visitors a day. A failure.

If I had worked on any other niche for 3-4 months, I am sure, I would have made 50X more money and would have been getting at least 1000 visitors a day. I made a mistake of choosing the right niche there.

These days whenever someone gets into blogging, starts his career with a tech blog, writing about phones, gadgets, and other tech related stuffs. How can you rank well when you have billions of competitors in the tech niche and hundreds of competitors are increasing everyday?

There are many niches yet to be explored, and cultivated. Do proper research before starting your next blog.

What you do when you are not blogging?

I am single and hence can do whatever I want in my spare time 😀

Basically I do the followings when I am not working-

  1. Watch movies and favorite TV shows online (Bigg Boss, MTV Roadies, etc)
  2. Shoot for my TV Show
  3. Managing my C&F business
  4. Play games on my mobile phone (Where’s my Water, Scramble, Angry Birds, etc)
  5. Hangout with friends
  6. Planning for new online projects (not related to blogging)

These days I am keeping myself busy with my movie project. I want to make it a perfect cinema, from all aspects. I could have started it’s shoot a long back, but taking my own time to read the script again and again to make changes and add more value.

How much effort you put on your blog and how Techcular turned into a big blog?

Earlier www.techcular.com used to be www.solidblogger.com. I used to work close to 18 hours a day on SolidBlogger.

There was a time when SolidBlogger was getting around 1 million hits every month. But then I started iDev and focused on creating as many blogs as possible. My attention got divided, and Techcular got sidelined. Even today we have over 11,000 comments in moderation list of Techcular.

I still regret for not giving proper attention to Techcular. It would have been getting at least 2 million hits every month by now, if I were working on this like before. Bad part is that now I am occupied with so many things that I can’t even work on Techcular like before.

I would advise everyone to look after their web properties in regular basic. It becomes very tough to get back old rankings once it starts dropping.

Many newbie always worried about traffic and keep checking their Google Analytics. What promotion techniques you use for your blogs?

I used to do that when I was a newbie, and I find this practice absolutely normal. It shows how concerned you are about your blog and blogging.

From my understanding, traffic comes with the source of time. Rome was not built in a day. Even sites like Mashable and TechCrunch were struggling for traffic initially.

Write awesome content to make search engines fall in love with your blog. Write long articles to attract more attention of search engines.

Checkout the articles by SEOMoz, SERPiq, and the following graph.


Instead of writing tons of small articles, focus on writing high quality articles. Does not matter even if you manage to write a single article of 2500 words a day, but that article is capable of driving 10X more traffic than 10 regular articles of 500 words.

How you monetized in starting days and how you monetizing these days?

Initially I was using only Adsense to monetize my efforts. Then tried CPM networks, in-text ads, direct ad sales to add some bucks to my earnings.

After establishing a couple of high traffic blogs, few ad networks invited me to their premium publisher programs. Now I am serving ads through those channels only.

However, if you look at my blogs, I hardly use more than 2/3 ads on most of my blogs. I am not that greedy, I am still running around 15-20 regular blogs without ads and with 0 revenue.

I am not here to earn money only. I feel satisfied when a visitor comments as, “Thank you, you really solved my problem”. Trust me, no $$$$ can give you that satisfaction.

Tell us about your upcoming Premium Book. How people are going to make money with your ideas?

To be honest, I am earning lots of money. And I don’t understand why people quit online business models saying that this is not happening.

Of course, there are trade secrets that people usually don’t reveal. I personally know people who are earning more than $5000 everyday. But they will never talk about the ways they follow to make hell amount of money online. They just don’t need competitors, that’s it.

My eBook will be released in three parts.

  1. Free eBook that will tell how to start earning money from tomorrow. This free eBook will cover 8 different methods of money making.
  2. Paid eBook that will tell you how to make serious amount of money. I will talk about some unknown money making ideas that you can use to earn $5000+ every month. Even a 4th grader can make money by following these ideas.
  3. This paid eBook will cover underground secrets that most successful and top earning bloggers or internet marketers follow. You will be amazed to see the innovative, easy, and highly performing money making ways that were underground till now.

You can follow me on Facebook to download a free copy of my first eBook and stay engaged with other blogging related tips, and discussions.

What are your future plans?

Trust me or not, blogging is slowly reaching it’s saturation point. Time will come, when only big players will be there fighting for traffic. Staying prepared for the worst scenario is always a wise idea.

I have a number of projects in mind and will get them launched one after another.

Message for my readers.

Work hard, earn hard, party hard!

Final Words !!

So this was the interview of one of the dynamic personality in India. You must have learn very good things after reading this interview.

Now be ready to read another interview of this interview series. I will be publishing interviews on every Saturday on my blog so that you can come back and get more inspiration.

Subscribe us below and get one FREE book as well as I will be sending you interview series right in your inbox after they will be live. So you need not to worry and you are never going to forget to check my blogs.

All the very best to you !!

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      Too many tech blogs are starting in a single day and it’s very hard to compete with them. You are right that new gadgets are coming daily, but you will have bring uniqueness in your blog and stand our of the crowd to prove you.

      Competing with 100 blogs is much easier than competing with 1000. As with the increasing numbers it is becoming hard and hard every day.

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